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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Pink Heaven 11

The lost virgin in dreams!?

+ posted by darkmiester as translation on Sep 23, 2011 00:33 | Go to Pink Heaven

-> RTS Page for Pink Heaven 11

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA

Pg 84
Ch 11: The lost virgin in dreams!?

Pg 85
Momoko: “The first time”… special edition?
Guy: It’s a request to have this month’s “Pink Paradise” appeal to a different group of teens.
Guy: Try making them drool with pleasure from Aihara George’s charm.
Momoko: Got it…
Momoko: Out of all the themes he picks “The First Time”.
Momoko: This sucks---

Pg 86
Text: Unable to contain his overwhelming desires, Haruki grabbed Nanae and took her to the mansion’s emergency stairway.
Text: “Ah…!! Haruki…It’s my first time…! Be gentler…!
Text: Nanae saw a shadowy intruder from the extremities of Haruki. Unable to identify it, she shook with fear.
Text: “ Haruki…Wait! I’m scared!! It’s not going to fit, it’s too big…!!
Text: Ignoring Nanae’s pained cries, Haruki buried his purple shaft in the maiden’s soil like a beast.
Text: “Aah…!! Stop!! It hurts…it hurts…!!”
Momoko: …
Momoko; Hr~~~~~m
Momoko: It’s more like scary experience…
Momoko(top): Hmm~~~…
SFX: Creak
Momoko: It’s always “It hurts!” but is that really true?

Pg 87
Momoko: Then again… Does this actually work…?
Momoko(side): U~~~~m
Momoko: Ugh~~~… I don’t know anymore…
Momoko: What should I do~~~
Momoko: I can make up fantasies about it, but I can’t how it really is---
Miho: Looks like
Miho: Life is all about the experience <3
SFX: Kya-Ha
Momoko: …

Pg 88
Momoko: …Y…
Momoko: Yeah…
Miho: Miho can’t be this deeply moved if it wasn’t~~~<3
Momoko: …!!
Momoko: Wait..!! I can use Miho’s experience as material…
Momoko: And make a story out of it..!!
Miho: Shiina-san?
Miho(side): Is something wrong?
Momoko: …So?
Momoko: How was it Miho-chan?
Momoko: Cough
Miho: Eh?
Momoko: You know…The first time must have been really rough.
Miho: Rough…What do you mean?
Momoko: You know…!
Momoko: The pain!! They say “It’s like getting a watermelon out of your nose!”---*
Miho: Shiina-san. That’s…
Miho: Doesn’t that happen when you give birth*…?
SFX: Gasp
Momoko: !!
Momoko: Erm…
Momoko: I messed up---!!
T/N: It’s a common phrase in Japan for describing that pain. That must really hurt.

Pg 89
Momoko:~~~z!! I was just playing with you!!
Momoko: Gotcha---!!
Momoko(side): A----hahaha
Miho: What was it like?
SFX: Thump
Momoko: Eh…
Momoko: F…For me…
Momoko: Every time is like the first time…
Momoko: So I don’t think it was anything special~~~
Miho(side): Kya---!!
Miho: So that’s how it is~~~<3
Miho: That sounds kind of wonderful~~~<3
Miho(side): Such maturity!!
SFX: Kya
Momoko(side): Ahahaha
Miho: As expected, the Raging Ero Demon Queen is on another level
Momoko: …
Momoko: Why did it end up like this~~~!!
Momoko: It didn’t go as planned…!!
Momoko(side): Ugh. I feel like crying…
Ranmaru: What’ wrong? Sensei---

