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Monk! 2

Monk 2

+ posted by dink as translation on Apr 12, 2009 14:22 | Go to Monk!

-> RTS Page for Monk! 2

*This script is a property of the DFCG. No one is allowed to use this script except the mentioned group unless you have my consent.*

Monk - Chapter 2

Image 21 - Page 1

(1st frame): sfx: whoosh

(3rd frame): sfx: grrrr

(4th frame): sfx: grrrr

Image 21 - Page 2

(3rd frame): sfx: grab

(4th frame): sfx: pucker

(5th frame): sfx: grrr // sfx bubble: mm..mmm..

Image 22 - Page 3

(1st frame): sfx: smash // Is there a problem?

(2nd frame): sfx: chuuu

(3rd frame): This... This guy!! // Oh shit! I forgot this kid has the "Dormant Hormone" syndrome...!! Could it have been awakened by chance?!
(5th frame): sfx: GRAWRRRRR

Image 22 - Page 4

(1st frame): sfx: smash

(3rd frame): sfx: rattle // sfx bubble: step

(4th frame): sfx bubble: Huh?

(5th frame): sfx: shake

(6th frame): sfx: gawhhh!

Image 23 - Page 5

(2nd frame): sfx: whoosh

(3rd frame): sfx: grab

(4th frame): sfx: whew

Image 23 - Page 6

(1st frame): sfx: wham

Image 24 - Page 7

(4th frame): sfx: shrink

(5th frame): sfx: thud

Image 24 - Page 8

(1st frame): That was a close one... / If I arrived anytime later then this could've turned into a dangerous scenario. // sfx: fizzle

(2nd frame): ...... / What an unlucky kid.

(3rd frame): sfx: hmm~

(4th frame): Ahh!! // Miss Instructor!! // sfx: turn

(5th frame): sfx bubble: plop // sfx: hsss

(6th frame): sfx: grrrr

Image 25 - Page 9

(1st frame): sfx: glance // sfx bubble: kick

(2nd frame): sfx: kick wham smash // Tha... that's enough Miss Silvia! / What could have happened for a scenario to pan out like this...!! // sfx (text): eww what a nasty odor~ looks like he's getting killed...

(3rd frame): Wow... that's scary. I wonder what happened...// sfx: prick prick // Isn't he going to die if this goes on? // Who's that person caked in shit though?

(4th frame): Let me at him! I'm going to kill that bastard!! // Please, control yourself! It's time for us to leave. / We're going to be late to the airport at this rate!!

Image 25 - Page 10

(1st frame): So I see the symptoms have awakened. // That child's "Dormant Hormone" syndrome. (TL's notes: From this, we could deduce that the main character has never seen, or have been around a woman before. ^__^;;)

(2nd frame): Please forgive my mistakes, Master. This was my fault.

(3rd frame): Until now, we were able to / fully suppress his symptoms but... // we got careless, and as a result his hormonal urges managed to awaken and seize control.

(4th frame): For this child to have been born with such a raw, brute and hormonal system... tsk tsk...

(5th frame): sfx: thump thump

(6th frame): Whew... we almost forgot to take the application forms. // I think they said they put the most gifted one on top.

(7th frame): Ah! This must be the one. / sfx: touch

Image 26 - Page 11

(3rd frame): What's the status report for today? // sfx: brush

(4th frame): There's something weird going on in that temple over on Tibet. / They had a donation drive just recently, when they never held one in the past. // Frankie

Image 26 - Page 12

(1st frame): And so?

(2nd frame): It seems they raised enough money to send a student, and we just found out that the money was transferred on over to the school. // Jico

(3rd frame): sfx: stop

(4th frame): Oh, Moo Hyuk High... That's interesting. Interesting indeed.

(5th frame): After thoroughly investigating - that money... / is being used to send their top monk over on at the temple to Moo Hyuk High.

(6th frame): sfx: grab

(7th frame): sfx: whish

Image 27 - Page 13

(1st frame): sfx: slash // sfx bubble: Ahh?!

(2nd frame): hehe... be careful. Sally doesn't like it when strangers touch her.

(3rd frame): sfx: shake // My... my apologies.

(4th frame): Please investigate more thoroughly on what's going on in Tibet / Make sure that the information is accurate.

(5th frame): Yes mam!

Image 27 - Page 14

(1st frame): sfx: gaze

(2nd frame): Such an impressive display. // I know right, It's pretty obvious who's going to be selected isn't it? // sfx: step step

(3rd frame): Congratulations, Nuegon. You get to go out there and see the real world, while attending that famous academy. You truly deserve it.

(4th frame): Hehe... Stop it, you're flattering me.

(5th frame): sfx (left): clack // sfx (right): dash

Image 28 - Page 15

(1st frame): Catch that punk!

(2nd frame): Hey~ You little good-for-nothing rascal! You were asleep for a few days, and now you're stealing!!

(3rd frame): I was asleep for a few days so I couldn't eat anything, cut me some slack here gramps!! // Shut up!

