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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker- 25

A Breach of Trust

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Apr 3, 2012 15:52 | Go to Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker-

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*For use by Muda Scans

title: A Breach of Trust

Natsuhi: You couldn’t have… / Don’t tell me you contacted Life, Inc.! / Answer me! You didn’t, right?!

Reiji: I did…

Natsuhi: But why would you… Do you really trust them?

Reiji: I don’t really trust them, no…
Natsuhi: Then why would you call them?!

Reiji: Because I couldn’t believe her.

Reiji: I couldn’t believe… / my sister, either.

Natsuhi: Reiji…

Natsuhi: You…

Natsuhi: What?!

Natsuhi: Shit!

Reiji: Natsuhi!!

Natsuhi: Shit…!!

Natsuhi: We’re on a completely different level from them… If they’re this strong, / then we were being used…!

Reiji: Na—Natsuhi!!
Natsuhi: Reiji…!!

Reiji: Ishigami-san…!

Ishigami: Please relax. I don’t want this to be any worse than it has to.

Ishigami: I need you to play along / if we are to safely put your sister under our protection.
Reiji (lower right, not in bubble): … An act…?

Ishigami: Please wait.

Ishigami: Impressive. Even in a situation like this, you’re able to react in a cool and collected manner. / I wouldn’t expect any less from a Psychopath.

Ishigami: However… / I already hold the keys to victory.

Ishigami: Tachibana Ayaka!!!

Ishigami: Come out and surrender quietly!! / If you don’t, your brother will lose his life!!!

Ishigami: Is that your choice, then?

Reiji: Kh?!

Natsuhi: Reiji!!!

Ayaka: I’m coming out now.

Reiji: Nee-san…

Ishigami: She does seem a little off… A Psychopath is supposed to value herself above all others, but… / She seems to be… bound, somehow, to her brother.

Ishigami: Of course, in the face of real danger, / she’s quick to show her true, monstrous self.

Ishigami: Drop your Sorcery Device. / If you do, I can guarantee the safety of your brother and Natsuhi.

Reiji: Just drop it… / Nee-san…

Reiji: Nee-san?!

Ishigami: Use any of your skills, and your brother’s life is forfeit. / I recommend you not do anything rash.

Ishigami: Come with me to the car.

Extra: Hey! On your feet!

Extra: Walk forward, nice and slowly!

Reiji: Nee-san…

Ishigami: Thank you for your help…

Ishigami: I’m sorry things had to get violent. / But I’m sure you understand the necessity.

Natushi: Reiji…!

Reiji: What was with that rough treatment? What are you going to do to my sister?! / This isn’t what you promised!!

Ishigami: Don’t cause such a fuss over something like this. She killed some of my people; you have no grounds to stop me from exacting punishment.
Reiji: “Over something like this”…?!

Reiji: Natsuhi…!

Natsuhi: To be blunt… You’re saying you’ve saved us, right? / And that you had to use such harsh methods changes nothing?

Ishigami: You must think I’ve done a horrible thing to you. / While this may be an adult situation, I suppose I have used you.

Ishigami: So I would like to take responsibility for that / and offer you a place of protection at my company, but…

Reiji: Ishigami…

Natsuhi: What of Ayaka-san?

Natsuhi: Ayaka-san… Ayaka-san will be allowed to join us, right?

Ishigami: The truth of the matter is there are orders to punish her as soon as she’s found.

Ishigami: We have been forced to accept that responsibility as well. / We won’t kill her; however, she must receive a punishment proportional to her crimes.
Reiji: A punishment?

Ishigami: Yes… A Punishment. / A ritual designed to allow her to atone for her sins.

Ishigami: She must survive fighting a Small-type Angel on a stage we’ve prepared, / one-on-one.

Reiji: That’s ridiculous…

Reiji: That’s completely screwed up! You want her to fight an Angel, alone?! / Why not just kill her yourselves and get it over with?!

Ishigami: Well, if you would calm down for a second / and allow me to finish…

Ishigami: Justice must be served. If she loses, then of course she dies. But if she wins, her sins are forgiven… / All we have to do is ensure she lives and is pardoned.

Ishigami: We must guarantee Tachibana Ayaka survives the fight. / If we do, the rest of the Guild should accept my decision. / I’m sure you’re old enough to see where this is going, right?

Ishigami: Your sister lives, and we have our justice: a method that satisfies all. / Of course, since your sister’s a Psychopath, I must insist on keeping her under our watch from now on…

Ishigami: Well? How does that sound?
Reiji: Well—I mean, if you’re telling me the truth… then of course…

Ishigami: Then why don’t we sit down before we go over key details? / Let’s head out to my car.

Kyouka: A ferocity beyond your years… That’s the mark of a Psychopath… / You’ve clung so strongly to hatred…

Kyouka: My goodness, how scary~ / What is it? Would you like to show off the Skill you’re so proud of?

Kyouka: Just try it.

Kyouka: Just try and see if that Skill of yours can kill me.

Kyouka: Hmm, you’re a sly one, aren’t you? Quick to turn tail when there’s no chance of victory. / Well, that’s simply who you are: / someone who cares for herself above all others.

Kyouka: That’s why your brother sold you out. / So how does it feel to be set aside?

Ayaka: Ummph!

Ayaka: Uumph!! / Ummpphhhh!!

Kyouka: Don’t interrupt me!!!

