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Clockwork 3

The Wolf who Lived / The Assassination Order

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Mar 10, 2012 21:36 | Go to Clockwork

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*for 13th hour translations

Kashibashi, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
Kawaji: We have been given a mission.
[box]: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Chief / Kawaji Toshiyoshi

Kawaji: We are to find this foreigner and capture her. / Dead or alive.

(?): …… / I don’t need a gun. I have…

(?): This.

Kawaji: …. I’m counting on you.

Kawaji: Captain Fujita Gorou.
[title]: Shot: 03 – The Wolf who Lived / The Assassination Order

Katou: I won’t ask you what you were up to last night, but…

Katou: But it looks like you managed to find something.

Katou: So then, you should probably go to Tsukiji.
Cloak: Tsukiji?
Katou: The military boarding school’s there. / Ah, it’s the Military Academy now, isn’t it?
Cloak: Academy? You want me to work at the academy? But yesterday you said I should go to the navy…

Katou: Oh, shut up already. Just go, and you’ll understand. / You’ll want to pay a visit to Mizuhara, in the Aquatic Division.

Isadora: Uwah.

Isadora: He… / He really is a spoiled brat.

Isadora: … Last night…

Isadora: Elliot!

Elliot: …I told you not to come. / They were right behind you the whole time…
Isadora: I’ll go get a doctor—

Elliot: …It’s too late for me now. / You’re the one who needs help… Isadora.

Elliot: …Let Clock help you. / He shot me, so believe me. / He’s someone you can trust.

Cloak: I’m not going out to play. You really think I can bring girls where I’m going?

Isadora: Cloc—
Itsu: But Cloak-ani-sama…

Itsu: Do you really know your way around Tokyo yet?
(?): …Itsu, you shouldn’t treat your big brother as if he were a child.

Clara: Why can’t she go? / This brave little girl just wants to make up for the decade she’s spent without her big brother.
Itsu: C…Clara! I don’t really… I mean…
Umetarou(?): There’s tons of delicious stuff to eat at Tsukiji!
Cloak: … You people…

Cloak: Dammit. Fine then. <aside: I’m a horrible eldest son… >
SFX: Hahh…
Girls: Yes!

Cloak(?): ….*sigh* Clara and Umetarou, too…
Clara: So then, what should we eat…
Cloak: Weren’t you listening? We’re not going to Tsukiji to sightsee!
Clara: But there’s so much tasty stuff there!
Itsu: …Clara, how can you eat that much and not get fat?
Clara: Hmm? Did you say something, Itsu? <aside: I… I don’t really…!>

Marge: What is it? / Why’d you barge in on me while I was still sleeping? / Don’t you Westerners have a word for “gentleman”?

(?): Is there?

(?): After all, even in your country it’s usually just an empty word.

Marge: … Weren’t you going to find Isadora for me?
(?): You worry too much! What’s one foreign girl gonna do on her own?

Marge: She has friends who fled the house before her. / And then there’s him.
(?): Cloak, was it? / It didn’t look like he wanted to get involved.

(?): Our plans are perfectly safe.

Tsukiji – Naval Academy

Cloak: Wow. / They’ve got buildings like this in Japan now, too.

(?): Itsu(?): Well, we’ll be waiting for you here.
Cloak: Yeah.

Umetarou: I’ve made up my mind! We’re going to eat at that Western place we just passed!
Clara: OH! / The West Alley, right? Umetarou, [ good choice! ] <aside: Yahoo!>

Cloak: I am here to help out Japan,

Cloak: and her navy.

Mizuhara: You’ve spent ten years abroad…

Mizuhara: And that is all you have to say?
[box]: Navy’s Fifth Aquatic Division Commander / Major Mizuhara Haito

Cloak: … I’m sorry?

Mizuhara: “To strengthen her navy”? Did your father give you that line?

Mizuhara: All the brass care about is showing up the army. / Even the Seiki, the battleship that debuted during the Satsuma Rebellion, is now being sent to foreign countries in order to showcase Japan’s might. It’s the height of foolishness.

Mizuhara: Right now, we should be more focused on maintaining order within our own country. / We can’t leave things to the army. Not now.
Cloak: Then what do you want…

Mizuhara: What do I want with you? Well, I’ll think about it, but… / Don’t get your hopes up.

Mizuhara: After all, I am the member of the branch family.

Cloak: Very well. Excuse me.

Umetarou: Oh! He’s back!

