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6000 9


+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 7, 2012 22:30 | Go to 6000

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*note: I've changed the spelling of the scientist's name from Harshbach to Herschbach, since it seems to be a reference to Dudley Herschbach, a Nobel Prize-winning chemist


…ry… / Henry!

Henry Herschbach!

Chapter 9: Possessed

Worker: It feels like it’s getting harder to breathe lately.

Worker: My shoulders have been really stiff, too, and my head is killing me.

Amakasu: Let me give you some vitamins for the time being.

Worker: I’ve felt really sluggish and my ears have been ringing… My blood pressure’s been normal, but…

Worker: I’ve had a horrible stomachache.
Amakasu: It might have been from overwork. / These kinds of circumstances can be pretty hard on your chest.

Amakasu: For starters, let’s have you try some sleep medication.

Amakasu: It’s quite worrisome for everyone to be exhibiting these symptoms at the same time. / All of these people coming in highly stressed and with symptoms appearing in their autonomic nervous system could be considered a pattern. / Insomnia, abdominal pain, myotonia, migraines…

Amakasu: There have also been some people here and there exhibiting neurotic depression…
Shirane: Hmm.

Amakasu: For the most part, the problems have been minor, but it would be too risky to leave it at that. / I fear that a lapse in concentration could lead to an accident, or all sorts of trouble.

Shirane: Hmmm….

(?): Doc… / Doc! Over here!!

Worker: He’s been hurt! / We were using the drill, and it slipped, / and I can see the bone…!!

Shirane: Lay him here, quickly!

Shirane: This is bad…

Amakasu: I was right… / The situation is deteriorating.

(?): Uwah!!

Kadokura: I… / I’m sorry…
Worker: Oh, for goodness’ sake! / I told you it was dangerous to leave them there!
Other worker: Oh, Kadokura-san! I was looking for you!

Kadokura: Y… / Yes?

Worker: It’s been a week since then, hasn’t it? / Since we lost contact with the outside world / and the elevator tube became unusable.

Worker: We haven’t gotten resupplied, and it feels like nothing’s getting done. So I was wondering: / when do you expect to have everything back up and working again?

Worker: And also… I wanted to ask Wein this directly, but… / I feel like there’s something wrong with that famous scientist. / What was his name again… Herschbach?

Worker: He treats people like a slave driver, / and we don’t even work for him! / He even harasses us over our private lives…

Worker: I was hoping you could pass on my worries to Wein-san? / Oh, and no need to tell him it was from me.

Kadokura: No one can rest easy in a crowd…

Kadokura: But alone in their rooms? / I don’t get it. What are they so afraid of that makes them clutch their Maglites all night long?

Kadokura: Seems kinda stupid, if you ask me…

Kusakabe: What was that I felt last night?

Worker: Ever since last night, I felt like my head was about to crack right open. / You’re a doctor, right? So do something!

Amakasu: Well, we haven’t been able to get fresh shipments of medical supplies, / and a lot of the other workers have been exhibiting similar symptoms, so…

Worker: “Others”? / Are you keeping the medicine from me so you can give it to someone else?!

Herschbach: I am far too important to wait.

(?): Are you insane?!

Herschbach: Hey! Would someone please tell this idiot of a doctor what’s wrong with this picture?

(?): Well, Doctor, I…

Herschbach: Don’t you dare touch me! Do I look like your friend?! / Just being around all of you useless sloths makes me sick.

Herschbach: What about my equipment?! / How long until my cooled CCD camera arrives?!

Kadokura: I’ve heard enough from you! / You’re not the only one who’s been inconvenienced by the elevator being out!

Kadokura: What… What gives you the right to do whatever you want?! / All you do is whine about your own problems.

Kadokura: It’s jerks like you who make things miserable, / you…

Kadokura: You selfish bastard!
Kusakabe: Calm down!

Kusakabe: He’s not just trying to cause a fuss!!

Kusakabe: I’m very sorry. I’m the facility engineer, Kusakabe.

Kusakabe: I understand your concerns.

Kusakabe: But Kadokura is right when he says everyone’s patience is starting to wear thin. / We engineers are also having to make do with what little we have while,

Kusakabe: thanks to this situation, being required to work day and night to—

Herschbach: Don’t you dare talk to me, you worthless scum!!

Kadokura: You… You bastard! / What the hell?!

Herschbach: You’re all worthless commoners!!

Herschbach: You useless, idling scum!! / You don’t even stop to consider the circumstances before whining “What do we do”!

Amakasu: Uh… / Dr. Shirane?

Herschbach: Don’t touch me!

Herschbach: Are you bastards even listening to me?!
Kadokura: I’ve never liked the guy, but this?

Herschbach: You imbeciles!!

(?): Enough.

Kadokura: Wein-san?

Wein: Some important news has come up since our last meeting. / Kadokura, go gather everyone.

Wein: Five days. / We will all be returning to the surface in five days.

Wein: Everything we are currently working on—every department’s repairs and the researchers’ preparations—will be halted. / Everyone is to now gather data on the facility’s current status, and that is what we will be bringing back with us.

Wein: We will use those reports in order to develop a new plan for the restoration of the Cofdeece. / I have made this decision myself after careful deliberation. We will not inform those above sea level until after the fact.

Wein: I will take full responsibility.

Wein: These should give you unlimited access to the Cofdeece. / For these five days, you may act as you see fit without first seeking my express permission.

Wein: Kusakabe-kun.

Wein: I leave you in command.

Wein: Samejima-san.

Wein: I know you’ve often been uncomfortable with my company’s objectives. / However, these actions are mine and mine alone. / I ask for your full support.

Wein: If everyone’s working hard to get back topside, we should be able to complete the reports in time. / I know you could just call my timing convenient, but still I ask for your assistance.

Wein: I beg of you, please.

Kadokura: We’re going home……

(?): Henry Herschbach!

(?): A large number of people wish to meet you.
Herschbach: Where have they been loitering?

(top): You may be one of the most important students this school has ever had.
(right): You’re the brightest mind of the decade… no, the century!
(left): Amazing!

(?): So it seems you haven’t submitted your application for tenure*. / If you were accepted, you would not just be the youngest associate professor this university has ever had, / but you would also be guaranteed a teaching post.
*the right to lifetime employment given to college faculty

Herschbach: I am not interested. / I can do research wherever I desire.

(?): Hmm… I was planning on writing you a recommendation, but…

(?): A man like you must have some sort of plan. / Though I wouldn’t profess to know what it is.

Herschbach: ….. The truth.

(?): Hm? / I’m sorry; I didn’t catch that.

Herschbach: It's nothing; I’m just not much good with awkward things like that.


(?): You are my son, my pride and joy, / Henri.

Herschbach: F… / Father!

Herschbach’s father: Generations of Herschbachs have excelled in academia. / You too must live up to the family name. / Even when compared against everyone in the history of our family, you are … / you…

Herschbach’s father: you are… / except… / ex-ex-ex / ex… exceptionally ta-ta-ta-talent… / -ent—

<no text>

Kh… / Ghh! / Geh!


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