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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

SAI: Taker 1

Let’s Go to the First Student Council!

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Mar 14, 2012 20:52 | Go to SAI: Taker

-> RTS Page for SAI: Taker 1

*for use by 13th Hour Scans*

(note: Yuuma’s name (優麻) can be read as either Yuuma or Yuma; for some reason, the gloss the author gives on her name is Yuma in this chapter, but was Yuuma in chapter 0. I’m keeping it as Yuuma for now for consistency’s sake, but if ch2 uses Yuma as well, I’ll probably switch)

(also, I've switched to using Sorcery Device instead of Magical Vessel)

Upper right: Chapter 1 / Let’s Go to the First Student Council!
Upper left: He looks exactly like a girl…?

Kyouya: Uu…. uh… / Ugh… uh…

Kyouya: I… I can’t… seem to get… this… damn thing on… / And it’s so uncomfortable; how do girls put up with it?

Yuuma: OK, there we go.
Kyouya: Yuuma-nee-san, thank you.

Yuuma: You can’t even clasp shut one hook on your bra by yourself… What am I going to do with you?

Yuuma: How do you think you’re going to manage in a school for SAI takers, a Life School? Are you really going to be all right?
Kyouya: At what point did I say I was going to be all right? I kept saying it was impossible!

Kyouya: But… Kyouka-nee-san was so insistent, and…

Kyouka: Fortunately, your body is in a state of perfect health!

Kyouka: You’re the spitting image of a perfectly healthy young lady!
Kyouya: How exactly is that “fortunate”?

Mizuho: Really, I’m shocked by how perfect the transition was. I never knew Artemis had this ability.

Mizuho: At any rate, this change shouldn’t overly impact your daily life, so until we can come up with a countermeasure you’ll just have to make do, OK?
Kyouya: Don’t you think this’ll be a bit of a problem?!

Kyouka: I’m certain we’ll think of something! But more importantly, Kyou-chan… there’s a few things I need you to watch out for.
Kyouya: Wait, what?! I thought you said my body was fine!

Kyouka: It’s because your body is fine that I need to tell you these things.

Kyouka: For instance… stuff like… periods…

Kyouya: Per-per-periods?!?! What do you mean, periods?! Huh? Huh?
Kyouka: <aside: A little help here? Anyone? > / It’s just the sort of thing you have to be aware of if you’re going to live life as a girl!

Kyouka: Once you get used to tampons and stuff, it’s not that big of a deal! There’s a lot of stuff to help you get through that time of the month…
Kyouya: <aside: I… I think I’m gonna faint…>

Kyouka: I don’t think this’ll be a problem, but I thought I should mention it… / if you have a period, that means… well…

Kyouka: You… can probably… give birth, right? So make sure not to let your curiosity get the better of you and do something you’d regret, OK? / <aside: Don’t do it! >
Kyouya: I’d rather die!

Kyouya: I’m a boy, dammit! A boy!! So stop trying to terrify me!!
Kyouka: Of course I believe you, Kyou-chan. But the world can be a very scary place…

Kyouka: Sometimes… even if a girl doesn’t want it… she can be forced to do things and become pregnant, so…
Kyouya: <aside: Did you have to put it like that?>

Kyouka: Well, enough joking around. / This next part is very important, so listen closely.
Kyouya: <aside: Jokes? That was a joke? / I don’t think anything could surprise me now… >

Kyouka: We’re going to have you pose as a SAI Taker and transfer to Life School Tokyo.

[SAI: 3-A Igarashi]

So this is an educational facility specializing in the development of SAI Takers… / The Life School Tokyo…

Yuuma: Well, there’s a lot of things you’ll have to watch out for, / but the plan itself seems solid.

Yuuma: If you want to hide your true identity as an Original Taker / while learning how to obtain the Life you need to survive… / I can’t think of any better way than for you to transfer here as a SAI Taker. / After all, SAI Takers can get as much Life as they want for free!

Kyouka: No one from outside the company will know that you’ve made a contract with a Sorcery Device. / Just be patient for a little while longer. Can you do it for me, Kyou-chan?

Kyouya: I… I don’t know if I can really do this.

Yuuma: You’re a Taker now, right? So you can control Life! / So just use it to move your SAI around, and…
Kyouya: That’s not what I meant.

Kyouya: I’ve spent my entire life as a normal person who looked up to the SAI… / I don’t know if I’m worthy of living the same life as those elites-of-the-elite…

Yuuma: I know you can do it, Kyou-chan!

Yuuma: I, Igarashi Yuuma, guarantee it / as one of those “elites”.

Yuuma: You don’t have to worry about a thing! I’m sure you’ll become good friends with everyone!

Kyouya: Alright! Let’s do it! / Let’s become an admired SAI Taker!

