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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Clockwork 2

The Lost Battlefield / The War for Himself

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Feb 13, 2012 00:27 | Go to Clockwork

-> RTS Page for Clockwork 2

*For 13th Hour Scanlations

[inset]: Meiji 10 (1877) / Yokohama: Foreigners’ District
[sidebar]: What did Isabela encounter when she arrived in Japan?
Isabela: Hah / hah / hah / hah

Isabela: What did he say his name was? Clock, I think?

(?): Whoa!
Isabella: <Excuse— >

(?): Huh? That uniform—are you from Annapolis?

[symbol in the upper right]: Katsu
[top]: Edo – Higawa-chou
Cloak: My homecoming, 10 years in the making. / This is a lot smaller than our place back in Honjo… / When I left for America, my father was busy being a naval administrator, after all. Now that he’s left the new government and retired, of course he’d be somewhere like this.
[title]: Shot 2: The Lost Battlefield / The War For Himself

Cloak: Or maybe it’s because my family’s a little messed up. Come to think of it, my clan…

(?): Hey, you ‘der! What’cha doin’?! / ‘Dis here’s Katsuawa-sama’s mansion, ya’ got ‘dat?!

Cloak: Is that… the Satsuma dialect? So he’s one of the Satsumas who took down the Shogunate? What’s he doing in front of my house?
(?): I said, who are ya? / Huh? A son of ‘dis family who’s back from a long trip?

Katou: ! / You-you-you’re Cloak-san?! / P-please fo’give me! I am Katou Daisuke, a former retainer of’ da Satsuma’s.
Cloak: So he is from the Satsumas…
Katou: Ever since Edo Castle was surrendered, Katsu-sama n’ Saigou-dono have been ‘da best o’ friends.

Daisuke: I’m sure Katsu-sama is deeply considerate o’ ‘da needs o’ ‘da Satsumas…
(?): …. Huh?

(?): …Cloak…Ani-sama?

Cloak: Are you… Itsu?
Itsu: Yes.

Cloak: Man, you’ve changed.
Itsu: Everyone! Cloak-ani-sama’s come home!

(?): My, aren’t you a bit late?

(?): My goodness, haven’t you grown? / I barely recognized you! / What are you saying? Where’s Aunt Jun? / Oh no! You look absolutely atrocious! / What did they teach you in America?

Cloak: Um…. I’m ho—

Cloak: <Oh! > Is that Itsu’s < brother >?

(?): <Welcome home! >
Cloak: What?!

Cloak: What? Who… / Huh?
(?): Wahh!
Itsu: That’s enough, Clara!

Clair: < Oh! > / <Sorry >, Cloak!

Cloak: Who…?

(?): …. Haha. Looks like things are still plenty lively here.

The Aunt who Moved Back In: Jun

Younger Brother: Umetarou
Older Sister: Ito / Oldest Sister: Yume

Younger Sister: Itsu

Itsu’s friend and English teacher, Clara. / Near Kaishuu is the helpful Masuda Ito and Konishi, who works in the kitchen.

Cloak: Err…..
Mother: Tami
Cloak: Father. / Mother. / Aunt. / Sister.
Kaishuu: Hey, hey!
box: Father: Katsu Kasishuu
Kaishuu: If you keep going on like that, this is going to take forever. Let’s get started already!

SFX: Wahahaha

Cloak: Then, / I, Cloak, have returned home.

Kaishuu: Yeah. Welcome home from your long journey.

Kaishuu: Hey, you think you can help out with the food? / Let’s all eat here tonight.
Tami(?): Dear…
Kaishuu: Don’t worry about it.

Kaishuu: You’re a bit more American now, / right?

Jun: Your aunt is very happy to see you back home safe, Cloak.

Girls: Jun, you’ve had too much to drink. / But Ane-san… / Hey, Ani-sama, tell us about America! / More importantly, Cloak—did you bring us any souvenirs?! / For goodness’ sake, Ane-san! I wanna hear Ani-sama’s stories! / You can hear those later! / But first: souvenirs!

Cloak: … All right, all right, enough already.
Sister: These are your souvenirs?!

Cloak: For father, a hat. For mother, a hand mirror. / After that, I’ve got some feminine things and childish things…

Cloak: Hey, this one’s for you, Umetarou.
SFX in bubble: *slurp*

Umetarou: …… / What is this?
Cloak: It’s an American soldier’s hat.

Cloak: In Annapolis, everyone—

Umetarou: While you were gone, Brother, / the war here ended.

Itsu: U-umetarou, why don’t you show Cloak-ani-sama what’s changed in Edo while he was g—
Umetarou: What are you saying?!

