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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Pink Heaven 12

Dangerous Hostess Experience!

+ posted by darkmiester as translation on Nov 16, 2011 16:02 | Go to Pink Heaven

-> RTS Page for Pink Heaven 12

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA

Pg 123
Chapter 12 – Dangerous Hostess Experience!

Pg 126
Momoko: Humans are such
Momoko: Sad and contradictory beings---
Guy: The results of last week’s pop test---
Guy: There was only one person with a perfect score
Guy: Shiina-san.
Text: Whoa~~~
Guy: The stains on your lifestyles will also show on your grades.
Guy: When I was your age, I would spend my whole night studying.
Guy: Learn to be more like Shiina here!
Boy 1: Here we go again~~~ It’s Matsudaira’s preaching time
Boy 2: As if anyone would listen to the most stubborn teacher in the school

Pg 127
Momoko: I’m kind of happy~~~
Momoko(side): Ehehe
Miho: …-san.
Miho: Shiina-san
SFX: Kya<3
Miho: You’re really the Raging Ero Demon Queen though <3
Momoko: …!!
Ranmaru: Pft
Ranmaru: Well it’s just as Miho says.
Ranmaru: An innocent high school girl by day
Ranmaru: By night, a lecherous madwoman ravishing on sticks of-
Momoko: No I’m not!!

Pg 128
Momoko: Oh…But
Ranmaru: Looks to be true since you’re getting all quiet
Momoko: I can probably use that idea…
Text: Yaeko was just acting as the innocent wife.
Text: With an apron wrapped around her naked body, she leaned against the table and stuck out her rare meat.
Text: “Tonight’s dinner is me…”
Text: Dripping with luscious butter-like liquid, Hideki jammed his hot meatrod with a thrust.
Text: “Aaan…It’s so hot…!!” As if possessed by a demon, Hideki’s thrusts became rougher, and the meaty flaps echoed with naughty sounds.
Text: “Delicious…! Steak ladled with sauce… the best type of meat there is!!”
Text: “Aaann!! Noooo!! If you continue like that I’ll get burnt~~~!!
SFX: Gasp
Ranmaru: Oh
Ranmaru: Right

Pg 129
Momoko: Crap crap…My mind wandered off again…
SFX: Sweat
Momoko: …What?
Ranmaru: My work for tonight got cancelled, so I’ll be dropping by then.
Momoko: Um…
Momoko: I have to leave because of work…so tonight’s no good---
Ranmaru: What the hell---?
Ranmaru: Tomorrow then.
Momoko: Ah…Tomorrow’s no good either.
Momoko: I’m pretty sure even the day after---
Ranmaru: Whhaaaat~~~!?
Ranmaru: What are you doing!
Momoko: …
Momoko: Just gathering research…
Ranmaru: …
Momoko: That’s right.
Momoko: Humans are contradictory beings.
Momoko: I’m already hiding the fact that I’m an erotica novelist---.

Pg 130
Momoko: But---
Momoko: Pardon me~~~
Guy: Hm---?
Guy: Haven’t seen you before. Are you new?
Momoko: I’m Momoka <3
Momoko: Pleased to meet you <3
Guy: Oh~~~
Momoko: I can’t believe
Guy: She’s an innocent one.
Momoko: Ehe
Girl: Today’s her first day
Guy: I see---!
Momoko: I made another mask for myself….!!

Pg 131
Text: A week earlier---
Guy: The theme for this week is “Hostess.*” Keep up the good work.
T/N: Literally “The Evening Butterfly.”
Momoko: Hostess….
Momoko: But I don’t really have any experience in this field----
Guy(side): Ah~~~
Guy: Then why won’t you try working at a host club?
Momoko: Eh
Guy: It’ll be fine
Guy: I know a friend who owns a place. It’s a pretty flexible schedule too.
Momoko: What!?
Guy: “Seeing is believing,” right?
Momoko: But
Momoko: To be honest, I’m usually against these kinds of suggestions but---…
Momoko: I somehow decided to work here
Momoko: For just 3 days---
Girl 1(side): Eh----!
Girl 1: Seriously~~~?
Girl 2: Unbelievable

