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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

6000 3


+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Dec 13, 2011 01:47 | Go to 6000

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*for Lazy Ass scans

Chapter 3: Reunion

Hey, Kadokura! / We’ve already closed!
But still, it’s hard to believe after thirty years that this company would be bought out by a Chinese person…

Well, that’s all in the past now, right?

Are you really going to stay?

Haven’t you figured it out yet? / You screwed up.

You never had a chance from the start.

You should have just left with everyone else.

But it’s too late to run away now, / Kadokura Kengo.

Kadokura: Wahhhhhh!

Kadokura: Hah….

Kadokura: Shit…

Kusanabe: A resonance transmission? / We didn’t send any dispatches…

Kusanabe: You must be mistaken. / The undersea resonance transmission system hasn’t been set up yet.

Surface: However, we have records of a message being received topside.
Kusanabe: And as I said, we didn’t send it. / And it wasn’t SSB-AM* or signal diffusion, either.
* A method of information transfer

Kusanabe: And why would we send anything up there wirelessly when there’s a cable connecting us? / And I’m not sure why I’m being asked to focus on these things.

Surface: There was undoubtedly a message received. / And it wasn’t vocal data. It was

p9: Surface: “silence”.

Surface: At any rate, we’d like you to try to achieve confirmation.
Kusanabe: Yeah…

Kusanabe: Are they trying to stop me from working on repairs? / Are they just using me before they cut me off?

Kusanabe: But then why…

Kusanabe: Wh… what…

Kusanabe: W… wait…

Kusanabe: What are you doing, barging in—

Kusanabe: Huh…?

Kusanabe: But… I’m sure I just…

Kusanabe: Isn’t this the undersea resonance transmission software? / It found a connection?

Kadokura: I guess / there’s no fish swimming near here today.

Kadokura: I want some sushi…
Wein: You’re not homesick anymore, are you?

Wein: The rest of the staff is busy restoring the facility. / Is filing reports really that tedious?

Kadokura: Well, / I was just about to, er… Go to the CCR*…
*Central Control Room

Wein: I’m sorry, but this isn’t the kind of place where you can just sit around and think. / How much maintenance do you think we complete in a day?

Kadokura: Umm…

Kadokura: I was hoping you could tell me about Danzaki-san’s condition… / Well…

Kadokura: It was an attempted suicide, right? / Why were you calling it an accident?

Kadokura: All right! I said it!

Kadokura: Let’s see / how he responds to that!

Wein: How idiotic.

Wein: Listen. / Put fifty or a hundred people together, and all sorts of crazy rumors will start flying about.

Wein: You didn’t actually take them seriously, did you?

Kadokura: I did, but I heard it from one of the workers who was…
Wein: We just brought in a new set of workers.

Wein: At any rate, you should try to put this incident in perspective.

Wein: You have a bad habit of focusing on the little things.

Kadokura: What happened to Danzaki-san was a “little thing”?

Kadokura: If this work is that important, / then you should have just filed your reports however you liked from the start.

Kadokura: You just blind yourself to anything inconvenient!

Wein: You’re an interesting man.

Wein: Go take some time to cool your head

Wein: and figure out whether or not it’s in your best interests to anger me.

Kadokura: This isn’t about me, dammit…

(?): Looks like you two aren’t that close. / Your conversation was pretty interesting.

Kadokura: Y…You again.

Xia: Call me Xia Nozomi*. / I’m half-Japanese.
*Family name is Chinese; pretty sure that’s the correct romanization

Xia: I’m here as a programmer…

Xia: Ah, hey! / I said, hey!

Xia: My goodness…

Xia: If he can’t understand that Wein-shi is a fair representative of that company, well… / He does seem the type to fight all his battles alone.

Xia: The type who dies early on.

Kusanabe: Considering how he just acted, maybe he’s just the type who doesn’t even know what he’s looking for…

Kusanabe: But on the other hand, he’s from Shanghai Kyosei. / I think he knows something, but…

Kusanabe: But Wein Chan Guo is practically a brick wall.

Xia: And Kadokura’s just an idiot.

Kusanabe: All the same, / there’s too many strange things going on here.

Kusanabe: I’m supposed to be responsible for the machines. / Why am I not allowed to view the data from the accident?

Kusanabe: And this whole thing about the “silent transmission” is giving me the creeps.

Xia: Huh? / Did something happen?

Kusanabe: N-no, don’t worry about it.

Inset: They immediately changed the workers after Danzaki’s attempted suicide.

Inset: Shanghai Kyosei must be hiding something. And whatever it is, that’s what’s at the heart of all these malfunctions.


Glasses: The repeated alarm malfunctions, incessant pressure abnormalities / and the unreliability of the temperature control system…

Glasses: This place has completely gone to shit.

Glasses: So it’s exactly as Kusanabe-san surmised.

(?): At least as far as you can tell. / Right, Uemura-kun?

Uemura: Ah, Chief!

Chief: You must be Xia-kun.

Samejima: It’s nice to meet you. The name’s Samejima.

Xia: But that means…

Xia: You must be the Samejima Tamotsu-san from Shinnou Heavy Industry,

Xia: the company that owns the Cofdeece.

Xia: Making you the person responsible for its structure.

Xia: You guys did a really good job. Even though it’s a 3-year-old facility, / the design of the systems and layout still feel extremely modern.

Xia: Well, I’m sure she’d know more about that kind of thing than me…

Xia: Long day today, Miwa-chan?

Samejima: I’m certainly glad for the complement, but / the management at Shanghai Kyosei seem to be hiding a few too many secrets.

Samejima: Even regarding the accident three years ago, / we don’t know much beyond the official announcement.

Samejima: At any rate, we’re always being treated as outsiders. / To be blunt, I still don’t feel at home down here.

Samejima: We’d like to be able to give their families some closure, but, well…
Girl from c.2: Phew…

Samejima: I feel sorry for them.

Xia: So… / How big was the accident?

Samejima: All hands were lost. / That much we can be sure of.

Samejima: All thirty-two people died. / If we hadn’t been able to confirm that by satellite, / even the journalists would have never even found out about an accident this far underwater.

Samejima: But it was turned into a diplomatic issue, and no bodies were ever returned. / All I’ve gotten out of anyone involved was that there was a fire, but…

Samejima: even though I came down here as soon as I could get clearance, / everything was as clean as a whistle.

Samejima: There wasn’t a hint of damages anywhere in the facility.

Kusanabe: Uh…

Samejira(?): If there were a fire large enough to kill everyone…

Samejira(?): Or perhaps we should consider the possibility that all thirty-two were “disappeared” somewhere…

<no text>


Glasses woman: Heh… Hah…

Glasses woman: Bà… (Father)

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