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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Pink Heaven 8

First Night Over

+ posted by darkmiester as translation on Apr 20, 2011 04:34 | Go to Pink Heaven

-> RTS Page for Pink Heaven 8

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA.

Ch 8 First Night Over

Pg 126
Girl: Momoko, you’re still looking at the guidebook---?
Book (back): Sapporo / (rest of phrase is cut off)
Book (back): Popular sports / (cut off)
Book (back): Asahiyama / (Cut off)
Book (front, right): Hokkaido Hotspots
Book: Soup Curry
Book: Direc-/ (tions, cut off)
Book: Totally <3
Book: Genghis Khan*
*T/N: Dish with grilled mutton and veggies. Similar to Korean BBQ.
Book (front, left): Huge portions!!
Book: Yukimura Parlour
Momoko: Yep <3
Momoko: Tomorrow is finally the long awaited field trip.
Momoko: I was so excited I couldn’t sleep last night~~~
(Girl: Seriously~~~)
Girl: You’re like a kid.
Momoko: Hehe
(Book: Map of Hokkaido)
Momoko: Though, I was really worried that this would mess up my work schedule
Girl: See you tomorrow~~~
Momoko: Later!
Phone: Ring ring ring---
Momoko: Managed to finish everything yesterday, and sent in the manuscript way before the deadline.
Phone: Ring ring ring---
Momoko: You can do it if you try Momoko <3 (What am I saying.)
(Phone: Incoming Call)
(Phone: Maple Abe)
Momoko: It’s from the editor….

Pg 127
(Momoko: H-)
Momoko: Hello.
(Editor: Ah)
Editor: It’s Abe---. Good job.
Momoko: Something must be off for him to call my cell…
Momoko: Uh…Is there a problem?
(Editor: Erm~~~~)
Editor: I’m really sorry but…. You see, the story this time is really similar to Kogane-sensei’s---
(Momoko: Eh…)
Momoko: RE-DO IT!?
Editor: It’ll help if you re-wrote the whole thing...
(Momoko: Wai-…)
Momoko: W-w-wait a sec!! There’s a field trip tomorrow---
Editor: Ah~~~But…
Editor: Right now, Kogane-sensei is traveling overseas, so we can’t reach him~~~~
Editor: There’s still a lot of time before the real deadline so…can you please re-do it?
Momoko: This…
Momoko: This can’t be….

Pg 128
Momoko: I was
Momoko: Really looking forward to tomorrow---!!
Ranmaru: I wonder what happened~~
Ranmaru: Someone’s moody today.
Ranmaru: I missed your face for a week, and this is what I get?
SFX(Momoko): De---pressed

Pg 129
Ranmaru: I bet it’s from the disappointment of how short the little field trip was.
Momoko: I couldn’t go.
Ranmaru: Huh?
Momoko: The editor…made me redo the story so I couldn’t go….
Momoko: I was…
Momoko: Really looking forward to it…
Momoko: I really wanted to go…
(Ranmaru: Jeez)
Ranmaru: Don’t get depressed over some little field trip.
Ranmaru: If you want to go so badly, I could always take you on some passionate trips myself.
Ranmaru: Kay?
Momoko: …
Momoko: Class…is starting so I’m heading back…
(SFX: Plod plod)
Ranmaru: Yo.
(Ranmaru: What the hell is wrong with you.)

Pg 130
Momoko: I’m usually always rushing to get the job done in time for the deadline
Momoko: Why did this have to happen when I finished early for once…
Momoko: “Steaming your senses” edition…right.
Editor?: The setting for this time’s story will be at the hot springs---
Momoko: Huh…
Editor: How about it? You can go on a research trip and stay at the springs for a day. Sounds great right?
(Momoko: Eh…)
Momoko: A trip…to the hot springs?
Editor: I have to repay you back somehow for canceling your field trip or I’ll feel guilty---
Momoko: But…staying for a night…
Momoko: I can’t leave my brother alone…so I don’t think I’ll be able to---