Pg 132
Guy 1(side): Really---!!
Guy 1 : I’m serious!! I really thought she was a woman, but she stripped there was a p*nis!!
SFX: Laughter
Guy 2(side): Wow
Guy 2: That’s horrible~~~
SFX(girl): Ahaha
Guy 1: What the hell do you want to be!
Guy 2: Well, that’s up to you!
SFX(momoko): Alone
Momoko: …
Guy 1: Seriously!?
Momoko: I haven’t even had a conversation yet…
Guy(side): Ah.
Guy: Momoka-chan. Can I get a refill?
Momoko: Oh.
SFX: Clatter
Momoko: Yeah!!
Momoko: Alright
Momoko(side): Here I go
Momoko: Erm, the pitcher~~~
Momoko: Ah
Guy: Whoa---!!
Guy: Watch it---!!
Guy: What are you doing Momoka-chan!!
Guy: That’s enough, get out of here!!
Guy(side): Argh~~~ It’s dripping wet.
Momoko: I’m
Momoko: I’m sorry…
Momoko(side): I’m so sorry~~~.
Momoko: Whoopsies…
Momoko: Looks like it was a waste of effort---
Momoko(side): Boo-hoo…
Girl 1(side): Hey~~~
Girl 1: What the hell was that~~~That clumsy newbie---
Girl 2: I heard she was referred by the manager’s friend
Girl 1: Really~~~?

Pg 133
Girl 1: She’s probably just here to play around.
Girl 2: Must be fun for her to do anything.
Momoko: …
Momoko: It’s just the first day…but it already feels hopeless---
Girl?: Momoka-cha---n. Help out the client at table 5---.
Momoko: I knew this wouldn’t work~~~
Momoko: I’ll quit after today then…
Momoko: I’m Momoka. Pleased to meet you!
Momoko: But I’ll try my best till then
Guy(side): Ugh---!
Guy: They’re all idiots here.
Guy: The kanji for “vert” in “Pervert” is the same as “Atti” in “Attitude.”
Guy: Not the one for “Body”~~~*
T/N: I’m sorry for the confusing translation. In Japanese, there can be different kanji for the same word. In this case, the guy is talking about the “tai” word in “hentai” (pervert). The correct kanji is the same as the “tai” in “taido” (Attitude), whereas the ladies used the kanji for “karada” (Body) which can also be read as “tai.”
Guy(side): Jeez…
Momoko: !?
Girl: I’m sorry
Guy: You can’t even write simple kanji like this?
SFX: Rant
Guy(side): Si---gh
Guy: Freaking idiots~~~
Guy: What kind of education did you get before coming here?
SFX: Rant
Guy: Japanese should know their kanji well.
Momoko: …
Momoko: Erm…I’m really good at kanji!
Guy: Really~~~
SFX: Pft…
Guy: Can you write “Sexual Assault” then?

Pg 134
Guy(side): Sigh~~~
Guy: Maybe I should’ve given you a simpler kanji~~~?
Momoko: …
SFX: Scritch Scratch
Guy: After all, you all are pretty stu---
Momoko: Done!
Momoko: Here it is---!
SFX: Ta---Dah!
Guy: !!
Guy(side): Im…
Guy: Impressive. But every novice should know that.
Guy: How about “Impurity”?
Momoko: “Impurity”…
Momoko: Done!!
Guy: !!!
Guy: Then…”Bondage”!!
Momoko: Done
Guy: Ca…”Candle”!!
Momoko: Done
Guy: “Tease”!!
Momoko: That’s easy!!
Guy: …Who…Who…
Guy: Who on Earth are you….!?
Momoko: Now it’s my turn to quiz you.
Momoko: Can you write “Obscenity”?
T/N: Besides the theme of the words, the guy is giving her some pretty difficult kanji to write. The characters she’s writing are the kanji to the words the guy is giving her.

Pg 135
Guy: O… Obscenity!?
Guy: Obscenity…
Guy: Obse…
Momoko: Ah.
SFX: Sweat
Momoko(side): I’m sorry
Momoko: That must’ve been a hard one!!
Momoko: Really…Kanjis are tough stuff.
Momoko(side): Here’s how you write it
Momoko: I also study them every day!
Momoko: How about another one?
Guy: !!
Guy(side): Th-…
Guy: This is ridiculous!! I don’t have time for this!!
Guy: I’m leaving!
SFX: Rush
Girls: Thank you very much---!
Girl: The guest from table 5 is leaving!
Momoko: Eh
Momoko: Cra---p!! I failed again~~~!!
Momoko(side): They’re going to get mad again---
Girl: Momoka-chan!! That was awesome!

