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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Pink Heaven 10

Life's first love letter

+ posted by darkmiester as translation on Aug 16, 2011 16:29 | Go to Pink Heaven

-> RTS Page for Pink Heaven 10

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA

Pg 44
Chapter 10- Life’s first love letter

Pg 45
Momoko: Hmm…
Momoko: This is tough---…
Momoko: I wonder if this can be considered lesbian---
Text: The sanctuary of the pure maiden Kazue was pierced by Moe’s masterly finger skills.
Text: Her hot elixir* burst out like a raging waterfall.
(Lit. Lewd juice. Tried to make it sound…better?)
Text: “ Kazue-chan, is this really your fist time? You’re letting out so much…”
Text: Moe turned Kazue’s bra button into a turbo switch. A jolt went through Kazue’s body, as if she had been struck by lightning.
Text: “Ah! Aaann!! Ah ah…Aaaannghhh!! Moe-neesama !! Not like that~~~!!”
(She seems to be using a lot of similes)

Pg 46
Text: “Kazue’s going to die~~~!!”
Momoko: …Yeah. This’ll probably do.
Momoko: Ah~~~ its morning already?
Momoko: I still have to prepare a lunch box.
Girl: Morning---.
Girl: Wow~~~ Momoko, were you up all night playing MMOs again?
Girl: (top): You look exhausted and your eyes are all red
Momoko(side): Eh~~~
Momoko: How did you know…?
Momoko(head): Drained…
Girl(side): Jeez~~~
Girl: Stop playing so much~~~
Momoko: Yeah…
Momoko: I’ll keep that in…
Momoko: …mind.

Pg 47
Momoko: …
Girl: Momoko, what’s wrong.
Momoko: Uh
SFX: Blam
Momoko: I have to drop by the staff room, so go on without me!
Girl: Kay~~~
Girl 2: Morning---
Girl: Hey, did you study yesterday’s sheet music*?
*Lit. Song book, it’s pretty much a book with sheet music and lyrics.
Momoko(side): Peeek…
Momoko: …
Momoko: Thi…
Text: To Shiina Momoko <3
Momoko: This is…

Pg 48
Momoko: The fabled…
Momoko: Love letter---!?**
** Lit. “Can it be…a love letter?” If it’s too much, then just use the original.
Ranmaru: Have you been slacking off on my meals lately?
Ranmaru: These are clearly all cold dishes.
Ranmaru: Put more effort and learn to give me more varieties.
Ranmaru: No wonder you’re unpopular.
Momoko: Hmph.
Ranmaru: !?
Ranmaru: What!!
Momoko(side): Fufufu
Momoko: Those words…Would you take back what you just said…?

Pg 49
Ranmaru: …Wha?
Momoko: Today…I’m thinking of saying goodbye to my old unpopular self!!
Momoko(side): A----haha
Momoko: Perhaps I’ll be called the popular girl from now!?
Momoko(side): O----hoho
Ranmaru: Say…did you eat something rotten for breakfast?
Ranmaru(head):Looks pretty severe…
Momoko: Of course not!!
Momoko: Feast your eyes on this!!
Text: To Shiina Momoko <3
SFX: Ta------Dah!!
Ranmaru: What’s that.
Ranmaru: Cursed mail?
Ranmaru(shirt): The guy who returned over 100 of those
Momoko: No!!
Momoko: It’s a letter!! A love letter!!
Momoko(side): Look, there’s a heart here!!
Ranmaru: Dumbass, it’s obviously a prank.
Momoko: No no!! You can see it’s real just from the writing!
Momoko: The writing is neat, and the words are honest. He was probably too embarrassed to sign his name…
Momoko(side): Can’t be helped.

