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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker- 27

Obligations of Good and Evil

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on May 8, 2012 20:15 | Go to Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker-

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*For use by Muda Scans

Why do people kill each other?

Title: Chapter 27: Obligations of Good and Evil

Princess: Long ago, before even a fragment of culture existed, when death was always at one’s doorstop, men survived by acting solely according to their instincts. / Those who lacked for food would starve and die. So naturally, those who were unwilling to steal from others were weeded out and eliminated.

Princess: And the genes which directed men to kill others, steal, and survive are those of the Psychopaths.

Princess: Today, those people who refused to take or steal and died alone… / are called people with gentle hearts.

Princess: In a world without law or order, it’s only natural / that the strong take from the weak. / Nevertheless, so-called “good” people who rejected that doctrine existed.

Princess: They refused to harm others, and soon became prey for the strong.

Princess: However, the strong were limited in number. / The weak had no choice but to cling to the strong, who could so calmly steal lives.

Princess: They willingly gave themselves to the Psychopaths / so that they could live on.

Princess: The Psychopaths protecting them became their kings, and the provisions they brought back kept the “good” alive. / And they… no longer had to kill anyone.

Princess: Psychopaths controlled the weak; in return, they bore the risks of battle and walked alongside death.

Princess: The weak need not encounter strife; in return, they submitted to the control of Psychopaths.

Princess: All of this is simply a mutually beneficial relationship born of mankind’s true natures. / To name one of the groups “evil” is simply silly.

Reiji: Do you really expect me to believe… / that Psychopaths aren’t evil… that they’re necessary?

Princess: When did I name one path “right”? / I am merely explaining how things began.

Princess: To be sure, in modern times / the Psychopath genes are “evil”.

Princess: However, that is at most a difference of perception brought about by the changing times. / Only now has mankind developed enough technology that they can obtain all the food and drink they need without killing.

Princess: Well, only the urge to directly kill has disappeared, but…

Princess: The strong still seek to control the weak. / Master and slave. / Landlord and renter. / The great and the base…. Nothing has changed.

Princess: As people no longer needed to kill each other, their population grew explosively. / The strong became an increasingly small minority, and the weak began to live together with each other. / In the end, as the numbers of the weak grew the strong’s control over them began to crumble. / So the leaders desperately tried to find a way to stop that process.

Princess: They ultimately created law.

Princess: They created regulations, and by enforcing them controlled the populace. / Society became more precise, and the reasoning of the past started to lose its luster. / However, under the protection of the law, the numbers of the weak continued to grow. / And in time, the weak created a new theory which benefited themselves.

Princess: It stood in contradiction to the old law: that for someone to gain something, someone else must lose it.

Princess: It was a theory designed to force the Psychopath leaders who took for themselves to descend from the stage.

Princess: The reasoning stated that, for the good of all, one must not injure others. / It became the definition a new word: justice.

Reiji: Justice… / contradicts the truth of the world?

Princess: Justice became accepted because the new right to rule decidedly came from the myriad weak. / For the contradictory reasoning to become reality, the form of leadership itself would have to change.

Princess: It was the antithesis of the absolute power the Psychopaths had reigned with. / The new leaders, who ruled not by murder and fear but through love and peace, were known as¬¬

Princess: Anti-social Hysterias… / Highlighting conscience and justice, they became the absolute controllers of the new age.

Princess: But when you think about it, no theory should have been able to surpass the truth. / In the end, all must steal in order to live.

Princess: What had changed… was that by having justice as their shield, / they need not kill by their own hands. / They simply had others do the work for them.

Princess: That’s right, Tachibana Reiji. / Just as your life was preserved by your sister.

Princess: You don’t believe me? Well, that’s fine… / I am only speaking of the truth I know, after all…

Princess: Psychopaths and Anti-Social Hysterias… / in the end, no one can determine them objectively good or evil.

Princess: Whether they are good or evil / is simply determined by the situation.