Pg 136
Girl 1: Good job!! My heart stopped for a sec there~~~!!
Girl 2(side): I know right~~~!!
Girl 2: I thought he was going to slap you or something!
SFX: Kya Kya
Momoko: …Huh?
Girl: You’re a brave little one!
Guy: Did something happen?
Girl: This girl’s super awesome~~~!
SFX: Wee Wee
Guy(side): Really~~~Lemme hear the details~~~C’mere
Girl(Side): Come on Momoka-chan
Momoko: Huh…?
Momoko: I…I think I did…Ok?
Guy(side): My~~~!!
Guy: You have great potential for this.
Guy: I’m counting on you tomorrow.
Girl 1(side): Nice work.
Girl 2(side): See you tomorrow
Momoko: …Huh?
Momoko: Huh~~~!?
SFX: Brrriinngg (Should I stop using this for cellphones?)

Pg 137
Text: Received Mail
Text: I overslept today, so I couldn’t make the lunchbox. I’m sorry ( >_<; ). I’ll definitely make one tomorrow so please let me off just this once.
Ranmaru: ….
Ranmaru: Strange…
Kouta: Sis went to her part time job.
Ranmaru: …Part time!?
Ranmaru: What kind of part time!
Kouta: I dunno…She said it was for research…
Kouta: She gets home real late.
Kouta(side): Besides that
Kouta: Is it really OK to order pizza!?

Pg 138
Ranmaru: Yeah. Get whatever you want.
Kouta: Yay!
Kouta: Hr----m. Let’s see~~~
Ranmaru: …
Ranmaru: It’s definitely not a normal store if she’s getting research from it.
Ranmaru: She can’t be doing one of those shady jobs.
Momoko: Time for an Ero-shiritori* drinking game---!!
Momoko: Get ready---!
Crowd: Ya---y!!
Text: In a way it is shady
Momoko: Momoka’s going start!!
Momoko: “Super Think Frankfurter”!! T/N: Original word “Gokubuto Furankufuruto”
Momoko: “To*”!!
Guy: To…To…
Guy: “Garden of Eden” T/N: Original word “Tougenkyou”
Guy: “U”!!
Momoko: “Moist Meat”!! T/N: Original word “Uruminiku”
Momoko: “Ku”!!
T/N: Shiritori is a japanese word chain game. The next person has to say a word beginning with the last syllable from the last word mentioned. The syllables after the words in this case are the last syllables of the original Japanese word. “Ero” is the current theme for this one.
Guy(side): My my~~~
Guy: Things are heating up over there.
Girl: She’s already been in 3 games today---
Girl(side): Amazing
Text: And thus my second day ended---
Text: …I should’ve stopped then---

Pg 139
Kouta: Sis, are you OK~~~?
SFX: Exhausted…
Momoko: Mm~~~~nngh…
Momoko: It was pitch black when I returned yesterday…
Momoko: I couldn’t concentrate in class at all today---
Momoko: I just took a little nap, so I’m fine~~~
SFX: Yawn~~~
SFX: Ding Dong…
Momoko(side): Let’s see~~~
Momoko: Time for my last day~~~
SFX: Creak
Kouta: Hello.
Kouta: Oh…Ranmaru?
Momoko: !!
Momoko: What---!!
Momoko: Kouta! Do me a favor!!
Momoko: Tell him I already left!
Kouta: Eh
Kouta: Sis!?
Kouta(side): Where are you going?
Momoko: Why did he have to show up now---!!
SFX: Creak
Momoko: Can I even fit through here~~~

Pg 140
Momoko: Ugh~~~
Momoko: What the hell…am I doing!!
Ranmaru: What---!?
Ranmaru: She left!?
Kouta: Y…Yeah
Ranmaru: Seriously
SFX: Slam
Momoko: It’s not that I don’t care what he says if he found out about it.
Momoko: It’ll be ridiculous to be caught on the last day
Momoko: Ah…I forgot. Maybe I should’ve bought something for everyone…
Momoko: They helped with my experience and looked after me---
Momoko: Really…
Momoko: I should at least give them something in return…
SFX: Pa-t