Itsu: Ani-sama… What happened?

Cloak: Hm/ Ah… / It was just talk about work. / Nothing interesting.

Itsu: My, you’re acting just like Father. <sfx: Tee hee>
Cloak: Huh?
Itsu: However,

Itsu: Whenever he says that, / he always goes on to do what has to be done.

Cloak: What I need to do…

Umetarou: Man, I’m starving!

Umetarou: Even without a war, I’m starving.

Clara: Oh! Umetarou’s a glutton, and…
SFX: Growl

SFX: Rumble

Umetarou: What was that? <aside: The sound was unbelievable.>

Clara: Ohohohoho! / Umetarou’s stomach is growling! / Let’s get going, right now!
Umetarou: Wha—what?!

Cloak: But that was Clara…
Clara: C’mon, [Let’s Go!]

(?): Let’s go eat Japanese Western food!
<aside>: YAY!
Tsukiji—West Alley*

Cloak: Oh? / There’s a lot of stuff on the menu.

Clara: This? / No, I want this one instead!

Umetarou: … I don’t really like Western food…
Itsu: Me neither…

Umetarou: Ah… big brother, what do you recommend?

Cloak: Huh? / … oh, is there curry and rice?
Itsu: Curry and rice?
Cloak: Yeah… It’s a food made out of meat and vegetables covered in a spicy sauce.

Cloak: It’s pretty spicy, but it’s delicious.
Umetarou: Then I’ll have that! <aside: not that I’m exactly sure what it is>
Cloak: What about you, Itsu?
Itsu: Umm, I guess I’ll have it, too!
Cloak: Maybe I should go with that, too…

Clara: <aside: Well, if that’s what Itsu’s having, I’ll have it too. > / [Excuse me.]

Umetarou: Wow… Now I’m really nervous… And that makes me even hungrier…
(?): Oh, Umetarou!

Waitress: Yes?

Isadora: May I take your order <3

Clara: Umm, could we have four curries and…

Itsu: Hey, big brother, you OK?

Isadora: Are you all right, sir?

Cloak: Yeah… I’m fine…
Isadora: Four curry and rices, correct? / I’ll bring them out shortly.

Isadora: Kyah! / <aside: my skirt!>

Cloak: What is she thinking? <outside box: And she’s a klutz?>

Cloak ….Hey.

Cloak: Answer me. / What are you doing here,

Cloak: Isadora?

Isadora: Huh? I’m working, of course!

Cloak: <aside: Why’s she angry at me? > / Yeah, but why would you be working here?

Isadora: Well, whatever. I needed to talk to you, anyways. / I’m sorry, but I’ll leave the rest to you.
Cloak: <aside: What an attitude. > / Talk? About what, exactly?

Isadora: Just shut up and follow me!
Cloak: Wait! Where are we going?! / <outside bubble: What?!> / Hey! / <outside buble: Hey, where are you—HEY!

Umetarou: Bro ran off after the waitress… I don’t think he’s coming back.
Itsu: Like I care!

Tsukiji – Port Area

Cloak: <aside: Dammit. > / What the hell’s wrong with you?

Isadora: ….That’s

Isadora: the uniform of Japan’s navy, right? / So you can just walk around everywhere, looking like a member of the military…
Cloak: … Huh? I’m only wearing it because my old man said it would make a good impression. / Though in the end, I don’t know if it helped…

Cloak: …. / So, what was it you wanted to talk about?

Isadora: ….I stayed with Elliot / until the moment he died.

Cloak: … / Oh….

Cloak: …Huh? / You went to Edo Castle?
Isadora: I was hoping I could see Elliot once more, but / I guess that just wasn’t meant to be. I arrived a little too late.

Cloak: ….So he’s dead. / … / And I killed him.

Isadora: Before he died, Elliot told me / to trust you. That I should trust you because the man you shot was telling me to.

Cloak: …Elliot said that?

Cloak: … But what did he mean by saying to trust me? / Did he want me to join your gang? Or…

Isadora: What am I going to do…

Isadora: I left my family, left my country, / risked my life…

Cloak: What are you talking about?
Isadora: I thought I had no choice!

Isadora: I thought I had to do something! / My friends and allies who had to flee were here, after all! / I had to see if they were all right!
Cloak: I don’t understand what you’re saying—

Isadora: We were employees of the Mason Company. / Though it might be more accurate to call us slaves.