Reiji: Stop it!! / Please, just stop it!!!

Reiji: I… I couldn’t… / I couldn’t trust my sister!! It was so much easier to blame her!!

Reiji: It’s… It’s all my fault… Because of me… Because of my ego… / Because I was so foolish, so cowardly, I hurt my sister and sent her to her death…!!

Reiji: Please… / Help me…

Reiji: Please… All I need is a chance… / Just let me talk with my sister… / Let me apologize to my sister!!!

Princess: What will apologizing accomplish? / She’ll still be a Psychopath. / And you’ll still be separated, in the end.

Princess: After all, you still won’t accept / your sister’s true nature, will you?

Reiji: I don’t care that she’s a Psychopath anymore… My sister’s still my sister. / I can’t believe it took me so long to realize that….

Reiji: I’ll accept my sister, just the way she is!! / No matter where that road leads, I’ll take it! / So please, I’m begging you… Let me meet with my sister!!!

Princess: Tachibana Ayaka will be brought to a sacred ground within the Gap in Time I will create. / It is a special region, connected with various regions of time and space, and it is there where she will fight.

Princess: It is difficult to persuade Ryuusuke, so… / We will have to do something on our own.

Reiji: Aren’t you… / on his side?

Princess: I … if you are a true Anti-Social Hysteria / I think you must accept even Psychopaths.

Princess: That is the one sole truth born of the contradiction with the logic of this world. / It is nobility: the willingness to sacrifice oneself completely and fully for the sake of a stranger.

Princess: Are you willing to walk that path, / Tachibana Reiji?

Reiji: I will.

Reiji: I swear it. So please, let me speak with her… / Let me speak with Ayaka-nee-san!

Princess: Never forget / how you feel right now…

Kyouka: Man, you’re a scary little bitch too, aren’t you… / OK, I give up; you win~

Kyouka: I can’t believe you ate all that food / even though it was all on the floor. Is your stomach all right?

[graph: Location of the Punishment]
Kyouka: The Punishment will take place at an irregular space created in a corner of the Gap in Time. / There are dimensional portals connecting it to every corner of the Earth, and only Takers can enter.

Kyouka: We will open one of those portals for you. / While pretending to fight, be sure to make your escape.

Ayaka: Will Reiji and Natsuhi be there?

Kyouka: Why do you ask? Do you want revenge?

Kyouka: Well, can’t say I’d blame you, but… / Try to focus on the task at hand.

Kyouka: Just getting out of there… / should be hard enough.

<no text>

(free text): This place is so huge… / How did we never know about this place?

Ishigami: Have you got your mind sorted out?

Reiji: If you will really let my sister escape safely…
Ishigami: You need not worry about that at all.

Ishigami: Look over there.

Reiji: Th…

Reiji: That’s…

Ishigami: It is the source of everything; the seed of life…

Ishigami: We simply call it Life.

Ishigami: Life may be what keeps us Takers alive, but it is also a great source of energy. / If normal humans could obtain it, the abilities they would obtain would be astronomical. / Certain people may even be able to open dimensional portals / and summon things from the other side.

Ishigami: It’s not perfect, but… we have successfully captured an Angel and can, to a certain degree, control it. / That is what Ayaka-kun will be fighting today.

Reiji: B-but that means…!
Ishigami: That’s right—the Princess will be controlling it.

Ishigami: Ayaka-kun will escape, just as we promised. / I always make sure to keep my promises, after all.

Princess: Tachibana Ayaka is sure to bear a grudge from your betrayal of her. / So she shouldn’t hesitate to flee.

Princess: However, after she’s fled through the exit I’ll have created, you should have a chance at the endpoint… / So you should go meet her afterwards.

Reiji: I don’t care if she throws me away! I have no right to complain about anything she does to me! / So please! Just let her escape safely!

Ishigami: We are one!

