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SAI: Taker 3


+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jun 19, 2012 01:54 | Go to SAI: Taker

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*for use by 13th Hour Translations

Chapter 3: SAI
[inset]: The splendid debut of the First Student Council’s brains and brawn.

Takabayashi: Then go, and bring us embarrassing photos of Igarashi Yuma! / If you do well, then perhaps I could be convinced to keep your secret.

Kyouya: It’s all over… Of all the people who could have found out, why’d it have to be them…? / To think I’ve gone from asking them to let me leave to begging them to let me stay…

Kyouya: And I’m supposed to take an embarrassing photo of Yuma-nee-san? / But if I don’t, they’ll reveal who I am, and I’m through… And I didn’t refuse, either…!!
[inset]: Argh!

Kyouya: I guess I have no choice. And if I asked her, I’m sure Yuma-nee-san would be happy to do anything for my sake…
Kyouya-inset: I’m sorry, Yuma-nee-san…
Yuma: Hey, shouldn’t you actually ask me first?
Kyouya: At any rate, I need to start by taking that picture.

Kyouya: But how am I supposed to do that? / Come to think of it, I really don’t know that much about pictures…

[Sign]: Photography Club

Kyouya: U-um, excuse me.

Photographer: Ah…! / Please, come in. Are you here to check out our club?
Kyouya (aside): Th-thank goodness.

Photographer: Might you be interested in joining our club?
Kyouya: No… I was just hoping to ask for some advice…
Photographer: Well, I’ll try to help you however I can.

Kyouya: Um… well... you see…

Kyouya: It’s—it’s my little brother! He keeps sneaking into my room, and… well… uh… Yeah! I was hoping maybe I could set a trap with a camera and catch him in the act~
Photographer: Ah, it must be tough having a little brother around that age…

Photographer (outside): In that case, you’d probably be best off with a miniature camera. It can either film or take individual pictures, but… / If all you want is pictures, you could position a micro-camera in a hard-to-see location…
Kyouya (in the middle-right): He actually believed me?!
Photgrapher (left-middle): Maybe something like this?

Photographer: By the way, if you do choose to join us, you’d be able to use our equipment. / Please think it over.

Kyouya: He seems really nice… It’s kind of refreshing. / This is the first time a boy’s ever treated me like this.

Kyouya: He certainly doesn’t seem bad. / I would, but… well, I’m already a member of the First Student Council, so…
Photographer: Oh, I didn’t realize…

(?): The First Student Council?

(?): What is one of those quacks from a club that doesn’t even do anything doing in my club room? / How disgusting.

Kyouya: Um… isn’t that a little over-the-top?
Photographer: Ah, that’s our president, Saionji! Welcome back!

Saionji: Sasamori, do you intend to do nothing but entertain stray dogs for the rest of your life? / Bring me that chair.
Sasamori: Ah, yes, sorry.

Saionji: My goodness, what happened? / How embarrassing, and in front of someone from another club, no less.

Saionji: Is even bringing me a chair too much for you?

Kyouya: Hey!! / Didn’t you just stick your leg out to trip him?!
Saionji (aside): Hm?

Kyouya: I saw the whole thing! Why would you do such a thing?!

Saionji: What’s wrong with you?

Saionji: Are you trying to pick a fight with us?

Kyouya: Out of my way.

Saionji: Wh-what is she… / She’s so strong…!!

Saionji: Th-that hurts!! Let go!! You little!! / I said, let go!!

Kyouya: Ah, s-sorry… I didn’t…

Sasamori: I’m really sorry, President!! / Just let me talk to her for a second, OK?!

Sasamori: C’mon, c’mon, let’s head outside!
Kyouya: But… uh…

Saionji: Hey, you.

Saionji: You said you were from the First Student Council, right?

Saionji: I’ll be seeing you again / real soon.

Kyouya: Girls are a lot weaker than I thought… / I didn’t think I was grabbing her that hard…

Kyouya: No, wait—I’m a girl now, too. / Oh, yeah—it’s probably because I’m a Taker now.

Saionji: I’m sorry about all that… They’re really not that bad…
Kyouya: Huh?

Kyouya: D—don’t worry about it! And I’m sorry for causing you so much trouble… / I guess I caused a bit of a fuss…!!