Itsu: Oh, Ume-chan.

Itsu: Got a problem with that?

Umetarou: Hiiii…..

Itsu: … So that settles it.

Itsu: Tomorrow, we go sightseeing around Edo.
Clara: Ohhhh!
Umetarou: Fine…
Kaishuu: Hey, hey! Who let Itsu have any of the alcohol?!

Aside: Hey, Itsu! Stop stripping! / But I’m stripping Clara, too!

Kaishuu: So, let’s have another toast.

Kaishuu: These are made from Satsuma Kiriko cut glass. They were a gift from Saigou-san. / Apparently, they were even used by Tenshouin-sama when she got married.

Cloak: Really?

Kaishuu: … What do you know of events in Japan?
Cloak: I was able to get some stuff from newspaper reports. Everything else was just rumors I heard from other travelers to America.

Kaishuu: A lot happened…

Kaishuu: Right after you left, Ryuuma was killed. / Even so, the Restoration had gained too much momentum to be stopped.

Kaishuu: And the city of Edo the Tokugawas had ruled from became Tokyo, the seat of Saigou and his allies’ new government.

Kaishuu: I worked with Saigou-san to negotiate the surrender of Edo Castle. / Had the general been anyone but him, I fear all of Edo would have become a sea of fire… / And yet, Saigou himself could not accept the new government, and raised an insurrection alongside the old-fashioned samurai…

Kaishuu: Well, in the end, they were suppressed….

Cloak: I met one of the Satsumas at the gates.
Kaishuu: Katou, was it? He must be trying to carry out Saigou-san’s final wishes…

Cloak(?): But everything’s… / over now. They’re all dead…

Cloak: What am I supposed to do here, now?

Kaishuu: Don’t talk like that. What you learned in Annapolis about ships and weapons will serve Japan—/ and her navy—well. / You are a member of the navy. Once you’ve calmed down, you should go report in.
Cloak: OK.

Cloak: But Father, shouldn’t you…
Kaishuu: Haha. I’ve retired. All I’ve got left to do is write a book and live

Kaishuu: while doing things like this. / Nice and easy.

Yokohama Station
Girls: Ehh?
Cloak: Things really have changed.

Itsu: Hey, hey, trains are amazing, huh! We made it all the way to Yokohama in no time at all!

Clara: That’s right! / And I can even get lemonade in Japan now!

Girls: <aside: Kyahhh > / Uwah! Gas lamps! They’re so pretty at night!

Girls aside: Kyah / Kyah
Boys aside: Uhh… / Uhh…
Cloak: I thought this was about showing me the sites, not yourselves.

Itsu: Ah, Ani-sama! As long as we’ve come all the way to Yokohama instead of looking around Tokyo, is there anything you need to take care of?
Cloak: Hm? Ah, so you guys want to hang out around here for a while…
Umetarou: Just do whatever you want.

Clara: < Oh! > There’s a magic show going on over there! Let’s go watch!
Itsu: Yeah—yeah, let’s go, Clara. C’mon, you too, Umetarou!
Cloak: OK then, let’s meet up at that shop at 3.

Cloak: … So then.

Yokohama: Foreigners’ District

Cloak: I need some < ammo. >

Bartender: What’s that—some sort of cocktail? / We ain’t got that sort of stuff here.

Cloak: .41 short, .45 long colt, / .45 Smith & Western, and…

Bartender: Hey, you listenin’ to me? / Bob.

Bartender: Hold him still for me.

Cloak: The guy’s real fast.

Cloak: El… / Elliot?!

Cloak: This is…

Cloak: You’re…?!

Elliot: … Well then. / Shall we have a drink?

Elliot: When I saw the uniform draped across the girl’s back, I immediately thought of you. / You always were the perfect student.

Isadora: Really?

Elliot: Helping out a women being pursued by evil men while on your boat home… / That’s the < American Spirit > for you.

Cloak: You always were a bit odd.
Elliot: What do you mean?

Cloak: You didn’t care if we were yellow, or black.

Elliot: We’re all the same before this, right?

Cloak: So, what brings you to Japan? / What happened after you quit teaching at Annapolis?
(*) Elliot: I was never cut out to be an instructor…

Elliot: After the Civil War ended, I was left without a place to call home. So they sort of picked me up and turned me into a marksmanship instructor. / But…

Elliot: I’m only truly at home on the fields of battle. / And rumor had it I could find battle in Japan…

Elliot: … though it turns out that war’s already ended, too…

Elliot: … Clock, what do you plan on doing here?