Pg 141
Ranmaru: Where are you heading off to missy?
Ranmaru: Foolish little Sensei~~~.
Momoko: !!
Ranmaru: You thought you could run away from me?
Momoko: Wh…
Ranmaru: Jeez---What kind of job are you doing in this kind of area?
Momoko: …
Ranmaru: And why didn’t you tell me about it in the first place?
Ranmaru(side): Screwing around with me
Momoko: Whyy---!!
SFX: Dash
Ranmaru: Ah
Ranmaru: Hey
Ranmaru: Wait!!
SFX: Zip

Pg 142
SFX: Empty
Ranmaru: …Wha
Ranmaru(side): Shit---!!
Ranmaru: Where the hell did she go---!!
Guy: Hm? Momoka-chan
Guy: What’s wrong? You look out of breath.
Momoko: Just getting a little healthy exercise…
Guy(side): Ahahaha
Guy: You’re still young---
Guy: Ah, yes.
Guy: We’re having a cosplay party after 10 today.
Guy: So feel free to use anything you want here.
Guy: There’re some costumes here too.
Momoko: I see…

Pg 143
Guy?: Momoka-chan, please help out at Table 12.
Momoko: Got it
Momoko: Alright…!! Today’s the last day!!
Momoko: Here I go---!!
Momoko: Hello~~~
Momoko: I’m Momoka….
Girl(side): Eh~~~ Really?
Guy(side): Of course.
Momoko: …Ma
Momoko: Matsudaira-sensei---!?
Matsu: Hm?
Matsu: Who’re you?
Matsu: Helping out?
SFX: Shuffle Shuffle
Momoko: Erm…
Momoko: Yes…

Pg 144
Momoko: I’m Momoka <3
Momoko: Pleased to meet you!
SFX: Sp-in
Ranmaru: That’s weird
Ranmaru: I’m pretty sure she ran off in this direction~~~
Ranmaru(side): Damn it~~~That woman pisses me off.
Girl: …Huh!?
Girl: Wha…!! Is that Ranmaru!?
Ranmaru(side): Huh~~~?
Ranmaru: No I’m not
Ranmaru: Shit. I should’ve worn a hat.
Girl(side): Lies
Girl: You’re definitely Ranmaru!!
Girl(side): Kyaa <3
Girl: Come over to our place!!
Girl(side): It’ll be my treat <3
Guy: Wai-
Guy: Wait a minute Misaki-chan!!
Guy: You’re supposed to come with me, what are you doing!?
SFX: Kya <3
Ranmaru: Hey
Girl(side): Oh~~~~
Girl: I’m so sorry <3 Please try again next time<3

Pg 145
Ranmaru(side): What’s wrong with you~~~
Ranmaru: I don’t have time for you! I’m trying to find someone!
Girl: Oh my~~~<3
Girl: You might find her at our place~~~<3
SFX: Ufufu <3
Ranmaru(Side): Dumbass!
Ranmaru: There’s no way she’ll be at some host club!
Momoko: …
Text: * There is.
Girl: Our customer seems to know everything ~~~
Girl(side): Wow
Matsu: Not really. I mean, this is just common sense right?
Girl: Eh~~~
Girl(side): Reaalllyyyy
Momoko: …
Momoko: That voice….That tone…
Momoko: It has to be him…!!
Momoko: What should I do~~~!!
Matsu: Ah---You. Momoka-chan.
SFX: Th-ump
Momoko: !!
Matsu: I’m going to give you a little riddle
SFX: Turn
Momoko(side): It’ll…
Momoko: It’ll be fine!! He won’t recognize me with the mask!!
Momoko(side): And he’ll get suspicious if I start acting weird!!
Momoko: …Sure
Matsu: First one~~~

Pg 146
Matsu: Wha~~~t kind of animal has 3 legs?
Matsu: Pft
Momoko: …
Matsu: You don’t know? There’s a hint right in front of you.
Matsu: Come on
Momoko: Huh?
Momoko: No…erm
Momoko: What is it…?
Momoko: Is…Is the mask causing this…
Momoko(side): Is there something wrong with my eyes…?
Matsu(side): Wrong---!!
Matsu: The answer is Man!
Matsu: See…There’s another one between the legs!!
Matsu: It’s that! That!!
SFX: Huff Huff
Matsu: Why won’t you try saying what that is!?
Matsu(side): Come on!!
Momoko: Erm…
Momoko: Is he really the same person!?

