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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Little Jumper 10

The Man Who Knew Too Little

+ posted by Do Kesubei as translation on Jan 6, 2011 02:25 | Go to Little Jumper

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Free to use by anyone as long as you give credit for the translation.
Little Jumper chapter 010

BUBBLE1: They're here.

SMALLBUBBLE1-3: uiiiiiin ((the high-pitched sound of an electronic device charging up))
BUBBLE1: The security looks tight.
BUBBLE2: Are we really going in?
BUBBLE3: Yeah!

BUBBLE4: No turning back!
BUBBLE5: Let's go, Pancakes!

BUBBLE6: How insulting!
BUBBLE7: Stop calling me Pa--

BUBBLE1: Hiiii!

TITLE: Chapter 10: The Man Who Knew Too Little

SIGN: Puchi Phrase - Café and Pâtissière
BUBBLE1: In the end
BUBBLE2: we couldn't break through the electromagnetic shield that surrounded the building,
BUBBLE3: and Kozakura-san used up all her strength, so we just went home.

BUBBLE1: What's an 'electromagnetic shield?'
BUBBLE2: I don't know, either.
BUBBLE3: I guess it's some kind of barrier.

BUBBLE4: What's a 'barrier?'
BUBBLE5: Please don't ask m--

BUBBLE6: Do NOT talk about these things with civilians.
BUBBLE7: And, why the hell do I have to wear this!?
BUBBLE8: I'm gonna kill you!
TEXT: Brat!

BUBBLE1: Why're YOU whining? You get to wear a cute maid's outfit!
BUBBLE2: I have to look like a regular employee since I'm still in middle school.

BUBBLE3: You're so lucky.


BUBBLE3: Try and do that again! You'll be working for me for the rest of your lives without pay!
TEXT: In a sillier outfit, too!
BUBBLE4: Y-yes, ma'am.

BUBBLE1: Kozakura-san, please act more maturely and endure this a bit longer.
BUBBLE2: Plus, if you drag me into this I won't get paid.
BUBBLE3: I'm already being forced to work here and wear this stupid thing...
BUBBLE4: You really expect me to take much more of this?

BUBBLE5: This is just until we rescue Fuwa-san, right?


TEXT: Aww...

BUBBLE8: Are those Fuwa-san and Narusawa-san guys inside
BUBBLE9: of that Iwakami Heavy Industries building?

TEXT1: Kozakura-san put a tracking device
TEXT2: on Himura Saeko, another Rebuilt.

TEXT3: The signal lead us there.

TEXT4: "Iwasaki Heavy Industries Prototype Research & Development Laboratory."
TEXT5: Iwasaki is the third largest industrial group in Japan, after Mitsushima and Tomozumi.

TEXT1: We've investigated around Iwasaki for clues about Fuwa-san and Narusawa,
TEXT2: but we've come up with nothing

TEXT3: That's not all...

BUBBLE1: There are sensors and high voltage cables blocking any infiltration paths inside, whether it's above or below ground.
BUBBLE2: We're at a loss.
BUBBLE3: ...

BUBBLE4: Chima-chan,
BUBBLE5: can't you just forget about all this once you get info on your mom?
BUBBLE6: Well, that's what -I- wanna do.
TEXT1: (twitch)

BUBBLE1: Provision of that information will be properly handled,
BUBBLE2: but will not be released under my own discretion.
BUBBLE3: That matter will be attended to
BUBBLE4: after the recovery of my superior, Fuwa.

BUBBLE5: Nice. That's a public official for you.
BUBBLE6: Shut up! This has nothing to do with civilians!
BUBBLE7: Is it okay for you to be rude with your customers, miss waitress?

BUBBLE8: You...
BUBBLE9: There's a way for you to infiltrate enemy territory.

TEXT1: Huh?
TEXT2: Me...?

BUBBLE1: This is a magnetic field stabilizer.
BUBBLE2: It will cancel out any unnecessary electromagnetic fields.

BUBBLE3: He'll get caught carrying something this big, right?
BUBBLE4: We have no choice, they aren't made any smaller than this.

BUBBLE1: Okay, listen: if you think you're going to get caught,
BUBBLE2: try and fool them.
BUBBLE3: gyuu (the machine has been turned on)
BUBBLE4: What will happen when he brings that inside?

BUBBLE5: The bodies of us Rebuilts are collections of unstable particles.
BUBBLE6: With the absence of magnetic fields that can disturb these particles,
BUBBLE7: we're able to pass through any substance.
BUBBLE8: Only the clothing in your disc will pass with you, though.

