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Clockwork 4

Two Men, Back to Back / Two Shot

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Apr 3, 2012 15:50 | Go to Clockwork

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*for use by 13th Hours Translations

(?): The son of Katsu Kaishuu?
[box]: A conversation between Hijikata and Saitou, former members of the Shinsengumi.

(?): That’s right—Katsu Cloak.

Hijikata: He left for America right before the start of the Boshin War, and returned to Japan yesterday.
Saitou: What was with

Saitou: that gunmanship…
[box]: Former Vice-Captain of the Shinsengumi, Commander of the Third Division, Saitou Hajime / Police Captain Fujita Gorou.

Hijikata: There are legends about him from back when he was in Annapolis.
[title]: Shot 4: Two Men, Back to Back / Two Shot

Saitou: … What, exactly, / is starting?

Saitou: Sakamoto Ryouma, who was believed to have been assassinated. / Chief Kondou, who lost his head. / Souji, who died of illness. / And then there’s…

Saitou: The vice-captain who died in battle at Hakodate…
[box]: Former Vice-Captain of the Shinsengumi / Hijikata Toshizou

Saitou: But in fact you lived, went to America, and just now returned home to Japan?
Hijikata: I’m sorry, Hajime. I always meant to tell you, but…

Saitou: Never mind that. I was ordered to assassinate the foreign girl, but the son of Katsu Kaishuu got in the way. / And then I was stopped by a man who was supposed to be dead. I have plenty of questions, but…

Saitou: Well, for now, let’s celebrate the continued life of the demonic Vice-Captain.

Saitou: I will serve you, Vice-Captain.

Saitou: So what will I cut in this new age?
Hijikata: … You’ll shoot it.

Hijikata: … It’s been 10 years since the start of the Meiji Restoration, and yet some people still can’t accept Westernization…

Saitou: So, when will Chief Kondou and Souji…
Hijikata: There have been some complications…

Mizuhara: So then, Okita-kun…

Fujiwara: … I told you, I don’t care if you’re a captain—if you call me Okita in front of everyone, I’ll shoot you! / My name is Fujiwara Shunsei now. / Fu-ji-wa-ra!

Mizuhara: Oh, how scary. Looks like the captain of the Shinsengumi’s First Squad’s talented with guns, too.
Fujiwara: You can’t call me that, either!

Mizuhara: So, Fujiwara-kun, what do you think of him—of Katsu Cloak-kun. / <aside: But you don’t mind being called talented.
Fujiwara: That’s fine.


Fujiwara: Clockwork, was it? / Makes sense. Just like the rumors say, he fires like clockwork. / Hajime was powerless against him.

Fujiwara: Oh, wait, he goes by Gorou now. Fujita Gorou. / <aside: I guess he really likes names with numbers in them.* > / So the foreign girl Hajime was trying to capture was Isadora, a servant of the Mason family… / Why are the police getting involved? / Wait—what were we talking about again?
*: T/N: Hajime is written with the character for one (一); the first character in Gorou means five (五).

Mizuhara: … For now, I’ll let you handle Cloak-kun.
Fujiwara: Hell no.

Mizuhara: Why are you so against it? Stop acting like a child. / <aside: And it’s an order from your superior officer… >
Fujiwara: I’m not a child!

Fujiwara: I hate pain-in-the-neck greenhorns.
(?): In the Navy, your superiors’ orders are absolute. / Was it different in the Shinsengumi?
Fujiwara: Well, no, but didn’t you say the Fifth Aquatic Division was different?

Fujiwara: And besides, I’m only here so that I can fight powerful foes. / Nothing more, nothing less.

Mizuhara: We’re in the Navy. You’ll get your battles soon enough.
Fujiwara: Fine. I’ll take him with me to investigate Ichigaya tomorrow and see how good he is.

Mizuhara: Don’t kill him.

Fujiwara: If he dies,

Fujiwara: then we’ll know that’s all he’s worth.

Mother: C-cloak, who is this woman?

[box]: Kaishuu’s servants/kitchen staff/mistresses

Mother: Like father, like son.

Cloak: Mother, this is Isadora-san. I met her on the boat ride home, and…
<aside: Subconsciously avoids eye contact>
Mother: And what is with that outfit? Didn’t you go visit the Navy today?

Cloak: I did go! I did, but I was attacked by the police on the way home, so…

Mother: By the police? What happened? / And why would you bring that sort of person so carelessly into my house?

