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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Monk! 5

Monk Chapter 5

+ posted by dink as translation on Jul 16, 2009 02:10 | Go to Monk!

-> RTS Page for Monk! 5

Reserved for OMFGG and the DFCG!!!

Monk - Chapter 5

Image 57 - Page 1

(1st frame): sfx: Hah!!

(2nd frame): Huh!!

(3rd frame): Did you hear? // About what...?

(4th frame): It's been three months since Dang Dae-Ryong dissappeared after he was assigned to Moo Hyuk High...

Image 57 - Page 2

(1st frame): That's why the instructor and the head monk are deciding to

(2nd frame): send Nwegon over to the school because they're the ones at fault for overlooking the entrance applications.

(3rd frame): Nwegon...?

(4th frame): fufufu... // text inside box: Nwegon...?

Image 58 - Page 3

(1st frame): That's correct, sir. // flap - flap - // flap - flap -

(2nd frame): They're saying that Nwegon is their most gifted pupil from the monastery. // sfx: flap

(3rd frame): This is surely odd. We've never had a problem like this in Moo Sung High - // sfx: lift

(4th frame): For this error to happen in the entrance process at Moo Hyuk High... // I know, right? These country monks must not know how prestigious the school is.

(5th frame): Oh, no~!! // sfx: wag

Image 58 - Page 4

(1st frame): Don't be so absentminded! Never underestimate those Tibetian Monks. If it's Wun-doob, he'll surely send someone special and formiddable.

(2nd frame): This is a matter of pride. Whatever you do, find this Nwegon and admit him to Moo Sung High!!

(3rd frame): Anyway, it seems to me that we haven't been making much progress lately. Don't lose track of time, and get a move on. // sfx: squeeze

(4th frame): And also the one thing we can't forget. The reason why we're here... // sfx: ruffle

(5th frame): The Dalai Lama's latest reincarnation.

Image 59 - Page 5

(1st frame): Moo Hyuk High

(2nd frame): sfx: One! Two! One! Two!

(3rd frame): One Two Three Four! One Two Three Four!

Image 59 - Page 6

(1st frame): sfx: huff

(2nd frame): sfx: huff

(3rd frame): sfx: huff

Image 60 - Page 7

(1st frame): Shit! I'm about to die!! // sfx: huff // text below: 1st Year, Room 11 Wang Za Zhing

(2nd frame): I know we need to do this to condition our body but... // sfx: huff // text below: 1st Year, Room 11 Billy Song

(3rd frame): Not only do we have to wake up early in the morning to do this crap, but is it fair that we're known as the "trash class"? // sfx: huff // text below: 1st Year, Room 11, Ho Tai

(4th frame): Even if we complain, we can't do anything about it! We just need to deal with it for 2 more years!! // sfx: huff // text below: 1st Year, Room 11 Donovan

Image 60 - Page 8

(1st frame): Uwahh!!! // sfx: trip

(2nd frame): What... what's that noise? // I think it came from over there...

(3rd frame): sfx: glance

(4th frame): Hey! Where you guys going?// Shove off~ It's none of your concern! You pervert!!

(5th frame): They'll get in trouble by the teacher at this rate... // sfx: 1st year, Room 11 Na Bi Rong.

Image 61 - Page 9

(1st frame): Uwahhhh!! Stay... stay away!! // sfx: whoosh

(2nd frame): Oh, oh great buddha what sort of divine punishment are you bringing upon me? // sfx: drip

(3rd frame): Just, just calm down okay... I haven't done anything to you...!!

(4th frame): sfx: glance

(5th frame): Ahhhh!! // Shh! Please, don't make such a ruckus!!

Image 61 - Page 10

(2nd frame): Hey... where's the camera?

(3rd frame): Ah, that's right! // Hey! Hurry up and get the camera out!! // Give it here! I'm gonna take a picture!! // You don't even know the basics to working a camera!! // What?

(4th frame): Oh~ great buddha! What have I done to deserve such castigation? // Everyone'll hear! Please, just keep quiet...!!

(5th frame): sfx: trip

(7th frame): sfx: smash // Ouch!!

Image 62 - Page 12

(3rd frame): Right now, hurry!! // What're you doing? Hand that over now!! // Huh? Shut up!!

(4th frame): sfx: rustle // Huh... uh. // ...huh?

(5th frame): sfx: slide // Youch!

