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6000 11

The Deceased

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 15, 2012 20:24 | Go to 6000

-> RTS Page for 6000 11

Chapter 11: The Deceased
Herschbach(?): Hhh / Hhh/ Hhh / Hhh

Herschbach(?): Gchah
Kadokura: Girh!

Herschbach(?): Uguuuu

Worker: It hurts… / It fuckin’ hurts…

Kadokrua: Ah… / This… This is bad.
Worker: I’m gonna die! / Help me!

Kadokura: Uwah! / Don’t… Stop! / Don’t touch your wounds!

Kadokura: Guh! / Ach… Tzah…

Kadokura: Uahhhhhhh!

Worker: Help… / Help me…

Worker: Gah! / Ahhhhhh

Herschbach(?): HA HA HA HA / HA HA

Kadokura: Ah…

Kadokura: Mei… / Mei Lin!

Mei Lin(voice changed): So you are stubborn enough to show your face again. / I know what was “down there”. / The culprit behind everything.

Mei Lin(voice changed): Have you nothing to say? Answer me! / Ryuuzaki Shinobu!

Kadokura: Ryuuzaki?

Kadokura: This guy’s Herschbach, right?

Ryuuzaki (voice changed): ……..Be…/ …..roi…

Ryuuzaki (voice changed): Jacqueli… / …..

Ryuuzaki (voice changed): Jacqueline Beffroi

“Beffroi”: Don’t speak my name so lightly!

Kadokura: ………. / What the hell?

Kadokura: What are these guys talking about?

“Beffroi”: It’s your fault I was corrupted!

“Beffroi”: Tempting me through a wicked ceremony…. / onto…

“Beffroi”: the path of demons… / Ah… The path of…

“Beffroi”: Ah!

“Beffroi”: Ahhhhhhh!

“Beffroi”: I can’t go to heaven! I can’t go to heaven! / I can no longer go to heaven!

“Beffroi”: And I’ll never get another chance! / My faith and my soul are lost for all eternity!

Kadokura: …O… Oy….

Kadokura: What the?!

Worker: Hah / hah / hah! / A… A monster…

<no text>

Xia: Eh? / The dock’s flooding?

Xia: Oy, oy! With so much stuff stored in there, if that place floods…

Kadokura: Hey, open up! Hey! / Hey! / What’s going on?! / I said, open up!

“Ryuuzaki”: Hahahahaha / hahahahaha

Kadokura: Stop! / Get a hold of yourselves! Take a look around!

Kadokura: If we… / If we don’t’ do something soon, we’re gonna die!

<no text>

Kadokura: Run…. / We need to run!

(?): The dock won’t stop flooding! / The pressure-resistant barrier is damaged! / The oxygen tank’s been compromised! The flood valve’s been destroyed!

(?): We’re not getting any feedback from the shaft! / There’s probably a crack somewhere in one of the main 6 support beams!
(?): What do you mean, “probably”?

Kusakabe: Where are you, Wein? We need you…

sign: We’ll be out until 2000 hours. / –Sickbay
Sakonji: Enoki, Li Zhen Yue, Jacqueline Beffroi, / Amanda……. / Aoki, Tsukamoto, / Ryuuzaki Shinobu…. / My comrades who descended into madness in that conference room…

Sakonji: All I could do was hide, even as I heard the rescuers’ screams…

Sakonji: But do you know / what Shanghai Kyosei decided to do once they heard what was going on?

Sakonji: They called down their mercenaries… / And told them to massacre everyone.

Sakonji: That’s not the kind of thing you can just go back from.

Sakonji: It’ll just keep happening.

Sakonji: So as I said, you and I / share the same fate!

Sakonji: …Hm. / You don’t understand anything. Not you, not your company.

Sakonji: In the end… Everyone, from the survivors to the rescuers, and even the mercenaries. / every single person was found horribly disfigured. / But the corpses’ headcount didn’t match up.

Sakonji: As long as they don’t understand why that happened, they’ll keep trying to restore this place…

Kadokura: Hah. / Hah.

Kadokura: Sh— / Shit! What do I do…

Kadokura: Ignoring the dock for a second, the pressure inside should rise until it matches the water pressure outside… / We can’t control anything from in here… That’s just how it’s designed…

Kadokura: And I doubt she knows anything useful.

<no text>

Kadokura: Huh?

Mei Lin (back to normal): Where… are we? / Why… am I…

Mei Lin: I’m scared….

<no text>

<no text>

(?): Pressure leaks are starting to spread to the communications floor! / This is bad! / All cables have been severed! / We can’t monitor anything!

Samejima: The main sphere was designed to be able to handle additional pressure, but / if there is even a single weakness, the coupling system would…

Samejima: If that system even starts to break, we’ll be crushed by 600 kilograms per square centimeter of water. / The entire Cofdeece will be sunk before you’d have a chance to scream.

Samejima: We have no choice, Kusakabe-kun.

Samejima(?): Safety must be our top priority. / “We can limit the effect by quarantining the damaged area.”

Kusakabe: Cut off the entire second subsphere!

Kusakabe: Hurry!!

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#1. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Jan 16, 2012
thanks :)

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