Pg 90
Ranmaru: It’s getting really depressing around here
Momoko: …
Ranmaru: Are you sick or something
Momoko: I’m… not really making progress right now… It’s like dealing with an obstacle that I’ve never seen before…
Momoko(side): Just thinking about it makes me sick.
SFX: Sigh…
Ranmaru: I’m full of ideas if you don’t have any.
Ranmaru(side): Thanks for the meal.
Momoko: No thank you. I’ll pass.
Ranmaru: C’mon~~~Don’t be shy~~~
Ranmaru: Did you forget that I’m not only full of ideas, but full of action as well~~~?
Momoko: No!
Momoko: Its fine, I’ll make the deadline!
Ranmaru: The hell.
Ranmaru: Screwing with the goodwill of others.
Momoko: It seems like…
Momoko: All I’ve been writing till now are from my vague imaginations…
Momoko: I guess there’s a limit to how far I can go with just that…

Pg 91
Momoko: I should also stop dreaming about my prince in shining armor
Momoko: And start reaching out to what’s close to me…
Ranmaru: …What?
Text: Close ->
SFX: gasp
Momoko: !!
Momoko: Oh Momoko…!!
Momoko: What are you getting delusional for!?
Momoko(side): Whoa~~~…
Momoko: N…Nothing…
Momoko(side): Erm…
Momoko: I just got a headache from thinking too much…
Momoko: I’m going home early today… Got lots of work to do after all…!
Momoko(side): Yep!!
SFX: Dash
Momoko: Later…!
Momoko(side): Have a nice day!!
Momoko: I must be getting dizzy from fatigue…

Pg 92
Momoko: Whew…
SFX: Creak
Momoko: For a first time, doing it in the emergency stairs is just…
Momoko: But doing it in the boyfriend’s room is too clichéd.
Text:  Already starting to get stuck from here.
Phone: Brrriiinngg

Pg 93
Phone: Brrrinnnggg
Phone: Brrrinnnggg
Momoko: …It’s Ranmaru
Momoko: What the hell does he want this late….
SFX: Beep
Momoko: Hello…
Ranmaru: Yo. It’s me.
Ranmaru: Let’s go grab something to eat.
Momoko(side): Huh!?
Momoko: Now!? But I still have work…
Ranmaru: I’m telling you to come out! I’m already parked in front.
Ranmaru: Oh. Bring Kouta along too.
Momoko: …
Momoko: What are you thinking~~~
SFX: Slam
Ranmaru: Good work--- Sensei
Momoko: Where are we going~~~
Ranmaru: Kouta, what do you wanna eat?
Kouta: Sushi!!
Ranmaru: OK
Momoko: Kouta!!
Building(top+side): Mari Sushi*
*Another author cameo

Pg 94
Kouta: Sis, this is delicious!!
Momoko: That’s great.
Momoko: Anything tastes good when you’re hungry though.
Kouta(side): Ah~~~
Kouta: Right~~~!
Momoko(side): Hey
Momoko: You’re spilling the soy sauce. Pay attention to what’s near your food.
Kouta: OK!
Kouta: But you know---
Kouta: This is the first time I’ve had sushi that wasn’t rotating!*
*Conveyor belt sushi.
SFX: Cringe
Ranmaru: Oh--- Really?
Ranmaru: Kouta’s first time huh~~~
Ranmaru: Getting pretty riled up over there~~
Ranmaru(top): So young…
Kouta(side): Yep!!
Kouta: My first time!!
Momoko: …

Pg 95
Momoko: Seriously~~~ I’m worrying about it too much…
Momoko: Kouta---Let’s go---
Kouta: Just a little longer---!
Kouta: I want to play that game one more time---!
Momoko: That child…He doesn’t come here often so~~~
Ranmaru: Let him do what he wants.
Ranmaru(side): Looks like he’s having lots of fun.
Momoko: …
Momoko: Say…Ranmaru
Ranmaru: Hm---?
Momoko: When…did you have your first time?

