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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker- 23


+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Mar 21, 2012 01:20 | Go to Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker-

-> RTS Page for Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker- 23

*for use by Muda*

Chapter 23: Cracks

<no text>
Nurse: Tch! / You can already move?!

Nurse: Hah… Kh…. Uhhh…

Nurses: What? / Did she spot us?!

Nurses: Kh?! / Tachibana!!

Natsuhi: I need to bring a change of clothes… and some underwear… / What else…

Natsuhi: Well, I’ll head back to the hospital. / I’ve prepared some food, so eat it when you get hungry.

Natsuhi: I really am a good cook. You knew that, right? / I’ll be expecting your compliments when I get back!!

Natsuhi: …You should probably show your face at the hospital, once you’re feeling better. / <aside: C’mon… No comeback? >

Ryuji: A….

Ryuji: Ayaka-nee-san?!

Natsuhi: What happened? Why’d you leave the hospital? You shouldn’t be up and about!
Ayaka: Forget about that—we need to get out of here, now!

Natsuhi: We need to leave? … But where would we go?
Ayaka: Somewhere far from here!

Ayaka: I’ll explain later! / Reiji!! You need to get moving, too! Now!!!

Natsuhi: Wow… I didn’t know you had a resort home… I’m kinda shocked…
Ayaka: Our mother bought it… we used to come here every year during summer break.

Natsuhi: N-nee-san? You all right?

Natsuhi: Eh? You’re bleeding! / We should get you back to the hospital…!!

Ayaka: Don’t worry about me… I should recover after a night’s rest…
Natsuhi: But there’s something wrong here… Shouldn’t you have finished healing by now?

Ayaka: It might have been because of that Nikaidou bitch’s Sorcery Device, or maybe some skill of hers… / Reiji’s eye hasn’t healed yet, either.

Ayaka: I’ll be fine. But we should hide here until I’ve fully recovered. / You guys shouldn’t head out carelessly, either.

Natsuhi: Hold up… What’s going on? Why won’t you go back to the hospital? / And why do we have to hide here?

Ayaka: If they find us, / they’ll kill us.

Natsuhi: Th—they?! / Who’s “they”? Nikaidou?

Ayaka: Life Inc… / A gang sent by its president, Ishigami Ryuusuke.

Natsuhi: What—what are you saying?

Natsuhi: Why would they be after us? / We’re working for them—

Ayaka: Because we couldn’t kill Nikaidou Ran!

Ayaka: No; there might be some other reason. / But the crux of the matter is that they no longer have any use for us. / That they just tried to kill me at the hospital proves it.

Natsuhi: But—but that’s…

Natsuhi: Are you certain? Why would the Guild even do this? … Are you saying they’re going to kill us because we failed the test…?! / Why? We never wanted to oppose the guild…!

Ayaka: I can’t be 100% certain. But I was attacked by multiple Takers… / And when you think about it, doesn’t something strike you as a little off?

Ayaka: There’s no way a group of Takers that large couldn’t defeat Nikaidou. / So why enlist a couple of beginners like ourselves?

Natsuhi: To—to protect the group… / from taking the blame, maybe?

Ayaka: It was so they could back out whenever they wanted / and lay all the blame for killing Nikaidou at our feet.

Natsuhi: You—you mean because we screwed up? You think they fear payback from Nikaidou?
Ayaka: Weren’t you listening? I just told you that an individual could never defeat such an organization, no matter how powerful she is.

Ayaka: Nikaidou was certainly a monster. Nevertheless, if Ishigami and his crew went all out, I doubt she’d last long against them. So why do you think he left things to us? / … It’s because Ishigami needed Nikaidou Ran to disappear without dirtying his own hands…

Ayaka: I suspect it didn’t matter to him whether or not we killed Nikaidou… He must have had some other goal. But he needed a scapegoat… And that’s where we come in… / Even if we had succeeded, he would have gotten rid of us in the end.

Ayaka: Add in what happened at the hospital, and it all starts to make sense. / How could I have been so foolish? I’m so sorry!

Natsuhi: Like a lizard cutting off its own tail to survive… / He really used us good.

Reiji: Khkh…!

Reiji: Khkhkh!