Pg 50
Momoko: “You and I have the same interests, and it seems like our relationship can bloom beautifully.
Momoko: I will be waiting for you behind the school building today.”
Momoko: Kya---
Momoko(side): What should I doooo
Ranmaru: Sounds silly…
Momoko: A person who knows my strengths…
Momoko: And actually notices me exists…!!
Momoko: What should I do…
SFX(around head): Thump
Momoko(top): Ah~~~So nervous---…
SFX(around head): Thump
Momoko: Maybe I should invite him to a café later…
Momoko(head): Kya
Momoko(top): My hobby is reading books
Guy(top): I also like reading books
Momoko(middle): Really? I’m so happy~~~<3
Momoko(bottom left): Like that’ll happen!!

Pg 51
Momoko: What kind of person will he be…
SFX: Tap…
Girl: Um…
Girl: …Shiina-san
Girl: Did you…
Girl: Read the letter…?

Pg 52
Momoko: …Huh?
Girl: Kya <3
Girl: Miha is deeply moved~~~<3
Momoko: W…Wait just a minute…
Momoko: You’re my classmate…Kandakawa Miha-san…right?
Momoko(side): We didn’t talk much…
Miha: Yes <3
Momoko: Were you…asked to help out someone?
Miha: Not at all! I’m the one who wrote the letter <3
Momoko: Wha…
Momoko: Erm…
Miha: I…
Miha: I really li…
Miha: …li
Miha: ke…
Miha: …Shii…na

Pg 53
Miha: I like you~~~<3<3
Miha(side): Kya----<3<3<3
Miha(Back): Nooooo!!
SFX: Dash
Momoko: Ah
Momoko: Wai-
Momoko: No way…
SFX: Plop
Momoko: My first love letter…
Momoko: Was from a girl~~~!?
SFX: Wobble
Momoko: I’m back~~~

Pg 54
Ranmaru: Welcome back---- Sensei.
Momoko: !!
Momoko: Why are you here~~!?
Momoko(side): Y-…
Momoko: You came over…
Momoko: …Where’s Kouta?
Ranmaru: He said he’ll be going to a friend’s house.
Momoko: I… I see…
Momoko: Did…Did you need something today…?
Ranmaru: Not really. I just have nothing else to do.
Momoko: Out of all the times to be here…!!
Ranmaru: Hey.
Ranmaru: How did the letter thing go?
SFX: Twi—tch
Momoko: Uh…
Ranmaru: …
Ranmaru: Soo?
Momoko: …Erm…
Momoko: I can’t tell him…!!

Pg 55
Momoko: That a girl sent it…!!
SFX: Ding do---ng…
Momoko: Coming~~~!
Momoko: Wonder who’s outside~~~.
Momoko: Saved…!
Ranmaru: …
SFX: Creak
Momoko: Hel---lo
Momoko: Who is i….
Miha: Um…
Miha: Sorry about before <3 I just suddenly ran off…
Miha: I…I wanted to have a proper conversation, so I followed you here <3
Momoko: Whaaaaat~~~!!

Pg 56
Momoko: Kandakawa-san, we’ll continue this tomorrow in school, so please go home!!
Miha(side): Eh
Miha Whyyyyyy
SFX(door): Cre-
Momoko: Not now!! I’m really busy today!!
Miha: I’m serious about this!!
Miha: Shiina-san is the only one for me~~~!!
Momoko: What…is wrong with her!!
Momoko: I told you~~~~!! I’m busy…

Ranmaru: What the hell are you doing.
Ranmaru: It’s getting pretty noisy over there
Ranmaru: Marketing*?
*Door to door, probably.
Miha: Eh…
Miha: Ranmaru!? In the flesh!?
Miha(side): Unbelievable---
Miha: No way …You’re a friend of Shiina-san!?
Miha(side): Wo-----w
Ranmaru: Oh… Just a friend.