Pg 96
Ranmaru: Why?
Momoko: Nothing really… I’m just curious~~~ That’s all…
Momoko: Anyone would ask that question~~~
Ranmaru: …
Ranmaru: My first time---
Ranmaru: I think it was sometime during the 2nd year of middle school. She was a classmate.
Momoko: I see…
Momoko: More ordinary than I thought….
Momoko: So…what kind of girl was she?
Ranmaru: Oh---…
Ranmaru: One was… a really cute girl~~~
Momoko: …
Momoko: …Huh?
Ranmaru: The other one…
Momoko: …Wha…
Momoko: What do you mean!? Your first time was…
Ranmaru: It was a three-way.
Ranmaru: I don’t remember which one was the virgin though.
Momoko: Wha…

Pg 97
Momoko: This guy’s just a freaking pervert!!
Momoko: I shouldn’t have asked…
Momoko: Ugh…This’ll never work….
Momoko: I can’t think of anything to write for “the first time”…
Ranmaru: …
Ranmaru: Huh?
SFX: Gasp
Momoko: Oops
Momoko: Crap!!
Ranmaru: So… the obstacle you were stuck with… was
Momoko: No~~~
Ranmaru: That was about the first time!?
Ranmaru(side): Pft----!!
Ranmaru: No way~~~!! It won’t work!! It’ll never work!!
Momoko: …
Ranmaru: You didn’t even have your first time, so you obviously can’t write one!!
Ranmaru(side): A---hahaha!!
Ranmaru: And I was wondering what it was~~~ Man~~~!!
Ranmaru: Ah---But then!
Ranmaru: You’ll get it once you experience it!
Ranmaru(side): He---hehe A~~~hahaha
Ranmaru: Well, let’s go to the bathroom and get this over with.
Momoko(side): Let go
Momoko: As if
Momoko: Ugh---!! He’s the worst!!

Pg 98
Sign: Maple Publisher
Momoko: …Ho…
Momoko: …How is it?
Guy: Hr~~~~~m…
Guy: I think you should rewrite this one more time…
Guy: This…I can’t really say this story gives off a passionate aura…
Guy: At least there’s lots of time left before the deadline---
Momoko: I knew it…
Momoko: Can I really write a good story out of that~~~…
Momoko(top): This is bad…
Rin: …Aihara-sensei?
Rin: Ah, it is you.
Rin: Long time no see. Just had a meeting?
Momoko: Himemiya-san…!!

Pg 99
Rin: In a slump huh---
Rin: You can’t finish until the story fits---
Momoko: …Looks like
Momoko: There really is a limit to just imagining the story…
Rin: …What are you talking about? Aren’t novels written from your imagination?
Momoko: No…Erm
Momoko: I mean…There’s a limit to how much you can do without experience.
Momoko: Uh…Ehh….Like…Trying to write about foreplay…
Momoko(side): Erm~~~
Rin: Momoko-chan…
Rin: Are you…
Rin: A virgin…?
Momoko: ….Yes
Rin: No way!!
Rin: Really!?
Momoko: …It’s true…

Pg 100
Momoko: I’m not rushing to finish this but
Momoko: I can’t really understand how to write about this month’s theme…
Momoko: Whenever I think about work, I wonder if I can ask about it…
Momoko: Himemiya-san…?
Momoko(side): Is something wrong?
Rin: It’s….It’s nothing…
Rin: She’s a virgin yet can still write that much…!?
Rin(side): What a scary kid…
Rin: I see---
Rin: It’s not about whether you experienced or not.
Rin: I’m sure you have some talent.
Rin: There’s the side of reality but
Rin: Why won’t you try writing about your ideals?
Rin: It’s not that hard to think about.
Momoko: My ideals…
Momoko: …Th…Thank you very much…!
Momoko: I think I’m starting to get it now!!
Rin: Really?
Rin(side): That’s good. Fufufu
Momoko: I write
Momoko: According to my ideals---