Image 63 - Page 13

(4th frame): sfx: swoosh

(5th frame): sfx: glare // You idiots from the trash class...you guys must have a death wish.

Image 63 - Page 14

(1st frame): Hand over the camera before you piss me off.

(2nd frame): sfx: peek... // He... hello?

(3rd frame): Please save me! This person is doing some weird things to me... / She stripped me down naked...!! // Ack!

(4th frame): sfx: whack

Image 64 - Page 15

(1st frame): sfx: glitter

(2nd frame): Don't... don't get any closer! // If... if you get any closer then I'll...

(3rd frame): post these pictures all over the Campus Homepage!! // sfx: stagger

(4th frame): Huh? She's... afraid?!

(5th frame): Hmm...?

(6th frame): sfx bubble: Click! // Pish! // sfx: shake

Image 64 - Page 16

(1st frame): Hahahahaha! // The 2nd strongest star in our school isn't as cut out as they say!!

(2nd frame): sfx: thud // Clench~

(3rd frame): You lazy brats... you think you can skip out on class and misbehave? / All of you follow me! // sfx (to the left): quiver // sfx (middle): shake // text below: Boxing Instructor
Director Bong Do Han (1st year, Room 11 Homeroom Teacher)

(4th frame): Cough! Cough! // Cough! // Gulp-?!!

Image 65 - Page 17

(2nd frame): sfx: slide

(3rd frame): Then, I'll... be taking my leave. // Alright... see you.

(4th frame): sfx: step step

(5th frame): Tch. It's not like I can scold her too hard because she's the boss' daughter...

Image 65 - Page 18

(1st frame): sfx: glance

(2nd frame): sfx: smash // You little punk, whats' your purpose for coming to this place? / Do I need to hurt you to get you to talk?

(3rd frame): Who's going to believe that you're a Lama Monk and a student of Moo Hyuk High with your pathetic state? // sfx: sob

(4th frame): Sniff - Sniff - That's, sob... there was this crazy man in a robe... Sniff - // then I woke up. And I was naked... sniff... That girl she... sob... I was so scared... sniff...

(5th frame): I have no idea what... This is the school office, it's not a Police Interrogation room okay?

(6th frame): knock... knock...

Image 66 - Page 19

(1st frame): Mister Bong

(2nd frame): I brought the list of contributors right here. //

(3rd frame): Could you take a look at it for me? // Sure.

(4th frame): Hmm it should be...

(6th frame): You... You?!!

Image 66 - Page 20

(1st frame): So we finally meet! You perverted little bastard!! You didn't get enough of a beating in Tibet, so you came all the way here huh?! // sfx: Kwah!

(2nd frame): When I think about what happened that day, I still have trouble sleeping! You psychotic asshole-!! // Uwah! // Why, why are you doing this? // Why are you doing this? // You asshole! How can you say that even after seeing my face!! // sfx: smack

(3rd frame): Err... so he wasn't kidding when he said that he was a monk from Tibet! // sfx: smack

Image 67 - Page 21

(1st frame): sfx: shake

(2nd frame): sfx: shake

(3rd frame): sfx: shake

(4th frame): Ow~ My arm and legs feel like it's about to fall off any second. // Hey! Keep your mouth shut! // You shut up instead! // You little~!!

Image 67 - Page 22

(1st frame): Fufufu... but not all of this is in vain.

(2nd frame): Pretty soon, the Queen of Moo Hyuk High will grovel underneath my feet...

(3rd frame): Hahahahaha! // Hey! Watch your feet will ya? // Oh be quiet! // Uwahh~ It's shaking!

(4th frame): Shh, quiet! It's Mister Bong.

(5th frame): sfx: step

Image 68 - Page 23

(1st frame): sfx: step

(3rd frame): Huh? This punk is...?
TLer's notes:
Yohoho~!! it's dinku-sama ^.^ Monk chapter 5 is FINALLY here hoho. Sorry about the long delay guys~ according to what i've heard Rayz went and got himself arrested in Singapore while on vacation >.> while Kamii-sama got his 50 bazillionth speeding ticket. I think Kamii-sama is banned from like 6 states now? lolo Anyway I've been pretty busy myself with DFCG, and RL matters but I promise for a more steady and consistent release from now on. A quick shoutout to mai new BESTO FREND Grizzlybar. This one's for you~ hehe. Until next time everyone~


P.S.Will zerg rush TL scripts for monies ;_;

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