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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Hajimete no Chuu Ijou Oneshot : After the First Kiss


+ posted by dosukoi7 as translation on May 28, 2009 00:17 | Go to Hajimete no Chuu Ijou

This is a Miracle Attack Scans Translation. Read the scanlation here:
Huh?? // Saori-chan? // Is something the matter?
Saori: ..... // You're late!
Boy: You came by yourself? where's your mom? // If you're going to come over you should call my cell and tell me

Boy: Here you go
Saori: Is this cup clean? Is it ok?
Boy: Geez, don't complain // More importantly I asked you why you came!
Box: This girls name is Tachikawa Shino-chan // She's kind of a distant relative that I've only really met at New Years until now// I started to live by myself in the same neighborhood, and she comes to visit often.
Saori: Hmmmm
Akiyoshi: Listen to people when they are talking! Don't look the other way!
Saori: Alright! There's no need to yell. // You're like a teacher Akiyoshi-onii-chan!
Saori: So like... // You know // s...
Akiyoshi: S?

Saori: You know! // C'mon! // It starts with S!
Akiyoshi: Cicadas?
Saori: Are you...
Saori: Retarded !!? // Why on earth would I come all the way here to talk to you about cicadas!
Akiyoshi: W.. well I'm confused too you know!
Geez! // Do I have to spell it all out for you to understand! // You are too dull Onii-chan
Akiyoshi: Eh..!?
Saori: Like I said... // It starts with S.
Akiyoshi: Right right, S

Saori: Next is e...
Akiyoshi: E?
Saori: Then it's “k”..
at the end is S! // You've got to get it by now!
Bottom: Wh.. WHAAAT.
No... // NO WAY!// S.. s.. Saori-chan!

Akiyoshi: Did... // Did you .. do it!?
Saori: WHAAAT!?
Like I would! You pervert!! // Plus you're too slow to say that!
Akiyoshi: Well it's not my fault!
Akiyoshi: You said “ks”, if you don't say “x” // it's really hard to understand!
Saori: Shut up shut up shut up!!!
Ok ok, calm down
So... // Um // What about the thing that starts with S?

Saori: Like I said // Sex, right..
Akiyoshi: R.. right // Now she can say it normally...
Does it really exist? // Sex I mean
Akiyoshi: ..... // Well... // Yeah
Saori: But but it's so weird!!
Having someone else's body part inside your own body... // Whats that!? // Isn't it hard to believe!?
Well... that's just what it is.

Saori:What are you looking at Onii-chan!! // Idiot!! // Pervert!! // Weirdo!
Alright then, what about your friends? // Has anyone done it yet?
Akiyoshi: Wait really!? No way!
Saori: Really // Want to see a picture?

Saori: It's this girl.. // her name is Maki-chan. // She said she just did it
Which one? // Whoa!
Akiyoshi: Sh.. she's cute!
Saori: I know right? We always stand out when we go out because of her.
So umm.. // This girl...
Akiyoshi: What kind of person was her first?
Saori: Um I'm pretty sure
Saori: It wasn't good! // He was a Yankee, two years older than her.
Akiyoshi: A Yankee!?
I see... A Yankee huh..


To a Yankee.. // This pretty of a girl // I can't believe it..
Aki: Huh?
Sao: Give it!
What's with you!? // Just a little more is fine right!?
Shut up! // You should stare at people's pictures like that //Hurry up and give it back!!
Don't pull so hard! // Give it back! // Give! it! Back! // No! // Arrrrg!

AAAAAH // Let go! // Pervert! Stop it you lolicon!
mm// mm//mmmm//
Yo... you.. // What if someone hears you!!?

This apartments walls are really thin! // If a neighbor hears you they could call the cops and that'd be no joke! // Do you understand?
Saori: ... // Sorry
Aki: Thanks
Sao: Hey, Onii-chan
Aki: Hm?
Is this what it's like // when you have sex...?
sfx: thump thump thump
Saori: I mean, being pushed down // and ridden on

Onii-chan // is this how it feels?
sfx thump
Aki: Probably.. //
Sao: I see
Aki: You smell kind of nice Saori..
Sao: Well.. I don't want anyone to smell my sweat
So before coming // before I met you // I put some perfume on

Aki: Oh, you did. It smells pretty good // That's cause it smells good
Sao: St... // Stop it! // Don't smell me idiot! You pervert! // No no no nooo!
Sao: Aaah .. Sex is too embarrassing!
Aki: This isn't sex
Sao: Onii-chan, are you... // A virgin?

Well... // yeah...
Sao: Hehehe
Aki: What are oyu laughing at!?
Sao: Oh nothing!
Aki: What!?
Sao: Give me a piggyback ride!
Aki: Why? Quit fooling around and get up
But when you knocked me down I hurt my leg!
Aki: Ugg..

Sao: Onii-chan and my first times..
Aki: F.. first!?
Sao: Right, our first time
If we could do it at the same time that'd be nice!
If it was at the same time as you // I don't think sex would be scary // Actually I'd be really happy!
Aki: Is that so?
Aki: Well then, // we'll both have to find lovers! // Right, Saori-chan?
Sao: Onii-chan // you're really // just too dull.
Aki: What, why!?
Sao: Nothing!

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