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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

6000 5

Arrival - 2

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Dec 22, 2011 15:17 | Go to 6000

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*for Lazy Ass scans

Chapter 5: Arrival—2

<no text>

Kadokura: Did… did the emergency lights break down? / That sort of thing normally wouldn’t…

Kadokura: Shit… I’m completely lost. / Where the hell am I?

Kadokura: And didn’t I just see / some white thing a second ago?

Kadokura: Damn, that hurt!

Kadokura: Huh? / W-what happened? / A cut… blood?

Kadokura: Ouch!

Kadokura: Dammit… It’s so dark, I can’t see a…

Mei: Yeah, there’s nothing there. / There’s no way something like that could really…

Mei: It’s just like that old pharaoh said… / But then, what did I see?

Mei: I thought I could figure out what happened if I came here, but I… I can’t… / I’m sorry, Bà.

<no text>

Rescuers: Don’t move! / We’re the rescue squad!

Kadokura: Huh?

Kadokura: A rescue squad? Why would you be…?

Rescuers: We’ve finished putting out the fires. / Are you the only survivor?

Kadokura: Hold up a second—I don’t understand! / What do you mean, a fire? There wasn’t a fire anywhere!

Rescuers: Please don’t move! You need to do exactly as we say!

Kadokura: …..Who… are you?

Rescuers: Ah? What are you doing?! / Stop!

Rescuers: Don’t do it!

Kadokura: …..? / H…. hey…

Rescuers: Pl… Please stop…

Kadokura: F… fuck…

Kadokura: Fuck!

Kadokura: Fu…

Kadokura: God dammit; I can’t see for shit. / Where the hell’s the exit?!

Ahhh / Ahhhh!

Worker A: Look’s like Miwa-sama’s lost her head.
Worker B: All she could say was / “Uemura-kun, do something!”, right?

Worker B: Huh?

Worker A: What is it?
Worker B: I’m not sure, but I thought I heard someone…

Worker B: Wha?

Worker A: Ah.

Worker A: … What the…

Mei: That’s right…

Mei: I no longer have the right to live.

Mei: What did…

Mei: What did I do…
Mei (speech): Oh God…

Our Father, who art in heaven, / hollowed be thy name. / Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done / on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread
Kadokura: Shit… What the hell? / What’s going on here?

and forgive us our trespasses / as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation, / but deliver us from…

[Flashback!text]: A kama… / throat
[inset]: His own throat… with a kama…

(?): but deliver us / from evil.

Kadokura: Don’t—

<no text>

Kadokrua: Hah… / Huh? / This is…

Kadokura: When did I… / !! / You again?! / Why the hell are you trying to kill yourself?!

Mei: Why… Why am I here? <aside: Where are my glasses? >
Kadokura: How the hell would I know?!

Kusakabe: Uemura-kun, did you…?
Uemura: It… it looks like the problem managed to fix itself.

Worker: Well then, back to work. / Oh?

Worker: Why’s the bulwark closed?

Worker: Hey, you alright there?

Worker: What is this? / Hey! Did something happen?
Other worker: At any rate, I’ll have my ID open this.
Worker: Ah! Wait! Don’t—

Worker: open…

(?): More and more workers appear to have become distressed.

Wein: There are others eager to get back to work.

(?): … Any clue as to the culprit’s objective?

Wein: Are you sure there is / a culprit?

(?): The incident involving the bulwark could not have been an accident. / Thus we must assume the existence of a culprit.

(?): At any rate, we have chosen to shut down the elevator system for the time being.

Wein: You’re shutting it down?

(?): There is the possibility of a crime. This is simply the natural response.

Wein: Th… then will the police be getting involved?
(?): Wein-kun, have you taken leave of your senses as well?

(?) No matter what else happens, we cannot afford to have them pay us a visit. / Don’t forget that we have two ships in the Arctic Ocean waiting on us.

Wein: … Very well.

Kadokura: Which means… I can’t go home…

Worker: What do you mean, we can’t head back up?!

Kadkoura: Ah… well, that’s…

Kadokura: There’s currently a low-pressure system passing through overhead, so the tube is dangerously crooked and cannot be used at the moment.

Worker: Don’t lie to me! Aren’t there safeguards against that sort of thing?!

Kusakabe: What perfect timing for a storm to roll by. / You know, don’t you. / That people are dying.

Kadokura: Umm… / About that…

Kadokura: There wasn’t a response team, / or something like that, was there?

Kusakabe: A response team? / That’s the first I’ve heard of it.

Kusakabe: Anyways,

Kusakabe: We’ve stockpiled more than enough food in case of just this sort of emergency, / but why am I being asked to check on our stockpiles now? / What are you guys planning?

Inset: That’s not it. / Was the accident because something broke down? / Or are they trying to hide something?

Kusakabe: Damn, this is tight. / Why did this have to be planned on such short notice?

Kusakabe: I mean, no one's even been in there for three years. / Hmmph…

Though this certainly isn’t the time to be saying such things.

This isn’t that kind of light-hearted fairy tale!

I can’t explain it really well, / but I know I’m right.

I know there’s something even worse in here…

Kusakabe: Gh… / What is that?!

Kusakabe: It smells horrible…
Kadokura: I can’t… breathe… and my eyes…

Kusakabe: What? What is it?
Kadokura: There’s something in there.

Kusakabe: What are you talking about? This place hasn’t been opened in three years!
Kadokura: There it is, at the far end.

Kadokura: You’ve gotta be kidding me…

Kadokura: It’s a person. / There’s a person in here!

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