Reiji: Khkh… Khkhkhkh! / Ahahahaha!

Ayaka: Rei…ji?

Reiji: What a laugh… Following up a murder with a conspiracy theory? It’s almost like we’re in a TV show.

Reiji: Oh, I get it. If you do that, you get to keep on playing the victim, don’t you? / You want to make the organization into our enemy,

Reiji: and fight them off, right?

Reiji: You think that’ll make up for the guilt you feel over killing someone?!

Natsuhi: Reiji! What do you think you’re saying?!
Reiji: Do you disagree?

Reiji: From the start, it was Nee-san who betrayed us and ran off to treat with them! / And that choice led to the death of an innocent child!! / And now she claims to be the victim, that she was used by the organization?

Reiji: Words cannot describe how selfish you’ve become! / No; I think I’ve finally figured it out.

Reiji: You’ve always been that way, haven’t you? /A pathetic egoist who acts only for her own convenience.

Ayaka: Rei… / ji?

Natsuhi: Don’t you think you’ve gone too far?! Why are you so eager to doubt everything your sister has to say? If you think about it, what she says really does make sense!
Reiji: So everything’s fine as long as it “makes sense”?

Reiji: You can accept her killing an innocent boy because you understand her taking a request to kill someone else?!

Natsuhi: That—that was an accident; no one could have done anything…

Reiji: That woman killed someone.

Reiji: She decided we were more important than a child / and killed him so we could live!

Reiji: She selfishly went on a rampage, and is guilty of murder… / And now, she starts spouting on about a conspiracy? Don’t make me laugh.

Reiji: I’m leaving.

Reiji: I don’t think I…

Reiji: can trust you anymore, Nee-san.
Ayaka: You can’t!!!

Ayaka: You can’t go!!
Reiji: Out of my way!!

Ayaka: I won’t move!!
Reiji: I don’t want to argue with you. Move!

Ayaka: I won’t let you leave… / Even if I have to stab you!

Reiji: Is this who you really are, / Nee-san?

Reiji: I used to respect you, Nee-san.

Reiji: But I can’t. / Not anymore.

Natsuhi: Ne—Nee-san…

Ayaka: for… his sake…

Ayaka: I did… everything… for Reiji’s sake… / for your… sake…

Natsuhi: Please don’t worry, Ayaka-nee-san… / I’m sure he’ll be back soon…

<no text>

Ayaka(?): This is our one and only chance, / Reiji…

Reiji: Uahhhhhhhhhh / hhhhhhh!!!!

Phone: Igarashi Kyouka

Reiji: Igarashi… / san…?

Reiji: Hello?

Igarashi: Reiji-kun?! / Are you alright? Where are you?

Reiji: What would you do if I told you? Finish cleaning up loose ends?

Reiji: Just do whatever you want… Track my location, even… and kill me.
Igarashi: Don’t—don’t hang up!!

Igarashi: Please, let me tell you something!! / I’m trying to help you!!

Igarashi: I’m just asking you to listen!! Is Akaka-san with you right now? / If she is… you need to get away from her, right now!

Igarashi: She is… / She’s not thinking straight anymore!

Reiji: My sister is…

Reiji: Not thinking straight?

Igarashi: She stabbed a nurse at the hospital before running off! / It looks like she’s convinced herself someone’s after her! / She’s starting to develop a case of megalomania…

Igarashi: It seems she’s embraced her true nature as a psychopath / and is starting to go on a rampage!

Reiji: Her true nature… / as a psychopath?

Igarashi: My boss didn’t want to tell you, but… / you know that Ayaka-san’s class is Psychopath, right?

Igarashi: That’s supposed to be a class unobtainable unless you get lots of experience hunting and killing other Takers. / However, your sister was a Psychopath from the start… What do you think that means?

Igarashi: It means that Ayaka-san is a Natural-born Psychopath. / And a Natural-born Psychopath can no more control her urge to kill than she can her hunger or sex drive.

Reiji: A Natural-born… Psychopath? / Urge to kill…?

Ayaka: In the end, isn’t humanity a form of life that only survives through the sacrifice of others? / I’ll kill you!! / That’s the only way anyone can survive this game!