Pg 147
Momoko: Momoka has absolutely no idea~~~!
Momoko: I’m sorry.
SFX: Grrr
Matsu: What!!
Matsu: There’s nothing but that hanging from the crotch!
Matsu(side): You don’t even know what that is!?
Momoko: This can’t be happening…!!
Matsu: Then you!!
Matsu: Try saying that!!
Girl(side): Erm~~~
Girl: What do you mean by that?
Matsu: There’s no use in playing dumb.
Momoko: I can’t believe it…!!
Momoko: The strict Matsudaira-sensei…
Momoko: Was such a vulgar pervert…!!
SFX: Wipe wipe
Momoko: I’m getting some bad sweats…
Matsu(side): No, that’s not it
Girl(side): Erm~~~
Momoko: I’m so nervous that I’m thristy…
Momoko: Gotta get some water…
Matsu: Oh I know.
Matsu: I’ve got another riddle for you.

Pg 148
Matsu: Number two---
Matsu: …Hmm?
Matsu: …You…
Momoko: !!
Momoko: Crap!!
Matsu: I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before…
Momoko(side): It…
Momoko: It’s probably your imagination~~~!!
Matsu: Let me see your face one more time.
Momoko: Pl…Please stop!!
Matsu: Come on!
Momoko: My cover’s blown---!!
Girls: Kyaaaaaa!!
Girls: No way---!!
Girls: Welcome---!!

Pg 149
Ranmaru: Enough of this already!
Ranmaru: I told you I’m finding---
Girl(side): Oh come on <3 <3
Girl: Don’t be like that ~~~
Momoko: Whaat~~~!! Seriously---!!
Girl 1(side): Hey---
Girl 1: Misaki, how did you find him---!?
Girl 2: Ufufu <3
Girl 2: I picked him up in the streets <3
Girl 1: Eh~~~
Ranmaru: …

Pg 150
Ranmaru: Huh~~~!?
Momoko: !!
Momoko: He’s going to noti…
Ranmaru: Hey, it’s Matsudaira-sensei!
Ranmaru: Whoa!
Ranmaru: Seriously!?
Ranmaru: Huh~~~
SFX: Grin-ing
Matsu: …Um
Matsu: No…You see
Matsu(side): Alright!!
Matsu: The coast is clear!!
Matsu(side): Nothing wrong!!
Matsu: I’ve heard that there had been a lot of students coming to areas like this!!
Matsu(side): Yeah!!
SFX: Searching!
Matsu: It is my duty as a teacher to fix this!!
Matsu: Well well!! If it isn’t Ranmaru-kun!!
Matsu: I’ll let you off this once!
SFX: Hahahaha!!
Matsu: So you’d better not come here to a place like this again!!
Matsu: Now then!!
Matsu: Have to get home to write this down!
SFX: Dash
Girl: You’re already leaving~~~?

Pg 151
Momoko: Safe---!!
Girl: Here, have a seat ~~<3
Ranmaru: Eh, whatever. Might as well.
Momoko: …But now, it’s lke…
Momoko: I’m out of the frying pan and into the fire…!!
Girl?: Momoka-chan, please help out Table 8
Momoko: Pleased to meet you!
Guy(side): Ahahahaha
Guy: Wait~~~!! What’s with the mask~~~!
Girl: Here <3 Some orange juice <3
Ranmaru: Hm~~~? This tastes kinda alchoholic...
Girl 1(side): Don’t be silly~~~<3
Girl 1: It’s regular orange juice ~~~<3
Girl 1(side): It’s definitely non-alcoholic, so don’t worry <3
Girl 2(Side): Huh!?
Girl 2: But Misaki, that’s a screwdri-…
Ranmaru(side): Really?
Momoko: …!?
Girl 1: Ranmaru’s mine! I’m going to bring him home* so back off!
Girl 2: !!
Girl 2(side): Misaki…You….!!
T/N: Omochikaeri~
Momoko: Is she…setting Ranmaru up!?
Momoko: This is bad!!
Girl: Oh right~~~ Weren’t you trying to find someone?
Guy: Right? Momoka-chan
Momoko: Of course
Ranmaru(side): Ah---…
Ranmaru: Forget about that.
RAnmaru: It’s more fun staying with such lovely ladies.
Girls: Kya---- <3 <3
Girls(side): I’m so happy~~~<3