Kyouya: I’m gonna fit in perfectly! (as a girl)

Box: After School

Kyouya: I’m not fitting in that well… / Are they ignoring me because I’m a transfer student?

Kyouya: Well, there was no way I was going to get the atmosphere right on the first day… / Tomorrow, I’m seriously going to manage to fit in! / <aside: Yeah / Tomorrow’s the real deal >

Sasamori: Ah, Nanase-san, could I have a moment?
Kyouya: Y-yes!

Kyouya: Sa—Sasamori-sensei?
Sasamori: Why are you so surprised?
Box: Class 2-C’s Homeroom Teacher, Sasamori Koi

Kyouya: Ah, that’s, well, umm, I mean…
Sasamori: By the way, I almost forgot to tell you…

Sasamori: Since you just transferred here from a normal school, / this is your first time in a Life School, right?
Kyouya: Ah, yes, it is…

Sasamori: So, that means you need to pick out a club.

Sasamori: At a Life School, club activities is an important part of your education which will resonate with you all the way until you graduate.
Kyouya: Ah, I had heard that.

Sasasmori: Here, in addition to classes, we have a curriculum / which combines students from all three years in order to give them live combat experience.
Kyouya: Yes; I’ve heard that’s what makes Life Schools different from normal schools…

Sasamori: That curriculum completely revolves around the various clubs. / A club president takes responsibility for others in the three grades, and forms a team. / The club president also doles out the Life you’ll need to complete the school’s missions, so club activities will extremely influence how you do here.
graph: top: Club President
circle: Life
Arrow: Hands out
bottom: Mission Successful

Sasamori: The more valuable your club is, the more Life you’ll be allotted, so make sure to make your choice carefully! / By the way, is there a club you were interested in?

Kyouya: Of course I do! / Ah, well, I was thinking of joining the Student Council, since my cousin’s in it…
Sasamori: Really?

Sasamori: The Student Council, huh… So you’re the really ambitious type? / Well, the club rooms are in the other building, so why don’t you head over?

Sasamori: And there’s a lot of other high-valued clubs besides the Student Council, you know.
Kyouya: Ah, yes… Thank you for the advice.

Kyouya: Wow… / The building’s really impressive.

Kyouya: But Yuuma-nee-san said I should head for the Student Council…

Kyouya: Where is it, where is it… / Student Council, Student Council…

Sign: upper right: New Club Members’ Grand Reception
Center: This is the First Student Council

Kyouya: This—this is the student council?! / What a weird way of telling people where they are…

Kyouya: Um, excuse me…
(?): Ah, yes!

Kyouya: Is this the Student Council?
(?): Yes! This is the First Student Council!

Kyouya: She’s so cute… / To be honest, I was hoping to join…
(?): Then please, come on in…

(?): Wow! Lucky! I can’t believe we found a new person to join us so soon!

(?): Welcome to the luxurious, gorgeous, fantastic, delicious First Student Council! Please, enjoy!

(?): Come in, come in! You can’t lose anything just by looking!
Kyouya: Ah, thank you…

Hey, Chairwoman! I’ve found someone who wants to join our club!

(?): Really? / And she looks quite promising.

(?): This, the First Student Council, / is a place where those who seek to be the greatest gather!

Kyouya: She’s so beautiful!

Kyouya: So this is the Student Council of a Life School?!

Takabayashi: And of course, I am

Takabayashi: the Chairwoman of the First Student Council, Takabayashi Reiri!
Kyouya: <aside: What an impressive person! >
Takabayahi: And we are like a vast ocean, ready to accept all who come with open arms!

(?): Do you need an application? We can process it over here.
Kyouya: <aside: Ah, yes…>
Takabayashi: Hey! How rude! Don’t interrupt the chairwoman while she’s talking!

(?): Well, it didn’t seem like your monologue had much of a point.
Takabayashi: What?! This place is for me, by me, and mine and mine alone!

(?): What are you doing?

(?): Shouldn’t you be / submitting your application?

Kyouya: Ah, yes… but…

Kyouya: Would this happen to be all of the club members?

(?): What of it? Is there a problem with the First Student Council having a policy of only accepting the best?
Kyouya: <aside: no, no, no > / Of course not; that’s not what I meant…

Kyouya: It’s just, well, I was told that my cousin was in the Student Council; I was wondering if she was going to show up soon…

(?): Oh? Your cousin… Who might that be?

Kyouya: Her name’s Igarashi Yuuma.