Kyouya: But I still can’t believe she decided to trip you! / How can you stay silent when she treats you like that?

Sasamori: Because I love photography…

Sasamori: I live with just my mother, but even so she loves taking pictures of the two of us, as a family… / Capturing her joy on film is my one and only beloved hobby.

Kyouya: He really is / a good guy, after all…

Sasamori: Oh yeah, I never told you my name, did I? I’m Sasamori Yuu, a freshman. / Feel free to ask me whatever you want about photos, as long as it’s unrelated to club activities.

Sasamori: I feel like we’re a lot alike. / We both have to deal with difficult upperclassmen, after all.

Kyouya: Well… I really don’t have the time to worry about other people’s troubles… / I’m Nanase Kyou. I’m in my second year, but I just transferred here. N-nice to meet you…
Sasamori: <aside: Thanks. / Nice to meet you too, Sempai >

Kyouya: OK… / Yuma-nee-san’s not home yet, so…

Kyouya: So I just need to put this some place where she won’t see it, / and I’ll…

Yuma: Don’t worry, Kyouya. / I know you can do it! I guarantee it!

Kyouya: I—I can’t do this! / Taking secret pictures is just…! / <aside: That’s not something a man would do! >

Yuma: Well done. / <aside: I was worried, so I thought I’d hurry home, but…… >
Kyouya: Ugyahhhhh!!

Yuma: What?! / Takabayashi found out who you are?!

Yuma: Now what do we do?! I can’t believe they of all people found out!! / And now you won’t be able to withdraw from their club next semester, either!
Kyouya: M—more importantly…

Kyouya: I was hoping I could convince them to let me leave, but… they said they’d make public who I truly am and would make me the laughingstock of the school… / And now I’m the one begging them not to kick me out…
Yuma: Ah, blood’s rushing to my head…

Kyouya: <aside: What do I do, Nee-san? Please, help! / They’re all monsters and demons! >

Yuma: Well, right now, / the most important thing to do is to keep Takabayashi satisfied, so…

Kyouya: Wh-wh-what are you doing, Yuma-nee-san?!
Yuma: What do you mean, what am I doing?

Yuma: You need to take embarrassing photos of me, right?! And if you don’t, everyone at school will know your secret! / So there’s no other way, right?!
Kyouya: <aside: Yu—Yuma-nee-san… >

Yuma: I don’t know how well this’ll work, but… / if we try giving her hidden photos of me changing, then maybe…

Yuma: So… / … hurry up and take the picture…

Yuma: Or is this not enough…? / … I could lower my skirt…

Kyouya: No, please, Nee-san—that’s enough. / I can’t make you do this because of me…

Yuma: I’m fine!

Yuma: Your life is hanging in the balance, Kyou-chan. / Compared to that, this is nothing!

Yuma: And Kyouka-nee-san’s working really hard for you, too…

Yuma: W-why’d you do that, Kyouya?! / What are we going to do now that the camera’s broken?!

Kyouya: It’s better this way.
Yuma: “Better”? What do you mean, better? Now Takabayashi’s going to…

Kyouya: It’s enough that you’re willing to do so much for me. / But… I can’t go through with this.

Kyouya: No amount of safety is worth sacrificing you. / I’ll figure out a way to handle this by myself.

Kyouya: After all, / I’m a man, aren’t I?
Yuma: Yeah… / That’s the Kyou-chan I know…

Kyouya: I was really cool back there, but… / now what do I do? How am I supposed to fix this?

Sign girl: Ah, welcome. / Sorry, but I haven’t finished preparing dinner yet.
Kyouya: <aside: Huh? >

Kyouya: Umm… Where is everyone?
Sign girl: The president and the rest of them went shopping. They should be back by dinner.

Kyouya: So, what are you doing right now?
Sign girl: I’m making some pasta. It’s the president’s favorite.

Sign girl: We’ll be eating together in the club room... / You’ll be joining us, right?
Kyouya: She really thinks of the club room as her own private room, doesn’t she?

Kyouya: But why do you have to handle making dinner all by yourself? If the president likes it that much, then wouldn’t it be better if she made it or bought it herself?
Sign girl: Well, I like it this way, so…

Kyouya: Also, I was wondering… what is that you have around your neck? / It looks really uncomfortable. Why don’t you just take it off?

