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Baka to Boing 6


+ posted by Do Kesubei as translation on Jun 22, 2009 22:37 | Go to Baka to Boing

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TITLE: Chapter 6: Promise

BUBBLE1: Owwwwww!

BUBBLE2: Wh-What that hell!?
BUBBLE3: It feels like someone... something's biting my arm...

BUBBLE4: Aaaargh! I'm being pulled!

BUBBLE1: Where are you taking me!?

BUBBLE2: They're gone...
BUBBLE3: So, that girl was following us after all.

BUBBLE4: "After all?"

BUBBLE5: Hehe! Um, she's been following us since we left the manga cafe.
BUBBLE6: I stayed silent because I didn't want to scare you...

BUBBLE7: ...I took care of him.
BUBBLE8: Waaaaah! Stay away from me, phantom!

BUBBLE1: You don't have to be so scared of me, you know!
BUBBLE2: Is it because I'm dead?
BUBBLE3: The lady with the big breasts is just like me, for your information.

BUBBLE4: Kokoro-san is still alive! She just... can't return to her body right now!
BUBBLE5: Don't put her in the same category as you.
BUBBLE6: Why are you even here? Do you have something against us!?

BUBBLE7: Please calm down... I'm sure she has her reasons.
BUBBLE8: Okay...?

BUBBLE10: I've been searching for someone who could see me for a long time...
BUBBLE11: I've tried so many places already...

BUBBLE12: ...

BUBBLE1: You... Your name's Taichi, right?
BUBBLE2: You're all I have...
BUBBLE3: I need your help.

BUBBLE4: N-No way!! Don't act all chummy with me!
BUBBLE5: There's no point in helping the dead, anyway.

BUBBLE6: Is that so...? Well, it's not like you can run away from me, Taichi.
BUBBLE7: For you see, from now on I'm going to haunt you....

BUBBLE1: C-Cold...
BUBBLE2: Taichi-san, let's just help her...
BUBBLE3: ...
BUBBLE4: No! I can tough it out.
BUBBLE5: So... heavy...
BUBBLE6: But... We might be able to learn something about our situation by helping.

BUBBLE7: I'll let you know now, I'm persistent. Until you listen to me, I'm not going to leave you alone.

BUBBLE8: We should listen to her after all.

BUBBLE9: Please, Taichi-san...
BUBBLE10: Whoa, look... That guy keeps talking to himself...
BUBBLE11: Creepy!
BUBBLE12: Kokoro-san... you must not yield to her will... I really need an exorcist...

BUBBLE1: Seriously!?
BUBBLE2: She followed us all the way to my apartment!?

BUBBLE3: Just you wait... I'm going to find an amazing spirit medium who can obliterate you in a second!

BUBBLE4: Um...
BUBBLE5: What is it that you want us to help you with?
BUBBLE6: Stop, Kokoro-san!

BUBBLE7: Sheesh... She's too nice.
BUBBLE8: All you need to control people like Kokoro-san is a pretty face and a sad story.

BUBBLE2: Really... What a helpless guy.
BUBBLE3: Yeah, but... about my boyfriend--
BUBBLE4: You damned shinigami!

BUBBLE5: ...

BUBBLE6: Like, what're you doing, mister? I totally don't know you!

BUBBLE7: Don't play dumb with me!

BUBBLE1: What the hell, man? I don't have business with you guys anymore, so leave me alone.
BUBBLE2: You made such a big scene. I didn't know who you were at first.

BUBBLE3: Damnit, today was supposed to be my day off...
BUBBLE4: And my juicy meat bun went to waste - you better get me another one!

BUBBLE5: Anyway, how's it going?
BUBBLE6: Are you two enjoying the rest of your short lives?
BUBBLE7: Shut up!

BUBBLE8: Oh, I see someone else is tagging along with you...
BUBBLE9: Ha ha! Is this about her?

BUBBLE10: She's haunting me...
BUBBLE11: You're a shinigami - take her with you.

BUBBLE1: Ah... I remember her...
BUBBLE2: It's been a while. She's a bit different from when she first died, so I didn't recognize her...

BUBBLE3: ...
BUBBLE4: I can't go yet...

BUBBLE5: Sorry, can't take her.
BUBBLE6: Liar!

BUBBLE7: I might as well tell you, since we're on the topic...
BUBBLE8: There are spirits in the lower world that even we shinigami can't take to the afterlife.
BUBBLE9: Their strong, unaccomplished desires act as an adhesive, gluing the spirits to this world.
BUBBLE10: This spirit is an example... I tried to take her, but it was impossible.

BUBBLE1: ...
BUBBLE2: The body and soul are linked through the heart. However, for these spirits, the heart stays strong, even after losing their bodies...
BUBBLE3: They may be dead, but their hearts live on.

BUBBLE4: I've been doing this job for awhile now and I've noticed something: people in this era have empty hearts...
BUBBLE5: Miss Busty here has a body, but it won't hold for longer than six months because her heart is so hollow.

BUBBLE6: ...Umm...
BUBBLE7: Then... If my heart becomes stronger, there's a chance I might be saved?
BUBBLE8: Hollow...

BUBBLE9: Ah ha... Is that what you were gonna ask?
BUBBLE10: Even if you knew, it isn't possible for you guys to...
BUBBLE11: Keke!
BUBBLE12: So, there is a way!?

BUBBLE1: Sure... there's a way...
BUBBLE2: Wanna know what it is...?

BUBBLE3: You're really going to tell us?

BUBBLE4: You gotta help those spirits that're stuck here... the ones that're glued to this world by their unfulfilled desires.
BUBBLE5: Specifically, you two need to grant the desires of those spirits that're left on this world. Once their desires are met, each spirit will naturally enter the afterlife.
BUBBLE6; And if you keep that up, you might be saved...

BUBBLE7: Sounds easy, right?
BUBBLE8: You want us to help ghosts!?

BUBBLE9: By the way, I don't just mean one or two spirits.

BUBBLE1: I mean all of them...
BUBBLE2: Every single one in this world...

BUBBLE3: That many...?

BUBBLE5: That's why I said it wasn't possible.
BUBBLE6: It's the only way you guys can survive, though.

BUBBLE7: ...
BUBBLE8: What happens to us after we send a spirit to the afterlife?

BUBBLE9: Whoa, you're really gonna do it?
BUBBLE10: Well, you'll know when it happens, so do whatever you like.

BUBBLE11: I got pretty sidetracked today!
BUBBLE12: I'm gonna head back to my life as a normal high school girl.
BUBBLE13: See ya!

BUBBLE1: All of them, she says... Does she even know how many that is...?
BUBBLE2: And they're all... ghosts, right?

BUBBLE4: Aaah!!

BUBBLE5: Don't forget about me!
BUBBLE6: So... So cold...
BUBBLE7: and heavy...

BUBBLE8: Please...
BUBBLE9: Tell us what it is you want.
BUBBLE10: I want some warm miso soup...

BUBBLE1: I... made a promise...

BUBBLE2: A promise...?
BUBBLE4: No, don't... Ghosts are terrifying things...
BUBBLE5: Even just taking a picture of one will rouse its anger...
BUBBLE6: Need proof? Look at this thing on my shoulders!

BUBBLE7: What kind of promise?
BUBBLE8: What would you like us to do?
BUBBLE9: Whoa, Kokoro-san?
BUBBLE10: Well...

BUBBLE1: I want to meet the person I love...
BUBBLE2: I need to fulfill my promise...


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#1. by adachi2 ()
Posted on Jul 10, 2009
Thanks ^^

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