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Translations: Bleach 645 by cnet128

SAI: Taker 2

Welcoming Party

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Apr 10, 2012 22:08 | Go to SAI: Taker

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*for 13th Hour Scans

Was the moment when she let down her guard a mistake? Or perhaps…
[title]: Chapter 2: Welcoming Party!

Yuma: What the hell were you thinking?

Yuma: You were like… like… like a dog in heat!! / Thank goodness I came back, or else… Or else who knows what would have happened!

Yuma: And… more importantly… how far did you… did you go with Takabayashi? / <aside: I can’t even think about it! >
Kyouya: What happened to me?! / This can’t be normal!!

Mizuho: Well, if I had to guess… / that might have been Estrus.
Kyouya: Estr…? What does that mean?

Mizuho: Well, like Yuma-chan said, it’s like being in heat.

Yuma: Why do you have to talk about being in heat?! And why would that happen between girls
Kyouya: <aside: In heat… I was in heat… am I a dog? >

Mizuho: Well, you’re still Kyouya-kun on the inside, but…

Mizuho: It’s likely that the hormonal changes you experience at that time of the month cause you to take notice of the opposite sex.

Mizuho: It’s an unexpected side effect; however, you’ll have to make do until we can figure out an appropriate response.
Yuuma: <aside: Please, just tell me this is all a joke. >
Kyouya: <aside: How am I supposed to stay rational? >
Mizuho: Thankfully, it looks like you only have one more day left. For now, just try to stay rational and suppress the urges.

Kyouya: Well, first things first: / I need to apologize for yesterday.

Kyouya: Today too? You’re not here every single day, are you? / Ah, h-hello!
Girl: Good day to you, too.

Kyouya: Um… does anything seem different about the Student Council today?
Izawa: Ah! That voice—

Izawa: Wow! You’re finally here! I knew you’d be back!

Izawa: Prez! She’s here! She’s shown up! / The new lesbian is back!!!

Kyouya: W-wait, hold up a second! / I’m not gay—I mean, a lesbian! It’s just, some things happened, and…

Kanemitsu: Well? What sort of “things”?
Kyouya: <aside: Huh? Uh, that’s… > / I don’t know if I can really explain…

Kyouya: <aside: Well, anyways… I need to take responsibility and apologize… > / … I won’t make excuses. I was at fault yesterday. Please, forgive me…

Kyouya: But I am definitely not a lesbian.

Kanemitsu: Rest assured the president already knows you’re not a lesbian.
Kyouya: You—you believe me?!

Kanemitsu: It’s not that we believe you… / We simply know that you’re a man.

Kyouya: W—w—what are you saying…?! / How-how-how can you possibly think I’m a man?!

Kanemitsu: You’re either a crossdresser, or a transgender. / Well, I guess you could be a drag queen…

Kyouya: Ha… / Haha…

Kyouya: How—how funny… / Where’d you come up with that one?

Takabayashi: You think this is a joke? Don’t make me laugh! How else do we explain that k… that kiss?! / My instincts have never been wrong before!!

Kyouya: < aside: She knows… how are her instincts so good?! > / W-w-well, you know the old saying: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…

Kyouya: I went too far yesterday, so… / I want to take responsibility for my actions and withdraw from the club.

Takabayashi: Don’t worry—if you are a man, we’ll chase you out ourselves.
Kyouya: <aside: Don’t tell me my plan’s working?! >
Takabayashi: I will never let a man, dirty MY student council, let alone a queer!

Takabayshi: No… I won’t stop there! If you are going to expose your disgusting self and hobbies in public, I will drive you from Life School itself!
Kyouya: <aside: W-wait, slow down! > / That would be a bit of a problem…

Kyouya: I-I mean, I am a girl, through and through! / Just look at my sweet face and nice body! I’m the perfect girl! / I even experience that time of the month!

Takabayashi: I don’t know about that…

Takabayashi: But we’ll know soon enough. / Why don’t we take a look and find out?

