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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

6000 4


+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Dec 19, 2011 14:27 | Go to 6000

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*for Lazy Ass scans

Chapter 4: Arrival

Kadokura: Shit! The afternoon meeting’s already started! / I get the need for security, but / it’s too damn strict! Why do I have to hand-deliver all this stuff?!

Wein: … and figure out whether or not it’s in your best interests to anger me.

Kadokura: Ah! Stop thinking about that! / But he seemed so serious, so I can’t get it out of my mind! / I must be thinking about it because I expect him to make good on his threat.

Kadokura: That wasn’t a joke. The guy’s a friggin’ robot; the next time I see him, he probably won’t even have to breathe anymore.


<no text>

Glasses woman: Bà… (Father)

Kadokura: You all right in there?!

Glasses woman: Tha—tha-tha-tha-tha-tha-tha-tha-tha!!

Kadokura: What happened? / Huh? Aren’t you the woman from the garden? / <aside: The stalker…>

Glasses woman: M-my father, he’s…

Kadokura: Huh?

Kadokura: Well, at any rate, let’s get you some first aid… / Shit… Didn’t anyone else hear her?

Kadokura: Ah, great timing! / Sorry, but could you give me a hand here? / There’s a lady here who’s fainted…

Suit: That sort of thing seems like a job for laborers like yourselves.

Suit: Why would I do something so menial?
Kadokura: Huh? No, that’s… / what?

Uemura: Why don’t you just skip the meeting?
Kusakabe: You know there’s no way I can do that.

Kusakabe: And more importantly, I have to make sure everything’s in order for today’s tests.
Uemura: You look really bad; you should just…

Glasses: My father…

Kusakabe: What’s going on here?

Kadokura: She’s been mumbling like that ever since I got here. I think she’s out of it.
Kusakabe: Hmm…

Kadokura: Something about her father being outside the window…

Suit: Let’s not joke around.

Suit: It seems you lack the proper appreciation of your current environment.

Suit: I have spent 20 years involved in deep-sea research, / yet still I marvel at how these facilities can withstand the external pressure.

Suit: We are presently some 6,000 meters under the sea / which means the external pressure is roughly 60 megapascals. / A living hell being crushed by some 600 kilograms per square centimeter. / Outer space seems like a paradise compared to this.

Suit: So if this woman actually saw a “clump of protein”, / then why, in an environment with very little food in it, did it last three years without other life forms tearing it apart? / And its original form preserved to boot?

Suit: So the very idea she saw her father outside the window is simply laughable.

Old guy: Ah / You’re…

Old guy: Mei Lin. / You must still be…

Mei: I’m fine, Chan-sensei. / I think I’m just a little tired.

Chan: Don’t worry about the meeting—just go rest in your cell.
Mei: I’m sorry; I’ll do just that.
Suit: How long do you intend to keep me waiting?!

<no text>

Kadokura: This is nice… / Get this far out, and no one ever comes by.

Kadokura: Even though this is still in the main sphere, / the lower floors look a lot messier. / How could they let the communication floor directly below the CCR* get in such a shape?
*central control room

Kadokura: If things are this bad here, I don’t even want to think about how things are in the six sub-spheres…

Kadokura: But that girl… Mei Lin, was it? / What was she trying to say?

Kadokura: There’s no way this place is “fine”. / Everything’s a pain in the ass, and everyone’s on edge… / Is it afternoon already? I’ve been here six days, and I’m still not sure when it’s night.

Kadokura: I wish I could see the sun…

Kadokura: Dammit. I keep spacing out like this, and I’m just going to get chewed out again.

Kadokura: What was that, just now? / There shouldn’t be anyone else down here, but…

Kusakabe: We haven’t completed repairs there yet, so if you’re hungry, go eat in the cafeteria.

Kadokura: Ku… Kusakabe-san?

Kadokura: That was pretty bad back there.

Kadokura: But man, good thing I was there, huh? Though I was kinda surprised…
Kusakabe: Well, you’ve gotta be pretty tough mentally to survive down here.

Kusakabe: What?

Kadokura: I’ve got a toolbox of my own. / Seeing yours brought back a lot of memories

Kadokura: My family ran a factory when I was young. / We were subcontractors for Ekoda Machinery, and our dirty factory worked with sheet iron.

Kadokura: So I’ve always lived amongst the sounds and smells of machines. / There’s something that just feels right about them… I like it more than when I’m with other people…

Kadokura: Once I get back up to the surface, I think I’ll wait for Danzaki-san to get better / and try to get another manufacturing job with him, or something…

Kusakabe: Huh? What are you…

Kusakabe: Wait… Don’t tell me/ no one’s told you?
Kadokura: Huh?

Kusakabe: Danzaki’s… well…

Kadokura: He didn’t make it?

Kadokura: What the hell?

Kadokura: Why didn’t anyone / tell me?

Kusakabe: I’m sorry…
Kadokura: I’m going back to work.

Kusakabe: Umm… / I don’t think you should worry about it too much…

Kusakabe: At any rate, you need to calm down! / There’s a full system check planned for today.

Kusakabe: I had wanted to do it earlier, but…
Kadokura: I’ll check everything down here.

Kusakabe: You’re only going to make things worse! / You should head back right now, because…

Kadokura: Because nothing’ll come from picking a fight with Wein, right?

Announcer: We will now begin the full system check. / The check will be performed on every floor. At that time, / after the alarm sounds, the power may cut out for around 30 seconds, / so please try to respond in a calm and orderly fashion.

Announcer: We will start on the top floor of the main sphere, the elevator floor, at 1800 hours. / We will then proceed to each lower floor at 2 minute intervals. / Those are, in order, the living quarters, the CCR and laboratory facilities floor, and the sub-sphere contact floor. / We expect to be finished by 1810 hours.
<On the map, starting from the top, going counter-clockwise: Elevator Tube, Elevator Floor, Garden, Living Quarters, Submarine Dock <note: LQ is below the dock>, Sub-sphere, Sub-sphere Contact Floor, CCR Floor, Main Sphere, CCR >

Kusakabe: At that time, we will begin testing the sub-sphere and submarine docking station as well.

Kusakabe: However, no one is actively using those sections, / so we plan on conducting those tests without forewarning.

(?): Thanks for covering for me.

Announcer/Kusakabe: I repeat: At 1800 hours the top floor of the main sphere, / then each subsequent floor in two minute intervals…

Kadokura: Dammit, I’m pissed. / Should I go give him a piece of my mind?

Kadokura: But this and that are completely different things…

Wein: Go cool your head.

Kadokura: Maybe you’re the one who needs to cool his head.

Kadokura: Though to be fair, / was he really trying to insult me?

Uemura: The test will begin in 5 seconds. / 3 / 2 / 1

(?): Huh?

This is dangerous!

What’s going on here?
Weren’t they supposed to start from the top?

A feint?

Th-the entire sphere has gone dark!!

Kusakabe: Even our backups failed? There’s no way that can be right! / Uemura-kun, start getting everything back online.

Uemura: Please, wait!

Uemura: This is really weird…

<no text>

Uemura: It’s not working! There’s no response!

Kusakabe: The temperature and oxygen systems are offline, too! / We need to figure something out, fast!
Uemura: Shit!

Kadokura: What is it this time? / Didn’t they say it was for only thirty seconds? And that it was supposed to start from the top?

Kadokura: Umm… / excuse me?

Kadokura: Err…

Kadokura: At… at any rate, I should probably follow them…

(?): Hey… / Isn’t this running long?

Kadokura: Umm, excuse me!

Kadokura: Where exactly are we headed?

Kadokura: Huh?

<no text>

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