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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

6000 2

Mass Hysteria

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Dec 5, 2011 16:59 | Go to 6000

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*for Lazy Ass scans

Chapter 2: Mass Hysteria

<no text>

Kadokura: It’s not too late to say something.

Kadokura: There’s no reason I have to just sit back and do whatever he says, after all!

Kadokura: I… I should quit.

Kadokura: Umm… Wein-san?

Kadokura: I was just wondering—when does this elevator makes its return trip?

Kadokura: I mean, we get to spend our time off topside, right?

Kadokura: Shit. Say something, dammit!

Kadokura: At any rate, if I don’t think of something fast, I’m going to be stuck 6,000 meters under the sea with this bastard…

This is suicidal.

Is Danzaki-san alright?

….ved. / Please wait a moment while we prepare the exterior for docking.

That took forever.

Kadokura: Did we arrive?

Kadokura: Looks like I’m fucking stuck here now.

<no text>

Wein: Welcome to the Cofdeece!

Wein: This is the elevator room, which is on the top floor.

Worker: I hope your trip was pleasant.

This is Cofdeece, a deep-sea residential facility located 6,000 meters underwater. / It consists of seven pressure-resistant spheres intended for residential use, along with two pressure-resistant columns.

It’s a giant facility, capable of housing up to 50 people.

Wein: These bulkheads are scattered throughout the facility. / Please be aware of them in case of emergency.

Wein: They consist of a five-fold lock which is set up to automatically close in the span of 0.2 seconds, even if someone wants to get through.

(?): They’re more like passageways than bulkheads…

Wein: First, let’s head to the CCR, the central control room. / As the name suggests, it serves as Cofdeece’s core.

Kadokura: … It’s huge…
Wein: Therefore, unlike elsewhere the CCR has a secondary pressure-resistant…

Wein: What the fuck is going on here?!
Kadokura: Ah…

Wein: Have you accomplished nothing?!

Worker: Are… Are you alright?
Guo: How long has the ban been lifted for?
Worker: 3 days, sir.

Kusakabe: And I think we’ve accomplished a lot over these three days, / Wein-san.

Wein: Good job,


Kusakabe: And on top of being so busy, / Danzaki went and…

Kusakabe: Who’s that?

Wein: Oh, him? He’s my new subordinate.

Wein: Apparently, he’s from the same company as Danzaki.

Kadokura: I’m Kadokura.

Kusakabe: Ah… / Nice to meet you… / I’m Kusakabe Miwa, an engineer here.

Kadokura: Umm…
Kusakabe: About my security level—

Guo: This again?
Kusakabe: But I need to get into… <trails off>

Kadokura: So she’s Kusakabe-san…
Kadokura: *grunt*
Kadokura: What’s in here?

Kadokura: I think I could learn to like working—
Kadokura: Whoa!

Kadokura: …….. / Is this place gonna fall apart? …. Dammit.

*Kadokura: My Fairlady Z35… / I have a five-year loan… / I could quit, but then I wouldn’t be able to pay it off…

Kadokura: Guess there’s no water in here… / How am I supposed to bathe?

Kadokura: Well, if a thing’s worth doing, / it’s worth doing right.

Kadokura: Huh? What’s this?

Kadokura: Wha?!

Kadokura: Dammit! / What is this—dirt?! / Shit!

Kadokura: It’s just one thing after another…

Kadokura: Guess they didn’t finish cleaning out the last guy’s stuff…

Announcer: Warning.

Announcer: Warning. / An abnormality has been detected in the internal pressure.

Announcer: An abnormality has been…

Kusakabe[?]: This sort of stuff’s has been happening all the time.
Kusakabe[?]: I’ve looked into the machinery, but everything seems to be working OK.

Kusakabe: But the pressure, temperature, and personnel sensors keep going off…

Kusakabe: So to be blunt, the whole system’s screwed up.

Kusakabe: This place has fallen apart worse than I had imagined. / I don’t know if we could get this place back up to par in a month.

Kusakabe: But at any rate, wasn’t Shanghai Kyosei a proprietary company which made use of above-sea facilities and elevator units, right? / So I don’t think it would be a breach of trust for you to provide me with the those companies’ private maintenance data…

Wein: I’m sorry, Kusakabe-kun.

Wein: But could you please stop prying into unnecessary matters?

Wein: You’re a mechanic. / Your need only concern yourself with machinery.

Wein: And furthermore, / we will be the judge of whether or not we can resume operations, not you.

Wein: And by “we”, I mean Shanghai Kyosei.

Kadokura: “An abnormality in the air pressure”?!

Kadokura: Isn’t that really bad?

Kadokura: Though the alarm did stop going off…

Kadokura: Where was it I was supposed to go?

Kadokura: To wherever he is?

Kadokura: Dammit all… And I had finally gotten some time alone, too…

Kadokura: Umm/ Excuse me?

Kadokura: What the hell… / What’s wrong with her?

Kadokura: But / I’ve got a bad feeling about this… What is this place?

Kadokura: Amazing… / A greenhouse… or maybe a botanical garden?

Kadokura: No, this is a full-blown forest.

(?): This forest is one part of a perfect recycling environment, / developed for use even in outer space.

(?): An encapsulated man-made forest which makes use of the agglutinative capabilities of polysilica iron…

(?): Or at least, it was supposed to become that. Now it’s just a bunch of ruins…


Kadokura: Ah, you’re…

(?): You’re / from Shanghai Kyosei, right? / There’s something I want to ask you!

Kadokura: Wh… What is it?

Kadokura: And… I just started here today, so…
(?): Don’t play dumb!

(?): And don’t give me that bullshit about territorial waters under the Sino-Japanese accords or being banned from the area! / That’s not what I want to know at all!

(?): I want to know the truth behind the accident.

(?): What exactly happened then?
(?): Why did everyone…
(new ?): Umm…

Worker: I’m sorry to interrupt.
Kadokura: No, it’s fine.

Worker: Umm… / She just said you were from Shanghai Kyosei, right?

Worker: We were really surprised / by “that”, too.

Worker: Ah… forget it. How’s Danzaki doing?

Worker: He was a good man, so I’m concerned…

Kadokura: You know about Danzaki-san’s accident?!

Kadokura: I saw him being evacuated earlier!
Workers: …
Kadokura: What the hell happened to him?!

Worker: That wasn’t an accident.

Worker: I saw it happen with my own eyes. / While we were working on cleanup operations in here, Danzaki…
He took a kama / to his throat, and…

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