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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! 1

Plug, In!

+ posted by dosukoi7 as translation on Apr 16, 2012 10:53 | Go to Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!

-> RTS Page for Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! 1

Don't care if you use it but leave me a note if you do


Confirming Target // Depression degree C // He's pretty tired isn't he
Other girl: Make sure you do it right this time, ok Plug? (I've already reached my quota...)
Plug: Leeeeave it to me. Yesterday's failure was just an accident alright?
Alright, to the dad that works too hard... // a special present from me so you can fight your hardest from tomorrow!

Charge 1 Plug, In!
Fiiiight... // One shot! // Charge... // Up!

P4, 5
Charge 1 Plug, In!

What's... that? I penetrated his body... // Maybe I got the size wrong?
A... // Waaaa.. // Uh oh...!
Other girl: Plug!! // Your grounding!?
Plug: What?
It's fine, I made sure...

Kyaaaaaaaaaaah // You idiooooot!!
Plug!! // How much do you think these suits cost you imbecile! // More importantly, you didn't even do the charging!?
What do you think your job is!? Answer me!
Plug: Yes ma'am... // Our job is to “charge” those known as humans in the parallel world who have an especially low amount of life force with vigor, and thus rejuvenate them.

Boss: If you know it so well then do it! // Charging failure! Equipment destroyed! // That's a loss to the entire company! // I'm... sorry...
box: Section Chief
Boss: I just can' take it anymore!
Um... you don't mean... (that is...)
I'm going to take it out of you salary
Plug: Are you serious!? // Umm.. This month I kind of did a lot of shopping, and I took out some loans! // Anyway, you're being too strict!!
Boss: Like I care!? Then go make some money!
Plug: I get a set salary!

Well then consider this an assessment of your worth, and work! // You're part in the morning meeting is over! Leave now! Right now! // Hurry up and go!!!
Alriiiiiiiiiiiight // But I'm already doing the very best I can...

Inter dimensional movement, complete // and... // Oof!!
Ow ow.. // Ouuuuuch
Standing guy: What's wrong?
Fallen guy: It seemed like something popped in front of my face for a second...
Standing guy: There's nothing there.
Fallen guy: Yeah I know but...
Whoa whoa // I ended up in a crowd. // People can't see us, but they can touch us.
Just in case, complete zone isolation stealth... // engage
Alright then, let's start working

(Now where are // all the tired people?)
Ah, that's right, the season for year end parties has started... // On the inside he's tired, but his spirit is distracted so he's not feeling that bad.
Maybe I can find a student preparing for exams... // Or maybe a student searching for a job would be....

No way... // this is the first time I've seen one... // Depression Degree A
What'll I do? What should I do... // At any rate, I can't charge him here
For now I'll just follow him and monitor his condition // It's probably still alright...

Oumi...// san
For now I have a lock on the target. // Today I'll just do a little background check and withdraw.
Excuse me.
Alright, // let's get in the bath

Plug: What are you doing!? (I could die!)
Sentou: That's mu line! Who and what the hell are you!?
Umm... could you possibly... // see me right now?

Sentou: I smacked you cause I could see you but... // Maybe I should give you one more just to make sure?
Plug: N... no...
And that's the kind of job I do. // My name is Plug.
Um... ummm.. // People often // call us “Charge girls” <3

Sentou: What the hell's a charge girl // We're going to the police
Sentou, it's dad. // I'm coming in ok?
The target!
I heard you yelling so I came up... // Did something happen?

Yeah, this girl was sitting here screaming by herself.
Dad: And this person is where?
Satou: Wha....?
Well then... sorry for getting in the way.
Dad: Sentou, // are you going to your college?
Sentou: SHUT UP!

Haven't I told you not to try to play the father after all this time!? // All you need to do is work for my tuition and pocket money! // Get out now!!
I knew it....!
His bodily function value is rapidly decreasing... // The reason the dad became a depression grade a is without a doubt...
because of him!

Sentou:You look like you want to say something.
Plug: Yes. // well.... // May I, Sentou-kun?
Sentou: Yeah
Your father is in a very dangerous condition.
......What? (Is tis a “be nice to your dad” talk?
I told you about my job but, // The reason I came to this house...

He... HEY!
Sentou-kun! Your father is on the first floor right!?
Sentou: Don't just go around houses like that... (She went though the wall again...)
Sorry // if this isn't enough, my life insurance should be enough to give you a decent life. // From dad.
Sentou: What the hell is this!? //What the hell do you know!?
Plug: Ahh!
.... I just mentioned he was in a “very dangerous condition” but... // in that moment he entered into “unacceptable conclusion condition”...

The device from before is used to judge people's depression grade. // When the alarm rings, it lets us know that the target's condition has gotten worse. // The target... meaning your father, //If the alarm rings one more time, // we need to immediately charge him, or his heart will give up.
His heart... will “give up”?
It wouldn't be wrong to call them no longer a person. // For the remainder of their of life, they live while dieing as a lump of meat.
What's my father right now?
To put it bluntly, // the level where suicide is the most common.
And those who cannot kill themselves heart finally give up.
I don't know which side your father is on but...