Ishigami: And one is all! That is who we are! Today, we have someone who inflicted harm upon our brothers and sisters!! / However, this person has claimed she acted in self-defense! And of course we cannot judge her unilaterally! So, in accordance with our rules…

Ishigami: Tonight, we have brought this person here, to the field of judgment! / Let us give her an opportunity to prove her innocence!

Ishigami: The one who will be judged / is named…

Ishigami: Tachibana Ayaka!! / If she survives, that will serve as proof of her innocence; otherwise, she will simply be dead.

Reiji: Nee-san!

Princess: But even if you meet with her again, do you think Tachibana Ayaka will forgive you? / And if she doesn’t, can you accept that?

Reiji: Even if my sister thinks of me as nothing more than a bug, / I’ll calmly accept her hatred.

Reiji: So please, wait for me! / I promise I’ll come to you, Nee-san!

Ishigami: So let our judge / arrive!!

Ishigami: The Angel Tetravortex!!

Reiji: That’s an Angel?! / But it’s just a child!

Ishigami: Begin…

Reiji: She…
Natsuhi: became an Angel?!

Ishigami: Even a small-type Angel / is far too powerful for a single Taker.

Reiji: Nee-san…!!

Reiji: Hurry, / and run away!!!

Ishigami: Oi, oi… / You can’t make it too obvious you’re running….

Ishigami: You need to make sure… / to put on a proper show.

<no text>

Angel: Geohhhhh!!

Reiji: Ahh!!!

Natsuhi: What’s going on?!!!
Reiji: This is—!!

Reiji: If she hadn’t dodged that last attack, she would have died!! / This isn’t what you promised!!

Ishigami: Hush! Just calm down! / Do you want everyone to figure out what’s going on?!
Reiji: But that’s—!!

Ishigami: Tachibana Ayaka… / What the hell are you trying to do?!

Ishigami: You didn’t have to go / anywhere near that far!! *

Ayaka: Ahhh!!

Reiji: Nee-san!!

Reiji: Ishigami?!!
Ishigami: This is all just a misunderstanding, Reiji-kun!

Ishigami: The reason she didn’t get killed right then and there was because of the Princess’s control! / It’s Ayaka-kun who’s not acting according to the plan!

Princess: If I try to control the Angel any further, I’ll just cease its movements entirely. / Tachibana Ayaka, what are you thinking? You’ve put on more than enough of a performance!

Reiji: Nee-san, get out of there already!

Ishigami: You idiot! Haven’t you had enough? / What do you think will happen if you lose your mobility?!

Ishigami: You’ve put on enough of a show… Now get out of there already! / Even against a small-type, you can’t win, Tachibana!

Angel: Gieeeeeeehhhh!!

Reiji: Nee-san… / Why won’t you run?

Reiji: Why isn’t she running, / Ishigami-san?!

Ishigami: Then, as thanks for agreeing to our deal, / I’ll make sure the Angel is a small-type.

Ayaka: You promise the Angel will be a small-type, right? / I will… accept that proposal.

Ishigami: You got us good, / you little bitch.

Ishigami: The reason you were so fixated on it being a small-type Angel… / wasn’t because you wanted to make sure you could run away.

Ishigami: You never intended to run away… / She really thinks she can defeat the Angel.

Reiji: Ishigami-san!! / Where are you going, Ishigami-san!!

(?): Kyahh!!
Reiji: Look out, Nee-san!!

Reiji: Nee-san!! / Run!!!

Reiji: What are you doing?! Just run away!! / Please, just run!!!

Reiji: What… What are you trying to do? Why…

Reiji: Why are you fighting?! / It’s not just because you’re a Psychopath, is it?!

Natsuhi: You don’t get it yet?

Natsuhi: Ayaka-nee-san never had any intention of running away…

Natsuhi: She always intended to defeat the Angel! / She would win according to the rules of the Guild, so that we would all be free!!!

[side]: Ayaka fights… for what is important.. next issue is the climax!!

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