Igarashi: Reiji-kun? Are you still there? Reiji-kun!!
Reiji: Yeah, I’m here…

Igarashi: Do you understand? Psychopaths always have a strong desire to kill. However, until now Ayaka-san has managed to keep that desire checked. / That’s probably because… because she didn’t want to lose her family… However, we believe… that she has found a way to satisfy her urges.

Igarashi: That brings us to you, Reiji-kun. / She plans to use protecting you as a pretext to satisfy her urge to kill, her own personal desires!

Ayaka: This is all for your sake, / Reiji.

Igarashi: You have to believe me!!! Where are you right now? / We need to stop Ayaka-san before it’s too late!!

<no text>

Ayaka(?): Rei…! / Reiji…?!

Natsuhi: Hey—welcome home! Oh… We were so worried about you!!

Natsuhi: See? I told you he’d come back!

Ayaka: Rei… Reiji…

Reiji: Nee-san, can you do something for me?

Reiji: Can you… / stay away from me for a while?

Reiji: I’ll be resting on the second floor… I want to be a lone for a little while.

Natsuhi: Nee-san…

Natsuhi: Uwah! It smells so good!

Ayaka: It’s Reiji’s favorite.
Natsuhi: I’ll bring it up to him; you should take a break, too, Nee-san.

Ayaka: No, I’ll bring it up myself.
Natsuhi: OK, that’s fine…

Ayaka: Reiji…

Ayaka: I’ve brought dinner… / It’s your favorite: crème stew!

Reiji: I told you I wanted to be alone…

Ayaka: Then I’ll just leave it here for you…

Ayaka: Kyah!!
Reiji: I’m telling you, I’m not hungry!!

Ayaka: I’m…

Ayaka: I’m so sorry… Was it too hot?

Ayaka: I’ll go get some things to clean this up…

Reiji: Just shut up and get out!! / I don’t need you to care for me!!!

Natsuhi: Here. Have some hot chocolate.

Reiji: Thank you…

Natsuhi: Your sister’s asleep. She seems to be handling it pretty well… / Do you know how hard she worked making that stew for you?

Natsuhi: I can’t blame you for panicking, after all that’s happened… / But please don’t take it out on Ayaka-nee-san.

Natsuhi: Your sister’s been working really hard… You know / why that is, right? And I don’t think…

Natsuhi: that you hate her… / right?

Reiji: My sister… / isn’t just a sister to me…

Reiji: Our mother way always overseas… She might as well have just left us to fend for ourselves. / I don’t think I could ever express how much I resented her for that…

Reiji: So my sister practically raised me… She devoted herself to me… / Even though she was so good at gymnastics, she quit so that she could take care of me.

Reiji: While my mother was always so far away that I could barely even remember what she looked like, my sister was always right by my side. / She was the only one… who really felt like family.

Reiji: So how could she… / How am I supposed to accept that she could have done something like that?!

Natsuhi: Isn’t it time… / that you grew up from being your sister’s child?

Natsuhi: You’ve gotten too used to relying on your sister, Reiji.

Natsuhi: Your sister’s her own person… It’s selfish of you to want her to stay by your side, precious and beautiful, forever and ever…

Natsuhi: Tachibana Ayaka has desires, gets angry, does things we wish she wouldn’t…. Just like anyone else. You need to… accept your sister more for who she is…

Reiji: Just like… / anyone else…

Igarashi: Your sister… / is a Natural-born Psychopath!!

Reiji: But… what if Nee-san is…
Natsuhi: Oh, for goodness sake! All you do is whine on and on about your sister!

Natsuhi: What is with this mystical version of your sister?! / You encounter one aspect of her you didn’t expect, and suddenly she’s dead to you?!

Natsuhi: Now’s the time to be a man! You should act cool and accept everything about her, even the things you don’t like! / Stop relying on her for everything, and find your own answers! / That’s the Tachibana Reiji I know!!

Natsuhi: And maybe you’ll help out your sister with her problems from time to time? / And when things get really, really tough, and it seems like it can’t get any worse…

Natsuhi: Then maybe I can join you, and we can bear the weight together. / We’re childhood friends, aren’t we?

Natsuhi: Huh? / Umm…. What?!
Natsuhi: Wait—what are you…?

box: What comes after… an instinctive rampage?

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