Kyouka: All I’ve done is told you the truth, so why blame the messenger? / It’s almost like you think I’m lying.

Kyouka: Why don’t you see the truth with your own eyes?

Kyouka: Take a good, hard look.

Kyouka: Looks like he chose his girlfriend over his loony sister. / But anyone would, so try not to take it personally.

Kyouka: That’s what little brothers do around that age, right? Hehheh.

Natsuhi: Ayaka-san’s… safe, right?

Natsuhi: Reiji, can we… / can we really trust Ishigami?

Reiji: They’re the only ones…

Reiji: strong enough to contain Nee-san’s insanity.

Natsuhi: Still… I just can’t seem to trust him…

Reiji: I do.

Reiji: I no longer have any choice… / but to trust Ishigami-san.

Ishigami: It seems that the sheer idiocy of the younger brother has made things progress more smoothly than I had anticipated.

Kyouka: However… she is far too cooperative. / Even if we ignore how often she acts to protect her brother,

Kyouka: for a Psychopath… / doesn’t she seem a little off?

Ishigami: That is simply a quirk we see while she is far away from the specter of death.

Ishigami: As soon as she has to face death, a Psychopath will instinctively consider only herself. / We should force Reiji to witness that side of her.

Ishigami: We should show him that Tachibana Ayaka/ is really the type of person that can throw away her little brother at any time…

Ishigami: Once he knows that, Reiji-kun should choose to work with us by his own volition. And his Phantom Killer is quite the valuable combat ability.

Ishigami: Are we ready to hold the Punishment during the next Gap in Time?
Kyouka: Preparations are nearly complete.

Kyouka: All that remains is to have the Princess…
Ishigami: I’ll take care of that myself.

Ishigami: When I’m done, I’ll go visit Tachibana Ayaka. Please go on ahead of me and check on her condition.
Kyouka: Yes, sir.

Kyouka: Ah, I almost forgot to ask…

Kyouka: Should we have / Tachibana Ayaka fail to survive the Punishment?

Ishigami: We need to put on a proper show for Nikaidou Ouji.

Ishigami: And the members of the Guild who will gather for the Punishment must receive a suitable sacrifice.

Kyouka: As you wish.

Princess: Will you… / kill her?

Ishigami: It will be she herself who decides whether she lives or dies.

Isghigami: If she can escape, she will survive. / It’s all up to her.

Ishigami: But in that case, we gain control of the brother…

Princess: So that means you intend to separate the siblings.

Princess: You were different, back when you were a child.

Princess: Have you become / the kind of adult you despised?

Princess: You were the same as him, once. You held the class antithetical to Psychopaths… / You felt so strongly the pain of others, and tried to live an honest life…

Princess: You were an Anti-Social Hysteria, right, / Ryuusuke?

Ishigami: I’ve learned that what is “correct” varies depending on the time and place.

Ishigami: I was like Reiji, once. / I believed in noble ideals, back then…

Ishigami: But those ideals did nothing / to protect what was precious to me…

Princess: What’s precious to you… but haven’t you made too much?

Princess: I don’t need any of this, Ryuu… / I would go anywhere, as long as I had you beside me. / We could live as we did back then…

Princess: The two of us could live a quiet life…

Ishigami: Humans are selfish creatures, thinking of no one other than themselves… / And when God grew bored of caring for them, He created Takers…

Ishigami: However, without some system of order, we Takers cannot complete our mission.

Ishigami: Galadea wanted me to understand that someone had to do it… / I’m the same man I was back then. I’m just a bit taller, now.

Princess: I believe…

Princess: that if you’re the person I knew, / you won’t kill her.

Ishigami: How are you doing, / Tachibana Ayaka-kun?

Ishigami: Kyouka tells me you’ve been quite cooperative. Is your brother’s safety that important to you? / I’d like to learn your true motive.

Ishigami: Don’t you want to live? / Your instincts as a Psychopath should compel you to.

Ayaka: I want… to live.

Ayaka: But first… / I want to kill you.

Ishigami: And yet she still refrains from using her Skills… / Is this really for her brother’s sake?

Ishigami: But how long can she hold on to that hypocrisy? / Let me make you an offer.

Ishigami: Traitors who kill their comrades must be erased… That is this organization’s cardinal rule. / But your brother committed no wrongdoing.

Ishigami: So let me give you an opportunity…

Ishigami: We have prepared a stage where you will fight a Mid-type Angel, one-on-one. / If you emerge victorious, your sins will be forgiven.

Ishigami: If you’re destined to die… then why not cling to one last chance?

Ayaka: Thank you so much.

Ayaka: What a generous offer. / A solo fight against a Mid-type Angel?

Ayaka: There’s no way I can win that. / If all you want is a show, just kill me now.

Ishigami: In that case… / why don’t you flee?

Ishigami: If you so desired, I could prepare you an escape route.

Ishigami: And I could change the Angel to be a Small-type. You could certainly handle that.

Ayaka: You would have me abandon Reiji… / and flee by myself?
Ishigami: Is that not to your liking?

Ishigami: Or would you rather fall in battle / for the sake of the brother who sold you out?

Ayaka: The Angel… will be a Small-type, right?

Ayaka: I will… / accept that proposal.

Kyouka: In the end, that’s a Psychopath for you. / Looks like all that stuff about her brother was just talk.

Ishigami: It has nothing to do with her being a Psychopath.

Ishigami: All humans… / are like that…
box: To protect that which is important…

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