Kaishuu: Well, we’ll never get to the meat of things if we all stand out here yapping all day. First, let’s get you cleaned up. / Itsu, could you take her to the bath? / We’ll talk after she’s done.

Kaishuu: I would have never thought you’d be the type to bring a woman home right after you got back from overseas, though…

Itsu: Umm, Isadora…san, I’ve brought a change of clothes…

Isadora: Umm….?

Itsu: <aside: She’s just like Clara when she first arrived… >
Isadora: Are…

Isadora: Are all Japanese people so nice… / and helping?

Itsu: Well… uh… is the water the right temperature for you?

Isadora: What—what is it? Never seen a woman with a few scars before? / Margaret, the person I worked for, was fond of personally and thoroughly beating us during training. / Not that I’d expect someone with a perfect life like you to understand.

Isadora: ……! / Enough! I can do the rest by myself, so get out—

Itsu: … Let me wash your back.
Isadora: What… I don’t need your sympathy!
Itsu: I’m sorry if this stings.
Isadora: They’re—they’re old scars! Why would they sting?!

Itsu: … Then I’ll wash them.

Isadora: … You’re a lot more stubborn than I’d have though.

Itsu: … Maybe it runs in the family.
Isadora: You two siblings are weird--/ showing such kindness to someone you don’t even know.

Itsu: … I suppose our family is a little bit weird.

Isadora: How can you admit that yourself?!

Itsu: By…. by the way, what happened between you and Cloak-nii-sama?

Itsu: Bwah?! / N-n-nothing! Nothing at all!

Itsu: He sort of helped me out on the boat… well, not just the boat, but… / At—at any rate, he just sort of saved me! / I bet it’s just cause I look like someone else he knows, or something!
Cloak: Am I wrong?

Itsu: … Someone Nii-sama knows?

Clara: Hold it right there!

Isadora: Huh….?

Clara: I won’t let you do what you want to to Itsu, who’s the spitting image of an ideal Japanese woman: pure, innocent, and sweet!
Isadora: Who… are you?
Clara: I am her English teacher, Clara Whitney!

Itsu: Cl—Clara, you should… uh… c—cover yourself up a bit…
Clara: What are you saying, Itsu?! Is it not the culture of the <Japanese Bath, the FURO> to meet others in the nude?

Itsu: I’m—I’m glad you’re interested in Japanese culture, Clara, but…
(?): Hey, haven’t you been watching us through the crack in the door?
Clara: <Oh! > That’s the restraint of an ideal Japanese woman, <NE>?
(?): … I don’t think so.

Umetarou: <aside: Is Clara being an idiot again?> / What are they up to?

Kaishuu: So that’s what happened on your ride home.

Kaishuu: So Isadora’s masters are the Mason weapons merchants, who’ve come to Japan in the hopes of selling their wares.

Kaishuu: … Why now, of all times.

Kaishuu: Thomas Blake Glover-san did befriend Ryouma and sell us guns, but… / he couldn’t keep his business going, and had to start managing a coal mine. / And the military’s just changed its contract for importing weapons from the French to the Germans, so there doesn’t seem to be much of an opportunity for the Americans to get involved…

Kaishuu: So how do they plan to sell their guns?

Isadora: By starting a war.

Kaishuu: Man, that looks good on you.
Isadora: You would be a lot more serious if you knew exactly what the Mason Company is capable of.

Kaishuu: Did you come all the way from America to bring us that message? / Good job.

Isadora: …I…

Isadora: will get revenge for my friends and family!

Kaishuu: Cool your head, and don’t be so quick to throw away your life.

Cloak: The Aquatic Division’s already aware of the Mason Company.

Kaishuu: Huh? Is that how things are playing out… / Well, if the Navy’s starting to move, we can probably just leave things to them.

Isadora: But I…!

Cloak: The police are already searching for you! And you entered this country illegally, so who knows what’ll happen to you if you get captured!

Isadora: If I gave a damn about things like that, I would have never boarded that boat in the first place! / You said you went to America to learn about <freedom>, right?

Isadora: This problem has to do with my <freedom>!

Kaishuu: You’re not willing to just leave things to me, Katsu Kaishuu, are you? / Trust me. I won’t let things go badly.

Cloak: Tomorrow, / I’ll be heading back to the Aquatic Division.

Fujiwara: Impressive. Exactly five minutes early.

