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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Hourou Musuko 105

Mind Games

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Feb 13, 2012 19:50 | Go to Hourou Musuko

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Hourou Musuko chapter 105: Mind Games

Osu! and Tatakae! and… that’s not it…

[on the right]: Chi-chan…
Chizuru: Huh? / Anna-chan’s coming, too? / But that means—but that means Maiko-san might be there!
Shirai: Err, I don’t think she’s coming.

Chizuru: Oh? Then I guess I’ll give up on going.

Shirai: Yeah. Don’t push yourself too hard. / Take care. / Bye.

Sasa: What’d she say?
Shirai: She’s had a fever since yesterday. / She said it got worse.
(?): Really? That sucks.

Sasa: Chi-chan was really looking forward to today, too.

Takatsuki: But it’s rare to see you without her, Shirai-san.
Sasa: Heh heh! / We’ve been really close lately.
SFX: Kyah / Kyah

Makoto: Man, must be nice in an all-girls’ school…

Makoto: Why’d I have to pick an all-boys’ school? / What am I going to do during the sports festival?

Anna: You’re going to be a cheerleader, right?
Shuu: Yeah.

Anna(?): You’re kidding! / But Shuu would look amazing as a cheerleader! / It’d be great if they let you dress in a girl’s cheerleading outfit…

Shuu: Apparently, every year some upperclassmen do it, so…
Makoto: Yeah. It seems like some of the teachers crossdress, too.
Anna: Really? Sounds like fun!

Makoto: But it’s badminton, and chorus, and cheerleading too!. / It doesn’t make any sense!
Anna: Ahaha

Anna(?): And you’re working part-time now, right? That’s so cool!
Makoto: I’m just helping out my family. Nitorin’s a lot more impressive.
Anna(?): Huh?

Makoto: Nitorin, you didn’t tell them about your job?

Anna: What is it? What is it?
Shuu: Ermmmm… / Mako-chan!
Makoto: Sorry.

Makoto: But what’s the big deal? You were going to tell them eventually, right?
Shuu: Well yes, but…

Anna: Really?

Anna: That’s it? There’s nothing weird about working in a café.
Shuu: But I’m working as a girl, so…
Anna: And that’s perfectly normal for you.

Anna: I thought it was going to be something more dangerous.
Shuu: What do you mean, “dangerous”?

Makoto(?): But now a weird girl’s started researching him.
Anna(?): “Researching”?

[song]: The right hand of you whom I love is tell—<cut off>

Shirai: It’s amazing. / A star is singing right in front of me. <aside: She has such a cute voice>

Shirai: I can’t believe someone my age is going out with someone like that.

Shirai: There’s something wrong with her going out with a crossdresser…

Anna: It’s Chiba-san! / Chiba-san, hurry up and sing something!
Sasa: Saorin, there’s a spot over here.
Chiba: It’s so noisy…

Sasa: Here you go.
Chiba: Thanks.
Anna: Hey, / hey, / hey!

Chiba: What is it?
Anna: Did you really get a boyfriend?

Anna: S— / Sorry.

Anna(?): I was hoping you’d bring him with you, too.
Chiba: What are you, an idiot?

Various: Hm? / Whose is it? / It’s not mine. / It’s not mine, either.
Shuu: Ah, it’s mine.

Cell: Minamoto / Incoming Call

Shuu: Hello?
Minamoto: Ah, is this a good time?
Shuu: Yeah.

Shuu: Yeah. / Yeah. / OK. / Then I’ll see you next week.

Shuu: Whoa!

Shuu: Huh. / Yes.

Shuu: Right now? I guess, but…

Minamoto: That man we spoke to last time—what was his name?

Shuu: E…Ebina-san, / I think?
Minamoto: Oh, yeah, that’s right! / Have you heard anything from him?

Shuu: … I haven’t, but…

Minamoto: Ah, I figured as much. / There was so much I still wanted to ask him, too… / Well, that’s fine. / Nitori-kun, are you free today?

Shuu: I’m at Karaoke with some friends.
Minamoto: Oh, really? Sounds nice. / So, when will you have some spare time?

Shuu: Well, I’ve gotta practice for the sports festival, and I have club activities, and my job, too, / so I don’t think we’ll be able to meet up.
Minamoto: C’mon! All I need is 15 minutes, or a half-hour!

Shuu: … I’m sorry.

Shuu: But I don’t like just being your research subject.
Minamoto: Huh?

Shuu: So I don’t think I’ll be much use to you from now on.

Minamoto: …… / Ah. / OK. / Yeah. That makes sense. / OK then. / I’m sorry to have bothered you.

SFX: Click

Shuu: Maybe I was a little too harsh on her… / But that really is how I feel.

SFX: *Creak* <specifically, it’s the sound of a door opening. I’m blanking on something better. >
Anna: Ah. / You’re finally back.

Anna: Who were you talking with for so long?
Shuu: The person in charge of our class reunion. / And afterwards, the researcher I mentioned before.

Sasa: Nitori-kun, do you mean someone’s reporting on you? Are you going to be on TV? <aside: Amazing!! >
Nitori: No, no, that’s not it.

Nitori: It was a girl who was writing a short story… / She said she wanted to understand why a guy would dress as a girl.

(?): Ah… / Ahhhh.

<no text>

Anna: It’s because you’re cute, right?
Shuu: Huh?

Anna: That’s the reason you dress as a girl.
Shuu: What? / I’m not even sure why I do it.

Shuu: Well, I’ve always liked cute things. / But I started wearing girls’ clothes because of…

Takatsuki: Then you should wear it, Nitori-kun!

Takatsuki: It’d look great on you!

Shuu: Takatsuki-san.

Shuu: Takatsuki-san told me I should, / and then / Chiba-san said she’d give me lots of clothes…

Anna: Ahaha

Anna: You guys are weeeeird. / Even Maho dressed you up as her little sister and took you to an audition.

Anna: That is so weird.

Anna: You’ve gotten taller, haven’t you?
Shuu: Huh? I did?

Sign: Bread and ~ <cut off> / Ariga Bake ~ <ditto>

Makoto: The reason I dress as a girl….
Makoto’s mother: Mako! / Hey! Mako! / Mako-san, you there?!

[box]: Ariga Bakery’s Bread Festival

Takatsuki: Why did I / want to become a boy?

Chiba: Takatsuki-san, / I think you just don’t want to be a girl.

Takatsuki: Maybe she’s right…

Takatsuki: She looks cool…

Nitori’s mother: Go take a bath!
Shuu/Maho(?): OK!

Maho: I’m on my period today, so you can go first, Shuu.
Shuu: <aside: Ah. > K.

Maho: Did you get even taller?
Shuu: Huh?

Shuu: Of course not!
Maho: No, you did—I’m sure of it!
Shuu: No I didn’t…!

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