Sign girl: I like it… this way, so…
Kyouya: No one would believe that…

Saionji: Dammit! You’ve got some nerves, you know! Running around picking fights, then going off to leisurely cook!

Kyouya: Y—

Kyouya: You guys?!

Kyouya: Why are you here?
Saionji: Isn’t it obvious?

Saionji: You’re the one who just tried to pick a fight with someone from my club!! / Why don’t you fight me honestly?! Put your Life on the line and let’s have a battle between our clubs!

Sign girl: You… didn’t start a fight with the photography club, did you?
Kyouya: Of course not! There was just a bit of a quarrel, is all…

Sign girl: At life school, quarrels between clubs are strictly forbidden! / And now--now the two presidents are forced to risk their Life and settle this face-to-face…!!
Kyouya: <aside: Huh? Really? >

Saionji: However… I heard… / that you were tricked into joining this bogus club.

Saionji: So why would you come and pick a fight with our club?

Saionji: Don’t tell me Takabayashi managed to coerce you / into following her orders.

Saionji: Everyone here at Life School Tokyo knows the rumors / about how Takabayashi Reiri finds out other people’s weaknesses, coerces them, and traps them in her club.

Saionji: If that’s true, then I’d be willing to let this slide… as long as you were willing to testify, that is. / If you did, then even Takabayashi would be expelled.

Saionji: And you… If there is coercion going on, then speak up. / <aside: It certainly looks like that’s what’s going on. >

Kyouya: You’re completely wrong.

Kyouya: I chose to join this club! / So why don’t you talk to me, the person who’s responsible!

Saionji: Oh, really?

Saionji: As you wish, then!! / So, what is it you wish to say?!

Saionji: After all, look at this! This is the arm you grabbed! You bruised my skin! How do you plan on paying for this?!

Saionji: If you really are a member of this club, then that makes things simple. / It’s only proper to make the president of this club take responsibility—and apologize.

Kyouya: I’ll… be taking responsibility.

Kyouya: I’ll do whatever it takes for you to be satisfied.
Saionji: You’ll do whatever it takes?

Saionji: You really know how to sound brave, don’t you?

Saionji: Those words alone aren’t enough to take responsibility! / Show me your arm! Let’s start by doing to you what you did to me!!

Kyouya: Fine.

Kyouya: Bruise my arm, or break it—whatever you want. / If that’s what it takes for you to forgive me, then so be it.

Saionji: <float> Who the hell is this bitch? / <aside: Not bad. > / So, you’re going to keep acting strong, then?

Saionji: Do you think I’m going to back down now and let you off with a warning?! / Unlock Code: “Summon”!!

(?): Wait right there!!

Sasamori: Nanase-sempai wasn’t trying to pick a fight with me!!! / She was just interested in photography and wanted to ask me for advice!!!

Kyouya: Sasamori… / …kun?

Sasamori: So please, listen to me!! / Enough of this! Let’s head back.
Saionji: You little…!

Saionji: The likes of you don’t have the right to speak!! / Don’t you dare talk back to your president!!

Sasamori: I believe that anyone with an interest in photography… / should have the right to visit the photography club whenever she wishes.

Sasamori: The club room / isn’t for the club president alone.

(?): What sort of a joke is that? / Of course the club room belongs to the club president!
Kyouya: <aside: WHAT?! >

Takabayashi: After all, / they both have “club” in their name, right?!

Saionji: Ta—Takabayashi?!
Sasamori(?): <aside: And I’m saying, you’re wrong! >
Sign girl: President!!

Saionji: I wanted to have a plan in place before she got here…!! / But at this rate…!! / <speech bubble>: Shi—!!

Saionji: Did you hear? One of your members went and picked a fight with the photography club. / Just look at my arm!! What are you going to do about it?! Huh?!

p. 31:
Saionji: Y-you should pay me off with life…! / And you should file a formal apology as president of your club! If you don’t, I’ll file a complaint with the Student Council!
Kanemitsu: Objection.

Kanemitsu: Nanase Kyou is not a member of our club.
Saionji: What?!
Kyouya: But that means!! / <aside: But that means!! / When did she…?!
Kanemitsu: We went through the process to expel you from the club yesterday, after all.