BUBBLE1: Here's our problem:
BUBBLE2: this machine needs to be activated inside of the building to disrupt the surrounding electromagnetic shield.
BUBBLE3: Unfortunately, the output is too small,
BUBBLE4: so the machine's effects only last twenty to thirty seconds.

BUBBLE5: Just walk up to the main gate without looking suspicious, okay?
BUBBLE6: Activate the device at 8PM exactly. We'll slip inside afterwards.

BUBBLE7: Good luck, dad!

TEXT1: 'Good luck'?
TEXT2: Just what are they expecting...?

BUBBLE1: If Ichinose, who is neither public security nor a Rebuilt,
BUBBLE2: heads straight up to the main gate and asks to meet with that Himura girl
BUBBLE3: they'll take Ichinose while letting their guard down.

TEXT1: Are you serious...?

BUBBLE4: I see! Yeah, that can work.
BUBBLE5: Since dad still exists seventeen years in the future, this should work out fine.

TEXT2: Do they really think
TEXT3: this will work out!?
SIGN: Iwasaki Heavy Industries Prototype Research & Development Laboratory Main Gate

BUBBLE1: Himura Saeko?

BUBBLE4: If she's not here, I'll just go home...

BUBBLE5: What section does this Himura belong to?
BUBBLE6: What's your business here?

BUBBLE7: N-Nevermind!
BUBBLE8: I'm going--

BUBBLE9-11: Hee Hee Hee

BUBBLE1-5: Hee Hee Hee

BUBBLE6: Um...
BUBBLE7: Can I go home? Please?

BUBBLE1: Welcome!
TEXT1: Right this way.
BUBBLE2: You came here alone? Pretty brave of you, guy.

BUBBLE3: Wh-What should I do? What COULD I do?
BUBBLE4: I just don't know...

BUBBLE5: I need to get--

BUBBLE6: It's been a while,
BUBBLE7: Ichinose Hiroki.

BUBBLE1: It's me.
BUBBLE2: Narusawa Takumu, from Teishuin University.

BUBBLE3: Well, well!
BUBBLE4: It's rare for the professor himself to welcome our guests.

BUBBLE5: Come on, Ichinose.
BUBBLE6: We need to celebrate our reunion with a few drinks.
BUBBLE7: I've got a lot to repay you for, after all.
TEXT1: Uh, no...

BUBBLE1: Wait, wait!
BUBBLE2: I don't know you!
BUBBLE3: Ahahahaha!

BUBBLE4: History's an interesting thing, huh?
BUBBLE5: Am I the chicken and you're the egg?
BUBBLE6: Or, are you the chicken and I'M the egg?


BUBBLE8: Bringing Chimari along to the past,
BUBBLE9: Was that a coincidence?
BUBBLE10: Or, was it fate...?

BUBBLE1: What are you after!? Why are you after Chima!?

BUBBLE2: "The Rebuilt are dangerous and
BUBBLE3: their recovery disc must be restricted."
BUBBLE4: The one who taught me that

BUBBLE6: Unfortunately, while in the future,
BUBBLE7: I doubted your words.

BUBBLE1: After fleeing to the past and becoming a Rebuilt myself, though,
BUBBLE2: I have to agree with you.

BUBBLE3: I was the fool
BUBBLE4: while you were the sage.

BUBBLE5: However, Ichinose!
BUBBLE6: You made a wrong decision!
BUBBLE7: That's why I'm here: to change the future!

BUBBLE1: Change the future?
BUBBLE2: I have no idea what you're talking about!

BUBBLE3: Well,
BUBBLE4: That's fine for now.

BUBBLE5: It may be fine for you, but what about--
BUBBLE6: It's 8PM.

BUBBLE1: What!?

BUBBLE2: Forgive me, Ichinose.
BUBBLE3: Himura-kun can be little extreme.

BUBBLE4: I heard that she attacked you all the other day.
BUBBLE5: I had no knowledge of that, I assure you.

TEXT1: Dammit!
TEXT2: It's time!



BUBBLE1: Chima!

BUBBLE3: It's TJ-1 and her ridiculous strength!
TEXT1: Did she burst through the shield!?
BUBBLE4: Leave this to him.

BUBBLE5: Narusawa! You're under arrest!


BUBBLE1: Run, Chima!

BUBBLE2: O-Okay!


BUBBLE4: I leave the rest to you, Kozakura!

TEXT1: !

BUBBLE2: será,
BUBBLE3: será.

BOX1: 'Whatever will be,
BOX2: will be', huh...
BOX3: What about the future!?


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