Pg 101
Momoko: Not about delusions or imaginations
Momoko: But my ideal situation---
Text: Deep down in the vast forest---. The moonlight shone brightly on the pale glistening skin of the naked young couple.
Text: “It’s been my dream to have my first time in a wonderful place like this…”
Text: Haruki pushed through Nanae’s lush and moist meadow, and finally arrived at her thick meat shrine.
Text: “Your body is like this forest’s labyrinth. But, I won’t get lost easily.”
Text: Haruki inserted his twisted arbor in the shrine dripping with white honey.
Text: “Ah an…!! It’s so hot!! Come deeper inside me…!!
Momoko: Alright…!! This is looking good!
Kouta: Sis--- I made some coffee for you~~~
SFX: Scritch scratch
Momoko: Ka----y! Coming~~~!!

Pg 102
Momoko: Time for a break~~~
Momoko: Whew
Kouta: Sis, are you making the deadline?
Momoko(side): Yeah
Momoko: Looks like it’ll be fine.
Momoko: The deadline might even be extended for a few days.
SFX: Ehe
Kouta: I see
Kouta(side): That’s great~~
Momoko(top): Hum hum hu~~~m
SFX: Creak
Momoko: Feels great to be successful~~~<3
Momoko: I’m such a geniu---
Ranmaru: Oo---h
Ranmaru: I see I see.

Pg 103
Momoko: …
Ranmaru: In the woods huh~~~
Ranmaru: A castle was fine too. Really…
Ranmaru: I never knew you were the type to like fairy tales~~~
Momoko: What---!?
Momoko: Hey---!!
Momoko: What the hell---!? Since when where you here!!
Momoko: Noo---
SFX: Beep
Ranmaru: Hello---It’s me.
Ranmaru(side): Yeah
Ranmaru: Listen---I want you to check on something---
Momoko: You didn’t edit it or anything right!!
Ranmaru: Ah…Really?
Ranmaru: Then it’s all good.
Ranmaru(side): Yeah
Momoko: Can you stop bothering me while I’m working?
Momoko: Hurry up and go---
Ranmaru(side): Ah~~~
Ranmaru: Sorry, can’t let you do that.
Ranmaru: I came here
Ranmaru: To use my one day XX ticket~~~,
Ticket: I day XX Ticket. I swear to do a day of XX. Shiina Momoko.
Text: Let me explain!

Pg 104
Text: The one day XX ticket is---
Text: To escape Miho’s love attacks, Momoko begged Ranmaru to go bother the girl.
Text: Thus the Mysterious Special Ticket XX grants any request.
Text: See Chapter 10 for details.
Momoko: Wait a minute!!
Momoko: What’s so special about it!!
Momoko: At least let me finish my---
Ranmaru: Kouta---Want to stay over at your Mom’s place?
Kouta(side): Yay---!!
Kouta: I can!?
Kouta(side): I’ll go I’ll go---!!
Momoko(side): Hey!!
Momoko: Are you listening---!?
Momoko: Say hi to Mom for me…
SFX: Sob
Momoko: Why am I envious of Kouta’s smile of happiness…
Kouta: Kay
Kouta: See you later!! Sis!!
Kouta: I’ll be going then!
SFX: Wipe
SFX: Rustle
Ranmaru: Alright…
Ranmaru: For now

Pg 105
Ranmaru: Here
Ranmaru: Cover your eyes.
Momoko: …EH!? Why!?
SFX: Fwap
Momoko: !!
Momoko: Crap~~~!!
Momoko: Is…Is this OK…
Momoko: Why would he have this in the first place…
Ranmaru: Yeah
Ranmaru: Start up the car.
Momoko: What’s going on…!!
Momoko: Don’t tell me…He’ll drag me in a dungeon.
Ranmaru(side): Ahahahahaha!! Scream more, bitch!!
Momoko: Ah~~~
Text: Totally delusional
Momoko: With whips and robes…
Momoko: Piercing or hanging me anywhere…!!
Momoko: This is the guy who had a three way for his first time!! It could totally happen---!!
Momoko(side): M…
Momoko: Moo~~~~m!!
Momoko(side): Noo--- Uwaaahhhhhh
Ranmaru: What are you crying for.
Ranmaru(side): Dumbass.

