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Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker- 28


+ posted by Dowolf as translation on May 29, 2012 19:11 | Go to Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker-

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Reiji: My sister… She never had the slightest intention of running!! / She was always planning on defeating the Angel, so that we could all be free!

Reiji: That’s right… So why did it take me… / so long to figure that out?

Reiji: My sister has never / disappointed me, not even once…

Reiji: I have… to stop her…

Reiji: It’s all my fault… / There’s no value in protecting someone as horrible as I…


[title]: Chapter 28: Siblings

Ishigami: You’re going to lose control over the angel soon!! / Galatea!!

Princess: At this rate, she will die.
Ishigami: I don’t care! That idiot actually thinks she can win!

Ishigami: Her chances are one-in-a-million! She would throw away both Reiji and this organization’s honor! / There’s nothing we can gain from this fight!

Princess: You think there’s nothing… to gain here?
Ishigami: What are you thinking—of course not! / At any rate, our deal’s off! So release the Angel already!

Princess: That is unacceptable. To let her die would be to break my promise.
Ishigami: They’ve already broken the contract!

Princess: And I’m trying to tell you, I won’t sit back and watch her die.

Ishigami: Out of my way!

Princess: Ryuu…! / Are you…?!

Angel: Kioooohhhhh/oeeeeeeeeee

Natsuhi: What was that? It felt like something changed…
Reiji: Nee-san! I’m begging you, please run away!

Reiji: I want… I want you to… / to please just forget about me!!!!

Ayaka: Huh? / It’s starting to move faster…?!

Ayaka: This is impossible…!! / I can’t slip under its guard…?!

<no text>

Reiji: Wait, what? You’re quitting gymnastics? / Why? You’re so good!

Ayaka: Well, it’s not like I plan on turning pro; / I’m no match for people with true talent.

Ayaka: And this means I’ll get home earlier, / so we’ll always be able to eat dinner together at home, Reiji.

Reiji: Nee-san had a perfect poker face when she said that, but… / I knew… It was just an inkling, but I knew the true reason she quit gymnastics…

Reiji: It was so she could get home before me and prepare dinner. / But… I didn’t stop her… / I was so happy that my sister would be at home waiting for me, and her food was so warm and loving…

Reiji: I was always like that… / pretending to not have seen my sister’s sacrifices.

Reiji: Ha… haha…. / Hehheh… Hehhehheh…

Reiji: Wait for me, Nee-san… / I’ll be right there to save you.

Natsuhi: Don’t go, Reiji!! / If you do, you’ll die!! / You’ll be throwing away your life for nothing!

Ishigami: How pathetic… You really made a fool out of me, / you little Psychopath…I

Ishigami: Right up until the end, she continued the farce of fighting for her brother’s sake. It never occurred to me… / that a Psychopath could maintain that hypocrisy…

Princess: Do you still not understand, Ryuu?

Princess: You lost / to those children.

Reiji: Let go, Natsuhi! If we don’t go save her, Nee-san will die!
Natsuhi: Get a hold of yourself! She’s already…

Natsuhi: R-reiji… / L-look… over there…

<no text>

Reiji: Didn’t she… / get nailed in the head?

Spectators: Hey, look! / She stood back up!

Ishigami: But… but how?

Ishigami: How are you still alive, / Tachibana Ayaka?

Reiji: Please, wait!!!

Reiji: Please, stop this already!
Natsuhi: Reiji!!

Reiji: President Ishigami, / I’m begging you!!

Reiji: Please, save my sister! It might not be too late! / I’ll do whatever you ask; please, just save my sister!!!

Ishigami: Please calm down, Reiji-kun. / There seems to have been a bit of an accident…

Ishigami: However, this is still within the scope of my plan.

Reiji: But that means…
Ishigami: That’s right.

Ishigami: Giving her a head wound was a tool we had prepared… That certainly must have rendered quite the shock onto you, but it was Ayaka-kun who earlier didn’t act according to plan. / In order to satisfy the Takers gathered here and save your sister, emergency measures were necessary…

Ishigami: But there is no need to worry. Your sister will quickly recover. / Now she will retreat according to the original scenario, and everything will be all OK.

Reiji: But… how is she…

Reiji: How is she supposed to escape in that condition?! / She’s been hit in the head, and is barely aware!

