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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Monk! 6


+ posted by dink as translation on Jul 31, 2009 07:40 | Go to Monk!

-> RTS Page for Monk! 6

Reserved for OMFGG and the DFCG.

Monk - Chapter 6

Image 69 - Page 1

(1st frame): Sob... / Sob...

(2nd frame): huff

(3rd frame): whew

(4th frame): The school you'll be attending from now on is one of much prestige, and fame. It would do you well to remember that.

(5th frame): However!! // Accepting someone as pathetic as you may as well be a sacrifice and a burden to the school! // sfx: sob

(6th frame): The room that you'll be assigned to attend is 1st year, Room 11.

Image 69 - Page 2

(1st frame): There are officially only 10 classrooms in Moo Hyuk High. // overlapping with 2nd frame: People usually refer to Room 11 as the Trash Class...

(2nd frame): These are students who are more problematic and crazier then you are. We usually reserve and send students over here if they are unable to adapt and perform to their abilities.

(3rd frame): You'll constantly have to worry about whether if you can attend this school or not while suffering in a hellish classroom, it'd be wise to remember that...

(4th frame): sfx bubble: gulp

Image 70 - Page 3

(1st frame): sfx: silence

(2nd frame): This...

(3rd frame): This is... the so called "trash class"? // text to the right: It's different from what I thought it'd be....???

(5th frame): Our new transfer student today is a Lama Monk from Tibet, his name is Dang Dae-Ryong. / He was supposed to transfer in 3 monthes ago. But due to abnormal circumstances, he's transfered in today. // Make sure he fits right in okay? // Yes sir-!!

(6th frame): sfx: stare

Image 70 - Page 4

(1st frame): He looks like a pretty intimidating guy? // sfx: grin // text with arrow: the image in their mind

(2nd frame): He's a monk from Tibet... // He looks pretty badass, so why's he in this class? // sfx: crack

(3rd frame): That's weird... I coulda sworn I've seen this guy somewhere?

(4th frame): Damn! Everone in here seems reluctant for the most part!!

(5th frame): Let's skip the introductions, and take a seat over there.

Image 71 - Page 5

(1st frame): Kekeke... he's sitting right next to the prettiest girl in our class. // sfx: scratch

(2nd frame): Oh... oh shit! That's a complete coke bottle right there!!

(3rd frame): Nice to meet you! My name's Na Bi Rong.

(4th frame): Please take care of me in the future. // sfx: reach

(5th frame): sfx: touch

Image 71 - Page 6

(1st frame): Ahhh! What... what're you doing, you coke bottle!!

(3rd frame): Wait, what's going on? // sfx: nothing

(5th frame): Ah! Now I remember!!

(6th frame): It's that crying naked dude we saw in the morning with Miho Tokko!

Image 72 - Page 7

(1st frame): sfx: ding dong

(2nd frame): sfx: glare

(5th frame): That's weird... something's really off! // Wait, but could it be...

(5th frame): that the mercy of Buddha is shining down upon me?!

(6th frame):

Image 72 - Page 8

(1st frame): Kyaah~ Thank goodness...!! // Hey you. // Does it look like we're laughing here? // sfx: suddenly

(2nd frame): Why are you laughing by yourself when we've asked you a question, huhhhhhh?!

(3rd frame): We're asking you what your relations are with Miho Tokko, hahhhh?!

(4th frame): Who in the world is Miho Tokko? I don't know who that person is!! // text below: What's up with these guys?

(5th frame): What's this? Could it be that they actually don't know each other? Then what happened this morning is... // sfx: huh

(6th frame): slam

(7th frame): Ouch-! Who did that?!!

Image 73 - Page 9

(1st frame): It's your upperclassmen. You dimwits. // sfx: freeze

(2nd frame): The 2nd year broads...

(3rd frame): He... Hello there, sirs... // sfx: he he he // text to the right: Huh? He's laughing even after he got hit?

(4th frame): So I've heard there's a new student that transfered in your room?

(5th frame): Ah, is that him right there?!

Image 73 - Page 10

(1st frame): Oh~ So I've heard that this is your first day at Moo Hyuk High ~ // sfx: step

(2nd frame): sfx: slap // sfx bubble: Fufu! // Huh? They're hitting me too?

(3rd frame): The moment you transfered in, you're in the trash class... it seems that you're aware. // sfx: smack

(4th frame): What's this? He's gradually hitting me harder?! // Is this... the way they greet new students into the school? // What should I do?

(5th frame): People like you are the reason why Moo Hyuk High's standards are getting lower! / Do you understand? // sfx: hahaha // sfx bubble: smack!! smack!!

