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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Yakitate!! Japan 216

Just One Man Left

+ posted by dosukoi7 as translation on Jun 28, 2009 02:58 | Go to Yakitate!! Japan

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chapter 216:Just One Man Left
Azuma: Oji-saaaaaaaaaaaaan

N.. no! Oji-san!
Meister: Azuma-kun, it's dangerous! // Stand back!
Azuma: Let... go!
I can't do that! It is not only a danger to you, but I am also afraid if something happens while he's in this state, he could turn into his evil personality permanently!
O.. Oji-san!

Still, I can't believe that Kirisaki was that person.
Maou is made -> Controlled by Maou -> His wife succumbs to illness -> Abandoned his children -> Came to Japan alone -> Meets Azuma (returns to himself for 1 hour) -> St Pierre is Established in Tokyo -> Basically, thats the kind of life that has led up to now.
Meister: But now we've solved one mystery.
Manager: What?

Meister: After Kirisaki abandoned us... // we were taken in by our adoptive father Gordon.
Gordon's the name of that little bakery that Sophie is managing right?
That's right
Actually, just one time Gordon received a phone call from Kirisaki in Japan.

At that time, the way that Sophie and I felt was something like “What do you mean, calling now?” so we didn't talk to him but...
If you think about it now, that must have been after he returned to himself when he met Azuma-kun. He then tried to call us and find out where we are...
If we had talked to him at that time, we probably could have found out that the reason he turned evil was the fault of the bread.

10 years ago, Sophie and I missed the huge chance that you gave us Azuma-kun.
By the way Tsukino-san, where is he?
Well.. he..
He was really exhausted and asked to be left alone for a little bit.
He's been locked up in his room since then // Hmmm
Well, that's understandable.

There's no one who could be unaffected after seeing the person who gave him his goal in life turn into that...
If it was me I'd probably want to quit being a baker

Alright now guys, let's try to not be so down now.

I mean it's not like Azuma-kun is definitely going to quit being a baker right?
Kanmuri: Let's try and think about if there's anything we can do to make Kirisaki return to himself.
Kawachi: You can say that but..
To start we don't even know what kind of bread the Maou is. // We have no idea what direction to go in to return him to normal.

Do you know anything Meister-san?
Meister: Sorry
Meister: I've only recently come to know that he is in that condition.
Kanmuri: I see...
Well there is only one thing that I noticed... // The Maou could possibly be...

the Go-pan!! Right?
Kawachi: Wait... what?
Kanmuri: It's pretty simple really.
When Kirisaki's wife was alive and when he met Azuma, he was struggling to create Ja-pan.
Lately all he's been making is Go-pan

In short, when he's himself, he makes Ja-pan, and when he's controlled by the Maou it's Go-pan.
Kanmuri: You could say that Maou is evidence that Go-pan is the true Ja-pan.
Kawachi: Wh... wait a sec!
Are you try to to say that the bread has a will of it's own? // That's ridiculous...
No, not completely.
It's said that puppets made by elite puppet makers have souls, their hair grows normally. and they can move freely.

It wouldn't be strange to think that if an elite baker put their all into a bread, it could have a will of its own.
Kawachi: Is that.. how it is?
Kanmuri; That's right
What Kanmuri-kun is saying is probably true...
I remembered an entry in my mothers diary of the times when she was happy, one day my father brought home some rare very old rice.
He improved the original form of the rice, and then made a small rice field. It's possible he couldh ave made the Maou Go-pan using that rice...

Meister-san, is the name of the rice written in your mother's diary?
I don't quite remember but...
I'm pretty sure it was... Shinriki... or something like that
Kanmuri: Shi... Shinriki!?
Kawachi:Do you know something about it?
Kanmuri: Yes.
Because Shinriki is much harder to produce large quantities like other old rices since it's weak to cold and insects, it died out but...

But just like it's name, that rice's taste has the “power of the gods!!”
tl note Shin=god Riki=power
It was originally used as a rice to make sake, but it is called the one ultimate ancient rice!
Kawachi: What'd you say!?
It's quite terrifying to think that that has been modified to be used in bread.
What can we do...
With such a terrifying ingredient... when the opponent is Kirisaki... how can we return him to normal without Azuma!?
Azuma: Hey now...

Why are you suddenly cutting me out?
Kawachi: Are you ok?
Azuma: What do you mean alright?
Azuma: All I've been thinking about from the beginning is how to save him.

Azuma:I just needed some time to think, since the enemy is so strong.
Kawachi: Oh... I see
Ha // That's just like you
Manager: So have you figured it out yet?
Azuma: Yup
I haven't completed it yet, but I've got it figured out to some extent
Manager: Good job
Kawachi: How.. how will you do it?

Actually, in addition to my grandpa's that have appeared up til now, Umatarou and Umasarou, there is one more named Umajirou
He's different from my other grandpa's, and a little hard to get along with, and he doesn't get along with the others, so I haven't really relied on him up til now but...
With this time's circumstances, I've decided to ask Umajirou-ojii-chan for some help.
Kawachi: Do you think that he'll help?
Azuma: Probably...

Umajirou-chan loves old and ancient things. He's collected and stored a lot of things.
But I think he definitely has it... // The thing necessary to save Kirisaki...
Azuma: Ancient Wheat!!!
Kawachi: Did you say.. ancient wheat!?

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