Pg 131
Momoko: Yes…Positive…
Momoko: I’m sorry about worrying you---
(Momoko: Thanks for the offer)
Momoko: Ok. Take care.
Momoko: A hot spring…How nice---.
SFX: Beep
SFX: Knock knock
Kouta: Sis, Can I come in?
Momoko: Hm? What do you need?
Kouta: Um…Kenji’s been bothering me about staying over since a few days ago…
Kouta: Is it alright if I go…?
Momoko: Kenji…He’s the one that asked you last week.
(Kouta: Y-)
Kouta: Yeah!!
Kouta: His mom is also asking me about it…so it should be fine right?
Momoko: I see…
Momoko: Well, I’ll be gathering some research for a day while you go over then~~.
Kouta: Really!? Let’s do that!
Momoko: It’s be a bit lonely by myself but---

Pg 132
Momoko: I have to let myself
Momoko: Take a break once in a while---
Man: Heads up.
Boy: I want the window seat~~~!!
Boy: Which one do you want---?
Girl?: I want that one too!!
Woman: Now now. Don’t fight.
Momoko: That reminds me…
Momoko: We’ve only went on a trip as a family once before Dad collapsed…

Pg 133
Momoko: Kouta…I wonder how you’re doing…
Momoko: It’ll be great if he doesn’t get into trouble---
SFX: Beep
Microwave button above: Power settings
Microwave button: Start
Kouta: “You’re not allowed to use fire when no one’s home.” (Said Sis)
SFX(Microwave): Whirrrrrr
Doorbell: Ding Dong…
(SFX: Click)
Kouta: Hello
Ranmaru: Ah. It’s me.
Ranmaru: Ranmaru.

Pg 134
Kouta: If you’re looking for Sis, she went to a hot spring.
Ranmaru:….And what are you doing?
Kouta: Um…Just taking care of the house…
Ranmaru: Why didn’t you go with her.
Kouta: She’s on a research trip.
(Ranmaru: What~~~!?)
Ranmaru: What’s with her. Leaving her brother alone for her job!?
Kouta: It’s not like that!
Kouta: I asked her to go while I stayed over at a friend’s house.
Kouta: Sis…She’s been really depressed because she couldn’t go on her field trip…
Kouta: Ah…you have to keep this a secret from Sis!
Kouta: Please don’t tell her!
Ranmaru: …

Pg 135
SFX: Ruffles
Kouta: !?
Ranmaru: Kouta
Ranmaru: Go pack up your stuff. We’ll be leaving soon.
Kouta: Wow---Awesome~~
(Kouta: It’s so big and shiny---!!)
Dude: …Ranmaru-sama. Weren’t you picking up your girlfriend?
(Ranmaru: Hm.)
Ranmaru: Sorry, but there’s a change of plans.
SFX: Thunk (Car door closing softly?)
Ranmaru: Hello.
Ranmaru: It’s Ranmaru, is the chairman there?
(Ranmaru: Yeah)
Kouta: Ranmaru…where are we going?
Ranmaru: I’ll be taking you somewhere.
Ranmaru: Somewhere great.

Pg 136
Sign: Iyokan Hot Springs
Momoko: It’s looks kind of old but great as well~~<3
Woman: Welcome---
Momoko: Um…
Woman: Eh…I have a reservation here, the name’s Shiina---
Woman: Ah…!! You’re the Mrs. Shiina!!
(Woman: Oh my!!)
Momoko: !?
(Woman: Well well well!!)
Woman: We have been waiting for your arrival~~~!!

Pg 137
(Woman: Please!!)
Woman: Allow me to be your guide~~!!
(Woman: Let me help you with your belongings)
Momoko: What…?
(Momoko: That was pretty intense…)
Woman: This way please---!
Momoko: Hmm? The reservation wasn’t even under my pen name---
(Girl: Come on~~~)
Girl: Teru-kun, go easy on me already <3
(Boy: He he he~~~ <3)
Boy: The next one will be a smash to the heart <3
Woman: Mrs. Shiina must be tired after that long trip.
Woman: Your companion had already checked in earlier today and is already resting---
(Woman: Ohohoho!)
Momoko: Who?
Woman: Your brother.

Pg 138
Momoko: B-…Brother!?
Momoko: No way!?
Momoko: Could it be….Kouta got too lonely and came…!?
Momoko: Eh…Wait a minute.
Momoko: How would he even get here?
Momoko: Ko…
Woman: Excuse me---
Woman: Your sister has arrived---
Momoko: Kou…
???: You’re late~~~
???: Si---s

Pg 139
Ranmaru: You made me wait for so looonnggg---
Momoko: Eh…
Hospital: Yoshimari* Hosptial
Kouta: Wow---<3
Kouta: I have my own bed~~~<3
Mom: But…Kouta
Mom: You’re brave to take care of the house by yourself.
T/N: I just noticed, is that a pun on the author’s name? Yoshino Mari. Deeeep stuff.