Takabayashi: Ah, Igarashi! You mean the Igarashi who’s one of the greatest members of my club!
(?): That’s right! The Igarashi-san who just stepped out for a minute!!
Kyouya: <aside: Ah, so that’s it… >

Kyouya: Though, actually… / <aside: Huh? I thought that… >

Kyouya: I had heard that Yuuma-nee-san was the chairwoman of the Student Council… / But then how are you also the chairwoman…


Takabayashi: In order to create a Student Council fair and open to all students, we select two chairpersons! / This creates a democratic system similar to that of a ruling party and opposition party in the real political world!!
Kyouya: <aside: Political world? >

Takabayashi: One must always be on guard against the threat of tyranny! / While acting as checks against each other, the two of us can properly guide the students along their path! / That itself is what allows us to help young students become individuals who can improve the world!
Kyouya: <aside: Wow… So there’s two… >

Kyouya (big font): I’m not quite sure what’s going on… / but I can feel… some warmth… it’s the real thing.
Takabayashi (small font, in the middle): Understand? / That… is the pride of the First Student Council!!

(?): So, will you apply? / The Life School’s computers will shut down in five minutes, so…

(?): If you don’t make up your mind until after the computers shut down, you’ll make us late getting home, so…
Kyouya: Ah, if that’s the case, then I’ll apply right now. / <aside: I’m sorry! >

Takabayashi: <aside: I was brilliant! >
(?): <aside: You weren’t that good. >
Kyouya: <aside: Apply, apply… >

Kyouya: So, what do I need… My name… and ID… / Ah, I can just have the rest get filled in automatically.

Kyouya: So my name’s listed as Nanase Kyou, huh. Gender: female. / That’s Kyouka-nee-san for you; she doesn’t miss a beat.

(?): You need to sign here… Your fingerprint will do as well. / <aside: Your thumbprint, please.>
Kyouya: Ah, OK.


(?): Don’t do it, Kyou-chan!!
Yuuma: Don’t press downnnnnnnn!!!!

Takabayashi: Igarashi!! / Yuuma?!

(?): Tch / <aside: We were almost there, too… >

Kyouya: Yuuma-nee-sa…

(?): Whoa…

Takabayashi: Club application complete!!

Yuuma: What—what—what—what….!!

Yuuma (top bubbles): Who do you think you’re trying to fool, / Takabayashi Reiri?!!!
Takabayashi (bottom bubles): Now my Student Council is one step closer to completion. / Would you like to join us in celebrating the arrival of our newest member, Chairwoman of the Plebian Student Council?

Yuuma: How dare you call it the Plebian Student Council?! Mine is the only real Student Council!

Yuuma: Putting “First” at the front of your name is a pathetic trick! You haven’t even gotten authorization from the school! / You can’t just start adding numbers to things all by yourselves!
Takebayashi: <aside: Aww, look at the little puppy whine because she’s lost. >
(?): <aside: It is quite a sight. >

Kyouya: There are two Student Councils? / But then, what does that make this…

Takabayashi: Weren’t you listening? This is the First Student Council. / We take everyone in—and let no one out.

Takabayashi: It is the strongest club in all of Life School Tokyo, for it is headed by me, Takabayashi Reiri, and I am perfect! / You may puff out your chest and walk with pride, for now you too are a member!
Yuuma: <aside: Ah, my head… >
Kyouya: <aside: Nee-san! >

Yuuma: Why / did you submit an application?!

Kyouya: Well, I mean… I thought it was the real Student Council, and, well…
Yuuma: And why would you think something that stupid?! Of all the places you could have gone, why’d you have to go there?!

Kyouya: Well, if it’s that bad, can’t I just quit?
Yuuma: No, you can’t! That’s why I’m so pissed off!

Yuuma: Once you join a club, for the first semester / you can’t quit unless the club president gives you permission!
Kyouya: <aside: What?! / But—but that’s… >

Yuuma: We were trying to keep you from standing out! Now what do we do?!
Kyouya: I’m—I’m sure if we explain things fully, she’ll let me leave.

Kyouya: It’s not like she has a particularly good reason to want me in her club…
Yuuma: Why are you so naïve?! This is Takabayashi we’re talking about!

Yuuma: Now that she knows you’re my cousin, of course she’s going to bite down as hard as she can!
Kyouya: <aside: Bite… bite down? Isn’t that a little… > / Are you guys that bad of enemies?

Yuuma: It’s not a matter of “friends” or “enemies”. That is the First Student Council, created by a bomb-like bunch of bitches who even the school itself has given up doing anything about! / And worst of all, they reject the authority of the proper student council and, against all regulations, are attempting to usurp its authority for themselves! They really are a den of evil!
Banner: The Full Den of Evil

Yuuma: The old, real student council won’t recognize them, so they just form their own?! / And putting “First” on the front of their name, just to make it sound like they’re the real thing? And spreading rumors that they are?!
Kyouya: <aside: 100 times more nervous >

Yuuma: The self-styled Student Council Chairwoman, Takabayashi Reiri!! / Wearing the mantle of the powerful Takabayashi Family, she uses her assets and Life to turn all those around her into slaves. She’s a sadistic witch who loves treating others as her puppets! / She’s the worst bitch of the century, one who’s willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals!
Box: Takabayashi Reiri
Height: 162 cm
B 85 / W 54 / H 84

Box: Kanemitsu Tsurumi / Height: 151 cm / B 75 / W 52 / H 79

Yuuma: At her right arm stands the girl known as Kanemitsu Tsurumi. She’s the one who finds her targets’ weaknesses. If she takes one snap at you, she’ll get you for everything you’ve got. / There are countless students whom she has used her money to harass and assault until they could no longer stay in school.