Kyouya: W-wait, what are you…? / S-stop!

Kyouya: P-please, stop! Please! / “Take a look”… Take a look at what? What are you going to do?!

Takabayashi: You know exactly what we mean.
Kanemitsu: <aside: It’s hard to tell just how big they are over your clothes… >
Takabayashi: Be quiet. It’ll all be over soon enough.
Kyouya: S-stop!!

Kyouya: Ahh!

Kyouya: I’m begging you, please, stop!

Kanemitsu: First, we’ll check the shape.

Takabayashi: They’re fakes, right?
Kanemitsu: Their shape is quite well-made. We’ll have to investigate more thoroughly.

Kyouya: I—I feel so… weird… / My strength is…

Takabayashi: <aside: Really? >
Kanemitsu: The groping test is complete. / They appear to be real.
Kyouya: <aside: Will you let go of me now? >

Kyouya: What… / What do you mean, “appear to be”?!

Kanemitsu: <aside: Aren’t things getting a little… dangerous? >
Takabayashi: <aside: Perhaps. >
Kyouya: Don’t you get it already? I’m a girl!

Kyouya: Enough of this! Let me resign from the club! / If you don’t, I’ll file a complaint with the real student council!

Takabayshi: Sumomo, could you please restrain her?
Sumomo: OK?

Takabayashi: We are in an age of unlimited scientific potential fueled by Life. Creating false breasts would be almost trivial. / So we need more information before we can confirm anything.

Takabayashi: We will decide everything… / based on what we find in the most important spot!

Kyouya: Th—the most important spot… / You don’t mean…

Takabayashi: Sumomo, restrain her.
Sumomo: Yes, ma’am!

Takabayashi: Tsurumin, check her.
Kanemitsu: I assume you’ll take full responsibility? / <aside: Things are starting to get annoying. >

Kyouya: W-w-w-wait a second!!! / You’re kidding, right? This can’t be… Let’s just take a timeout here..!!

Kyouya: You know if you go any further it’s a crime, right?! Are you even listening to me?!

Kyouya: Stop!! / I told you to stop, dammit!

Takabayashi: Sumomo?
Sumomo: Yes?

Takabayashi: Silence her.
Sumomo: Acknowledged

Kanemitsu: It doesn’t look abnormal; however…

Takabayashi: R-really? Well then, let’s finish by…

Takabayashi: uh… removing the last layer and examining below that.
Kanemitsu: Seriously?
Sumomo: <aside: last layer? >

Kanemitsu: Maybe we should just stop here…
Takabayashi: <aside: Can you just hurry up and do it? > / Don’t make me repeat myself!

Takabayashi: If she passes this test, we can believe her.
Kanemitsu: <aside: Well, as long as you’re the one taking responsibility for everything.

Takabayashi: Th… this is…?!

Kanemitsu: There are no irregularities…
Sumomo: She looks like a splendid woman~!

Kanemitsu: And with that, President, you’ve crossed the Rubicon.
Takabayashi: Don’t act like this was all my fault! I was the victim here!

Sumomo: Looks like she’s awake.
Kanemitsu: Well, she certainly screams like a man.
Kyouya: Uwahhhhhhh!!!

(?): Is something wrong, President Igarashi?
Yuma: Hm? No, it’s nothing.

Yuma: Are things going well, Kyouya?

Kyouya: I—I—I—I…! / I can’t believe you people!

Kyouya: Wh-wh-what is wrong with you?! Do you have no shame?!
Takabayashi: <aside: I never laid a hand on you.>
Kanemitsu: <aside: Yeah, and I assure you there is no evidence. >
Kyouya: This is a crime! You’re all criminals!

Kyouya: You… you… you bastards!!

Kyouya: You bastards really are the scum of the earth! / Everything Yuma-nee-san said about you was true!

(?): Huh? / Um….!

Kyouya: My panties… / are missing.

Kyouya: What… / am I doing?