Pg 140
(Kouta: Nooo)
Kouta: I’m still a helpless little boy!
Mom: Well well.
Mom: My helpless little boy is growing up.
Kouta: Ehehe <3
Kouta: Ranmaru…
Kouta: He’s such a nice guy.
(Ranmaru: Really.)
(Ranmaru: There’s nothing here.)
SFX(bag): Thud
Momoko: Why…
Momoko: Why the hell are you here---!?
Ranmaru: I want to spend some quality time with my adorable sister~~~
(Momoko: Screw you)
Momoko: And what’s with this fake brother stuff!!
Ranmaru: Mm~~~
Ranmaru: Oh and don’t cause a ruckus, or I’ll get in trouble.
(Ranmaru: Ah)
Ranmaru: By the way, I told them that we’re half-siblings for now.
Momoko: …!!

Pg 141
(Ranmaru: Man~~~)
Ranmaru: If we were staying at a higher quality inn, it’ll be easier to get into the mood.
Ranmaru: Well, we’ll work with what we have.
SFX(Ranmaru): Grin
Ranmaru: Since a rustic atmosphere has its own erotic charms as well.
Momoko: I-…I’ll be going
Momoko: To take a bath first!!
Ranmaru: Che
SFX: Dash
Ranmaru: She ran off.
Momoko: What’s with this development!! Why did this happen!!
Momoko: I came here not only to gather material, but to have some time off---

Pg 142
Momoko: What should I do…!! At this rate my chastity will be…!!
Momoko: I could ask for another room
(Momoko: Ah~~~…)
Momoko: The staff would probably think I’m weird then
(Momoko: Hmmmm…)
Girl: Noo~~~<3
Girl: Satoshi, you even have bubbles around here~~<3
Momoko: !?
Girl: Kya <3 <3 You pervert~~<3
Momoko: What!? Is that…the mixed bath over there…!?
(Girl: Aa---n<3)
Girl: It’s already gotten this big~~~<3
SFX(ear): Twitch
Momoko: What has!?
Girl: Kya <3
Girl: <3 <3
Momoko: Sex at the hot springs huh…
(Momoko: Pretty amazing)
Text: Satoshi felt around in the opaque hot waters with his fingers until he arrived at Atsuko’s secret spring.
Text: “Wow… There was a spring in this kind of place.
Text: It’s so soft…”

Pg 143
Text: Satoshi’s hot erect adductor smashed into the source, sealing it with a “Squish.”
Text: “Aaah…!! It’s so hot I’m going to melt…!!
Text: It created a mini-tsunami in the bath and caused two pure white snowballs to shake violently.
Text: “This is the first time I’ve been in such an amazing spring…!! I can feel its effects* already!! It’s working…!!
T/N: Therapeutic effects of hot springs.
Text: “Aaan!! Aa~~~~n!! It isssss!?
Text: “Yes, I’m feeling better already!!”
Girl: Aha~~~n <3
Girl: Ufufu <3
Momoko: …
SFX: Splash
Momoko: Time to get out…
Momoko: I’m such an idiot…
Momoko: Right now my safety is more important than my job!!
SFX: Slide
SFX(Ranmaru): Zzz---
Momoko: …He’s sleeping…
(Momoko: Damn it~~~)

Pg 144
Momoko: A beautiful face…
Momoko: When he’s quiet
Momoko: He’s like an angel---
SFX(hair): Ruffle
Momoko: So soft…

Pg 145
Momoko: It flows right---
SFX: Grab
Momoko: !!
Ranmaru: What are you looking at
Momoko: …E
Momoko: !!
Momoko: He was faking it…!!
(Momoko: Damn it---)
Momoko: Le-
Momoko: Let go
SFX(Momoko): Retreats
(Momoko: If-)
Momoko: If you cross this line, I’ll seriously scream!!
(^ Towel)
Ranmaru: Dumbass…

