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Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker- 26

True Natures

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Apr 16, 2012 15:21 | Go to Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker-

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*For use by Muda Scans*

Kyouka: In the end, that’s a Psychopath for you. / Looks like all that stuff about her brother was just talk.

Ishigami: It has nothing to do with her being a Psychopath.

Ishigami: All humans… / are like that…

I take lives to protect those whom I must.

Title: Chapter 26 – True Natures

Reiji: Sniff/ Sniff

Reiji: Sniff sniff / Sniff

Natsuhi: Get a hold of yourself! Do you plan on whimpering all night?

Natsuhi: Hey! Look at me when I’m talking to you!! / Reiji…!!

Reiji: I didn’t sell her out…

Reiji: There’s no way / I would sell out my sister.

Reiji: It was all for her sake…

Natsuhi: Reiji…

Natsuhi: You… / really don’t…

Ishigami: How are you doing? / It must be hard, with so little time to prepare.

(?): President… / Ishigami?!

Natsuhi(?): Princess…

Reiji: What have you done to my sister? / Let me see her!

Reiji: Where is she?! / I have to check on her!!

Ishigami: Your sister is fine. / She’s currently enjoying her meal.

Ishigami: It’s best that she saves her strength for now. / She’ll need it if we want things to go according to plan during the Punishment.

Reiji: Wait… what are you talking about?

Ishigami: Well…

Ishigami: The time and place of Tachibana’s Punishment have been decided. / It will be held during today’s Gap in Time.

Ishigami: There, your sister / will fight a small-type Angel we’ve captured one-on-one.

Reiji: A small-type angel?

Reiji: But… shouldn’t we have prepared more?

Reiji: Won’t Nee-san need something to help her win the fake fight? / You have a plan, right?

Ishigami: Why would I?

Ishigami: No single Taker could match blades with an Angel, no matter how small. / If she fights the Angel, she will die.

Reiji: Ish…

Reiji: Ishigami…!

Reiji: You tricked us! You liar!!

Ishigami: Please relax, Reiji-kun. / I certainly said I would ensure Ayaka-kun survived the fight…

Ishigami: But I can’t recall ever saying there was a way… / for her to win.

Ishigami: There’s no need to fret. Your sister won’t die.

Ishigami: I’ve already spoken to Ayaka-kun about the plan. / We’ll prepare a secret passage for your sister to escape through.

Ishigami: Thus, as promised, your sister’s life will be spared.

Reiji: Th-then, when will I be able to meet my sister? / How will I meet up with her after she’s fled?

Ishigami: You will never see her again.

Ishigami: The condition of our agreement is that she never again be allowed to appear before the Organization. / Which means she can’t appear before you two, either.

Reiji: Shit…

Reiji: You shitheads! You did trick us after all! You said you’d save her; that under your Organization’s control she wouldn’t go berserk!!! / But from the start, your only objective was to pull us apart!! But why? Why are you doing this?!

Ishigami: We are in control… / if perhaps not in the way you expected.

Ishigami: I have “controlled” your sister so that she can inflict no harm on you two. / You must understand—a Psychopath can never be truly controlled, after all.

Ishigami: I realize this may be hard for you, her family, to accept; however, she has earned her punishment. / Please understand that even allowing her to flee is going above and beyond what we are allowed to do.

Reiji: How can I accept that?

Reiji: I will never accept that my sister… / would run away and leave us behind!!

Ishigami: Why not?

Ishigami: You may not want to accept the truth, but please remember that it was you who first contacted us… / Why was that? It was because you were afraid of your sister, a psychopath. You acted only to secure your own safety.

Ishigami: To your sister, this deal is nothing more than a matter of survival. / That’s why we’re arranged for her to have a small-type Angel and an escape route.

Reiji: I’m sure… my sister has some sort of plan… / After all, she’s really smart…

Reiji: I’m sure that… I just have to wait for some date in the future!! / I know she’ll come visit me sometime! / Her promise with you would mean noth—

Ishigami: She will never come.

Ishigami: Why would she want to visit / the brother who sold her out?

<no text >

Reiji: Th-that’s wrong… I… I did everything for my sister’s sake…

Reiji: I just wanted… to protect her…

Ishigami: Yes, I’m sure that was your intent…

Ishigami: However, can you truly say that you’ve never doubted someone / when he said he was doing something for your sake?

Ayaka: Look out!! / Reiji!!

Ayaka: I was trying… / to protect you…!!

Ayaka: Why won’t you / understand!!!

Reiji: Isn’t “protecting me” just an excuse / for you to justify killing others?

