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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! 2

Hakone's Feelings Pt 1

+ posted by dosukoi7 as translation on Apr 16, 2012 10:54 | Go to Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!

-> RTS Page for Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! 2

Don't care if you use it but leave a note if you do

Boss: Where's your report and apology letter!?
Plug: Huh... // Apology letter!? // Why??
What do you mean why!?
Directly dealing with a Depression Grade A is an incredibly serious matter! // In those cases you should immediately report the situation back to headquarters and direct them to the subject!
(Do your best)
I saved someone and I'm still getting yelled at... // This is so unfair
Oh // That's right....

Charge 2 Hakone's Feelings (part 1)


Sentou: ....mm
It's morning! // You don't want to sleep past 1st period on Wednesday right?

Sentou: Hakone... // Are you serious?
Hakone: Morning <3 // It's so rare for you to oversleep onii-chan
Y... yeah... I just couldn't really sleep last night...
Hakone: A... are you ok!?
Sentou: Yeah, it's nothing. // Don't worry about it.
What's wrong Hakone?
Sentou-kun Sentou-kun

Plug: Oh boy...

Sentou: No way...
Plug: Beep beep // Huh.... OH! // She can see me a little bit
It... // Disappeared...
Onii-chan! // Just now... there was a ghost next to you!!
It couldn't be that the reason you couldn't sleep....

Hakone:You weren't possessed by the ghost that was just here were you!?
Sentou: No! That's not it!!
That was.... // That's it, it was mom.
Hakone: ............Mom?
Sentou: Yeah, that's it. She probably came by just to see if you're doing all right.
Hakone: Onii-chan, are you treating me like an idiot because you think that I'm a kid? (Ha, a ghost)
Sentou: No....
Hakone: I'll made breakfast this morning. // Hurry up and get dressed then come downstairs.
Bigger text: Slam
(I wonder if it worked) // So that's Hakone-chan
Sentou: Hey
Plug: Yes?

Sentou: What did you come here for!? // You got another problem with my dad or something!?
Plug: Aaaaaah! // W... Waiiiit! Ow!
Plug: I was just thinking that I never said thanks
Sentou: Thanks?
Thanks for helping me out.
Sentou: Gross!! (Saying thanks while I have you in a headlock...)
Plug: What!?
Sentou: I only did it cause I thought it was the right thing to do. There's no reason for you to say thanks.
Plug: But... // thanks to you I dodged a salary cut (I have to write more reports now though.)

Sentou: See, we both did it for our own reasons
Plug: Y... yeah...
Plug: B... but that's not all...
Sentou: Hey, Plug // There's something I want to ask you.
Sentou: That thing you use to bring people back to the way they were, that "charger" // Isn't that just a kind of make-shift solution?
Plug: Wh... Whaaaat!?
Plug: How could you say that... // That's what saved your dad isn't it!?
Sentou: I'm an exception right? // Humans and Charge girls can't join together, we can't even see you. // Which means they won't notice, and the human's depressed condition won't be cured. // And then the same thing will just keep happening over and over.

That doesn't solve the root of the problem at all.
Just like the name suggests, all you can really do is charge them up. // Are you guys just going to continue dragging on like this?
Plug: What's that supposed to mean!? Are you trying to start a fight Sentou-kun?
Sentou: You don't have to get so mad.
From a human standpoint that must be an simple question right? // Well, of course I'm happy that you guys are thinking about us humans. Plus, you're just a regular worker. This is just your job.
Plug: Well then that's fine!
Sentou: Hey Plug?
Good bye! // We won't be meeting again anymore.
Sentou: Hey wait a second will you?

Well.. see... // Lately Hakone hasn't really been herself. // I thought it was alright but... I was wondering, could you check it out before you go?
Hakone: You're late! What were you doing? (Eat up~ <3 )
Sentou: Sorry, sorry
... I'm sorry // You went out of your way to make breakfast for me

What's wrong Hakone? Do you feel alright?
Yeah, it's nothing. // Hey, Onii-san... // Maybe we should split the house work...
Sentou: No, I've always done it til now. // I'll keep doing everything.
Hakone: But then you'll...
Sentou: It's fine, it's fine
I wonder if she's worried about something // beep // Let's see..

That sound... //Plug?
She's not there.. (Where did she go off to)
Sentou: Hey Iono
Hakone: Sorry Iono-chan! // Wait a minute ok?

Morning Sen-nii
Sentou: So, how is she?
Iono: That again?
You're right... // From my point of view Hakone-chan has been a little off. // If it's just normal stuff she's completely fine, // but when it's about you...
M... ME!?
Before、 just like always we always talked about you, but lately we don't at all. // Sometimes I ask about you, but she always gets really quiet immediately. // It's always that pattern
Iono: Sen-nii, you didn't get so overcome with her cuteness and lay a hand on her did you?
Sentou: That's a bit rude you know!! (stare)

Hak: Morning Iono-chan
Io: Morning
Sentou: Alright, I'm counting on you again today
Iono:I know but, // What am I trying to say is I think you are too overprotective.
Sentou: Like hell! There's nothing wrong with worrying about your younger sister!
Iono: Right, right
Geez... // Can't you let me handle that stuff a little?

Sentou: You say something?
Iono: Oh no, nothing
Hakone: Onii-chan, we'll be going now
Iono: Later
Sentou: Ok, be careful // Wait // I have a first period class too // Dammit, I guess I'll do the laundry after I get home.
Depression Grade C...

Essential Charge Target Confirmed. // What's wrong Hakone-chan...
I got so surprised I flew out of the house... // What should I do? // Maybe I should consult with Sentou-kun first?
Sentou: The root of the problem....
Plug: ... He doesn't matter. (that jerk...)
If it's a Grade C, I can use this transformer.
Make-shift huh!? What's that supposed to mean!? // I'll save two of your family members, so get ready to thank me!
Beep // Beep // Beep

Here we go! // Charge...

Uh oh...
(Red tape)
The cable's length!!


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