Kanemitsu: It’s the truth. You may examine the data for yourself.
Saionji: Who would believe you?! Everyone in this school knows you’re a swindler!

Kyouya: So then… that’s it… / I guess it makes sense… It’s not like those girls would care about a guy like me…

Saionji: I want to hear it from your own lips, Takabayashi! / Is she really not a member of your club?

Takabayashi: Well now…

Takabayashi: She certainly isn’t right now.

Takabyashi: But what of it? / Nanase Kyou may not be a member of my club, but she is a candidate to join!!

Takabayashi: Admittedly, she is currently in the midst of completing the final test I have set before her. / But even if she is not a full member, I cannot permit anyone to lay her hands on someone connected to my Student Council! / You’ve got a lot of nerve, Photography Club! Have you prepared yourselves for the consequences?

Saionji: Hey, I’m the victim here! So, I take it you’re not willing to settle things peacefully?!
Takabayashi: Of course not. I never had the slightest intention of doing so, you blockhead.

Saionji: You… little…

Saionji: I’ll take you all on!! / I’ll file a petition to battle all three of you!!

Kyouya: Now what do I do? / Everything’s getting out of control…

Saionji: I figured I should fight you like this, sooner or later! / You and your bogus club, who don’t do any real activities and only obtain your Life through underhanded tactics!

Saionji: The winner of this battle will take half the loser’s life. I assume you have no objections?
Takabayashi: Why would I? You I would fight for free.

Takabayashi: But if you’re asking, then why don’t we have the winner take all the Life? / After all, there’s no way I can lose.

Saionji: Save your sleep-talk for after I’ve won!!

Saionji: Unlock Code: “Summon”! / Michael!

Spectator: Wow! She managed to summon the Holy Device of an Archangel! / That’s the photography club’s Saionji for you!

Kyouya: Did… did she use her SAI to summon an angel? / Amazing!!

Takabayashi: Oh, an Archangel? Isn’t aiming for only the Eighth Choir a bit lazy? / If that’s all you’ve got, I don’t see why I should fight myself.

Takabayashi: Sumomo, be a good girl… / and give her a nice pat on the head.

Sumomo: Unlock Code: “Loyalty”

Sumomo: The Sixth Choir, Power! / Samael!

Spectators: A Power?! / She must have strengthened her physical body in order to be able to resist the sword. / It’s so high-level!

Sasamori: She really is amazing, summoning a Power…!
Kyouya: Is—is it really that amazing?

Sasamori: Of course it is! It’s not just a difference of two choirs!!

Sasamori: SAI Takers fight using beings from another world called “Angels” through the power of their SAIs. The Angels they can summon can be divided into nine divisions called “choirs”. Those choirs can be combined into three spheres, with the First Sphere being the strongest and the Third Sphere the weakest. Choirs seven through nine are the Third Sphere, while four through six are in the Second. The difference in choirs between the two angels summoned here may be only two; however…

Sasamori: More importantly, there is a large difference between the Third Sphere and the Second. / Unless there were a massive difference in strength between the Takers, the gap in power is basically insurmountable!
Kyouya: <aside: Eh, I didn’t know that… >

Saionji: A Power?! I can’t say I’m surprised, but…!!

Saionji: Do you really think you can stand there and take on an attack from three Archangels?!

(?): She broke Michael’s sword… / with her bare hands?!

Sumomo: That was one of Samael’s Skills: / “Titan”!!

Saionji: No matter how much stronger she got, how could she have destroyed Michael’s Sword with her fists? / She really is a “Destroyer”.

Takabayashi: Oh, please. Weren’t you listening to me before?

Takabayashi: At this rate, you’re going to wind up coughing up blood. This is the part where you just give us your Life and prostrate yourself before us. Or wait... You’re not mad, are you? / <aside: You little insects~ >

Saionji: I need you two… to prepare your Life… Once I summon him, the rest is up to you.

Girls: “Him”?! Are you really going to summon that?! / Don’t do it, Shiina! We aren’t strong enough to—

Saionji: I know this might be a little too much for us. / But I’ll do whatever it takes…
Takabayashi: <aside: You’re worthless! / Worthless, worthless pipsqueaks~ / Everything you do is worthless!

