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Blust! Oneshot : Blust!


+ posted by dosukoi7 as translation on May 24, 2009 06:27 | Go to Blust!

This translation is reserved for Franky-House, if you'd like to use it, ask in this thread and wait for admin approval please

All of this goes right to left, if there's only one text bubble I'm not going to write the names in. frames are separated by -----, // means same person same frame
I'll be working on it tomorrow after my night class, so expect the rest of it done around 11 or 12 pm tomorrow
Coast of Somalia
Tiny text in the picture* Around here
New Release from Eyeshield 21's Murata-sensei!
Special One Shot 「BLUST」
Guys in the boat:Stop the ship immediately!
We'll be taking your ship and crew!
Right: It... It's the Doheets Pirates!
Top: A rocket launcher!?
Left: They really came!!
He... Hey! “Blust”!// Don't just eat, do something! I'll pay you however much you want!!

Sorry sorry! // If I'm hungry I can't fight!
Guy:You call yourself a bodyguard!?
Terrorist: Put your hands up! Hold up!
Guy: Ahhh!! (small text: You got here quickly)
Terrorist: A Bodyguard? That guy huh?
Terrorist(Top): Alright! Line up against the wall!
Terrorist(Bottom left): I gotta thank you for increasing our ransom money
Guy: Dammit~~~!! We got caught!
Blust: We haven't been caught, Captain.

Terrorist: Eh? // What??
Even like this I've got confidence in my arms.

Hands: Kasha~
Ze!!! (He says Ze! but if you want to put in Ha!! or something like that I don't car)

P4(i dunno if you wanna translate this stuff. it sounds stupid in japanese too..)
A showoff curry man!?
Ultimate action oneshot center color!
51 Pages!

Don't miss it! Eyeshield 21 has lots of surprises starting from P 327!

The waves of the past, the clouds of the future, grab it with the light from your palm!

Some days later..Tokyo, Senhakamura. At first glampse, a normal small farming community. In reality it has another side...
Speech bubble: Boss! // Hokazono Kai entering!
Truck: Terrorist
Left: Former KGB
Child and front: Assassins
Square boxes: Secret intelligence gathering, hostage rescue, subversive activity, bodyguard, etc// An organization that can dispatch those kinds of pros at anytime.
Building text: Senhakamura Town Hall

Hey! Kai! There are rumors all over the Oceans of Somalia!//They even went as far as name Blust!//As thanks the Navy wants to extend the contract!
Kai: No thanks! I'll pass!
Boss: Hmph! Even though we're finally getting paid..
Boss: Nothing we can do about it. //Especially since we can't let your secret be revealed.
Kai: Yeah... This weapon has to be used to a surprise attack. // Not using it twice in the same place is the basics of keeping it secret.

Boss: On the other hand we received a claim stating “all the guy with the the blaster hands did was eat curry”..// Looks like they got you figured out.
Kai: There's a limit to what you can hide inside a small boat you know...
Boss: But... be careful Kai.
(up): Since your name came up in Somalia// there's been an increasing number of unauthorized accesses to the town's database.
(down) Blust has also been designated in a lot of suspicious requests.// It looks like they're trying to lure you out.
(left) Someone is looking into you carefully.

Kai: Isn't it obvious?// It's the Pagodashia Army/
Kai: Man they're persistent. // I thought I'd flushed them down the toilet that time.
Boss: They must be after those arms.
Boss: Suspicious requests... unauthorized access...// The more we search, we're starting to find out a little about this Pagodashia Army.
5 Years Ago

Hokazono Kai was ordered to gather some information in the Pagodashia Republic.

In a Nuclear War ravaged India, a giant corporation developed the “Nuclear Resistant Soldier”//The man behind the developments was kidnapped by the Pagodashia Army, and Japan, who financed the development, requested Kai to rescue the developer
However, he stupidly easily got captured.
Kai: Waaaaaa
At he Research and Development Department, lead by Colonel Bah Mou, was tortured and became the guinea pig for their enhancement surgery.
Kai: Hey! Don't bring up people's failures in the the narration!
Boss: Did you think I forgot!?
Kai: Who could forget?