Pg 57
Miha: I’m not just a friend
Miha: I’m going to be Shiina-san’s lo-
Miha(mouth): Mmph
Momoko: Wah```…!!
Momoko: What are you saying---
Momoko: You’re my friend’s girlfriend, right!?
Momoko: Right!
Ranmaru: …So the one
Ranmaru: Who sent the letter was…
Miha: Yep <3 It was me <3
Momoko: Ugh…
Momoko: It’s out…
Momoko: …
Momoko: I’ll be laughed at…
Ranmaru: I see…
Ranmaru: Isn’t this great?
Ranmaru: I also think a love between two ladies is a beautiful bond.
Miha: Kyaaa<3
Momoko: ..?
Miha: Ranmaru-kun understands how I feel<3
Miha: I’m so happy<3

Pg 58
Miha: Miha is deeply moved!!
Ranmaru: Yea…
Momoko: !?
Ranmaru: …Pf
Ranmaru: PFFTTTT-----!!
Ranmaru: cough cough…!!
Ranmaru(side) He----hehe
Momoko: Jeez----!!
Momoko: If you’re going laugh, then laugh it out!!
Momoko: It’s really pissing me off!!
Ranmaru: Ah right---…Miha-chan
Ranmaru: I have but one piece of advice for you.
Momoko: !?
Miha: What is it?
Ranmaru: You said that you both shared similar interests or something, but
Ranmaru(side): Agh~~~My stomach hurts---
Ranmaru: Even though she looks innocent, she’s really a perverted demon.
Ranmaru(side): Please be careful.
Momoko: HEY!!
Momoko: What kind of lies are you telling her!!

Pg 59
Momoko: This has to be a joke!!
Momoko: I do not want to go out with another girl!!
Miha: Shiina-sa----n!
Miha: Let’s eat lunch together~~<3
Miha: Miha made a lunchbox for today--<3
Momoko: Thu----D!
Momoko: !!
Momoko: Um…Kandakawa-san…
Miha(side): Noooo<3<3
Miha: Please call me Miha <3
Miha: Oh

Pg 60
Miha: Shiina-san, your ribbon’s loose! Miha will fix it for you <3
Momoko(side): I…
Momoko: I’m fine!!
Girl 1: What’s with those two…
Girl 2: Kandakawa-san seems like a completely different person…
Girl 1: But how did she come to like Momoko that much?
Girl 1(side): Completely fell for her.
Guy: Miha.
Atsushi: I need to talk to you
Atsushi: Do you mind?
Miha: Didn’t I tell you to stay away from me?
SFX: Slap
Atsushi: Even if it’s just a mi-…
Miha: Aren’t you determined
Atsushi: Miha, wait
Miha(side): Don’t follow me
Miha(arm): No
Momoko: What!?
Girl 2: Hatoyama-kun’s trying to confess to Kandakawa-san again--?
Girl 1: What do you mean
Girl 2: Those two are childhood friends
Girl 2: Even if he confesses to her, it’s just a one sided romance for Hatoyama.
Girl 1: Kandakawa-san is so cruel---
Momoko: So that’s why…

Pg 61
Momoko: Even though Hatoyama-kun looks like a nice guy…
Momoko: I’ll take this chance to escape…
Miha: Hey---
Momoko: !!
Miha(side) Jeez----
Miha: Shiina-sann where are you going
SFX(Miha): Huff huff huff
SFX: Stomp stomp stomp stomp
Miha(text): Wait for me----
Miha: Let’s eat together <3
Miha: Miha will feed you <3
Momoko: …
Momoko(side): Ugh~~~
Momoko: Miha-chan…
Momoko: …Why!?
Momoko: Why do you like me!?
Miha: Why…
Miha: Shiina-san…You look so pure and serious---
Miha: You seem like you’ve never been in a relationship before
Miha: And you don’t seem to be the popular type---
Momoko: …
Momoko: Are you looking for a fight…