Fujiwara: As the rumors say, just like clockwork. Though I don’t think that is what they meant.

Fujiwara: But it’s ten years too early for me to be put in command.
Cloak: In—in command?

Fujiwara: I am Fujiwara Junsei, of the Fifth Aquatic Division. / And I’m the guy who gets to take the spoiled brat who ran off to America right before the fighting started / and reeducate him using whatever methods I please. / Not that I’m expecting anything from you, mind.

Cloak: What…

Cloak: Who is this person…

Fujiwara: In other words, you will obey my every command to the letter. / To be blunt, I am your superior officer.

Fujiwara: Double time! Follow me!
Cloak: Huh?! / Move… where? / <aside: Sirrrr?! >

Cloak: ….This—this man is my… / superior officer…??

Cloak: Is—/ Is that double time? / Did you… / Did you plan on running all the way to Ichigaya? I… I don’t think I could do that…
Fujiwara: Ichigaya? / I know a nice place in Ichigaya.
[boxes: No physical strength / Weak constitution ]

Fujiwara: But before that…

Cloak: Why do I have to pay…

Cloak: …. Moreover, Fujiwara-san, why are we even here?
Fujiwara: Don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it!
Cloak: What do you mean, don’t worry?

Fujiwara: Why don’t we go with them?

Cloak: Did… / Did he just shoot from the hip? / Did he use a single quick draw to instantly shoot them in the solar plexus?

Cloak: And what… what are you—

Fujiwara: Not very quick on the uptake, are you? / What else would we do, but take the place of these police officers?

Cloak: When you said a “nice” place… / you meant the red-light district?!
Fujiwara: I can’t stand a beginner who keeps asking questions.

Fujiwara: And why dress up like policemen if not to arrest someone? / Ar-rest! /
Cloak: Of course, we are in disguise, so maybe this’ll just lead to a fight…
Fujiwara: Now you’re starting to figure things out! Good job, Clockwork!

Cloak: Then… shall we go? / Huh? Wait—who exactly do we want to arrest?
Fujiwara: Why are you asking me?
Cloak: Oh, I was worried that---WHAT?! / <aside: You don’t know?! >

Cloak: Hold up a second! / How can you not know who you want to arrest?!
Fujiwara: Oh, shut up, shut up, I can’t hear you!!!
Cloak: What are you, a little kid?!

Fujiwara: A kid? Look who’s talking.
Cloak: I’m not talking about age!

Fujiwara: You know, I’m a major. You’re a lieutenant. So what was it you were saying?

Fujiwara: Excuse me, sir, but this is… err…
Extra: Ah, yes, this is where the army, / in addition to the people from Choushuu, are meeting…

Cloak: We—we should get out of—

Fujiwara: We have orders to search the premises!

Cloak: What…

Fujiwara: I always wanted to say that. / I hoped to stir up the Choushuu guys. Think it worked?
(?): No, no, no! Can’t you try to be discreet?!

Various: What was dat just now?! / Who’re you? Why’re ya’ ;ere? / What’s an officer doin’ ‘ere? / Where d’ya guys tink dis is?

Cloak: Why did you have to say that, Fuji…
Fujiwara: Don’t tell them my name—not after we went through all the trouble of getting a disguise! / … So then.

Fujiwara: We came here ‘cause we heard this was a spot for soldiers who couldn’t find a job. / But just ‘cause you can’t find a job doesn’t mean you have to make this a Choushuu-ish hideout where people get drunk by noon. / The guy we’re searching for should be your foe, too. / Someone here should be wearing a military uniform, right?

Various: What o’ it? / I sees a guy in a uniform right ‘ere.

Fujiwara: That went a lot worse than I thought.
(?): Yes. Yes it did.

Extra: Hey! / I got one ting t’ say t’ you ‘fore we’re done.

Extra: I dunno if dis makes sense, but ‘ear me out.

Fujiwara: That’s why they say your brain’s made out of muscle.
Various: What… What’d you say?! / Who said dat?!

Fujiwara: Me.

Extra: You….

Various: Son of a bitch! / Get ‘im!

Cloak: Why do you have to make things so complicated?!
Fujiwara: Cause it keeps things interesting!

Extra: Ohhhhhhhhh!
Cloak: “Interesting”?!

Two Guns Draw!

Fujiwara: Let’s cut to the chase.

Fujiwara: Hey, hey, Clock, you just gonna watch?
Cloak: For goodness sake, whose fault do you think this is? But I’ll do it! / If I do, you’ll have no complaints, right?

