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Little Jumper 11

Stand By Her

+ posted by Do Kesubei as translation on Jan 30, 2011 03:03 | Go to Little Jumper

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Free to use by anyone as long as you give credit for the translation.
Little Jumper Chapter 011: Stand By Her

BUBBLE2: A festival.

BUBBLE3: A festival!

TITLE: Chapter 11: Stand By Her

SIGN: Iwasaki Heavy Industries Prototype Research & Development Laboratory

BUBBLE1: Summer's right around the corner,
BUBBLE2: and yet here I am, doing crap like this.

BUBBLE3: I was supposed to have rescused 'Ai'-san,
BUBBLE4: and experience an exciting summer with her.
BUBBLE5: Instead...

BUBBLE6: Give me a break,
BUBBLE7: Kozakura-san!

BUBBLE9: Don't involve me anymore than you already have.
BUBBLE10: You're the one who said we should team up.
BUBBLE11: Make up your mind!

BUBBLE1: How are we supposed to rescue Fuwa-san
BUBBLE2: when we're surrounded by our enemy?
BUBBLE3: We're just investigating behind enemy lines.

BUBBLE4: The chief has started his investigation from the inside.
BUBBLE5: We need to start our own investigation, from the outside...

BUBBLE6: But, I'm not public security! What can a civilian--
BUBBLE7: I won't let you claim that you're not involved.

BUBBLE8: Come on, Ichinose.
BUBBLE9: We need to celebrate our reunion with a few drinks.
BUBBLE10: I've got a lot to repay you for, after all.

BUBBLE1: This can't be real.
BUBBLE2: There's no way I'm involved with that guy!

BUBBLE3: ...

BUBBLE4: What's wrong, Sae?

BUBBLE1: Oh, nothing important.
BUBBLE2: Like Fuwa said, those guys have infiltrated the inside of the building.

BUBBLE3: I'm still a police officer, so of course I'm no ally to any of you.
BUBBLE4: However, I'd like to move according to my own judgment.
BUBBLE5: I only think your ideas are worth consideration at this present time, nothing more.
BUBBLE6: In fact, there may be a time when I turn my back on you.

BUBBLE7: In the meantime, I want to learn more about you all...
BUBBLE8: Specifically, I want to learn more about what you've been saying.
BUBBLE9: You'll lose your position if you're going to play things this loose.

BUBBLE10: I have no interest in a life that has me clinging to titles anyway.




BUBBLE1: What are you doing?

BUBBLE3: Ehehe...
BUBBLE4: Um, welcome back!

BUBBLE5: Where did you go, anyway?
BUBBLE7: Where's dad?

BOX1: I'm just a bystander.
BOX2: There's no way I'm involved with that guy.
BOX3: I'm absolutely unrelated...

BUBBLE9: Huh!?

BUBBLE1: A festival!
BUBBLE2: It's a festival, dad!
BUBBLE3: Wha.. Wha...!

BUBBLE4: How long has it been since I've seen such a primitive event?
BUBBLE5: We have to go, dad!

BUBBLE7: we'll go!

BUBBLE8: We'll go, so get out and close the door!



BUBBLE3: I didn't know you guys were coming.
BUBBLE4: Yup! I even broke a date to come here.
BUBBLE5: I came for the girls.
BUBBLE6: I came for the guys.

BUBBLE7: You're spacing out. What's the matter?

BUBBLE1: It's just...
BUBBLE2: I don't know what I should do.

BUBBLE3: So nothing new, then? Not amusing.
TEXT1: Ugh... I guess so.

BUBBLE4: Hurry up, dad! Come on!

BUBBLE5: Well! I'm glad you're so relaxed.
BUBBLE6: It's because I'm so happy!

BUBBLE7: All because of this weird festival?
BUBBLE8: Uh huh.
BUBBLE9: Welcome!!

BUBBLE1: Come on! I'm desperate! Welcome!
BUBBLE2: Welcome!
BUBBLE3: Let's... avoid that place, okay?
SMALLBUBBLE4 (bottom of the panel): I expected this.
BUBBLE5: I love that main outfit...

BUBBLE6: Hey Chima,
BUBBLE7: what do you think of Narusawa?