Pg 152
Momoko(side): What---!!
Momoko: Then what was the point of following me---!!
SFX: Twitch
Guy(side): Mo…Momoka-chan!?
SFX: Blam
Momoko: Matsudaira-sensei’s nothing compared to this bastard!!
Momoko: Seriously, males are just unbelievable!!
Momoko: They’re really the worst----
Girl 1: Hey Ranmaru-kun. Do you have a girl you like?
SFX: Ba-thump
Girl 2: Oh~~~ I want to know that too!
Ranmaru: Someone I like…
Ranmaru: She’s more like someone who cause a lot trouble for me.
Girl 1side): Eh~~~
Girl 1: What kind of girl is she~~~?

Pg 153
Ranmaru: She’s a virgin, but has a lame fashion sense and extreme delusion about the world of sex.
Ranmaru: I have to go help her out every time since she’s such a dumbass.
Momoko: Wha…!!
Momoko: What~~~!? He’s talking about me!?
Ranmaru: Agh~~~ My head’s starting to spin around somehow~~~
Ranmaru(side): What the hell
SFX: Sight~~~
Girl 1: Here <3 Have another glass <3
Ranmaru: Mm---.
Girl 2: Say
Girl 2: Even though you’ve been insulting her so far~~~
Girl 2: It feels like that girl is precious to you~~~
Ranmaru: Huh~~~? Am IIII~~~?
Ranmaru: Hmm…Well---
Ranmaru: I will praise her in one thing….
Ranmaru: She’s really good at cooking.
Girls: Oooh~~~
Girls(side): Giggle giggle
Ranmaru: But….
Ranmaru: Precious…Huh
Ranmaru: I guess you can say that---

Pg 154
Ranmaru: Since she’s the only woman
Ranmaru: That’s important to me---.

Pg 155
Momoko: E…Erm
Momoko: Please excuse me
Momoko: …No way
Momoko: Really…?
SFX: Stagger
Ranmaru: Since she’s the only woman
Ranmaru: That’s important to me.
Momoko: Ranmaru…
Momoko: Had such
Momoko: Deep feelings for me…?
SFX: Slam…

Pg 156
Ranmaru: …Huh?
Ranmaru: Are the restrooms…this way…?
Momoko: Wah---!!
Momoko: Um…Yes…!
SFX: Stagger
Ranmaru: Mm~~~
Ranmaru: Hey, do me a favor~~~
Ranmaru: Help take me to the entrance---?
Momoko: Eh
SFX: Lean
Ranmaru: My knees are all wobbly~~~
Momoko: Ah…
Momoko: Wait…
SFX: Dro—op…
Momoko: Kyaa
SFX: Fwump
Momoko: !!

Pg 157
Momoko: O wow ow…
Momoko: …Are you OK!?
Momoko: He’s really drunk…!!
Ranmaru: Mm…
SFX: Ba-thump…
Momoko: Hey…
Momoko: Ranmaru…
Ranmaru: Mm…

Pg 158
Momoko: …Ranmaru…
Momoko: What…
SFX: Hug
Momoko: Am I doing…
Momoko: …It’s me

Pg 159
Ranmaru: …
Ranmaru: …Hwahh…?
Ranmaru: Whyy are youuu here---
Girl: Hey---!!
Girl: Hands off---!!
Girl: What are you doing to my Ranmaru---!!
SFX: Shove
Momoko: Ah
Girl: Ranmaru-ku~~~~n <3
Ranmaru: Ye~~~~~aah?
Girl: You’re all mine---!!
Girls: Ah---
SFX: Smooch~~~!!
Ranmaru: Mm~~~?
Momoko: !!