Pg 106
Ranmaru: We’re here
Ranmaru: Good job.
Ranmaru: Wait here.
SFX: Slam
Momoko: We’re here…!?
Momoko: Where!?
SFX: Creak
Ranmaru: Gimme your hand.
Ranmaru: Get off slowly---
Ranmaru(side): Yeah, like that.
Momoko: It’s too quiet here…!!
Ranmaru: You can take off the blindfold now.

Pg 107
Momoko: Huh…?
Ranmaru: Pick us up at around noon tomorrow.
Guy: Understood.
Momoko: Ranmaru!! Weren’t you taking me to a dungeon!?
Ranmaru: Huh~~~!? What the hell are you talking about.
Momoko: Where are we!?
Ranmaru: The Inui’s villa. The main building’s in Kawahasa and on the other side but this is a separate one.
Ranmaru: But most of the people that use the villa are employees.
Momoko: Wow…It’s huge…
Ranmaru: Well…It’s like this.

Pg 108
Ranmaru: You won’t be able to write anything good in a stuffy room at home.
Ranmaru: And you need to relax sometimes.
Ranmaru: We don’t have a lot of time left, but why not spend the rest of the day slowly with the fun ticket?
Momoko: Ranmaru…
Momoko: Oh no… I---
Momoko: Ah…Maybe I should go explore a bit~~~
Ranmaru: Go ahead.
Momoko: Misjudged his generosity---
Momoko: So Ranmaru noticed
Momoko: That I’ve been pretty depressed…
Momoko: And I was having perverted thoughs…
Momoko(side): I’m such… an idiot…
Momoko: What should I do. I could stay the night, or run.
Momoko: I’ve been through at lot up till now.
Momoko: It’ll be alright!
SFX: Step
SFX: Step
Momoko: …

Pg 109
Momoko: Wha…
Momoko: What’s this…!!
Momoko: Kya---!!
Momoko: Wow---!!
Momoko: It’s like my ideal place to be…!!
Momoko: So beautiful---…
Ranmaru: Right under the moonlight…
Ranmaru: I just remembered that we had a skylight here.

Pg 110
Ranmaru: Ah~~ ~ Yes. I forgot to mention.
Ranmaru: There’s been bears popping up around here, and you’ll have to walk at least an hour to the nearest city.
Ranmaru: No one will come
Ranmaru: Nothing will interrupt us.
SFX: Grip
Ranmaru: I shall give you---
Ranmaru: The greatest pleasure.
Momoko: No way…

Pg 111
Momoko: It was just about sex after all---!!
SFX: Plo---p
Momoko: !!
Momoko: What should I do
Momoko(side): U~~~h
Momoko: …Ranmaru
Momoko: Erm…I’m…
Momoko: I’m not prepared to do it yet!!
Momoko: Uh
Momoko: Erm…I mean it’s…
Momoko: It’s scary!!
Momoko(head): No----
Momoko(side): It’s…
Momoko: Really…I’m really scared of the pain!!
Momoko: Erm
Momoko: I don’t have a great body either, so I don’t think it’ll even---
Ranmaru: It’ll be fine.
Ranmaru: There’s nothing to be afraid of.

Pg 112
Ranmaru: I won’t be forcing you.
Ranmaru: I’ll do it gently.
Ranmaru: So leave everything to me.