There is no way to return a broken heart to the way it was. // Sentou-kun... I think we can help him. // Could you please cooperate with me?
My... dad...
He... his job is more important than us. // When I was a kid and my mom died he was at work. // Even though I was still just in middle school, our relatives helped us, and I had to give the eulogy. // During that time he was at work!
That kind of person is supposed to die!

Um... but...
Plug: But...
Sentou: But..
But no I'm feeling kind of bad about this.
I don't really want to save him or anything. // That's why I haven't done anything // But if I don't do anything for my family, // I'll be the same as that shitty old man....
plug: Ah!
Se // Sentou-kun..?
Ha...// ha..

Plug... // What can I do?
Sentou: What is this?
Plug: It's monitoring your father's position. // He's stopped 2000 meters to the north. // Oh! There's a charge point on the way there!
Sentou: Charge...?
Plug: Oh, don't worry about that. // More importantly, can you think of anything?
2000 meters north...// Hmmm... I think there's a huge department store around there...

He's planning on jumping!!
Sentou:Dammit! How long has it been since I ran like this.
Plug: You can do it!
Sentou: Let me ride on your back
Plug: Don't be silly (you look heavy...)// Ah!

I'll start the preperations here, // so make sure to bring your father here.
Right, got it. // Huh?
Transformer substation?
In order to fill the target with “energy,” an incredibly large amount of electricity is necessary. // Normally a transformer from above the telephone will work but... // your father needs at least this much.
Also, since the charging cables length is set...
Sentou: That's why you need my cooperation. // I see. This is irritating.

Whoa! Hey! // What's with the clothes!?
Um... // It's my... uniform?
Sentou: It looks like a fetish costume...
Plug: I didn't know there were people with a antennae(maybe wire) fetish.
Sentou-kun, do you know how much voltage is in the primary transformer substation? // 154,000 volts. // If it's off even a little, he'll split into pieces.
He'll die.

Plug: Actually, I always fail and the chief gets mad at me..
Sentou: What'd you say!?
But this time, you are with me.
Let's save your father together!

Dammit!!! // Why am I trying so hard for that old man... // I've got to do my best!!
Hey! You shitty dad! // You think I'm just going to let you do this!?

Haaaaaaaa... // YOU IDIOT!
Ha.. // Ha... // Ha..

Geez, pull yourself together
Sentou...// please... // Let me die
This goes right, left // left, bottom
All you ever do is stupid selfish things! // You would work and work and forget your family! // You want to die as soon as the wind gets hard!? // Did you think that by playing the big victim mom and us will just forgive you!?
If you think you were bad before, // then work continue working yourself like a horse til you die! // Isn't that how you can fulfill your responsibility?

Hmmmm // I guess this is about the limit for the cable... // Everybody at the technical development department, please make these longer!
(It's not really my place to talk but...)

The refresher's consent plug's length something something // Preparation complete!

Ohhh! // My grounding!
Even after doing it 10's or 100's of times I always forget. // Even though I just finished telling Sentou-kun about it... (This will send the electricity into the ground)
In the one in 10,000 chance that I fail, if the grounding wire is in place his life should be safe...

What am I doing, thinking about mysekf at a time like this? // I can't allow 1 in 10,000! // I will definitely save Sentou-kun's father!

Time's up... // His heart could give up at any moment!
Sentou-kun! // Hurry!
all the little ones are ha's
Damn... my knees are shaking... // At this rate I won't make it to the transformer...
Dad: Kill... // me...
Sentou: Dad...

Could... he have? // HEY! DAD! // GET IT TOGETHER!
Hurry! // We won't make it in time!
Are you stupid!? // If we can't make it in time... // Hey! C'mon!
No way...

I'll leave the rest to you Plug!
Plug: Huh!? // Ok!
Fight! // One shot!



Hey! are you ok!? Get up!! // Don't tell me you died after all that!

Sentou: Wha!?
Wow! What's this?? All of a sudden I'm full of energy! // I feel like I could do anything!
I did it...

Sentou... // I'm sorry.
Dad: I heard you calling me, // but I stopped caring about what happened to me.
Sentou: Yeah...
So, what'll you do? // Are you going to help out your family with some of that new found energy?
Dad: Sorry, // I've got some work left..
Sentou: Hey, hey

Arrrrrg are you retarded or something!? // Huh, Plug!?
Sentou: What the.. // are you crying!?
No, don't look at me
Sentou: Are you that happy that your job was a success?
Plug: That's not it!
I'm just so glad... that I was able to save Sentou-kun's dad... // That's it...
Is there someone up there? A ghost or something?
Sentou: Hmmm... well, I can't really explain it with today's science, but I guess it's about the same.
Plug: No it's not!

Sentou: You can see it, but be grateful.
Dad: Well, who is it then?
(Sentou-kun you idiot~)
From what I've heard, people call her a “Charge Girl” // Oh quit crying already.

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