Saionji: to blow the smile off that shithead’s face!!

Saionji: The Virtue, / Uzziel!

Takabayashi: Oh… An Angel from the Fifth Choir? / <aside: Well done. >

Kyouya: An Angel… / from the Fifth Choir…?!

Saionji: How about that?! Can your Angel from the Sixth Choir… / stand up to me armed with Uzziel…

Saionji: …huh?


(?): Shiina! / Behind you! Look behind you!

(?): President Igarashi, there’s trouble!

(?): That First Student Council and the Photography Club are fighting on the third grounds, and…!!!
Yuma: What?!

Spectators: Kyahhh!!! / The Angel’s escaped its bindings!!!

Spectators: The summoner’s been knocked out!! / Quick, someone go tell the Student Council!!

Kyouya: Wh—what just happened?!
Sasamori: The Angel was released!!

Sasamori: This is what happens when someone summons an Angel beyond her abilities!! / For now, let’s get out of here! The Student Council will manage to take care of it somehow, so let’s leave it to them!!

Takabayashi: How garish~
Kanemitsu: This is truly… a living hell.
<asides: Help me!! / Uwahhhhh! >

Kanemitsu: To be certain, if Sumomo fought that alone, she’d break her bones.
Sumomo: Just say the word, and I’ll try my luck.

Takabayashi: At this rate, that eyesore of a Student Council will wind up being the ones who fix this mess, / and then they’ll be the ones who get all the credit.

Takabayashi: Clean this up. / It’ll make for good publicity.
Kanemitsu: <aside: Alright, alright >

Kanemitsu: Unlock code: “LX-78”

Sumomo: Unlock Code: “Loyalty”

Kanemitsu: The Fourth Choir, Dominion: / Muriel

Sumomo: The Sixth Choir, Power: / Samael

Sasamori: An Angel from the Fourth Choir?!

Kyouya: What?! She defended herself against all of those attacks?!
Sasamori: She’s using only the bare minimum amount of Life to put up a pinpoint guard against each attack!

Sasamori(?): That’s the Skill possessed by an Angel of the Fourth Choir: / Air=Aegis!!

Kyouya: She’s—she’s not defending herself at all…? / <aside: They all slipped inside her guard…? >
Sasamori: But—but why would she…?

Sasasmori: Is—is she only defending against the attacks aimed / at Takabayashi-sempai?!
Takabayashi: <aside: Tsurumin has a very spendthrift soul… / As far as she’s concerned, Sumomo can take care of herself; she won’t use an ounce of force where it isn’t absolutely necessary.

(?): She’s—she’s unhurt?!

Sumomo: Let’s get him! Titan!!!

Sumomo: More power! More! More!! More!!!

Kyouya: Is she layering more and more power on top of herself?!
Sasamori: The idiot! There’s no way a mere human could withstand that much power!!

Kyouya: So this… / is the Destroyer of Life School Tokyo.

Kyouya: Is this…

Kyouya: The power of the First Student Council…?!

Spectators: The First Student Council’s really amazing!! / You think they might be even stronger than the Student Council?!
Takabayashi: <aside: Of course we’re more powerful. >

Yuma: Um, hello? Why are they being treated at the heroes? / Aren’t they the ones who caused all this…?

Kyouya (outside text): Even though it was all my fault… / without saying anything, they…
Kanemitsu: Well…
Takabayashi: So? Think that made for a nice demonstration?

Kyouya: Maybe I… and Yuma-nee-san…

Kyouya: were both wrong about them…

Kyouya: and about the true nature / of the First Student Council…

Takabayashi: Hey, you there, Candidate!

Takabayashi: What are you just standing around for?! / We’re going to have a pasta party back at the club room, so go get ready!

Kyouya: Could it be… that I…

Kyouya: have grown to like… / the First Student Council…?!

Takabayashi: What?! You don’t have the photos?! You’re useless to me! You won’t be a permanent member until you do! / <aside: Go eat on the floor! The floor! > / You understand? Until you do, you’re going to be treated as a slave around here, understand?!
Kyouya: <aside: You’re mean! >
Narration: Kyouya soon realized just how wrong he was.

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