Pg 113
Ranmaru: Relax…
Ranmaru: Yourself.
Momoko: Really…Ranmaru…
Momoko: Has a vulgar mouth…Fools around with women

Pg 114
Momoko: And loves to tease. He’s the worst type of man there is but.
Momoko: But…
Momoko: He’s saved me countless times up to now.
Momoko: He even thinks about me and thinks for me a lot…
Momoko: Somehow..
Momoko: I can’t bring myself to hate him---

Pg 115
Ranmaru: We’ll be doing this till morning.
Ranmaru: I’ll make you scream
Ranmaru: Until your voice becomes hoarse.
Momoko: Ranmaru…

Pg 116
Momoko: Ranmaru…
Momoko: It’s like a dream…
Momoko: I’m…
Momoko: …?
Ranmaru: Come on.
Momoko: Really
Momoko: …
Momoko: ,,,aa
Ranmaru: Let your voice out---
Momoko: Going to do it---
Momoko: …Ah

Pg 117
???: Aaaaahhnn <3
???: A~~~~nngh <3
Ranmaru: What the hell
Ranmaru: We’re not even up to the main course and you’re getting turned on that much already?
Momoko: Eh
Momoko: But…I didn’t…say anything
???: Ah….Aaahhnn<3
???: Noo<3 Ah<3 Not there<3
Momoko: What!?
Girl: Aaaaaahh<3
Girl: Noo <3

Pg 118
Ranmaru: What the fuck are you doing!!
Boy: Eh
Girl: Kya
Boy: Whoa----!!
SFX: Stomp Stomp
Guy: What!? What happened!?
SFX: Slam
Text: Another group
Girl(side): Nooo----
Ranmaru: Who the hell gave you guys permission to enter!!
Guy: Huh
Guy: Are you…
Guy: The young master..!?
Guy: Eh
Girls(side): Kyaaaaaaa
Girls: It is---!! It’s Ranmaru---!!
Ranmaru: I’m asking you why you’re here!!
Guys: Um, Sorry.
Guys: Er…We’re employees from the main building, and we came here for our break…
Girls(side): Kyaaaa<3<3
Girls: Omigosh---!! He’s super amazing!!
Girl 1: Ranmaru-kun~~<3 Let’s leave these idiots behind and go drink together~~~<3
Girl 2(side): Kyaa<3
Girl 2: I’m in!!
Guy 1: Wha…!
Guy(side): What are you saying Yuri-chan!!
Girl(side): Come on
Girl: We have no business with you guys!
Guy 2: Mayuko-chan
Girl: Shut up
Girl: Ranmaru-kun~~~<3 What do you want to drii~~~nk~~?
Ranmaru: Argh----!!

Pg 119
Ranmaru: All of you get out--!!
Girl: Oh my~~~~~! His angry face is wonderful~~~<3
Ranmaru(side): Gargh----!!
Ranmaru: Stop screwing around----!!
Momoko: Whew…
SFX: Plop
Momoko: …
SFX: Giggle

Pg 120
Text: And so
Text: My attempt for my first time
Text: Ended quite quickly.
Momoko(side): Eh~~~
Momoko: For using the XX ticket
Momoko: To go on this trip…

Pg 121
Momoko: I thank you with all my heart.
SFX: Deep bow…
Ranmaru: …
Ranmaru: This is getting really annoying.
Momoko: I won’t be making anymore tickets.
Momoko: So have a nice da---y
Ranmaru: Tsk.
Ranmaru: Don’t think this is over
Ranmaru: I will take your virginity one day!
Ranmaru: Next time, I’ll definitely rape you!!
Momoko: …
Momoko: What’s…with the sudden change…
Ranmaru: I don’t want to look at this half-assed attempt at an erotic novel!
Momoko: So mea~~~n

Pg 122
Momoko: It did really well on this time’s survey.
Ranmaru(head): Che
SFX: Fwa[
Momoko: Aahh!! What are you doing
Momoko: The ideal “first time” is wonderful but
Momoko: If it’s with someone you love
SFX: Flip
Book(right): The sleeping forest maiden Aihara George
Book(top): The First Time edition With a special cameo!!
Book(girl): A first time
Book(girl): That leaves satisfaction, happiness, and a gentle feeling----.
Momoko: Then it’ll definitely be the best “first time.”

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