Pg 62
Momoko: Miha-chan, aren’t you getting the wrong impression of me?
Miha: …Huh?
Momoko: Did you know…I’m very knowledgeable of the erotica world?
Momoko: My romance always begins from sex.
Momoko: In fact, if I don’t do it every day, my body starts to ache painfully for more~~~
Miha: Lies …!!
Momoko: It’s true!
Momoko: I am the Raging Ero Demon Queen!!
Momoko: Since I’m awesome and have a gigantic libido…!!
SFX(head): Disappointment…!
Miha: No way…I…
Miha: I’m shocked…!!
Miha: Shiina-san was that kind of person…
Momoko: That’s right.
Momoko: Crap~~~What the hell is a Raging Ero Demon Queen~~~
Miha(side): D-…
Miha: Don’t tell me…
Miha: Shiina-san’s sex partner is…
Miha: Ranmaru…!?
Momoko: Huh!?

Pg 63
Momoko: He’s not!!
Momoko(side): He has nothing to do with this
Miha: Now that I think about it, it’s rumored that Ranmaru has deep and passionate sex…
Miha: So his advice from yesterday was…!?
Momoko(side): Like I said
Momoko; He’s not!!
Momoko: Agh~~~!! Come on!!
Momoko: Look here…!!
Momoko: I’m not saying you’re an awful person for this!
Momoko: But if you’re going out with someone, it’s better to be with a guy than a girl!
Momoko(side): Right!!
Miha: …I…
Miha: Boys are so immature, and I hate them.
Miha: They lie and betray you…
Miha: Girls are kinder, and I can relax around them.
Miha: If he was a pretty guy like Ranmaru I would think about it but…
Miha: That’ll probably never happen…
Miha: So…

Pg 64
Miha: In the end Shiina-san’s the only one for me!
Miha: I’ll even become an Ero Demon if I have to~~~!!
SFX: Glomp
Momoko: Wai-
Momoko: This girl…!!
Momoko: I need to do something---!!
Momoko: Please!!
Momoko: Please go on a date with her
Ranmaru: What’s thaaaat~~~?
Ranmaru: A reeeequest~~?
Momoko: Ugh…

Pg 65
Ranmaru: Who the hell are you asking you lowly slave.
Momoko: But you’re great at charming women!!
Ranmaru: It’s meaningless~~~
Momoko: Also…She said she hated men but---
Momoko: Somehow it feels like that’s not entirely true…
Ranmaru: …
Ranmaru: You’re probably just using me as a shield
Momoko(side): I-…
Momoko: I’m definitely not!!
Momoko: Please!! This is a humble request from a slave!! I’m begging you!!
Ranmaru: Then…
Ranmaru: If I go charm that woman, then will you take my request as well?
Momoko: Urk…
Momoko: …I-I will!!
Momoko: I’ll do as you say!!
Ranmaru: …Perfect.

Pg 66
Ranmaru: Give me a one day ticket for something.
Momoko: Ticket…!? Like…A massage ticket?
Ranmaru: Dumbass. Not that kind of ticket.
Ranmaru: Let’s see…
Ranmaru: This’ll do. A ticket for a day of XX.
Momoko: Eh
Momoko: What do you mean by XX!!
Ranmaru: Hurry up and sign it.
Momoko: I really don’t want to depend on this creepy scoundrel for help but
Momoko: I can’t think of a better solution~~~
Miha: Shiina-sa~~~~~n <3
Miha: Let’s go home together--!!
Momoko: No….Erm I’m on cleaning duty today…
Miha: Miha will also help out then!!
Momoko: !!
Momoko: What spirit…!!
Girls: Kya----!!
Girl: This can’t be real--!!
Miha: ?
Girl: Seriously!?

Pg 67
Ranmaru: Hello ladies---
SFX: Kyaaa
Ranmaru: Coming thro---ugh.
Momoko: A direct approach…!!
Girl: Kya—
SFX(side): Kya
SFX: Kyaaaaa
Girl: Ranmaru----!!
Momoko: Though…what a flashy entrance…
Miha: Shiina-san, why is Ranmaru here!!
Momoko(side): I-…
Momoko: I don’t know
Ranmaru: I have come to pick you up.
Ranmaru: My dear princess.

