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Yakitate!! Japan 217

Searching for Grandpa

+ posted by dosukoi7 as translation on Jul 12, 2009 18:30 | Go to Yakitate!! Japan

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J 217
Kawachi; Di.. did you say ancient wheat?
Azuma; That’s right

Chapter 217
Searching for Grandpa

These days, in order to increase the volume of crops, they put extra stuff in the seeds that ends up hurting the flavor.
Just like with ancient rice, inside of the seeds of ancient wheat is a taste that the current wheat can’t even compare to.
Kawachi; So… that’s how it is…
Azuma: Also
Actually… when I tried using Tsukuba’s wheat, Kantou #130, I noticed something.
Kawachi; Wh.. what?
Azuma: Simply put…

If I make the true Ja-pan, it must be made with Japanese wheat flour.
Well.. yeah // I think before we talked about it but because of Japan’s climate conditions, producing hard flour needed for bread doesn’t really work, and it ends up lowering the quality.
Kawachi: Kantou #130, despite being the highest level in Japan, when compared to the world-class ingredients from places like Canada or France, the protein inside is different.
Azuma; You’re right about that…
But when it was actually eaten, it produced that amazing reaction…

Azuma: I tried eating it myself too, but no matter how amazing a wheat it was, I couldn’t make it as well as the foreign breads.
Kawachi: Wow… that’s really strange.
Kawachi: Why in the world from Kantou #130 so delicious?
Azuma: I think it has to do with agricultural chemicals and transportation time.
Just like you said that time, foreign wheat has to have chemicals sprinkled over it so that it doesn’t spoil during transport.
No matter how good it is to start, besides losing taste during the transport time, there’s no way that something with chemicals added to it should taste so good right?
Azuma: Perhaps also… //it’s because the soil is different.
Kawachi: The soil…
Since my home is a farmhouse, I understand well that the soil can make a huge difference in the taste…
If you think just about the protein, the foreign wheat is the best, but it doesn’t taste as good as the Japanese wheat

Azuma: I think in order to meet the taste of the Japanese, you need to use wheat that was brought up in Japanese.
Kawachi: I see… // So that’s why you want to get the wheat from your grandpa that likes old stuff.
Kawachi: Nothing less from Azuma, it’s an amazing idea right?
Kanmuri: That’s right.
Wh.. What is it?
Like I said before, Umajirou-jiichan doesn’t really get along with me or my other grandpas.

Azuma: Even if I just went to borrow the ancient wheat, if it was me, he definitely wouldn’t let me use it.
Kawachi: What’d you say!?
Well that’s quite a problem…
Manager: This sucks…
Tsukino: Yeah…
Meister: What should w e do? Try to get along?
Azuma: It’d be nice if we could but..
Azuma; It’s not like I’m the one who doesn’t like him. I think it would be really hard to get him to get along.
Mesier: If that’s it then…

I will go.
Tsukino: M.. Meister-san….
From the start, this problem is because of my father. This isn’t something that you should all be bothered with.
Meister; Also, in times like this, I think a respectful outsider like myself would have an better chance of it going well.
Azuma: Hmm…
I’m really happy for the offer, but that definitely won’t work.

You’re too cool Meister.
A stylish guy with a foreigner for a mother… that’s the type of person that my my grandpa who loves old things hates the most.
I… I see…
Well, I think it’d be easier for someone else to go too but….
With these members….

The manager’s hair is too original…
Tsukino and Kanmuri’s faces are too cute
Azuma: Who’s left…
Kawachi: Me!?
But uh… I’ve got this piercing so…
Azuma: If you take it out it’s fine.
Kawachi: Well.. yeah I guess so…
Alright! It’s decided!

No one these days talks like you, and no one from Kansai says “What’s you say!? What’d you say!?” anymore.
If you’re old fashioned like Kawachi, there’s no way that grandpa could hate you.
Azuma: Yeah.
Kawachi: What’d you say!?
Meister: Yes, if it’s Kawachi-san it should be fine.
Kanmuri: You’re Japan’s number 1 in old fasion!
Tsukino: We’re expecting good things.
Well, I want to help you turn Kirisaki turn back too.

I’ll make a name for everybody’s sake!
Kanmuri: “Make a name…” that’s pretty old fashioned too!
Tsunkino: Yeah!
Kawachi: So Azuma, where is Umajirou-jiisan living anyway?
Azuma: that’s obvious isn’t it?
For a person who loves old things, the only place to live…

Is in Nara, isn’t it?
Box; Nara-ken Old grass burial mound.
Woooooooow~. This certainly fits the bill of loving old stuff.
Kawachi: I understand living in Nara, but living next to a burial mound…
Azuma: Right?

Umajirou-jiichan had a huge success by bought and collected a bunch of antiques from after the war without any noticing.
He loved this place so much that he bought it and is living here now.
Azuma: By the way this whole burial mound is my grandfather's.
Kawachi: What'd you say!?
Kawachi: I.. I can't believe it... is your Grandpa stupid or something?
Azuma: Shh
We're just about to enter the part where he lives. From here you have to go alone Kawachi.

Yeah... well.. I've never even seen your Grandpa before...
Azuma: There's no one else living around here, so you should know that it's him immediately.
Kawachi: Yeah...
Kawachi: Well.. I guess that's true...
Azuma: Alright then, the rest is up to you!
H.. hey! Azuma! Wait up ! Heeey!

Man... this place is so huge... // I keep walking and walking but I'm not getting anywhere.. // It's gotten really dark too.
Dammit... That Azuma.. How am I supposed to find him!? // In a huge place like this, how am I supposed to find him so easily!?
That smoke.... could it be a fire?

A smoldering bonfie... // There's no mistake... someone was here until just recently.
There's no way that any old person could move get very far in darkness like this // He can't have gone off too fast
What's this? the soil is raised up a bit here...
N... no way.. this is...!!

He's living at the bottom of the pit!?

Chapter 218
Umajirou's Wish

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