Kyouya: I was embarrassed by a bunch of girls…
Sumomo: <aside: What cute panties you’re wearing! >
Takabayashi: <aside: Cackle >
Kyouya: I couldn’t take it anymore and ran away…

(?): What’s wrong with you? / Aren’t you completely and totally a girl?

Kanemitsu: You forgot something, though… Want it?

Kanemitsu: Your underwear.

Kyouya: What do you think you’re doing! Give them back!!
Kanemitsu: Well of course. Why do you think I brought them?

Kyouya: Wh—what do you think you’re looking at?!

Kyouya: Is it fun?

Kyouya: Is it fun / to toy with a guy’s feelings?

Kanemitsu: “Guy”?
Kyouya: Guy, girl, whatever!

Kanemitsu: I know our president might have gone too far, / but I doubt anyone has explained to you why.

Kanemitsu: You see, President Reiri… / is surprisingly misandric.

Kyouya: Misandric… huh? / You mean she hates men?
Kanemitsu: It might be more accurate to say she feels uncomfortable around them… / Well, if you want to know more, why don’t you ask her herself?

Kanemitsu: It seems the president is currently trying to apologize for what she did by means of a welcoming party. / You’ll be there, right?

Kyouya: Why would I want to go to a welcoming party?! / I told you, I want to leave the club!
Kanemitsu: Do you really think it wise to blow off the president’s attempts to atone?

Kyouya: What, exactly, are you implying?!
Kanemitsu: Calm down and think things through.

Kanemitsu: You’ve seen how far she’s willing to go. / So what do you think will happen if you turn down an invitation made in good faith?

Kanemitsu: If she feels like it, President Reiri / can both prevent you from leaving the club and deny you Life. Your life would become a living hell.

Kanemitsu: When she bows her head, it’s to your advantage to do as she asks. / If you don’t, you’ll only leave me with more stuff to clean up. / <aside: And I still have 10% of my own duties left to do… >
Kyouya: Exactly what part of this is an “apology”? Oy!!

Kyouka: All you have to do is stay out of trouble at Life School. / I’ll take care of finding a way to fix everything, so please just try to stay strong until then.

Kyouya: That’s right. I can’t fail Kyouka-nee-san. / The most important thing to me is making sure I can get Life, so… / Very well… I’ll go to the welcoming party.

Kanemitsu: Good. We’re having the party at Takabayashi’s resort home in Kyuushuu.
Kyouya: <aside: But we’re in Tokyo… > / Huh?

Kyouya: Uwah!!

Kyouya: Uh….

Kyouya: You’ve gotta be kidding me!!
Kanemitsu: Once again, I’d like to invite you to the welcoming party, newcomer!

Box: Left behind

Box: Kyuushuu

Takabayashi: Hah…

Takabayashi: Hah… When you’re beat, nothing beats a hot spring.

Sumomo: And your family’s hot spring is amazing, Takabayashi!

Sumomo/Kanemitsu: <asides: Yeah, yeah! We should have a meeting here at least once a week! / As long as the President continues to cover the helicopter fare and other expenses, I have no objections.

Kyouka: Heaven? / No, this is hell! This is a living hell!

Kyouka: I can’t believe I forgot that, at a hot spring, everyone’s going to enter naked! / And despite their personalities, everyone has triple-S class faces and bodies! / I need to think up an excuse to get out of here, fast!

Kyouya: Uh—umm, guys—I mean, girls, I’m getting kind of thirsty, so if you’ll excuse me…

Takabayashi: Wait.

Takabayashi: It’s one of the duties of a host to attend to the needs of her guests.

Sumomo: Huh?
Kanemitsu: Guess it’s because of the welcoming party. She’s not normally the type to do something like that.

Kanemitsu: Maybe she really dose feel bad about what happened…

Takabayashi: Hey, is someone there? Bring us something to drink!
Kyouya: <aside: Ah, she’s just going to ask a maid to do it. >
Sumomo: <aside: Well, what’d’ya expect? >
Kanemitsu: <aside: For her, this is still really impressive. >

Kanemitsu: At any rate, it’s really rare for Reiri to act to help others.