Pg 68
Miha: Ranmaru-kun!?
Crowd: !!
Girl: Why----
Girl: ~~!!
SFX(side): Kyaaaa
Girl: Nooo----
Miha: Ranmaru-kun, let me go~~~
Crowd(side); Kyaa-----
Miha: Shiina-saaaaaaaan
Crowd(side): Kyaa------
Girl: What’s happening!! Who’s that!!
Momoko: …
Girl: What kind of relationship do you have with Ranmaru!?
Girl: I’ve never heard of this
Girl: Those two were going out!?
Momoko: …Hmm?
Momoko: …What’s this?

Pg 69
Momoko: Why…
Momoko: Do I feel so irritated…
SFX(car): Shuts
Miha: Ranmari-kun!!
Miha: What is the meaning of this!! Let me off!!
Ranmaru(side): Relaaax
Ranmaru: We’re just going on a little trip.
Miha: I don’t want to. I’m walking home with Shiina-san!!
Ranmaru: Sure sure
Atsushi: Miha!!
Atsushi: Where the hell are you going!!
Miha: …Atsushi!!
Atsushi: If you stay on the car, you don’t know what that trash is going to do to you!!
Ranmaru: Who’s this bastard. Your boyfriend?
Miha: …I don’t know
Miha: I don’t know him at all
Ranmaru: …I see.

Pg 70
Ranmaru: Then let’s proceed with the kidnapping.
Car: Vrooooom….
Atsushi: Ah
Atsushi: Miha!!
SFX: Whoosh
Ranmaru: How it is---?
Miha: It’s so cute…!!
Miha: I’ve always wanted to try a dress like this!!
Miha(head): Kyaa---<3<3<3
Ranmaru: We won’t be able to move well in our uniforms.

Pg 71
Ranmaru: Now, my dear princess
Ranmaru: Shall we head off for dinner?
Box: Staff
SFX: Aa~~~~n <3
Text: Wonderful~~~
Miha: Ranmaru-kun…
Guy: Welcome
Guy: Your room has been prepared, sir.
Girl: Please allow me to hang your jacket.
Miha: Ranmaru-kun, isn’t this place super expensive!?
Miha: I’m fine with just a family restaurant
Ranmaru: Today’s a special day.
Ranmaru: Just sit back and be my princess.
Miha: …

Pg 72
Miha: That was extremely delicious--<3
Miha: I was getting really nervous but
Miha: That’s the first time I ever had something so fancy <3
Ranmaru: I’m glad to hear that.
Miha: Though…I’m still confused why you brought only me here….
Miha: It would have been better if Shiina-san was with us.

Pg 73
Miha: But Ranmaru-kun
Miha: Why did you bring m---
Miha: !!
Miha: Ranmaru-kun…?
Ranmaru: I wanted to be alone with only you
SFX: Thump
Ranmaru: …It’s true

Pg 74
SFX: Fwip
Ranmaru: …Mm!!
Miha: I’m sorry…!!
Miha: I…
Miha: I’m not comfortable…around men---
Ranmaru: …
Ranmaru: Momoko mentioned it to me but---
Ranmaru: Why do you hate men?
Miha: …
Miha: My father left us when I was a child
Miha: Since then, my mother came to believe that men were liars and untrustworthy
Miha: She told me that women must learn to live by themselves…
Miha: I’ll become filthy if I came close to them, so she kept telling me to keep my distance…
Miha: That’s what I always believed.

