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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker- 24

A Choice

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Mar 26, 2012 18:10 | Go to Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker-

-> RTS Page for Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker- 24

*For use by Muda Scans*

Ayaka: Forgive me!! / Please, forgive me!!

Ayaka: I won’t do it any more, I promise! / I’ll do whatever you ask, and be a good little girl!

title: Chapter 24: A Choice

Haruka: What… / should I forgive you for?

Ayaka: It’s—it’s my fault… / I upset you, Mother…

Haruka: I told you not to call me “mother”!!

Ayaka: I’m sorry, Haruka-san!! / I won’t call you that again! I won’t!!

Ayaka: It’s just, I’m really hungry and it hurts, so… / But I definitely won’t do it again!!

Haruka: I really don’t care about that. / You’ve committed other sins.

Haruka: You… / Your sin is being my daughter.

Haruka: Your shear existence, / and my bringing you into this world, is an indelible sin.

Haruka: Your birth itself / was an unforgivable crime.

Haruka: At this rate, maybe it’d just be better / if you disappeared from my sight…

Extra: Isn’t that the mother of that household?

Extra: Every night, I can hear a girl’s screams… And the last time I saw her, her body was covered in bruises… Do you think there’s child abuse? / Maybe we should tell the police.

Ayaka: Lord God…

Ayaka: Is Ayaka a bad girl? / Should I have never been born?

Ayaka: If I went to join you now, Lord, would it make Mother… / would it make Haruka-san happy?

Ayaka: Haruka-san is…

Ayaka: Moth… / Haruka… san.

Haruka: Here… / Eat up…

Haruka: Is it good?
Ayaka: Yes! It’s delicious!!

Haruka: When you’re done eating, why don’t you go take a bath with your mother?

Haruka: Ayaka, do you want to be a good girl?
Ayaka: Yes, Haruka-san! I want to be a good girl!!

Haruka: You know your mother can’t stand a liar
Ayaka: I’m—I’m not lying!! / Honest!!

Haruka: Then follow me.

Ryuji: Mama! Mama!
Haruka: Yes, come to Mommy, Reiji…

Ryuji: Mama!
Haruka: There, there! You really are a good boy, aren’t you, Reiji?

Haruka: Reiji, could you look over there for me?

Haruka: That’s your big sister, / Ayaka.

Reiji: Onee-chan!

Haruka: His name is Reiji… / He’ll be your little brother from now on.

Ayaka: My brother…

Haruka: Ayaka, can you keep him close to you forever?
Ayaka: Y—yes!
Haruka: Will you protect him, no matter what happens, even if you have to sacrifice yourself?

Ayaka: I’ll treasure Reiji forever! I’ll protect him forever! / He’ll mean much, much more to me than myself!

Haruka: Never forget those words. Never forget how it feels to sacrifice yourself for others. / That is the value of humanity… If you lose that, you’ll no longer be human.

Haruka: If you ever thrust Reiji into despair for your own personal gain, or if he grows to hate you, / then I will give up on you. Completely and forever.

Haruka: Therefore, you must always love Reiji as a member of your family, / so that he grows to love you in return.

Haruka: If… if you can’t do that, then you’ll…

You’re wrong… Haruka-san… I’ve worked so hard for Reiji all this time… / There’s no way he could hate me… But if he did, what should I do for him?

<no text>

Natsuhi: Reiji? Is that you?

Reiji: Uh… uhn….

Reiji: Natsu…hi?

Reiji: Ne…

Reiji: Nee-san…?

Reiji: What—what are you... / what are you doing…?

Ayaka: I’m sorry… Your sister should’ve thought things over a bit more. / After all, you’re not a child anymore, Reiji.

Ayaka: I can’t believe it took me so long to realize that… I’m such an idiot. / But I know how to make you happy.

Ayaka: After all, I’m… / someone who exists for you and you alone.

Ayaka: Uwahhhhh!!!

Reiji: What’s wrong with you, Nee-san?!!! / Why are you doing this?!

Reiji: Please, start acting sane again!

Ayaka: I am sane.

Ayaka: After all, Takers can’t go back to a normal life, nor can they date normally. / You’re a man, Reiji. It must be hard for you to hold back so much, right?

Ayaka: But I am your sister… and a woman… and a Taker… / Isn’t that just perfect…?

Natsuhi: I was right… It was too early for you to leave the hospital.

Reiji: Na—Natsuhi…!!
Natsuhi: However… It’s your head that’s really messed up.

Natsuhi: Reiji, you have to tell it to her straight, here and now. / If you don’t, she’s just going to keep on deluding herself.