Kanemitsu: Don’t you that should mean something to you?

Kyouya: Takabayashi…
Takabayashi: <aside: Huh? “Wasabi-flavored milk”? What is this… >
Kyouya: Reiri… huh.

Kyouya: Yeah… Everyone always says people are fundamentally good.

Kyouya: At any rate… I guess I can accept her goodwill / For now, I just need to say in control… In control…!!
Sumomo: <aside: You freezing that much? You’re gonna catch a cold!

Takabayashi: Oh by the way, you know…
Kyouya: Huh?

Takabayashi: What are you doing wearing a hairband in the hot spring?

<no text>

Kyouya: W—well, / you see… err…

Kyouya: <aside: My Life count is falling… >

Takabayashi: Ugyahhhhh!! What the hell?!
Kyouya: P—please, wait! I can explain—just give me back the hairband!

Takabayshi: Huh? / What are you…

Takabayashi: Kyahh! My eyes!! Don’t come any closer!!
Sumomo: <aside: That must have hurt… >
Kyouya: Fine, but first I need you to give that back! I’m losing all of my Life—ahhhh!

Kyouya: Huh?

<no text>

Takabayashi: Gyahhhhhhhh!!!

Takabayashi: Wow… This is my first time meeting an Original Taker… I didn’t think they were real.
Kyouya: Please, I’m begging you—don’t tell anyone!! If everyone finds out, I’ll be kicked out of school!

Kyouya: And if I get kicked out of Life School, I won’t be able to obtain Life, / and I’ll die!
Kanemitsu(?): <aside: So they really do die when their Life hits 0. >

Kanemitsu(?): So, why did you become a woman?
Kyouya: It’s like I told you—it’s a side effect, and there’s nothing I can do about it!

Kyouya: I don’t know anything about being a Taker. And my abilities… well…!! I didn’t choose this; I had to make a contract with a Sorcery Device to survive! / I’ll do whatever you ask, so please!!

Kanemitsu: Then act like a dog.

Kanemitsu: Now act like a certain electric animal
Kyouya: <aside: Wow, nice! >

Kanemitsu: Impressive, but meaningless. / The President’s the one who will decide your fate.
Kyouya: Then what was the point of all that?! / <aside: Meanie! >

Kyouya: Won’t you talk to her for me, Tsurumi-san? / Please, have mercy… Please!!

Kanemitsu: Me? Why should I? There’s not even a penny in it for me.
Kyouya: Is money the only thing you care about?

Takabayashi: You want her to plead for you? Don’t make me laugh.

Takabayashi: You just couldn’t get enough, could you?! / You even went so far as to harass my breasts with your p-penis, you worthless beast!

Takabayashi: You should be thankful I didn’t chop off your head for that! / You should stop breathing, lest your very breath rot the air around you!
Kyouya: <aside: Are you trying to tell me to die? >

Kyouya: This—this is all just a big misunderstanding… It’s just a side effect of the Sorcery Device…
Takabayashi: Silence! Don’t even breathe! I don’t care about a man’s problems!

Takabayashi: No matter what, no men! They are forbidden! / I will never allow them in the honorable First Student Council!

Kanemitsu: That is quite disappointing.
Takabayashi: And why is that?!
Kyouya: <aside: Please, save me… I’ll do anything.>

Kanemitsu: He is Igarashi Yuma’s cousin, is he not? I feel like we could use that fact to our advantage. However, if you insist…

Takabayashi: Well, yes, but he’s a man!!
Kanemitsu: And yet, half of him is a woman. Don’t you think we can work something out?

Kanemitsu: If you would be willing, President, / we could do this… and that… and that, too…

Takabayashi: Hey, are you really willing to do anything?
Kyouya: Yes! I’d be glad to!!!

Takabayashi: Then go, and bring us embarrassing photos of Igarashi Yuma! / We’ll decide what to do next on how you perform!

Kyouya: Huh?
[off to right]: The troubles continue…?

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