Kai: Before my whole body was modified, the Research Center was hit from a Tsunami from Sumatra, and I was able to escape but... (little words: I nearly died)// If it wasn't for that, I'd have been that delusional captains guinea pig until I died.

side words(no bubble): Being able to withstand radiation means that you'll be able to hold radiation.
Kai: The guys that have come digging up information are that guys friends or underlings right?
Boss: Probably// You basically ran away with their military's best secret.
Kai: Dammit.. Putting this in me and then following me around..
Boss: We really should tell the client the results of their research... we'll have to return those arms
Kai:Poor me...

Boss: You're not the only one! Who had to pay over 2 billion in compensation for failing to rescue the professor huh!? I did!
Kai: Alright alright! I'll pay the money! I will!
Kai: That guy ended up helping us by giving me a really useful ability for my job!//I'm always working my hardest on missions so will you just erase that failures bill already!?
Kai: The fact that Curry is my energy source is kid of rough though!
Boss: Curry is power because it was developed by an Indian?(small words: That's ridiculous)
Kai: So...// Where's the suspicious one that's come for me?

Boss: This one I think?// A 800,000,000 yen reward! In Pagodashia!
Kai: That's definitely suspicious!!
Kai: They're definitely trying to lure me in!
Boss:No. no. // I think you know the clients face.
Pagodashia, Nargis International Airport

Because there is cyclone touching down nearby, we'll be delaying the flights an hour and closing the airport for an hour.
Boss:Ooh! I just made it in time!
(box: In disguise)
I ended up coming after all...
I said I didn't want to come back here again (small text: Especially since it's the place I had a huge failure.
Kai: This is Chimuh!
Boss: Chimuh?
Kai: The Anti-Government Guerilla...//She's with the revolutionaries that are rebelling against the Pagodashian Army.

Kai:That day, when I was washed away by the Tsunami, she gave me shelter. (BG:Are you alright?)
Hmph. It's only cause I can't sleep thinking about such a huge debt.
I can't forget that this might be a trap made by the army! // I can't let them ambush me! First I've got to check my surroundings!
(right side)I feel bad for meeting Chimuh dressed in this disguised. // I'll have to lay low and see how things go for a little while.
But it hasn't changed much... // Everywhere you look there are soldiers. (little section) That's a military dictatorship for you.
(bottom middle)
Ha ha, Don't worry Kai, don't worry. // It's a little different from 5 years ago.
(bottom left)
Hold it!
Chimuh: So it is you Kai.
Kai: Chimuh!
Hurry! The car's waiting over there!
Kai: What the.. How'd you know it was me!?
Chimuh: I didn't realize at first but // you had the same curry smell as that time.
Kai: That's why huh....
Kai: Sorry, I had to wear a disguise just to be sure
Chimuh: It's good you're doing at least that much (small text) Even if I caught you...

Even the Guerillas have heard the rumors of “Blust.”
Chimuh: But as soon as I heard it was a guy who's hands were blasters, liked curry, and was Japanese, I immediately figured it out
Kai: Oh...
Kai: It's spread pretty far after all..//Don't tell too many people ok?
Chimuh: What?
Chimuh: Umm.... // We've been talking more about the battle on the sea than the person's identity. // We're a mountain tribe so we really have no strength on the water.
Chimuh: That's why we absolutely needed your power for the next plan.
Kai: But hey, for 800,000,000 wouldn't it be better to hire a troop of mercenaries?
Chimuh: Smaller numbers are our chance to win.

Chimuh:We're going to get the jump on the Pagodashian Army, steal the 2.4 billion yen bribe, and escape!
Box: 5 years ago
Kai: C'mon, even Lupin the 3rd would be too scared to do that.
Chimuh: Who?
Box: I was washed ashore by that huge tsunami...
The military regime had a bribe of a 40,000 carat top class ruby, “Pigeon Blood” (worth approx 2.8 billion yen) but,// in the midst of transportation, the vehicles were taken off to sea.
This year the vehicles were found in the water// It seems the military is now conducting a secret operation to salvage the vehicles.

Chimuh: This is the predicted route of the cyclone
Kai: OOooo!
Chimuh: The TRMM information refreshes every 20 minutes.
TL NOTE: TRMM=Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
Chimuh: With the current forecast.. the area of the salvage mission will be passed over 8 hours from now
Kai: I see. Until then they'll be in shelter, and the site will be completely empty. // Then we'll use an Indian salvage ship to get the car.
Kai: Well, I got the plan, but will we really be able to do that? // We'll be caught in a storm on the ocean won't we?
Chimuh: Near the site there is a platform used for excavating on the bottom of the ocean.(small text) That's how we figured out where the car was.// If we attach the ship and get fixed position, there's nothing we can't do. // The military already did all the preparations for us to salvage the car.
Picture words: Preparation
Kai: You think it'll go so well if they're the enemy?
Kai:Well, I guess that's why the compensation is 800,000,000 yen
Chimuh: Look! That ship!

