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6000 1

6000 Meters

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Nov 28, 2011 19:36 | Go to 6000

-> RTS Page for 6000 1

*for Lazy Ass scans

Chapter 1: 6000 Meters
Year 201X, in a certain part of the Philippine Sea

We’re only running on emergency power.

It’s dark out there, so please, be careful.

Worker: Ah, you’ll want to put on a mask, sir.
Suit: I don’t need one.
Worker: But sir, the smell is…

Suit: Don’t make me tell you again.

Other suit: Ugh.

Masked worker: We’ve cleaned up… The worst of the fat…

Suit: That was much faster than I expected.

Suit: Alright, let’s hurry this up! / There’s only three hours left in the day!
Suit: Once the accords come into effect, / we’ll no longer be able to operate in this region!

Suit: And then this place’ll just become cold storage.

3 Years Later

Kadokura: How many times to I have to show you my papers?!

Kadokura: I’m staff here! You know me!

Kadokura: Why, on top of working out here in the middle of nowhere, / do I have to put up with all this bureaucratic bullshit?!

Kadokura: I mean, without a convenience store, how am I supposed to receive my packages from Amazon?

Kadokura: I’ve put up with all of this bull. / No internet, no television, no magazines, no hook… I mean, no girlfriend!

Kadokura: Don’t look at me like that!
Worker: It’ll just be another second.

Kadokura: Dammit! I’m already late!

(?): Is that the Japanese man you spoke of?

Hmm… / But doesn’t he seem a little off?

After our company was acquired,

He seems to have decided to grab onto whatever he could.

And besides, I’m sure he won’t look really excited / until he learns the details of his work.

Does he have guts? Or is he just an idiot?

Wein: He’s a dog. Just look at him.

Kadokura: First impressions are everything. / First impressions are…

Wein: I’m Wein Chan Guo* of Shanghai’s Kyosei Shipwrights.
*name is Chinese; I am completely guessing on the transliteration. If anyone has a better one, I’m all ears
Wein: I’ll be your new boss.

Wein: I apologize if I made you wait.

Kadokura: I’m—I’m Kadokura Kengo. / I transferred to your department yesterday! It’s—It’s nice to…

Kadokura: meet you…
Wein: Wasn’t there supposed to be one more? / I heard you were a two-man group…
Kadokura: Ah, yes; that’s right! He’s going to be meeting up with us later, though…

Kadokura: Though he was the top salesman at our old company…
Wein: So then, what do you know about what you’ll be doing for us?

Kadokura (not speech bubble): What was the job again?
Kadokura(speech bubble): Umm… err… / I heard it had something to do with reworking some things at a “certain institution”…

Kadokura: And apparently it’s been closed for the last three years…
Wein: That’s right.

Wein: There was a bit of an accident. Problems in territorial waters. Things became rather difficult.

Wein: We weren’t even allowed to get close to it for the past three years.

Wein: A lot of money was spent building that state-of-the-art facility, so I’m sure you can imagine the inconvenience.

Wein: At any rate, our business focuses on / securing the key ingredients for industrial work: herbs, minerals, energy sources, and so on.

Wein: And we found the motherlode in the ocean depths.

Kadokura: What….?
Wein: We began operations 6,000 meters beneath the surface three years ago / in the deep-sea residential facility Cofdeece.
Kadokura: 6,000 meters?!
Wein: Our job is to evaluate the facility and report our findings topside.

Kadokura: The bottom of the ocean…?!

Kadokura: Wh-when you say the ocean depths, do you mean—
Wein: Moving on!

Wein: I’ll spare you the details until that “top” man gets here.
Extra: Wein-san!

Kadokura: Umm / excuse me?

Kadokura: A facility 6000 meters under the sea…

Kadokura: So the job isn’t here, then.

Kadokura: So how the hell / are we even getting there?

Kadokura: Bioprospecting… / It can cause cancerous cells to undergo apoptosis.

