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6000 10

Possessed -- 2

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 13, 2012 17:03 | Go to 6000

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[title]: Chapter 10: Posessed – 2

<no text>

<no text>

<no text>

(?): Kusakabe-sann!

Kusakabe: What… what are you…?

Worker: It’s souvenir! A souvenir photo! / After all, we’re heading home tomorrow!!

Worker: And then we’ll be transferring, so…

Kusakabe: ….. / Ah, that’s right…
Worker: I’mma take a bath. I need a break, dammit.

Kusakabe: It’s good that they’re so relaxed… / But since they’re still planning to fix this place up, I have work to do. / I need to get as much data as I can, or it’ll be my neck on the line...

Uemura: Ku… Kusakabe-san! / Section Chief Samejima’s found the blueprints…

Uemura: We should probably hurry… umm….
Kusakabe: Yes, I know, I know. I’ll be there soon. / Just… just five more minutes...

(?): Are we really going to finish by tomorrow?

Kadokura: …….. I’m starved…

Kadokura: A round trip on the DST-1 elevator takes 8 hours, and can only take 8 people at a time. / Inspection and replacing the oxygen cartridges takes another two hours. / Which means moving everyone will require nearly two days?!

Kadokura: No, wait. Maybe we could squeeze a few more chairs in there….? / I should ask Wein-san…

Kadokura: though come to think of it, I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Wein-san since yesterday…

Kadokura: He’s not here, either….

Kadokura: What the hell? We’re so fucking busy / because of the schedule he set, and now he just leaves everything to us?!

Kadokura: There’s going to be problems if we don’t hurry up and figure out the order everyone’s heading up in…. / And we still have that pain-in-the-neck scientist to deal with…

Kadokura: Wait, Xia! / What are you doing?!

Kadokura: Those were the security cameras you were just looking at! / What are you peeking around for?
Xia: Errr….

Xia: Don’t be so harsh on a guy~!
Kadokura: And… And you know food and drink’s not allowed in here!

Xia: You know, you’ve become a lot like Wein-shi. Really matured…

Kadokura: And…. And what’s with that shitty old laptop? / And that smell… / Don’t tell me…

Xia: I found them in the storeroom.
Kadokura: The… / You know the storeroom’s off-limits!

Xia: Yeah, but… That place is so smelly and unclean, it’s almost unbelievable. / I thought I was going to faint for a second there…
Kadokura: Listen to me! / I bet that laptop belongs to Sakonji! You can’t just take it!

Xia: If I reformat it, there’s no problem, right? / Although, there might be a lot of fun stuff to look through first…

Xia: You can’t get his story out of your head either, right? / It’s not the kind of story you can just believe, but I feel like there’s some small bit missing that would explain everything…

Xia: I mean, it’s unnatural how everyone died in the end. / We only have until we go back up to figure this out, so now or never, right?

Worker: Kadokura-sannnn! About the dock in the second subsphere…

Kadokura: Fine! But I’ll be taking that back afterwards! / So just shut up and help Kusakabe-san out, OK! / And stop drinking!

Kadokura: He’s mocking me… / Unapologetically, right in front of me, right in front of someone from Shanghai Kyosei…

Worker: It’s about the second subsphere’s Energeia…
Kadokura: Ah… / Umm… That’s the supercomputer, right?

Worker: That’s correct. / In the barrier accident, our specialist, well…
Kadokura: Yeah…

Worker: We keep it cooled with an inert gas called 134-a, but… / Without someone who understands how heat exchange works, we’re in a bit of a bind.

Worker: Kusakabe-san and Uemura-san are too busy, / and I can’t get any of the research types to help me.

Kadokura: W-well, at any rate, I suppose I can give it a look.
Worker: Up ahead is the dock for the submersible.

Kadokura: If things are like this, will we really finish by tomorrow? / And more importantly, where in the world is Wein-san?!

Kadokura: Oh, dammit. / I have a bad feeling about this…
[sign]: We’ll be out until 2000 hours. / –Sickbay

(?): This injection of potassium chloride will upset the balance of your ion concentration.

(?): And an overdose should induce cardiac arrest…

(?): 5 grams should suffice…

Sakonji: I don’t care if you’re the demon or just a man. / It’s all the same in the end.

Sakonji: I’ve made my peace. Do it.

(?): Don’t think poorly of me. / This is so that everyone can go home safe.

Sakonji: So you are silencing me. / What a faithful little pup you are. Well done.

Sakonji: Shanghai Kyosei.

Sakonji: You guys are heading home tomorrow, right? / I figured if you were coming, it’d be today.

Sakonji: Heh / Heh heh heh / heh
Wein: ….. What’s so funny?

Sakonji: You try so hard to be the faithful pup, but you and I share the same fate. / You idiot; why do you still trust them?

Sakonji: Do you know why, over these past three years, / I never so much as sent out a distress call?

Worker: Huh? I thought I left the door to the dock open…

Worker: Think someone else is here?

Worker: Weird, huh.

Worker: Though since this place is so cold, I don’t think anyone actually likes it here.

Kadokura: It’s a bit of a mess in here, isn’t it?
Worker: Yeah; it’s been causing us some problems.

Worker: When I said we couldn’t use it, I really meant that we don’t really know where it is…

Kadokura: Clothes…?
Worker: Wah!

Kadokura: Are… Are you all right?
Worker: Hahaha… I’m just making a fool out of myself. / Must’ve slipped on some oil or something…

Worker: Huh? / Isn’t this… blood? What the…
Kadokura: Uwah! Doesn’t that hurt? / Where are you injured?

(?): …Where.

<no text>

Worker: Hyahhhhhh!

Worker: Ah

Kadokura: Huh? / What?

Worker: Gyahhhhh!

Kadokura: Shit!

Kadokura: Hey! Calm down! / Quit it!!

Kadokura: Stop! / I said, stop!

Kadokura: Gehha! / !!

Kadokrua: Her…. Herschbach?!
Herschbach(?): Hhh / Hhh

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#1. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Jan 14, 2012
thank you

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