(4th frame): Stop running! // tsk tsk... what an embarassing punk. // sfx: talk

(5th frame): sfx: gaze

(6th frame): sfx: gossip // Why's everyone acting so weird?

Image 28 - Page 16

(1st frame): Nuegon, the announcement's been posted over there!

(2nd frame): Where...

(4th frame): sfx: shock

(5th frame): How? How could this have happened? // sfx: gibber

(6th frame): Dang Dae-Ryong! The Elder Monk is calling for you.

Image 29 - Page 17

(1st frame): sfx: whoosh

(2nd frame): Fufufu - Are you joking around right now?

(3rd frame): Does it look like we're joking around right now? // Pissed off Elder Monks // sfx: twitch

(4th frame): unboxed text on top: There was a call we got from the school today. // sfx: ring ~ // Hello? Ah, Hello there. // What are the other pre-requisites to send our top student Nuegon over your way? // Ah, I see... WHAT!?

(5th frame): Dang Dae-Ryong was the selected applicant to your school... // sfx: drop

(6th frame): I tried to tell them that there must have been a mistake, but that was all in vain. // Our decisions are final, once we make it there's no going back.

Image 29 - Page 18

(1st frame): For some odd reason, this is how it turned out / So we have no choice but to send you to the school.

(2nd frame): However.

(3rd frame): You must keep in mind that your purpose in the school is as a seeker, and messenger.

(4th frame): The Dalai Lama was assassinated 20 years ago, but in a vision the Master Monk dreamt that the new reincarnation of the Dalai Lama would be in Moo Hyuk High...

(5th frame): Seeking out and safely bringing over the new reincarnation of the Dalai Lama to this very temple in Tibet. // That is your goal.

Image 30 - Page 19

(1st frame): You must be weary! If by chance, the terrorist groups get word about the Dalai Lama's Reincarnation in the school somehow, this could prove to become a dangerous scenario. You must be able to blend in!

(2nd frame): And also...

(3rd frame): Uh... maybe, I'll tell you later.

(4th frame): But...

(5th frame): How do you expect me to accomplish all this? // My physical and intellectul attributes are lacking. I'm the worst.

(6th frame): So what're you going to do?

(7th frame): You can't possibly believe that that's all there is to it. // Master?!

Image 30 - Page 20

(1st frame): Instead of being so down on yourself, you should be saying stuff like "I can do it too", or "I will get it done.". After all, isn't faith and belief the most important virtue of all?

(2nd frame): Everyone has something that they're not so good at / but having faith, and the belief that you can do it... // that is the factor that can open up all potential, and possibilities.

(3rd frame): You may not believe that you're capable yet but / I definitely believe that you, Dang Dae-Ryong, are capable of carrying the burden of this task / We all have faith in you.

(4th frame): Sob-! I didn't know. // I was unaware that everyone here has faith in me...

(5th frame): Okay! I will make sure that your faith in me will not go to waste, and I will make sure that I successfully complete this mission!! // sfx: whoosh // Ahh... what's this! I get the feeling that he's going to screw up somehow...

(6th frame): sfx bubble: hahaha!!

(8th frame): sfx: glare

Image 31 - Page 21

(1st frame) sfx: swoop

Image 32 - Page 22

(1st frame): Welcome aboard. I will be your flight stewardess, and will cater to all your needs.

(2nd frame): I'd like to thank you all for choosing Geuk-Dong Airlines...

(3rd frame): Hmm...

(4th frame): What?! The pits of hell?!

(5th frame): You heard me, the pits of hell.

Image 33 - Page 23

(1st frame): Once you leave the temple, you will be faced with many temptations that may besmirch your mind.

(2nd frame): However, this is all a test from the great Buddha...

(3rd frame): You must be weary of women that look like this in particular. // sfx: scratch scratch // text on the top right: a cola bottle?

(4th frame): A few days ago, his symptoms awakened and all that just because it was your first encounter with a woman. You couldn't resist your urges as a man and thus, you changed into a complete monster.

(5th frame): Huh? Like a cola bottle?

(6th frame): Ye... yeah...

Image 32 - Page 24

(1st frame): Even though that's a blatant lie... If I don't decieve him, then who knows how or when his "Dormant Hormone" syndrome may pop up again. // Heed my words! If your resolve falters... / you will be suffering in the eternal pits of hell, and brimstone!!

(2nd frame): Sign: Good Luck Dang Dae-Ryong (first circle in the sign): Best (second circle in the sign): Wishes // And now, I wish you luck. // sfx above gramps: Thank goodness, and don't come back!! sfx above granny: Later~!!

(4th frame): The pits of hell...!! // Cola Bottle...!!

(5th frame): Dear Monk... We have Juice, Coffee, Mineral Water and we also have Cola... // Cola!?

Image 33 - Page 25

(1st frame): What would you like to drink? // Ack! Co... Cola Bottle!!

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