Cloak: Please don’t ask me that right now.

Elliot: … Don’t let it get to you. Your skills will be needed somewhere. / I’ll leave the girl to you—she’s a nice one.

Isadora: Is he always like that?
Cloak: Pretty much.

Isadora: Nevertheless… It looks like I have to thank you again, / Clock.

Cloak: It’s Cloak Katsu. / “Clock”’s just a nickname of mine. The real name’s Cloak.

Cloak: And I don’t need your thanks. / After all, it’s thanks to you I got to see Elliot again. / So, what was your name?

Isadora: Isadora.

Isadora: What?
Cloak: … Weren’t you being chased by those guys?

Isadora: Actually, I was the one chasing them. / After the Civil War ended, the price of weapons plummeted. / So now, they’re targeting this country. / They’re betting their lives on it.

Isadora: I need to pass on that message to my comrades who already arrived in this country, / and together we’ll bust up their plans. / We could use another pair of hands, if you’re interested…

(?): Isadora, who is that guy?

Cloak: As long as you’re not alone, it’s not my problem.

Policeman: Hey, you! / What’s a pair of underage girls doin’ round here?!

Clara: We came to sightsee at Yokohama. Is there a problem with that?

Policeman: Hmph. How dare you speak to a policeman like that? / You foreign girl…

Itsu: And how dare you speak to a lady like that?!

Policeman: How dare you!

Cloak <aside>: What the…?
Clara(?): What’s your problem?

Clara: Maybe… maybe you should quit right now. / This girl’s father is a very important person.
Policeman: …”Important”? Who is he?

Clara: He’s Katsu Kaishuu-san! <aside: Though he’s not my father… >

(?): Who? The rebel?!

Umetarou: You…!

Umetarou: How dare you!

(?): Hey. / Why don’t you try picking on someone your own size?

Multiple: Ka… / Katou-{san, don}
Policeman: Huh?

*Katou: <aside: I… Itsu-san. > I shall make ‘dis man regret his insolence! / And, as we say in Satsuma, no ‘ard feelin’s!
Clara: <aside: Yay! Yay! >
Policeman: Ah… I’m sorry, I…

Cloak: Is something going on?
(?)Oh? So this is Cloak-san.

Katou: I apologize again fo’ my rudeness last night. / There’s nothin’ much goin’ on ‘ere. Just a policeman ‘dat went a li’l too far…

Cloak: … / What are you staring at, / Umetarou?

Umetarou: You just got home, and you think you can just act like a big brother? / You were never there when we needed you!

Cloak: It must be tough on him. / He was only two when I left, so he doesn’t really remember me…

Cloak: And now, I, his brother, just show up out of nowhere… / He must feel like I stole his place in the family.

Clara: Let’s…

Clara: Let’s all stay over at your house tonight, too! <giant aside: Yahoo! >
Cloak: <aside: What?! > / You were just staying over last night? / What—what does your family think about that? They must be worried about you!

Clara: It’s fine! / My family and Itsu’s family are already like relatives! / Right, Itsu?!
Itsu: Oh, Clara, enough already!

Clara: Hmm…. I wonder what we’re having for dinner…

Kaishuu: Welcome back. / Oh.

Kaishuu: So how was Yokohama?

Cloak: Everything seems to have changed so much. / Gas lamps along the railroads, gyuu-nabe, rickshaws…

Cloak: I wish I could show Ryouta-san / this new Japan.

Kaishuu: Yeah.

Cloak: So what are you writing?
Kaishuu: This? It’s the memorial I mentioned. For Saigou-san…

Kaishuu: This is going nowhere.

Kaishuu: The Satsumas are using Saigou-san’s death to rekindle their dying flame. / And they’re here to ask for my support.

Cloak: But that’s…

Katou: I’m sorry.

Cloak: Who’s there?

Itsu: Cloak-ani-sama?

Itsu: … Something… Something’s happened.

Cloak: “We’ve taken your son…” / Do they mean Umetarou?

Clara: I found it in front of Kaishuu-san’s room. / I just happened to find it. / <aside:< above and below: mumble / mumble > < sides: Privy / Toilet’s a privy > > / I went to open the door, and…

Cloak: Since they wrote it in English, they probably assumed only Father would be able to read it…
Clara: But other people here can understand English: both myself, / and you.

Itsu: Umetarou’s…

Cloak: You haven’t told father yet?
Itsu: No, we haven’t.
Cloak: Tell no one else of this.

Cloak: I’ll get him back.