Box: Izawa Sumomo / Height 162 cm / B 94 / W 56/ H 86

Yuuma: And on her left is her loyal and devoted servant Izawa Sumomo. She might look stupid, but she’s a terrifying fighter who earned the nickname “Destroy”. / Even amongst the talented people gathered here at Life School Tokyo, she’s in class of her own! Once she gets angry, there’s no way to stop her! And she fights like a mad dog!

Yuuma: Their club members are nothing more than live sacrifices who spend their days crying and screaming in a living hell! / That’s what you’ve gone and stuck your own neck into, Nanase Kyouya!

Yuuma: What do you think you’re going to do? The club president gets to decide who gets all of the Life her club is allotted—the Life you need to survive! / Now that you’ve joined, you can’t even get a single unit of Life without her permission!
Kyouya: <aside: That… that might be really bad. >

Kyouya: But… you know,

Kyouya: They didn’t really seem like that bad of people. And Takabayashi-san especially seemed like a very graceful woman... / <aside: So I’m sure she’d understand if we just explained… >

Kyouya: <aside: You’re shocked!! >

Yuuma: Wait, what?! Are you taking her side now? Is that how it is?! / Why?! Do you not believe me, or something?
Kyouya: I—I’m not really supporting her!!

Kyouya: It’s just, when I think back to my first impression of her… yeah.

Yuuma: Was it that good?

Yuuma: She kissed you… And she looks pretty… That’s all that matters, right? She has grace? What is this, love at first sight?
Kyouya: What—what—what are you saying, Nee-san?! / I’m not saying that at all! I’m not!

Kyouya: And besides, I’m a girl now, right?! I mean, the Chairwoman was just trying to make a stupid joke about love between women, or something…
Yuuma: What was that? Did you just call her “Chairwoman”?

Yuuma: She kissed you to get you to join her club! That’s all she wanted! You’re horrible, Kyou-chan!!
Kyouya: You’ve—you’ve got it all wrong! I just got a little careless after she kissed me, is all… OK?

Yuuma: I can’t believe I misjudged you, Kyou-chan! You get kissed by someone like her, and then all you can do is gape?! / I don’t care about you anymore! Just do whatever the hell you want! / <aside: And I won’t make dinner for you tonight, either! >

Kyouya: <aside: Oww > / What… what did I do wrong? / Things were fine until a moment ago… Nothing makes sense in Tokyo…

Kyouya: Still… She was really pretty, huh… / I can still feel the soft touch of her lips…

Kyouya: Huh?! / What’s going on?!

Kyouya: My breasts are suddenly… / No, it’s like a fever coming from deep within me! / What is this sensation?!
Narrator: That’s right!

Narrator: This is another side effect of the Sorcery Device Artemis / which Ichikawa Mizuho could not predict!

Narrator: While in the form of a woman, whenever “that day” nears, / the user enters an irresistibly intense state of estrus.

Kyouya: What’s… going on? I can... barely… breathe… / And I feel… I feel really strange….!!

Kyouya: I… I need to get to the lab… / and see Ichikawa-san…

Takabayashi: And look, there’s our newest member!

Takabayashi: What’s the rush? I’m sorry, but I just can’t let you leave just yet. / How are we supposed to have a welcoming party for our new club member when the girl herself isn’t there?

Takabayashi: You said you were Igarashi Yuuma’s little cousin, right? / That is such joyous news! I’m sure we’re going to have so much fun together doing all sorts of stuff.
Kyouya: Um, well… I’m not feeling that good, so…
Takabayashi: I really can’t allow such an uncreative excuse, either.

Takabayashi: But where exactly feels so bad? / Won’t you tell me? Let me give you a proper examination!

Kyouya: Please… I’m begging you… / Let me go… please…

Takabayashi: Oh I get it I get it. You just want me to let you leave. / Then why don’t I do exactly that?

Kyouya: So you’re going to stop… right?
Takabayashi: ‘Course I am! Just as soon as I grow tired of massaging you!

Narrator: Yes, while in this state of estrus…

Narrator: She is like an animal in heat.

Izawa: Bwah?

Takabayashi: What—what are you…?!

Takabayashi: Kyah!

Kyouya: I love you… Chairwoman… / So please… please…

Kyouya: Please let this continue… until we grow tired…
Takabayashi: Wait—wait—wait…

Takabayashi: I’m sorrrrryyyyyy!!!

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