Natsuhi: You have to tell her she’s your sister. / Nothing more, and nothing less.

Ayaka: I get it… You’re the cause of all this. It’s your fault that Reiji… / can’t make the right decisions anymore...

Natsuhi: How can you say that? Are you insane?! / You’re the one who can’t the right decisions!! /

Natsuhi: Right now, the one you’re hurting most of all / is Reiji himself. Why can’t you figure that out?

Ayaka: You’re a Taker. The second you start running out of life points, / you’re going to slit Reiji’s throat while he sleeps.

Ayaka: So what right do you have to harass me, / you whore?!!!

Reiji: STOP IT!!!!!

<no text>

Ayaka: Do you think…

Ayaka: Do you think you, / of all people,

Ayaka: can take my one-and-only Reiji from me?!

Natsuhi: Is your love for him still that fucked up?!!!

Reiji: ENOUGH!!!

Reiji: Enough… / Enough already…

Reiji: If you don’t stop, I’ll… / I’ll take my own life.

Ayaka: Reiji!!! / What are you doing?!

Ayaka: What would cause you do this? Why? / Why would you do this?!

Reiji: What about you, Nee-san? Why are you doing this to me?

Reiji: The Nee-san I knew was nicer than anyone else… / She was a bit clumsy, but you could always count on her in a pinch… *

Reiji: And she always made sure / I had a place to call home.

Reiji: She took the place of our harsh mother, / and gave me a place of tranquility.

Reiji: How can that sister / have become so scary?

Ayaka: I was afraid… / So afraid…

Ayaka: Afraid that you would leave me, Reiji… That you would disappear from my side… / I had to fight to save you!! / But as the fighting continued, you grew to hate me!! I didn’t know what to do! Of course I was insecure!

Ayaka: Could I have left you behind and lived by myself? Of course I could! But how could I have lived with myself?! / So in a situation like this, what choice did I have? / I would have done anything to protect you!

Ayaka: Why can’t you understand? / Why?!!!!

Kyouka: Your sister, Ayaka-san, / is a Natural-Born Psychopath.

Kyouka: Our genes drive us to cling to our lives and our personalities. / That is why we possess a killer instinct.

Reiji: Isn’t “protecting me” just an excuse / for you to justify killing others?

Reiji: Tell me the truth… Am I really the most important thing in the world to you?

Reiji: Now that you’re unbound by the morals and laws of society, and can kill others at will, / aren’t you having the time of your life?

Reiji: After all, Nee-san, / you’ve always been a Psychopath.

Reiji: It wouldn’t even surprise me… / if you were glad you became a Taker.

Reiji: Isn’t it easy now? / You get to reveal your true self…

Reiji: Stop pretending to be doing this to protect me and show me who you truly are, / Tachibana Ayaka!!!

Ayaka: You think me wanting to protect you… / is an excuse…?

Ayaka: You’re wrong… Reiji… You’re completely wrong… / Don’t you see? Reiji, I… I…

Ayaka: Reiji… / I…

Reiji: OK… / Please do so.

Natsuhi: Don’t you think / you went a little too far back there?

Natsuhi: Putting everything else aside for a second, I think your sister meant every word she said about you, Reiji. / You must know that.

Reiji: Apparently… she’s a Psychopath.
Natsuhi: So what?

Reiji: It’s the highest class a Taker can achieve, usually obtainable only after one has murdered countless others. / But my sister was one from the start.

Reiji: Why do you think that is?

Reiji: It’s because she was always a Psychopath…. / She was always… someone who couldn’t repress the urge to kill.

Natsuhi: Why would you…

Natsuhi: Did someone from the Guild tell you that…?! Don’t tell me you believed something that stupid?! / Did you forget that they attacked your sister at the hospital?!

Reiji: In the end, how much am I supposed to believe?

Reiji: Do you have any proof / what my sister said was true?

Natsuhi: Reiji… did you…?

Natsuhi: You… couldn’t have…

Reiji: Was that really all for my sake?

Reiji: Isn’t “protecting me” just an excuse / for you to justify killing others?

Reiji: …show me who you truly are, / Tachibana Ayaka!!!

Ayaka: You’re wrong… You’re wrong… It was all for you, Reiji… / No… It was for my own sake.. / But that’s wrong…?! I… In order to protect Reiji, I…

Ayaka: Enjoyed… killing…? / And in order to justify it, I…

Ayaka: That can’t be it… / I love him…

Ayaka: I know that much… I definitely… / should love Reiji.

box: The division between the siblings grows ever deeper.

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