Ishigami: We will find out for ourselves soon enough.

Ishigami: Now that her consciousness has left her, the girl will certainly act according to instinct! / And her instincts are that of a Psychopath!

Ishigami: What are her genes telling here? / That family and friends are meaningless before a hopeless battle!!

Ishigami: Take a good, hard look, Reiji-kun! / Ayaka-kun is right about to start making her move!!

Reiji: Do you really think…

Reiji: that this is a joke?! / You piece of shit!

Reiji: She’s barely standing, she’s barely breathing, so enough with your bullshit! / Stop this! If you don’t, she’ll die!

Ishigami: Shut up! Do you still not get it?!

Ishigami: The only way she can live is by running away! Now, while we’re restraining the Angel! It’s now or never for her! / She should flee pitifully, as her instincts as a Psychopath demand!

Ishigami: Ultimately, you lot would have ended up as Tachibana Ayaka’s prey, and nothing else! She would have betrayed you!! / Why won’t you understand that?!

Ishigami: If you want to survive, you have to accept reality as it is! / A Psychopath will never act for the benefit of others!! So accept that already! Accept Tachibana Ayaka’s true nature!!!

Natsuhi: Is she… / still going to fight?
Ishigami: Huh?

Natsuhi: Look…

Spectators: Hey, is she… is she still moving? / You’re right…

Spectators: Does that mean… that she still intends to fight?

Spectators: The idiot… She nearly got her head blown clean off.

Ayaka: Rei… ji…

Ayaka: Let’s… go home… / To…ge…ther...


Reiji: I’m coming, Nee-san!!

Ishigami: Tachibana Reiji!!!

Ishigami: Wait!

Reiji: I couldn’t trust… / my own sister!

Reiji: Just throw away your Sorcery Device, Nee-san!!

Reiji: Aren’t you just using “protecting me” as an excuse / to justify murder?

Reiji: You idiot!! What does Psychopath even mean, anyways?! / Just that someone has a strong ego!!

Reiji: But the one with the biggest ego, who was the most selfish, who was always so naïve… / was none other than myself…!!

Reiji: My sister suffered so much for me… / I was the one who was always focused on what I wanted.

Reiji: She’s not the real Psychopath… I am!! / AYAKA-NEE-SANNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

Ayaka: Rei…ji…?

Reiji: Nee-san…

<no text>

Ishigami: Right… At this rate, it’s best if… / Tachibana Ayaka dies here and now…

<no text>

Spectator: What the?!

Spectator: Wh-what’s happening all of a sudden?! / Did a door open?!

Ishigami: Galatea… / What did you do?!

Spectator: It’s—it’s an Angel! / Ahhh! I’ve never seen one that big!

Ishigami: Did the Life Galatea released draw them / to the inside of the doorway?

Spectator: Everyone, form up! / Start by surrounding the smaller ones and taking them out!!

Spectator: Dammit!! There’s too many of them!!

Natsuhi: Reiji…

Natsuhi: Hurry up… / If we don’t get out of here now, we’ll…

Reiji: You’re…

Reiji: The princess?

Reiji: Please… save her…

Reiji: If you can just save my sister… / I’ll give you my soul, or whatever else you want…

Natsuhi: I’m sorry I wasn’t able to keep my promise. / Ayaka’s actions went… beyond what I was able to predict…

Natsuhi: Uwah?!

Princess: Don’t be afraid… let me control your bodies…

Princess: This space is connected to a safe place. / No Taker will be able to follow you there…

Reiji: Princess… are you…?!

Princess: Look at them… Look at this pathetic spectacle they have wrought… They sacrifice others, looking out only for themselves… / This is a world where the only source of happiness is one’s own personal survival.

Princess: That is why… we must depart.

Princess: We must depart from this world filled with people who love only themselves

Princess: so that the light of your souls, which drive you to so selflessly give of yourselves for the sake of others,

Princess: will never be extinguished.

Natsuhi: Awahhh!!

Natsuhi: Reiji!!
Reiji: Natsuhi!!

Princess: Let us go.

Reiji: Wah!

Reiji: You’re…

Reiji: Ishigami… / Ryuusuke!!!

Princess: Ryuu…
[inset]: Next time, the climax!!

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