Cloak: The letter said to come to the western wing of the old Edo Castle, but… / the place is now called Tokyo Castle, and it’s the Emperor’s residence. / The west wing caught fire some years ago, and it’s currently under construction.

Cloak: But thanks to the Satsuma Rebellion, there simply weren’t enough people to get the job done. / Construction’s fallen behind schedule, and right now no one should be there.

Cloak: They’ll be waiting there, either to ambush me or make a trade.

Cloak: And calling my father out to the west wing? / Is that supposed to be some sort of joke?

Itsu: Umm… Isn’t it dangerous for you to go alone?
SFX: *pat*

Itsu: And right after you finally came home…

Cloak: I’ve gotta make myself useful, right?

Satsumas: What?

Katou: Why’re you here? Dat letter was sent t’ Katsu Awa! * / We ‘ave no business wit’ some kid who’s just gotten ‘ome from abroad, n’ knows nuttin about da world.
*<TN: Awa was Katsu Kaishuu’s real-life nickname>

Cloak: You don’t need to understand the world in order to save a prisoner from villains. / So hello, villains.

Katou: Dat you call us villains proves you understands nuttin! / Dis is the place wheres your father persuaded da Emperor t’ do as Saigou-don demanded n’ surrender da castle. We wanted ‘im t’ once more lay eyes upon ‘dese grounds. / ‘Den I know he would swear us ‘is support!

Cloak: You just go on and on, don’t you?

Katou: A man don’t do t’ings half-assed! / If we take you n’ double our prisoners, maybe Katsu’ll finally ‘ave da balls t’ come here himself!

Cloak: …Me, your prisoner? / That’s not even funny…

Satsumas: Tuyaahhhhhh!

Katou: You—you shot all o’ dem in an instant…
Satsumas: Ugh… / Guahh…
Katou: Dat’s…

Elliot: I’d expect nothing less from one of my students!

Cloak: Elliot?!

Cloak: Why are you…?
Katou: Oh, I guess I’ll leave it t’ you, den, ‘Merican teacher.
Elliot: I told you, Clock… / I need a battlefield.

Cloak: This isn’t a battlefield! / The wars here have ended!

Elliot: What are you saying?

Elliot: War never ends / so long as you have a foe.

Cloak: … How long have I been your enemy? / What’s going on between you and them?
Elliot: Haven’t you been listening?

Elliot: I just want an enemy. / I don’t care who, as long as someone gives me one. / I don’t have the right to choose for myself anymore.

<no text>

Cloak: A Springfield M1873?

Cloak: I thought you hated that gun.

Cloak: It’s bulletproof?!

Elliot: You don’t pick your weapon based on “likes” and “hates”!

Elliot: The Single Action Army and Derringers—

Elliot: Are those all you use?!

Cloak: Unlike your Springfield, / they rarely break down, and they’re easy to carry.

Elliot: The Single Action Army, the Derringer, and the Model 3—guns designed to be hidden in a purse! / It really is a shame, Clock. I’d love to keep fighting you forever. / Your skills haven’t slipped at all!

Cloak: You were a good teacher.

Elliot: “Were”, huh?

Cloak: Sorry about that. / So then.

Cloak: This

Cloak: is it!!

Elliot: Is that Peregrine?

Elliot: It’s actually real?

Elliot: But its barrel is so long…! / Can you actually aim such a weapon?

Cloak: Of course I can.

Cloak: Gideon gave me this gun, after all.

Elliot: Gideon?! The legendary gunsmith?! / To you?!

Elliot: My… my eyesight’s starting to fade…

Elliot: But I couldn’t see it, could I?

Elliot: Couldn’t see the future.

(?): Ah… Ahhhhh!

Cloak: I’ve

Cloak: just started… / to see a little of it.

Cloak: Maybe nothing has ended, / and I will be able / to serve my country.

Umetarou: He’s…!

Umetarou: I didn’t think you would come…

Cloak: Let’s keep what happened here between you and me, OK?

Katou: Hah / hah / … I should be safe now.

Katou: ! / You’re…!

Marge: It seems you have failed… However, / I have plans for you yet.

Marge: Heh heh… / You lot will be needing weapons. / And I have too many weapons left over from those that were massed produced during the Civil War. / So I need a battle…

Marge: Clockwork. / It seems you and I share a bond. / I suppose that is your fault,

Marge: Ryouma.

Ryouma(?): Annapolis’s legendary Clockwork… / You’ve grown, / Cloak.

Kaishuu: Did something happen?

Ryouma(?): Or rather, / Katsu Cloak.
[sidebar]: Cloak looks towards the future!!

Cloak: I’ve just gotten home now.

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