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Bleach 240

Bleach c240 - Regeneration

+ posted by Djudge as translation on Sep 19, 2006 07:02 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 240

Script Notes: I'm back, how I posted this on BF but forgot to do so on MH is beyond me. :eyeroll
--------- Page 01 ---------
Urahara: I hold on my right the ore which melds the fringes of worlds, on my left the blade which fastens perseity. By the black flock's shepherd and the hangman's block.

Urahara: The woolpack roll in and thus I impel the crested ibis.
[translation Notes: A woolpack is a type of cloud formation that well, looks like wool. The kanji used here for the ibis uses an archaic reading that dates all the way back to Heian-era Japan. Interestingly enough, all of the crested ibis in Japan have been driven to extinction.]
--------- Page 02 ---------

--------- Page 03 ---------
Urahara: Arrancar weave back and forth with the aid of [Garganta]. The contents of such a portal are composed of an unrefined and abstract energy; needless to say, this means there will be no set paths. Harness as much of your surroundings as you can to propel you onward. Eventually, you should part the darkness and reach [Hueco Mundo].
[translation Notes: "Garganta" is Spanish for the throat of an animal. The kanji used to construct the word are "black" and "chasm."]
Ichigo: Understood.

Ichigo: By the way...

Ichigo: I need you to look after my family so they don't fret too much. Can I count on you, Urahara-san?

--------- Page 04 ---------
Urahara: ...No problem. ...As for your friends?

Ichigo: ...Don't worry. ...I'll do it myself when we return.

Urahara: ...Very well then.

Ichigo: Let's get this started.

--------- Page 05 ---------
Urahara: ---Need a repeat of that? You can show yourselves now.

--------- Page 06 ---------
Keigo: Er... When exactly did you catch us?

Urahara: Well before we went down here. You were definitely going to tail your friends; I had the two munchkins leave the entrance unlocked.

Urahara: ...Kurosaki-san sure is as sentimental as always. Putting on that tough guy act up there sure fell apart a few moments ago.

Urahara: ...So

--------- Page 07 ---------
Urahara: Better get moving here on my end.

Bleach c240 - Regeneration

Aizen: ---This place,

--------- Page 08 ---------
Aizen: our citadel of [Las Noches], bids you welcome.
[translation Notes: "Las Noches" is Spanish for "the nights."]
--------- Page 09 ---------
Aizen: ...Inoue Orihime... ...You are known by that name?

Orihime: ...Yeah...

Aizen: Pardon the brevity of our small talk, Orihime, but you are here to show us that ability of yours.

Orihime: ...Okay. (...What... was that... I could feel something draining me right then...)

Aizen: Now, before we proceed, I understand there is one who objected to your reception here.

Aizen: ...Is that true,

--------- Page 10 ---------
Aizen: Luppi?

Luppi: ...It should go without saying... How would anyone feel if they were used as a mere decoy in order to cherry-pick a random girl?

Aizen: I'm deeply sorry, I had no idea you would return in such a pathetic state.

Luppi: ...............!

Aizen: ...Oh well, let's move on. Orihime, please give us an exhibition of your power.

Aizen: If you would, please restore Grimmjow's arm.

--------- Page 11 ---------
Luppi: Bullshit! You have to be joking, Aizen-sama!! His arm was was incinerated by comrade Tousen! You can't just reverse something done in the past! It's impossible, you aren't a goddess!!

Orihime: Souten Kisshun...

Orihime: I... ------reject.

Luppi: Hey! Are you deaf, girl!? Muttering nonsense to put on a quack show is pathetic! Once you fail, I'll gut you myself!! There's no way that your power is real, so there's no purpose to you breathing either!

Luppi: ...Wh... ...at...

--------- Page 12 ---------
Luppi: ...the...!

Grimmjow: ...............!

--------- Page 13 ---------
Luppi: No... way... That just now... it can't be just plain healing! What the hell was that!?

Aizen: Are you that dense? This is what Ulquiorra reported as [Temporal Augmentation] or [spatial Restoration], correct?
[translation Notes: These powers are somehow unique in the world of Bleach and were bracketed as other esoteric terms in the manga are.]
Ulquiorra: Indeed, sir.

Luppi: Ridiculous... How can a mere human hold such a potent gift...

Aizen: Because that is not the gift in question; I assume that this power is the [Denial of Fate].

Luppi: Eh.........?

Aizen: She can cancel out the circumstances that have surrounded an object at will. It's an ability that can revert anything to anytime during their existence. This is much more powerful than the mere powers of [Temporal Augmentation] or [spatial Restoration]. Used in the proper manner, it can be used to rewrite the preordination dictated by the Divine.

--------- Page 14 ---------
Aizen: This is the power to encroach upon the plane of of a higher Being.

Luppi: ...............!!!

--------- Page 15 ---------
Grimmjow: Hey, girl! I need another spot regenerated.

--------- Page 16 ---------
Luppi: ...What are you tryping to pull ...Grimmjow?

Grimmjow: ...Pull?

--------- Page 17 ---------

--------- Page 18 ---------
Luppi: ...G-ah... ...Grimmjow... You slime...

Grimmjow: Now THAT was what I wanted to pull, my oh-so-humble predecessor!

Grimmjow: ...Heh...

--------- Page 19 ---------

Grimmjow: It's back!! My surging power has returned!!!

Grimmjow: I AM the Sexta once more!!!

--------- Page 20 ---------



End of c240.

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#1. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2006
One of my favorite Bleach chapters in recent memory. Grimmjow rules :D
#2. by destinator ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2006
Thanks a lot for the translation and its really nice too see that you're back!

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