(6th frame): That damn bastard! // sfx: glare

Image 74 - Page 11

(1st frame): sfx: Smack

(2nd frame): Exactly who do you think you're giving dirty looks to? // sfx: thump!

(3rd frame): sfx: Wham

(4th frame): Ah-! It's a pleasure to meet you too. Let's get along nicely in the future. // Ugh~!!

(5th frame): What... what's this? This little punk just hit me? / I took it easy on you for a bit, and you take advantage of my hospitality?! // Huh? Aren't... you supposed to strike harder the more friendly you've become?

(6th frame): sfx: thump

Image 74 - Page 12

(1st frame): sfx: step

(2nd frame): Ugh this has become so troublesome... what should I do? Maybe I should get rid of that camera first?! // sfx: step

(3rd frame): sfx bubble: press

(4th frame): sfx: whish

Image 75 - Page 13

(1st frame): Tibet, Lama Temple

(2nd frame): ...Hidden Library

(4th frame): sfx bubble: flip - flip -

Image 75 - Page 14

(2nd frame): So did you hear? / We got a call from Moo Hyuk High today... / Dang Dae-Ryong who supposedly dissappeared, arrived at the school today.

(3rd frame): Huh, what? Then isn't Nwegon getting screwed over after all? // Hahaha.

(4th frame): sfx: swoosh

(5th frame): Getting screwed over...? // sfx: shake

Image 76 - Page 15

(1st frame): They're saying that he miraculously got there without any harm, Abbot Wun-doob // Ohm Manee Bam Mae Ohm.

(2nd frame): It looks like Buddha is safeguarding us after all.

(3rd frame): I was honestly worried for a while because he's known to make huge blunders so... // my only wish is that the child's "Divine Punishment" is not invoked in his journey. // text on the bottom: Divine Punishment: The Heaven's Castigation

(4th frame): He must have found a way to control it, Chamberlain Oguri?

Image 76 - Page 16

(1st frame): If he asserts self-discipline, it is possible to delay the effects of the "Hormonal Beast Syndrome" but due to its peculiar nature... pinpointing and controlling the attacks would be quite difficult. // Hmm...

(4th frame): "Hormonal Beast Syndrome"?

(5th frame): What's this "Hormonal Beast Syndrome."...? // sfx bubble: Flip - Flip -

Image 77 - Page 17

(1st frame): Hm?

(2nd frame): This is it... "Hormonal Beast Syndrome"

(3rd frame): This syndrome manifests itself only upon male virgins. Essentially, energy is cultivated on the interiors of the body and once released, a phenomenal mutation that greatly amplifies one's strength occurs.

(4th frame): During this metamorphosis, the bones and sinews of the individual rapidly supercedes into a near-state of invincibility -

Image 77 - Page 18

(1st frame): This manifestation occurs due to a sexual stimulus, but it can be gradually controlled depending on the individual's willpower

(2nd frame): First, and most importantly // If a sexual stimulus proves to be too excessive the "Hormonal Beast Syndrome" may congest and the individual may sustain serious damage.

(3rd frame): Secondly... // if the invidivual loses his virginity, he will die. // sfx bubble: Shut!

(4th frame): sfx: grin

Image 78 - Page 19

(1st frame): Dang Dae-Ryong... / Let's see how long you can withstand being on my spot.

Please purchase Monk! Volume 2 when it comes out!!
rant page:

HAHA OH WOW! This chapter was one of the most INTENSE chapters that I've ever come across. The translations on the last... 4 pages(?) was just absolutely brutal. This just made me want to gouge my eyes out. asdfghjklqwerty okay some of you guys may give me shit and go "oh hey dinku-sama never says hi he's just such a dick blah blah blah" well that's not true! I do see all of you leechers out there~ so I'm going to be doing some shoutouts real quick. REEPER - I know you're reading this. How's my favorite South African? Ecchi - my pics > your pics. don't deny it :o! shibari - bow down to your master and commander, the great dinku-sama hoho. MrEarth - I was seriously considering doing what you suggested I do for the joke pages for a second. >_> schneedley - vag000 bread sounds enticing but i'll pass. There's an omake chapter after this~ gotta go bye! o/

joke page: Page 16
(1st frame): If he asserts self-discipline, it is possible to delay the effects of the "Hormonal Beast Syndrome" but due to its peculiar nature... pinpointing and controlling the attacks would be quite difficult. // LOLWUT?!

(4th frame): Yeah.. this shit is pretty ridiculous yo' (draw like a little arrow that says "dink")

(5th frame): Damn, I seriously don't get paid enough for this shit. // sfx: flip - flip -

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