Isadora: We were horribly abused. Countless of my friends and family died. / And we want payback.

Isadora: The bastards were weakened by the Civil War, and decided to gamble everything on establishing business in Japan. / We need to stop them now, while the iron is hot! / But even so, everyone—/ … everyone…

Isadora: ... after all that happened,

Isadora: when they became free, they forgot all the bad times, all the strife… / and I…

Cloak: So what exactly do you want me to do?

Isadora: I’m—I’m sorry! / This… / This is my problem!

Isadora: I guess it was kind of lame of me / to think I could depend on some rich kid.

Isadora: I just wanted someone to listen. And I don’t know many other people here yet…

Isadora: Thanks.

Cloak: I’m a lot more lame than she…

Isadora: Kyahhhh!

Cloak: Isadora?!

Isadora: ….Kh!

Fujita: What do you think you’re doing?!

Fujita: Come quietly, and all will be fine. If not…
Isadora: I will not…

Isadora: be captured in a place like this!

Fujita: …. Did I hit her?

Cloak: …Not quite.

Fujita: You don’t look like a policeman.

Isadora: Clock, give me a gun!
Cloak: Can you shoot?
Isadora: I’m an American, aren’t I?

Fujita: I will not fall…

Fujita: To a mere handgun!

Fujita: I fought countless rifle squads during the Satsuma Rebellion.

Cloak: So he was a member of a close combat squad…

Fujita: A naval uniform… I guess there’d be trouble if I cut you down…

Fujita: I am Fujita Gorou, the captain of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. I have been ordered to capture this woman.
Cloak: Capture? You just tried to kill her!

Fujita: Only because she tried to flee. / If she surrenders peacefully, I promise she will not be killed.
Cloak: And what would you do then?
Fujita: That is not for me to know.

Isadora: If he takes me, I’m as good as dead!

Fujita: Then

Fujita: I suppose I have no choice.

Cloak: What the… Fog? / Is this wheat flour?!

Cloak: Is even this an attack?!

Cloak: There are two containers in the pommel of his sword?

Fujita: Did they get away?

Fujita: But still… what an outrageous gun that was.

(?): It’s called the Peregrine.

(?): The gun known as the Peregrine was the opus of a legendary gunsmith. / Long time no see... Saitou. How long has it been since the Battle of Aizu?

Fujita: …You! You’re that idiot,

Fujita: Vice-Captain Hijikata!

Fujita: But you… You died at Goryoukaku!

Hijikata: I was forced to live on / by someone I never wanted to save me.

Fujita: “Someone you never wanted to save you”? / What do you mean?

Hijikata: We will speak of that later. This is naval territory.

Fujita: All I’m after is that foreigner and that youngster!

Hijikata: Even the best sword is powerless against a gun.

Hijikata: The era of the katana is over.

Hijikata: Why not forge a new era with this?

Fujita: In the end,

Isadora: it looks like you’ve saved me again.

Cloak: It’s fine… I…

Umetarou: War’s already left Japan. / While you were away.

Cloak: Even if the Restoration and everything else ended while I was in America, / this is all I learned while I was there.

Cloak: I’ll do what I can.

Cloak: You’re the guy from the Aquatic Division.

Cloak: So why are you here?

Mizuhara: We’re right in front of the Academy. / You can still hear the roar of guns, even from out here.

Cloak: Are you trying to cover for the sound of my fight with the policeman?

Mizuhara: I’d heard the rumors, but it seems you really do fire like clockwork.
Cloak: Rumors?
Mizuhara: The legends from Annapolis…

MIzuhara: of Clockwork, whose gunplay was unparalleled. / Who went to America right before the Restoration started. / Who has returned after ten years.

Cloak: What exactly does the Aquatic Division do?

Mizuhara: Mostly, we explore distant oceans and create maps of the currents, but our fifth division is slightly different.
Cloak: Fifth division?
Mizuhara: They gather information on the Mason Family and the Ark.

Isadora: Why do you know about that?!

Mizuhara: It is the duty of the Navy to protect its country.

Mizuhara: Come by my office tomorrow. I’ll formally give you your mission then.

Mizuhara: Are you alright with that, Clock?

Cloak: “To protect its country”?

Cloak: I’ve already decided to help. / You need ask nothing more.

Okita: That man…
Mizuhara: What do you think of him?

[box]: Didn’t that man die? Why is he here?
Mizuhara: Okita-kun, formerly of the Shinsengumi

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