Kai: Whaaaaat!? // That's a fishing ship!! // Is this really ok!?
Chimuh: Don't just complain!// It's the ship with the lightest draft and lowest center of gravity in the whole country!
(Authors note under the first frame: That means it's hard to capsize)
Guy: Chimuh! Hurry!// The floods going to start!
Chimuh: Maun! This is Blust!
Kai: Looking forward to working with you!
Maun: Is that so!// You better work for more than you're pay Mr Celebrity!
Kai: Ro... Roger!
Kai: He's got kind of a bad attitude..
Maun: Sorry, In the past his friend in the army was betrayed and killed.
Kai: Hmmm// By the way, shouldn’t we be checking on the Army?
Chimuh: Don’t worry, I’m getting reports on the Ground Forces.
Guy: That’s the ship!
Kai: Gah!!
2nd guy: Deploy the troops to the riverbank!
Kai: I thought you said not to worry! (small text: We’re already found out!!)
Chimuh: What the!? Hello?
Kai: Dammit…
Kai: You go out to sea first! I’ll follow you after!
Chimuh: Wait… Kai!?
Guy: We can’t wait anymore!

What are you doing!?
Watch this you bastards… // It won’t be like…
5 years ago!!!

(bottom right) And now…

It… flew?
Man I’m hungry
Ha…// Hahahaha
Cloaked man: What was that human firework right now…
Guy on the right: Major Bah Mou!
Guy on the left: Ugg…

That was… Hokazono Kai
Major: They were using him as a bodyguard…
Guy; Wh.. what was that?
Major: I’ve been chasing that guy for a long time// How about it? Will you sell him to me? Or shall I take your life?
Peh!(spit noise)
Heh heh heh… we intercepted a chance transmission.// It’s quite a larger harvest than I thought.

We’re going after them!! // Get to the air force base! // I am going to pursue them!
What…// What a monster
Wooo~ back to life! // You saved me with these curry cans Chimuh!
I can’t contact…// our other forces..

Those bastards…// I should have hit them with another 2 or 3 shots.
……. // We can’t turn back now..
Going back.. // From the start all we could do was carry out the plan!
Chimuh: Kai… this country was hit by a huge cyclone last year too.
The government shut out the relief going to the tribes that opposed it // Over 100,000 people were sacrificed.
This years cyclone is even bigger. // The damages will probably be worse than last year. // Surely, even now…

We wanted to use the government’s bribe money to pay for some of the damages..
That’s why… // I’ve got to stay strong!
Kai: She talking to herself…
Driver: Haha, Someone’s who’s doing it for money couldn’t understand. // They don’t know why someone would bet their life on a mission.
Kai: I understand
Driver: What?
Kai: Because once Chimuh saved my life

I came here planning to give it to this person.
It’s a good thing the job’s worth it
Umm… Major Bah Mou!//
It’s really rough outside so if possible… // I think you shouldn’t push yourself…

Something like that is no problem.
….!!// I’ve heard rumors of this..
Major: If you think about my battle potential after I get those arms
Box: The spinal cord is connected to the auto-pilot system------
Major: I’ll be worth a hundred of these things
Guy; Ma.. Major! The permission for takeoff…
Major; Tell them I scrambled!

There it is!!(first bubble bottom) That’s the buoy!
No mistake about it!!
Kai: You said that the car is connected to the cord on the bottom right?
Chimuh: We’ve got to pull it up.
Kai: If it’s a power job, leave it to me.
Kai: With these arms I can get it in no time!
Chimuh; Kai!
Kai: heh.. heh heh heh…
Top bubble: Good job Kai!
Bottom bubble: Yuck, a barnacle

Major: I found you!!!
Hey!! The bow is set!// How’s it over there?
Box: Platform
Bottom frame: Doing…// It…// Now.. // Ugh!
Middle Frame
Kai: Bweeeeeeeeeeeeeeh
Chimuh: Kyaaa
Kai: I... got sea sick…
Chimuh: Pull yourself together! It starts from here!
Guy: Hmph.. // What a weird guy!