Pg 146
Waitress: What would you like to drink?
Ranmaru: Let’s have some beer for now…
(Momoko: No!!)
Momoko: You’re still underaged!!
Momoko: He’ll have orange juice!
(Momoko: Same for me)
(Ranmaru: Eh---)
Ranmaru: Sis, you’re so stingy~~~!!
Momoko: !!
Waitress: Both of you have such a nice relationship---
(Waitress: Giggle giggle)
Momoko: Bastard…
Waitress: Ah.
Waitress: Please let me have an autograph later <3
SFX(Ranmaru): Smile
Ranmaru: Anything for you.
Momoko: And stop with this sibling nonsense!!
(Ranmaru: Eh~~~)
Ranmaru: Why should I Sis <3
SFX(Momoko): Pissed
Momoko: Enough Already!!
Momoko: You’re the worst!!
Momoko: I finally get a short break, then you show up and start---
Ranmaru: It’ll be boring by yourself.
Momoko: …?

Pg 147
Ranmaru: I know this won’t be as good as a field trip but
Ranmaru: It’s still better to have someone with you for this.
(Ranmaru: Ah---)
Ranmaru: If you want to have a pillow fight, then I’ll be happy to be your opponent.
(Ranmaru: Kay?)
Momoko: …Maybe
Momoko: He came here and prepared all of that…just because he was worried about me…?
Momoko: …I’m not going to start one
Ranmaru: Really.
Momoko: That makes me a bit…
Momoko: Happy…I suppose.

Pg 148
Ranmaru: What to do…
SFX(Momoko): Twi—tch
SFX(Phone): Snap
Ranmaru: Since we’ve had enough time to digest---
Ranmaru: It’s time
SFX: Slip

Pg 149
SFX: Bam
Ranmaru: For some after dinner exercise.
(Momoko: S-)
Momoko: Straight to the point…!!
Momoko: U…Um
Momoko: Sis is a bit weak for physical activity…
Momoko: So she’ll be taking another…
Momoko: Bath…
SFX(table): Crash
Ranmaru: It’s better
Ranmaru: To work up a sweat before a bath <3

Pg 150
Momoko: I gotta get away!!
(Momoko: I-)
Momoko: I’ll pass!!
Ranmaru: Wait.
Momoko: …!!
(Momoko: Wai-)
Momoko: Stop it al-…
Ranmaru: …Momoko.

Pg 151
Momoko: …Eh?
Ranmaru: I am not…
Ranmaru: Going to let you sleep tonight.
Momoko: He called me…
Momoko: …Mm
Momoko: Ran…
SFX: Fwump
Momoko: Ah
Momoko: By my name* for the first time…
T/N: In Japan, calling someone by first name implies a close relationship.

Pg 152
Momoko: This is…
Momoko: …Nn
Momoko: A bit different from the usual…!?
Momoko: I can…feel his breath…!!
Momoko: Ranmaru…!!
Momoko: Wait a minute!!
Momoko: …Nm
Momoko: If you want exercise
Momoko: Let’s play ping pong!
Momoko: Ping pong!!
Ranmaru: …Ping…pong…?
Momoko: Yeah!! Ping pong!!
Momoko: You know!! Like on real field trips!!
(Momoko: Right!!)
Ranmaru: Huh~~~? That’s a waste of time.

Pg 153
Momoko: We’ll have a match, and if you win…
Momoko: I’ll…
SFX(Momoko): Blush
Momoko: Do anything you ask me to do…for tonight.
Momoko: …I won’t resist.
Ranmaru: …
Ranmaru: …You start resisting against me, and now you’re all for the lovey dovey act. What the hell do you want to do woman?
(Ranmaru: Make up your mind already…)
Momoko: Um…
Momoko: But---
Momoko: If I win, then tonight’s off limits.
Momoko: You’re not allowed to even touch me!!
Ranmaru: …That’s a hell of a lot of demands.
(Ranmaru: You’re the slave here)
Ranmaru: Well…that sounds fun.
Ranmaru: I’ll accept your challenge.