Pg 160
Girl: Hey, don’t hog him to yourself---!!
Girl: Lemme in too---!!
Momoko: …Wha…
SFX: Kiss <3
Girl: Ranmaru-ku~~~~n <3
SFX: Kiss----<3 <3
SFX: Kiss <3
Ranmaru: Mm~~~?
SFX: Kiss <3
Girl: I love you~~~<3
SFX: Kiss <3
Text: *Like ants (Hostesses) swarming around candy (Ranmaru).
Momoko: Thus the unexpected events brought an end to my three days of hosting---.
Momoko: I’m not sure…whether or not it was a good experience
Momoko: But my heart is fluttering more than usual---.
Momoko: Ta-Da----h <3
SFX: Bam

Pg 161
Momoko: I tried making a Special Fried Eggs lunchbox for today--- <3
Momoko(side): Guess I went a bit over the top <3
Ranmaru: Was…Was there something special today…?
Momoko: Nope <3
Ranmaru: And where were you working last night!
Text: *Doesn’t remember anything after he got drunk ->
Ranmaru: You ran off in a flash ---!!
Momoko(side): Jeez <3
Momoko: Don’t worry about that
Momoko: It doesn’t matter how close we get, there’s always going to be some secrets between us <3
Momoko: Should I go get a plate for you?
Momoko: Oh <3 Lemme snap these chopsticks for you <3
SFX: Uhu <3
SFX: Snap
Ranmaru(side): Hey…
Ranmaru: …Aren’t you being a little weird today!?
Momoko: I’m fine with him harassing me <3
Momoko: I won’t get angry at him teasing me anymore <3
Momoko: Since…
Momoko: He said that yesterday---.
SFX: Brrriiinnggg---
Ranmaru: Hello.
Ranmaru: Ah~~~ Misaki-chan?
Ranmaru: Thanks for last night.

Pg 162
Ranmaru: Hm? A hangover? What are you talking about.
Ranmaru: Dumbass---I didn’t get drunk.
Ranmaru: And about that.
Ranmaru: Doing it for 5 times in a row is pretty tough.
Ranmaru: Even my hips get tired after that.
Ranmaru: Let me go at intervals next time.
Ranmaru(side): Eh~~~?
Ranmaru: No, not like that. Next time I won’t let you sleep!
Ranmaru(side): Ahahaha
Ranmaru: Yeah
Ranmaru(side): Yep
Ranmaru: I’ll call you next time.
Ranmaru(side): Yeah. Later then.
SFX: Beep
Ranmaru: Let’s … see.
Ranmaru: Time for some grub---.
Ranmaru: Stomach’s starting to get hungry now---.

Pg 163
Momoko: Here
Momoko: Your chopsticks.
Ranmaru: Th…
Ranmaru: Thanks…
Ranmaru: ?
Ranmaru: !?
Momoko: You’re very welcome.
Ranmaru: !?
Momoko: Please…
SFX: Rise
SFX: Twitch
Momoko: Enjoy your meal.
Ranmaru: !!
Ranmaru: …
SFX: Stomp stomp stomp
Ranmaru: What the hell’s wrong with her…!!
Ranmaru(side): Creepy man!!

Pg 164
Momoko: Sigh…
Momoko: Nn~~~
Momoko: And I thought I could finally be sweet to him…
Momoko: Humans are really
Ranmaru(side): Shit~~~
Ranmaru: How the hell am I supposed to eat now!!
Momoko: Such contradictory beings.
Matsu: I forgot to get…
Matsu: Momoka-chan’s business card….
Matsu(side): I can’t go back there for now…
Text(head): Super Serious
Matsu(side): What to do….
Text: Hostess Card File \/
Matsu: What a disgrace…
Text: To be con.

Pg 165
Extra : Pink Paradise.
Ranmaru: Whew~~~

Hello! Hoshino Mari here. Thank you so much for buying “Pink Heaven vol. 3! Somehow, it seems like I just said “Whoa,” and then 3 volumes got published… What…What should I do. (Lol) Wahh…

This time there were blindfolds and masks but…there weren’t much besides that(Face Aha). I think I’m getting mostly used to this. I thought the mysterious three-legged creature would get a “Wait, this is a bit too much” (This is just too stupid!) but it turned out OK. (Lol) It’s like “That’s a great piece of wisdom!” (Lol) I think I’m slowing becoming a perverted old man.(Rage).
And with that…I’ll be continuing on with Vol. 4---!! >O<;

I’m sorry for causing you trouble, like always. Thank you very much. I’m very grateful. Editor Tsuji-sama. My family, friends, and Renko. And of course my readers. I’m truly grateful…it is because of various support that I am able to continue my job.
Please send your letters to \/

Tokyo-to Bunkyo-ku Otowa 2-12-21
Kodansha Dessert Editorial Department
To Yoshino Mari

Website *Hanamari*

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