Pg 75
Miha: Somehow…I felt that
Miha: Shiina-san held the true values of a strong woman….
Miha: I admired her for that.
Ranmaru: I agree---It’s true that…
Ranmaru: Men are dishonest and irresponsible creatures
Ranmaru: But…
Ranmaru: To a person he wants to protect, it’s not the same
Ranmaru: That boy from earlier---don’t you think he showed that quality?
Miha: Atsushi is… He’s the type of person that’ll betray your trust
Miha: My mother also told me that.
Ranmaru: It’s not what your mom believes, but what do you believe in?
Ranmaru: You’re just afraid.
Ranmaru: So you run to Momoko for shelter.
Miha: …

Pg 76
Miha: Is there someone for you….
Miha: Ranmaru-kun?
Miha: Someone to protect---.
Ranmaru: …There is
Ranmaru: Only one.
SFX: Vsshhh….

Pg 77
Ranmaru: Is it really alright to leave you here?
Miha: Yeah, I’ll be OK
Miha: Next time, let’s bring Shiina-san along and have fun together <3

Pg 78
Atsushi: Miha…!!
Atsushi: Thank god…you came back safe…!
Atsushi: What a relief~~~~!
Atsushi: I was so worried…!
Atsushi: Ah…
Atsushi: I’ll… be going home then.
Atsushi: Sorry for bugging you this late…
SFX: Clench

Pg 79
Atsushi: Miha---
Miha: You’ll catch a cold like that…
Miha: At least…
Miha: Dry your clothes---
Ranmaru: Man~~~That was rough---

Pg 80
Ranmaru: It was my first time experiencing something like that
Ranmaru(side): No really
Momoko: …
Ranmaru: Even I will have some bad days---
Momoko: …
SFX: Whew~~~…
Momoko: You couldn’t have….
Momoko: Done it…
Ranmaru: Heh
Momoko: !!
Momoko(side): I..
Momoko: I can’t believe you!!
Momoko: I never asked you to go that far!!
Ranmaru: No----w
Paper: Flap
Ranmaru: Wha---t should I do with this one day XX ticket.

Pg 81
Momoko(side): Screw that
Momoko: I only asked you to go on a date with her!!
SFX(door): Clunk
Ranmaru: But I charmed her!
Miha: A-ha <3
Miha: There you are~~<3
Momoko: Miha-chan!!
Momoko: Why are you here…
Miha: Ranmaru gave me the details
Miha: About how you always eat lunch here <3
Miha: I wanted to show my proper thanks for yesterday…<3
Momoko: ….
Miha: Oh, I forgot.
Miha: Ranmaru-kun<3<3 Sorry about resisting against your kiss yesterday<3
Momoko: …
Momoko: …Eh?
Miha: After all, I had to protect my precious first kiss…<3
SFX(side): Whip
Momoko: What!?

Pg 82
Momoko: Hold on…!!
Momoko: What does she mean by resisting!?
Momoko: I thought you charmed her!?
SFX(around Momo): Whisper whisper
Ranmaru: How should I know
Ranmaru: Maybe she orgasm’d in her mind from my spectacular skills.
Momoko: Huuh!?
Miha: But~~~
Miha: I kissed a who—le lot after that <3
Ran/Momo: …
Ran/Momo: …Come again?
Miha: The truth is…a lot of things happened yesterday, and I’ve decided to go out with Atsushi <3
Miha: And then…
Momoko: Whaaat~~~!?
Momoko(side): What do you mean ?!
Miha: It’s a bit embarrassing but~~~
Miha: We did it <3

Pg 83
Miha: Miha…
SFX: Kya----<3
Miha: Had her first time<3
Momoko: Wha-…
Miha(side): Oh no~~~~o <3
Miha: With this, I’ve matured into an adult woman--- <3
Miha: So---
Miha: From now, I think I’ll take a variety of advice from Shiina-san <3
Miha: I’m counting on you <3 Sempai <3
Momoko: …
Ranmaru: Se…Sempai!!
Ranmaru: Go on!! Give her advice!!
Ranmaru: Pffttt----
Momoko: Why…
Miha: After all, you are the Raging Ero Demon Queen <3
Momoko: This can’t be happening----!!

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