Cloak: It’s just a job, right?!

Cloak: So, what’d you mean by “cut to the chase”?

Fujiwara: Let’s think about it. / Whoa!

Fujiwara: Not bad. / …However.

Fujiwara: I don’t feel comfortable trusting my back to you just yet.

Extras: Who are dese guys? / We can’t land a single bullet, while dey ain’t even missed one shot!

(?): Ohhhhhhhhhhh!

(?): It’s ‘cause ya guys don’t really want t’ kill dem! / If you’re gonna kill dem, ya just have t’ kill dem!

Fujiwara: What the…

(?): Shit! Nogi’s actin’ up again!

Various: Hey! Someone stop dat idiot ‘fore ‘e kills ‘imself! / It’s impossible! Once Lieutenant Colonel Nogi gets like dat, no one can stop ‘im!
Nogi: Out o’ my way!

Fujiwara: Just like the legends say, Clockwork. / Quite praiseworthy.

Cloak: So, what ever happened to our target?

Fujiwara: There he is! / It’s hard to miss someone who chooses to run away from a situation like this.

Cloak: So then, what about this mess?

Fujiwara: Well, you know.

Cloak: Alright! To the back exit!
Fujiwara: No!

(?): You don’t have to tell me, you know! / It’s not very cute! / At any rate, Fujiwara-san—

Extra: Who… / Who were dose guys?
Background: Kh… / Ugh…

Cloak: Here we are. / That’s…

Cloak: A Henry rifle? / It was used in the American Civil War, and has a 16-round magazine…

Fujiwara: The Yankees would put in a fresh magazine on Sunday, and see if they couldn’t get it to last all week! / Funny, huh?

Cloak: But how many guns does that guy own? / <aside: He just switches from one to the next…>

Fujiwara: He’s the man in charge of securing weapons for the army, Nakanuki Chuujirou. / He has contacts with weapons merchants from ever country, along with artisans in Japan itself. / In theory, those put in charge should be thoroughly investigated first, but…

Fujiwara: During the Satsuma Rebellion, he functioned behind-the-scenes in weapons development, / since it got him out of being conscripted. / I’m sure he has contacts with the Mason Company.

Cloak: Wait… so you knew everything? Then why’d you say you didn’t know anything?!
Fujiwara: ‘Cause I didn’t know what he looked like!

Fujiwara: So then.

Both: Let’s finish this.

Fujiwara(?): …Nakanuki said / that a woman in Yokohama bought him drinks and gave him a box with the rifle in it. Do you think it was a sample product?
Cloak(?): The woman’s name is Margaret. / She’s from the Mason Company.
Fujiwara(?): Looks like he didn’t know anything else. He did say he’d tell us if he learned something new, though.

Cloak(?): …The Mason Company’s going to make sure he disappears…
Fujiwara: They’ll at least keep him alive so he can identify us.

Fujiwara: Well, I suppose that’s fine…

Cloak: Is this how the Fifth Division does things?

Fujiwara: The Fifth Division? This is my style.

Fujiwara: I’m exhausted. Let’s take a rickshaw back.

Fujiwara: The Fifth Division exists to go beyond the limitations that block the Army, Navy, and police. / We’re kind of like a commando squad.

Cloak: If something like that is necessary, / it must mean Japan’s dawn is still far off.
Fujiwara: The real battles might be starting soon.
Cloak: …Yeah.

Fujiwara: I thought maybe I had been born too late to live in the age of upheaval, / but maybe I’ll get my wish after all..

Cloak: Huh?
Fujiwara: I went to America, too.

Fujiwara: I only just got back. / I returned in the middle of the Satsuma Rebellion, and the Captain basically picked me up and made me his own. By the way, I learned how to shoot in Texas. / So that’s how I heard the rumors about you, Clockwork. And not just the manner of shooting. / I also heard about the giant gun you carry, and that you disappeared soon after the gunsmith Gideon died…

Fujiwara: Well, I suppose interesting things have happened to everyone. / Don’t be afraid to consult your superior officers from now on. / In exchange, I’ll work you like a dog.
Cloak: Yes, sir!

Cloak: <aside: Wait—why’d I have to pay again?! >

Fujiwara: So then, it’s time to show you the real Fifth Division.
[box]: Let us go to the Fifth Aquatic Division!
[sign]: Naval Academy

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