Ishigami: I’m sure you’re still very confused right now… / But please try not to blame me for it.

Ishigami: You made the right choice. / You didn’t sell out Ayaka-kun.

Ishigami: If you had stayed like that forever with your sister, / I imagine misfortune would have soon struck.

Ishigami: You’ll see the proof of that yourself / when you watch Ayaka-kun pretend to fight.

Ishigami: You’ll see how easy it is for a Psychopath to doubt and betray a younger brother’s feelings. / After all, that is what a Psychopath truly is.

Reiji: I… / my sister…

Reiji: I… / my sister…

Kyouka: You’re such a good girl… / Look at how quiet you are!

Kyouka: Are you hungry?

Kyouka: We’ve scheduled the event, just like we promised. / It’ll be today, during the Gap in Time.

Kyouka: You’ll pretend to fight properly, then run away. / We’ll take care of your little brother for you.

Kyouka: But first, you want to eat, right? / Even a Psychopath can’t flee from a fight on an empty stomach.

Kyouka: Oh, but it would be hard for you to eat with your hands like that… But I don’t have the authority to free your hands…

Kyouka: Oh, I know—if it’s fine by you, / I can feed you myself.

Kyouka: Why the fuck would I do that?! / I’ll never lay a single finger on a Psychopath like you!

Ayaka: Kyah!

Kyouka: Eat up.

Kyouka: What’s wrong? You can’t eat? / Oh, are the pieces too big for you?

Kyouka: Oh look… / It should be easier now, right?

Kyouka: That reminds me… / We set your brother up in a hotel. I’m sure he wasted no time getting… intimate with the girl.

Kyouka: You’ve been her rival for so long… / Only a stupid Psychopath-chan would fail to realize that.

Kyouka: Well, it doesn’t really matter to me. / You’re kind of pathetic… but you’re not worth my pity.

Kyouka: No Psychopath is. / You’re all disgusting monsters.

Ayaka: Chomp / chomp

Kyouka: You’ve been her rival / for so long…

Ayaka: Chomp / chomp / chomp

Ishigami: You’ll see how easy it is for a Psychopath to doubt and betray a younger brother’s feelings. / After all, that is what a Psychopath truly is.

Reiji: What part is her true nature… / and what part is her being a Psychopath?

Reiji: Of course she would throw me away. / I doubted her first…

Reiji: If one of us is a Psychopath, / it’s me, not her!!!!

Natsuhi: Reiji…

Princess: Do you regret it?

Natsuhi: Princess?

Natushi: Why are you…

Natushi: If you’re just here to be a prick to Reiji, then get the hell out! / Everything’s already going exactly how you planned, right? So what else could you want?!

Princess: Tea.

Princess: Bring us some tea.

Reiji: If—if Nee-san has misunderstood us… / if we met, couldn’t we resolve that?

Princess: You didn’t trust your sister.

Princess: That’s why you threw her away, right? / And that’s why the pain you feel in your heart is a burden you must bear.

Reiji: I didn’t throw her away! But she was a Psychopath! / I just wanted to use the Organization’s power to turn my sister back to normal!!

Reiji: It’s your fault it’s come to this! / Just because she’s a Psychopath…!!

Reiji: If that could be fixed… / I…

Reiji: I just wanted… / to cure my sister…

Princess: I understand… In the end,

Princess: you sold out your sister/ because she didn’t fit your image of her.

Princess: But don’t you understand? If she were the person you envisioned, / you wouldn’t have been able to survive as long as you have…

Reiji: You’re right… It is thanks to my sister / that I’ve been able to live this long.

Reiji: But how could I live like that?

Reiji: How could I live, accepting that my precious sister / has in her such a strong killing instinct?

Princess: Why not?

Princess: If there are people who sacrifice themselves in order to protect others, / then there must also exist people who protect themselves by sacrificing others.

Princess: That’s simply how this world was built.

Princess: Good and evil, avarice and charity… / All are at the core of humanity. They are the true natures born so that humanity could survive…

Princess: Anti-social Hysterias, who sacrifice themselves for others… / and Psychopaths, who will calmly kill others for their own gain…

Princess: To insist that one of those paths is fundamentally wrong / is a stupidity born of pride…

Reiji: Psychopaths…

Reiji: are one true nature of humanity? / They were born by necessity?

Reiji: Why would a person ever have to kill another person?! / That makes no sense!!

Princess: Because it was necessary.

Princess: In the distance past, when mankind had neither law nor order and were ruled only by their true natures, / Psychopaths were undoubtedly necessary.

Princess: They were the ones / who could protect their families, survive, and give birth to children.

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