Kai: Whoa!
Guy: What happened!?
What the…

Major: Yo
Kai: Yes?
Kai: Look out!

Chimuh; Maun!
Maun: What// is th…
Kai: Who the hell are you!?

Always// running away, you never change (bubble left part) Hokazono Kai!
Chimuh: Maun!
Kai: You’re… no way…// Captain Bah Mou?!
You survived!?
Right bubble: Somehow. // Now I’m a Major.. Thanks…
TO YOU!!!!!!!!

It’s dangerous here!!

Kai: Chimuh! Hide!
Major: Those arms… //are mine!

Middle right(the one with his face) No effect!?
Left middle: Ugh!
Major; You idiot! Nuclear power won’t work on this body!
Kai: Ha…// Ha…
Major: But your flesh can’t defend against this..
Kai; A gas knife..?
Gas knife
Also known as a Wasp Knife.
A knife developed to fight wild animals. If you press the switch on the grip, a high pressure, extremely low temperature gas is shot out of the tip. If the gas makes contact with a body, the body immediately freezes and then breaks from the pressure.

You bastard… what are you doing here? Small text: There’s no way..
Major: Ha! As soon as I heard the rumor of “Blust,” hero of Somalia I’ve been chasing after you. // Though I never thought you’d so nonchalantly use those arms!
Kai: So it was you… (little text: That stalker..)// I never imagined that you’d live through that.
Major: Haha, same here.
Major: When they rescued the dying me, they also pulled up some of the modification parts. // I’ve undergone over 200 hellish surgeries. I’ve been able to live because I’ve changed my body. // But look
Instead of the arms that disappeared with you, I was given whatever was left over. // It was far more painful than what you had. It keeps throbbing and throbbing and throbbing.

Well!? // Who’se fault do you think it is!?
Dammit… I’ve got no strength because I puked before
Major: You’re staggering.
Kai: Argh!
Major: Hmm? Are you out of energy?
Major:Alright! It’s punishment time! // I’ll take these arms back from you. You little light-fingered thief!
Kai; Dammit! If only I could eat some curry!
Major: Ha ha ha
Such foolish last words
Dammit… Dammit!!!!

This guy was aiming for me the whole time! // That means… My plan to repay Chimuh and her friends ended up putting them in danger! It’s my fault!!
It’s my fault!!
Chimuh: Kai!
Kai: Arg!
Chimuh: The plane’s parachute!

Such impudence!!!
Kai: Whew! You saved me there Chimuh
Chimuh: All I really did was scream.
Major: Don’t joke with me…
Major: You think eating will change anything!?


Major: You idiot. I told you that won’t…
Kai; Thrust!
Kai: This time it’s my turn!

Major: Whaat!?
Kai: It’s my fault!!!


Kai: Take that!

Major: Gaha…!!
Major: My.. my body won’t move…
Kai: Your vertebrae’s joints were weak. // There are limits to an operation done by fumbling around without developers and design data.
A body that’s taken so much nuclear power like this is like a marionette with its strings cut.
Major: Dammiiiiiiiit!
Major: My.. // My arms!!!

Text near the hands: Ha// Ha
Even if you got promoted, 2 ranks, you’re still a Captain
Kai: Whew!
Chimuh: Kai!
Boxes: After that// The Ruby was pulled up in the eye of the storm

Chimuh: Maun // Palje // We finally did it…
Kai: Sorry Old Man Maun…
Chimuh: Next time, I’ll have to do my best for those two, // and for you, since you risked your life
Chimuh; Thank you, Kai // This country will definitely become a better place. If that happens, will you come visit again?
Box: I have a policy to never use it at the same place twice but.. // It looks like it might happen a 3rd time.
Kai: Yeah
Box: And then…
Kai: Whoooooa! // This is 800 million yen in rubies!
This oughta make the boss happy

Whaaaat! // You threw that captain into the ocean!?
Kai; ?? // Yeah.. // He was a really strong enemy // After a hard fight I..
Boss: YOU IDIOT! If you brought that body back we could have erased the 20 million yen debt!
Kai: Huh?
Kai: Aaaah!
Kai: I threw away a guy worth more than the rubies…
Boss: Get out there and look for him right now!
Words next to him: An uncool finish in the end!?
Kai: Ye.. Yes sir!!

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