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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

K.O. Sen 8

K.O. Sen Chapter 8

+ posted by death4578 as translation on Mar 18, 2008 18:15 | Go to K.O. Sen

-> RTS Page for K.O. Sen 8

Based on mft translation, so if you plan to use it for scanlation, please add www.scantrad.fr in the credits.
And you should check my translation first too since i'm not really sure it's really understandable >.>

Page 01

The one you like...
Which one is it ?!

Page 02

Ouuuuuuch !!
Stop... Stop
Tssk, you are really sloppy Sen !
It's not only your bones, but your whole body is hard too.
Listen Sen, in order to do kick boxing, you need to have a supple body ! You must do some stretching everyday.
You can't even do it ! Watch your belly !
It's not true, i can do it !
Ooooh !
wooow !!!

Page 03

Raaa !

Page 04

Aaah !! Good work !
Hi !
H..Huh, is it really a girl ? She is even nose bleeding...
When Hatsumi is fighting, she disregard the fact she is a girl !
Hatsumi Hisae (18) has never lost a fight, she didn't have anyone to fight in her hometown anymore. She is seeking power and people says she is feared all around the world.

She came to this gym from Hamari highschool, et she wants to become a pro now.
Shut up, it's too long ! You are just a fucking maniac !
She was really popular in her hometown. It was the city near our's.

Page 05

When Hatsumi's friends were getting beaten up by girls, she went alone to avenge them.
When their boyfriend were coming, it was her who fought them all alone. There are even people saying she managed to break some biker gang.
I remember these guys also bullied us and it was her who came to help us !
That's also why she quitted the highschool. It seems like she got expelled.
But we think it is actually her who chose to stop, because her friends were worrying a lot about her ! I think everyone is thinking that
Hey guys, till when do you want to train ?!
Hurry up and prepare yourself for going out !

Page 06

Ta... Tatsuo-san ! What are these clothes ?!
And why these sunglasses ?!
That's because i'm gonna be the first role today ! I wanted to motivate myself !
Huh ? Where are you goin Tatsuo ??
Y... You don't know ?!
Today is my first fight since a long time ! Come cheer me up !
Yeaaah, the city... We gonna be able to play !
That's not for playing !!

Page 07

Yeaaah, that's so good !
Kyuuta, it's dangerous, so sit down !
It's fine...
What is it Sen ?
Who is it ? Hatsumi !
When she is going out, she is transformed !
Don't call me a ghost !

Page 08

Hatsumi-san, you receive a lot of mails !
That's because i said to my friends i was coming in town.
You didn't see them for a while, right ? You must be glad
I should be the star today.
Kouki ! An ally !
When we leave the road, you must go on the left.
......!! I know !
We are there !

Page 09

I'm going for the weigh in !
Come on Sen, we are going to the arcade in front of the station !
Hatsumi-san, can i come with you ?
E...Ehh, you bastard !!
Let's go Tatsuo-san

Boxes from right to left:
A rigid guy
A fatty
An old man

I... I feel filthy...
We are meeting up in front of this convenience store
They are here ! It's Yuna and Tomomi !

Page 10

What happened !?
They kidnapped her...
Crap Sen, you didn't have money.
Of course i didn't ! You dragged me so fast i didn't have the time to change clothes ! And stop relying on people's money !
Sen !!
It's Suzu ! Money !
Ha... Hatsumi is...!!

Page 11

Miu !
Hatsumi !
Hehe, it has been a long time Hatsumi.
We didn't meet since last time when you came to beat us up to avenge your friends.
Didn't remember he was so filthy !!

Page 12

Is she the girl who liked to fight and show off ?
It's gonna be easy to break her !
You should know, right ? There were another guy in the past time who meddled with some guy's business and he crushed them.
He left only with a scratch and he was surnamed the "unbeatable".
Former student of Nishikou highschool, Mouzuai Yoshiyuki senpai !
Play a bit with her before i destroy her
Where are you frim Muzuai-san ?
I heard you were kick boxing ? When you beat me up
You destroyed my 4 tooth of the front...
I gonna cut your achilles tendon so you will never be able to do kick boxing anymore !

Page 13

Let's go !
Just after beating them up, trouble came back
We didn't want to distub Hatsumi who was focusing on the kick boxing
What are we gonna do ?! What if something happend to Hatsumi ??

Page 14

I... Is it a monster... ??!!
Hmm, she is pretty strong, i gonna fight her.
Mu... Muzuai-san. Please ! But what dialect he is talking ?
Muzuai senpai is 2m tall and 160kg ! He is in the average of a sumo wrestler ! Your kick boxing gonna do him nothing !

Page 15

Shit... I can't close my fists... !
And my high kick won't touch him because of his height !
Hmm, do we begin or what ?!
Ku !!
Guaaaa !!
It sucks...
I caught here so now what ?
Muzuai-san !
Huh ?

Page 16

You fucking fat pig !!
Don't hit a girl !!

Page 17

No way ! He is weighing 160 kg !!
You shithead ! I have hit and ripped open a sandbag weighing hundreds of kg !!
A fatty like you is no match !
Ah !!
Stand back !

Page 18

Hatsumi-san !!
Are you all right ? Are you hurt ?
It's nothing
You are throwing away your feminine side only when you are fighting, right ?

Page 19

Don't behave like a men then !
You changed to go out, it would be a pity.
Idiot... Stop treating me like a ghost
It hurt... We should go cheer for Tatsuo-san
This guy, is he really strong ?
Shit, even though my fight is gonna begin soon, no one is still there.
Excuse me it has been a while
You... You are...

On the side: The man appearing is...!!

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#1. by Muddy ()
Posted on Mar 19, 2008
Thanks a lot!
#2. by janu_onliners ()
Posted on Mar 19, 2008
Wow Thx alot !
#3. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Mar 19, 2008
#4. by black_crow ()
Posted on Mar 19, 2008
Thank you so much!
#5. by Rock-Bird ()
Posted on Mar 20, 2008
thank you

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