Pg 154
Sign: Entertainment Room (T/N: Playroom?)
Momoko: The rules are simple. 11 points per set, 5 set-match.
Momoko: First to get 3 sets wins…capiche?
Ranmaru: OK
(Ranmaru: Ah)
Ranmaru: No handicap?
(Ranmaru: I feel sorry for you)
Momoko: Nope
(Momoko: I don’t need one)
Momoko: I’ll be serving first then.
Ranmaru: …Oh!?
Ranmaru: Hey hey~~~!! Your bra’s popping out~~~!!
(Ranmaru: So your strategy is to win with sexy erotic tactics~~~!!
Momoko: Shut up---
Momoko: I’m not going to fall for that trick.
Momoko: Get ready!
Momoko: Here I go!!
SFX: Ping
Ranmaru: Fufufu…

Pg 155
Ranmaru: Musical Note (T/N: Yay I don’t know how to type these)
SFX: Pong
Ranmaru: Too easy.
Ranmaru: At this rate, her ass is mine After this quick game I’m going to have some---
Momoko: SPIKE!!

Pg 156
SFX: Si----lence
SFX(ball): Pong
Momoko: Oh, I forgot to mention…
SFX: Hehe
Momoko: I was the ace of the ping pong club in middle school.
(Momoko: Though it was a small club )

Pg 157
Momoko: Ok, here’s the next serve <3
Ranmaru: …
Ranmaru: …WHAAAAAAT~~~!?
Momoko: Yay---<3
Momoko: I won---!!
Momoko: Hey. Ranmaru
Momoko: This means---
Momoko: Oh…
(Ranmaru -> Didn’t even get one point)
Ranmaru: …
(Momoko(head): Oops)
Momoko: Think I might’ve went too far…
(Momoko: Probably?)

Pg 158
Momoko: Hey Ranmaru…are you asleep yet?
(Momoko(head): Pft)
Ranmaru: Yeah.
Ranmaru: I’m freaking snoring over here.
Momoko: You’re worse than I thought.
Ranmaru: Shut up already.
Momoko: Giggle giggle
Momoko: But…that was really fun.
Momoko: I think it might have actually been a good thing that I couldn’t go on that field trip…
Momoko: Thanks…
Momoko: For coming with me.

Pg 159
SFX: Slide
Ranmaru: …I told you
Ranmaru: If you want to thank me use your body, not your words.
Ranmaru: How many times do I have to remind you---
SFX: Zzz

Pg 160
Momoko: For a short time
Momoko: I had the most wonderful dream---
Momoko: It was a dream where we all were on a trip
Momoko: Kouta, Mom, and even Dad.
Momoko: Everyone looked extremely happy
Momoko: I was happy as well---…
Momoko: …
SFX: Sits up
Momoko: …Ranmaru?

Pg 161
Momoko: When I woke up
Momoko: Ranmaru was already gone---.
Momoko: What’s this…
Momoko: Souvenirs?
SFX(Momoko): Pft
Momoko: He really got into the spirit of things…
Momoko: Ranmaru…
Momoko: He gets me mad at times but he has a good side as well---

Pg 162
Boy: Mommy!! Gimme some candy!!
Woman: Mommy already told you she forgot to buy some.
Boy: I want some now---
SFX: Stomp stomp
(Woman: Enough)
Woman: Don’t be selfish!
Momoko: Um…I have some sweets here if you want.
Momoko: I got them from a friend but I can’t finish them all---
SFX(bag): Rustle
Woman: Oh…my! Sorry about this~~~
Woman: Now Hiro-kun!! Say thank you to the nice lady.
Boy: Thank you Miss!!
SFX: Grin
Momoko: You’re welcome~~~
Momoko: He’s younger than Kouta~~<3
(Momoko: How cute~~)
Woman: Are you traveling alone?
Momoko: Yes, from the Iyokan hot springs…
(Woman: Wow~~)
Woman: Really~~
SFX(boy): Rustle Rustle
Woman: That’s a great place to stay~~~<3
(Woman: I heard it makes your skin smooth)
Momoko: It does <3
(Boy: Hey)
Boy: Mommy Mommy!!
Boy: What kind of candy is this~~?
Woman: Hmm---?

Pg 163
SFX: Fwap fwap fwap fwap fwap
Boy: How do I eat this---?
(Boy: There’s so many~~~)
Momoko: …Crap
Woman: Hiro-kuuuuun!!
Woman: Don’t----!!
Woman: Don’t touch it---!!
Boy: ?
Momoko: Kya---
Momoko: I’m sooooo sorry!!
Momoko: That bastard~~~!!
(Momoko: Why did he have to bring so many---!! )
Ranmaru: Pft
Text: To be continued

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