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Baka to Boing 7

The Guardian

+ posted by Do Kesubei as translation on Jul 14, 2009 02:22 | Go to Baka to Boing

-> RTS Page for Baka to Boing 7


BUBBLE1: Well, let's go and meet with this person!
BUBBLE2: You made a promise, right? I'm not sure how we can help you, though...
TITLE: Chapter 7: The Guardian

BUBBLE3: Can I use Taichi's body?
BUBBLE4: My body!?
BUBBLE5: It's your time to shine, Taichi-san!

BUBBLE6: Just for a while...
BUBBLE7: You're all I have...

BUBBLE!: Dowaah!
TITLE: Chapter 7: The Guardian

BUBBLE1: !!!

BUBBLE2: You're gonna kill me!

BUBBLE3: Awww... Taichi, your body's too heavy.
BUBBLE4: Hey, you possessed MY body! You have no right to whine!


BUBBLE1: I have to get to Aya-chan's home as quickly as I can!

BUBBLE2: Aya-chan...?

BUBBLE1: Here?
BUBBLE2: Yeah...

BUBBLE3: Well...
BUBBLE4: You brought me here, so now what?
BUBBLE5: Shut up and head to the home at the very top.

BUBBLE6: Oww...!?

BUBBLE7: BUBBLE9: My legs have really been in pain ever since I was possessed...

BUBBLE8[kokoro]: What's wrong?
BUBBLE9: Um, well...

BUBBLE10: ...I think I just ran too much...

BUBBLE1: Is this the right place?
BUBBLE2: Wait, is it okay for a stranger like me to just drop by?

BUBBLE3: Hold on...!

BUBBLE4: The name is different...

BUBBLE5: But, why...? This is the right place.
BUBBLE6: Hey now, what's this about?

BUBBLE1: Excuse me...
BUBBLE2: Can I help you? You're making a lot of noise in front of my home...

BUBBLE3: Aya-chan!
BUBBLE4: Stop! Don't just force you way into someone else's place!

BUBBLE5: "Force your way...?"
BUBBLE6: You're trespassing! I'm going to call the police!

BUBBLE7: Seriously...?

BUBBLE1: What do you think is going on...?
BUBBLE2: I really want to help her achieve her desire, but....
BUBBLE3: ...I knew that getting involved with wandering spirits was no good.
BUBBLE4: Sheesh.

BUBBLE5: Taichi-san!
BUBBLE6: She came back!

BUBBLE7: I've only been away for two or three days...and yet...
BUBBLE8: Aya-chan, Papa, and Mama are all gone...

BUBBLE1: It's... possible that they've simply moved away...
BUBBLE2: Right?

BUBBLE3: Right... That has to be it!
BUBBLE4: But, why would they move so suddenly?

BUBBLE5: Did something happen to Aya-chan...
BUBBLE6: while I was away from her...!!?

BUBBLE7: Just who is this Aya-chan?

BUBBLE8: Aya-chan is the person I love most...
BUBBLE9: She's the one who freed me from that tiny room...

BUBBLE1: Mama, let's get this one.
BUBBLE2: I really like her! ♡

TEXT1: Huh...?

BUBBLE3: She's a little big, but she's nice and obedient!
BUBBLE4: Do you have smaller ones?

BUBBLE5: No... I want her!

BUBBLE1: ...So...
BUBBLE2: You're not human...
BUBBLE3: You're a dog...

BUBBLE4: Whatever, let's just go!

BUBBLE5: Dowaah!

BUBBLE1: I'm Aya-chan's guardian.
BUBBLE2: As long as I'm around, Aya-chan, Papa, and Mama smile... they're happy.

BUBBLE3: So, I made a promise.
BUBBLE4: Hey, Marron... You're our guardian... because you've made us all happy.

BUBBLE5: So, as our guardian, I want you to promise to protect our happiness...

BUBBLE1: I'm worried about them because I'm not there...

BUBBLE2: So, your name is Marron...

BUBBLE3: I understand you, but... the family that appears in my head...

BUBBLE4: isn't smiling at all...

BUBBLE1: Why can't you do it!?
BUBBLE2: Until you do thirty back flips you're not getting any treats or dinner!
BUBBLE3: Now, try again!

BUBBLE4: Aya, stop hitting the floor. Remember, we're not allowed to keep pets here.
BUBBLE5: Besides, Marron doesn't need to learn any tricks, does she?
BUBBLE6: But, my friends keep bragging about how their dogs can do all kinds of stuff!

BUBBLE7: I'm sorry, Aya-chan. My legs really hurt...
BUBBLE8: I can't do it anymore...

BUBBLE1: I'm supposed to be your guardian, but...
BUBBLE2: Hey, she can't do thirty back flips. Look at her.
BUBBLE3: Let's go home already.

BUBBLE4: No, wait! I'll teach her something else next time!
BUBBLE5: I'm sorry, Aya-chan...

BUBBLE6: Papa and Mama are fighting again today...
BUBBLE7: Everyone used to be so happy before...

BUBBLE8: I need to make everyone happy again...
BUBBLE9: Marron, listen...

BUBBLE10: Hurry, Taichi!
BUBBLE11: Wah!!
BUBBLE12: I can smell Aya-chan!

BUBBLE13: ...

BUBBLE1: Marron... Why did you die...?

BUBBLE2: You're sure this is the right place...?
BUBBLE3: Uh huh! ♡

BUBBLE4: It has to be... I can smell her scent...

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#1. by adachi2 ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2009
Thanks ^^

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