BUBBLE8: He's obviously planning something and has been targetting you.
BUBBLE9: He's the one that tricked you into coming here.
BUBBLE10: Well... It hasn't been all bad.

BUBBLE1: Actually, I should be thanking him.
BUBBLE2: I was able to meet you because of what the professor did.
BUBBLE3: Coming to a festival with my dad is like a dream come true.

BUBBLE4: After mom was hospitaized,
BUBBLE5: I was all alone every night...

BUBBLE6: and that went on for eight whole years!
BUBBLE7: I had a terrible workaholic father
BUBBLE8: who would never return home, you see.

BUBBLE9: I think the three of us as a family went to a single festival when I was in kindergarten,
BUBBLE10: but, I can't even remember that clearly...

BUBBLE11: S...sorry.

BUBBLE1: Don't leave me alone anymore, okay?

BUBBLE2: R-right.
BUBBLE3: You're just a daughter saying that to her father...
BUBBLE4: Right...?
BUBBLE5: All that's left is to find mom.

BUBBLE6: If we can rescue mom,
BUBBLE7: we can all be a family again.

BUBBLE8: Well, don't let us stop you.

BUBBLE1: Himura Saeko!
BUBBLE2: Himura-san!

BUBBLE3: I will never forgive you, TJ-1,
BUBBLE4: but you can go ahead and save your mom.

BUBBLE6: Listen closely: we're all just bait.

BUBBLE1: Until the professor completes his task,
BUBBLE2: we're to confuse and mislead the police and UN forces that are after him.
BUBBLE3: That's why we're really here.
BUBBLE4: In return, you'll be allowed to rescue your mother.

BUBBLE5: You're telling Chima to be a criminal!?
BUBBLE6: I'm suggesting that she deactivate her recovery disc
BUBBLE7: and allow the professor to control her remotely.

BUBBLE8: Naturally, the disc's more... troublesome sectors will be frozen.
BUBBLE9: So, you're not telling her to be a criminal... you're telling her to be a victim!?

BUBBLE1: I'm not telling her to go on a rampage.
BUBBLE2: We just need her to attract the attention of the professor's pursuers.
BUBBLE3: After that, the professor will save TJ-1's mother -- it's a good deal, right?

BUBBLE4: Ichinose Hiroki.


BUBBLE6: You don't even want to be involved with us, right?
BUBBLE7: This will end it all for you. What's so bad about that?

BUBBLE1: Heh heh heh!
BUBBLE2: Once TJ-1's disc is frozen, her power will suffer. I'll tear her apart!

BUBBLE3: ...Okay.

BUBBLE4: If it'll leave my dad out of all this...

BUBBLE5: Yeah...
BUBBLE6: Everything would be over...

BUBBLE1: Everything...

BUBBLE2: As your father,
BUBBLE3: I refuse to leave you alone!
BUBBLE4: I'll be fine even if I am involved!


BUBBLE2: But...

BUBBLE3: Don't believe what she's saying!
BUBBLE4: There's no way I'm not involved with this!
BUBBLE5: historically speaking, anyway...

BUBBLE6: I suppose our negotiations are over, then.

BUBBLE7: Prepare yourself, TJ-1!


BUBBLE9: What!?

BUBBLE1: Damn!

BUBBLE2: As slow as ever, Ms. Public Security.
BUBBLE3: What did you come here for, Himura!?

BUBBLE4: Just making a delivery.
BUBBLE5: We won't be needing these bugs.

BUBBLE1: What's that 'as your father' nonsense about?
BUBBLE2: Hope you don't regret your decision, pal.

BUBBLE3: I won't.

TEXT1: At least until we finally find 'Ai'-san,
TEXT2: I'll always be there...

TITLE: Chapter 11 END

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#1. by SuppaiNoRingo ()
Posted on Jan 30, 2011
Awesome translation, little question though, at page 125 panel 2

BUBBLE4: The chief has started his investigation from the inside.
BUBBLE5: We need to start our own investigation, from the outside...
Shouldn't the inside and outside between these two be switched? Because they are the ones in the enemy territory. Just making sure.
#2. by Do Kesubei ()
Posted on Jan 31, 2011

By 'inside', I meant from within Narusawa's organization. Kozakura and co. are outside of Narusawa's inner circle, while Fuwa has managed to join Narusawa's group.

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