Kadokura: As for other poisonous properties, it also serves as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory...

Kadokura: Shit…. I don’t understand any of this. If I don’t meet up with Danzaki-san soon, I’ll…

Good work today!

Yamada(?): Reemployment? / I feel like that choice has already been made for us.

Yamada(?): Who’d a thunk that, after working at a company for thirty years, it’d get bought out by some Chinese guy?

Kadokura: Look’s like Yamada-san’s complaining as much as ever.

Danzaki: Hey, Kengo! / I heard they didn’t let you go!

Kadokura: How are you taking this so lightly?

Danzaki: Have you ever seen me nervous?


Kadokura: Guess not. / Well, as for me…

Kadokura: I’m still owed a favor by the outgoing company president!

Danzaki: Oh? What a laugh.

Danzaki: Well, Ekoda Machinery still lives on in my heart. / You’re an engineer, so I figure you feel it more than I.

Danzaki: At any rate, relax. / I’ll get us out of this rut soon enough.

Kadokura: Danzaki-san… I’m sorry, but I’m still nervous.

Kadokura: No!

Kadokura: I have to stay confident, or I’m doomed.

Kadokura: It’s not like I can just find another job now. / And I still have Danzaki-san.

(?): You seem down in the dumps.

(?): Do Japanese people always look like that while trying to hold on to their pride?

(?): If only you would keep your head up / and act like everything were going to turn out just fine…

Kadokura: “Wh—“

(?): You’re / one of the people from the company Shanghai’s Kyosei Shipwrights bought out, right?
(?): I was wondering if you had any regrets.

Kadokura: Since you’re here, you must be one of the staff working below, right? / Why’d you decide to start talking to me?

(?): Oh, I get it.

(?): You’re the kind of guy who just puts on a brave face, aren’t you?

Kadokura: Don’t you dare talk to me like that!

Extra: Why’s a helicopter here? / Weren’t we supposed to be on standby after Wein-san arrived?

Extra: Apparently, someone got hurt down below. / You’re not saying we’re going to send him out on the chopper, are you?

p22: <no text>

Kadokura: Da—

Kadokura: Danzaki-san!

Kadokura: Wait! / Please, wait!


Wein: It’s time for us to enter.


Wein: The final group of specialists will now begin their descent to Cofdeece. / Looks like we’ll be traveling together.

Kadokura: No, but… / Danzaki-san’s…

Wein: Is that a sufficient reason to keep the rest of the staff waiting?

Wein: Get a hold of yourself. / That was nothing more than a mild accident.

Wein: Leave the rest to the medics.

Wein: Please watch your step, / as there’s a small step down here.

Wein: From here, this elevator tube will take us / down the 6,000 meters to Cofdeece

Wein: The Deep Sea Elevator DST1, / Shanghai’s Kyosei Shipwright’s pride and joy.

Wein: The outer layer consists of a carbon fiber developed in western Japan specifically for this project. / It can theoretically withstand up to 110 megapascals.

Wein: The interior of the tube is filled with a special fluid / which flows in a strikingly smooth manner! It makes the ride quite pleasant.

Kadokura(?): What is this “special liquid”?

Kadokura(?): Something resistant to both heat and pressure… No, that can’t be it.

Kadokura: How am I supposed to do this alone…

<no text>


Wein: Stop spacing out! Hurry up and take a seat!

Wein: The descent will take four hours. Along the way, / we will activate a mechanism which will resist the rising water pressure within the tube itself.

Kadokura: Umm, what… what was it I saw back there?

Kadokura: Was I just stressed out because of what happened to Danzaki-san?

Kadokura: Wein Chan Guo…

Kadokura: I can’t trust that man at all.

Kadokura: How was that a “little” accident? / Does he think I’m an idiot?

Kadokura: Slow down… I’m just letting myself get carried away. / But still, am I really heading 6,000 meters under the sea / with no one I can trust?

Kadokura: This is no joke… / Everything’s fucked up.

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