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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 10

Chapter 10

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jun 28, 2012 13:32 | Go to Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo

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(?): A—a murder!! / Run away!!
Satsuki: Shizuka… if you kill him before Kureha can…

Satsuki: then of course Kureha won’t become a murderer… but you…

Satsuki: You idiots!! Stop just standing around and get moving!

Satsuki: Once again, I permit you to use your full power! We’ll never have a better chance!

Servant: Haaaaaaa!!

Kureha: Uhaaaaah!

Kureha: I’ll kill him!! / I’ll kill him!! / I’ll kill him!!

Servant: …Shit! In the end, we can’t save an evil spirit after all.

Servant: Shizuka, Hibiki, I’m sorry, but…

Hibiki: STOP!!

SFX: Hah / Hah / Hah
Servant: H—Hibiki?!

Hibiki: … You’ve got it all wrong. / Satsuki-san and you guys got one thing completely wrong.

Hibiki: You didn’t understand Kureha-san’s objective.

Hibiki: Kureha-san may have been attempting to kill Houjou Ichirou; / however, that was just a means to an end. / Kureha-san’s objective has been the same since the beginning:

Hibiki: To protect Shiroha.

Shizuka: Please think back. Shiroha-san and Kureha-san were both killed on the same day, but in difference places. Therefore… / Kureha-san still doesn’t know.

Shiroha: Kureha-chan.

Shiroha (in white bubble): You’ve… / you’ve been protecting me for so, so long, haven’t you?
Kureha (in black bubble): Shi / Shi…ro

Shiroha: But… I was so stupid, and understood nothing… / and left you by yourself… / You were… killed… but even so you still kept protecting your worthless little sister…

Shiroha: … And yet, I… / … I

Shiroha: I… died.

Shiroha: I’m sorry… I’m sorry. / If only… if I had just paid more attention, / then maybe you wouldn’t have had to bear all this pain alone… / I’m so sorry, Kureha-chan.

Kureha: Oh… / I… wasn’t able to protect you.

Kureha: I’m sorry.
[Chapter 10]

Satsuki: … Impressive.

Satsuki: He didn’t try to accomplish her goal, but rather made it clear that she no longer could, and thus brought the evil spirit back to normal.

Satsuki: But now what will you do, Shizuka? You paid a heavy price to keep Kureha from dirtying her hands.

(no text)

Media: We are live in front of the hospital Houjou Ichirou –shi was brought to.
[sign: General Hospital]

Media: At 1:00, Houjou-shi underwent cardiopulmonary arrest, / and is currently in critical condition.

Media: The suspect, on the other hand,

Media: sustained severe injuries while being restrained by the guards, and is currently unconscious. / Since his life also seemed at risk, he was transported to the closest hospital—the same one where Houjou-shi is currently located.

Media: Though there were numerous reporters at the scene of the crime, due to the chaos and confusion during the event there exists no clear footage of the suspect.

Media: We will likely not know anything about the suspect’s motives or background until he recovers.

Media: … Ah… We have just received an update!
[sign: al Hospital]

Media: This is unconfirmed; however, the suspect appears to be an employee of a corporation rumored to have certain connections…

Media: … Furthermore, those connections have their own private agenda… / which Houjou Ichirou-shi planned to bring to light at today’s press conference.

Media: Wait, now hold on a minute. If that’s true, then… / then Houjou-shi is innocent, he planned on doing the right thing, and for that was silenced?

Media: If that’s true, then…

Media: … then the entire media owes Houjou-shi a massive apology.

Media: It appears that Houjou-shi was threatened with regards to this conference…

Media: However, he responded strongly, saying quote “I will not bow before such threats!”

Media: Furthermore, as he was leaving the car the driver told him to stop, saying it was dangerous. / However, his response was the same: “I am innocent; I have nothing to fear!”

Media: … If we were wrong,

Media: our mistake

Media: may have cost this nation a brave and great statesman.

Ichirou: Kh


Ichirou: It was perfect!!

Ichirou: As always, your plan was absolutely perfect, / Minamida-kun!

Ichirou: Now all I have to do is pretend to have a miraculous recovery, and I’ll easily prevail in the election! / And it’s all thanks to you!!
Minamida: Thank you very much.

Ichirou: To be honest, I was really surprised when I read your letter. To think that I would have to play the tragic victim… / but still, I decided to approve your plan.

Minamida: As per my instructions, you openly exited your vehicle in front of the entrance, and the guards pretended to injure the suspect.
Ichirou: Of course. I was merely surprised by your inimitable ingenuity. / Even in the beginning, I’ve never once doubted your plans.

Ichirou: So then, what will happen to the suspect?
Minamida: Ah, there’s no need to worry.

Minamida: He will escape from the hospital, only to be found to have committed suicide.
Ichirou: Well then, that is good news.

Minamida: By the way, may I ask you a single question?

Minamida: Three weeks ago, Shiroha-san was murdered, correct? / Why didn’t you attempt to create a tragic story from that event?

Ichirou: How could I?! If the public found out that she was killed at a cult gathering, / my approval rating would plummet!

Ichirou: And besides, at the same time I had just killed Kureha.
Minamida: Why kill Kureha-san? / Didn’t you say she had potential?

Ichirou: She had potential, yes. Too much so. She wound up catching wind of my plans… / It was somewhat regrettable, but once she chose to oppose me, she became expendable.

Minamida: I must confess, I can only admire the sheer conviction with which you live your life.
Ichirou: … Is that so?

Minamida: What exactly was your family to you?
Ichirou: Obviously,

Ichirou: they were nothing more than tools for my own advancement.

Shizuka: Thanks for the quote.

Shizuka: With this quote, / my scenario has reached its epilogue.

Ichirou: Your scenario? / … Hey, wait. You’re Minamida-san, right? / This is the first time meeting you face-to-face, but…

Shizuka: I’m not Minamida. / I’m Aida.
Ichirou: Aida…? / Who’s that?

Shizuka: Hmmm… Well, to put it simply,

Shizuka: I’ve come in Kureha’s place / to finish what she started.

Shizuka: Does this recorder ring any bells?

Shizuka: You know, this is the very same one Kureha-san used to gather evidence of your crimes.

Shizuka: So I just gathered all the evidence of your crimes on behalf of the murdered Kureha-san.

Ichirou: … What the hell is going on? Did you right that letter? / But that had to be Minamida’s handwriting…
Shizuka: Ahh, I’m really good at that kind of thing.

Shizuka: Mimicking someone’s handwriting is a piece of cake.
Ichirou: …You can really do that…?

Shizuka: So, time for a question! Which choice would make you the most happy? / 1) You turn yourself in / 2) I turn over this evidence.

Shizuka: Would you like a hint? If you turn yourself in, they just might go easy on you.
Ichirou: …Th—that’s…

Shizuka: Ah—

Ichirou: Haha! You screwed up! / I choose 3)

Ichirou: Destroy the evidence!

Ichirou: I don’t know why the hell you’re doing this, / but I’m not the kind of guy who would let things end like this!!
Shizuka: Ohh~

Shizuka: Of course you aren’t <3 There is no way someone as great as Houjou-sama would meekly surrender because of a little evidence!
Ichirou: Huh?

Shizuka: Which means it’s time for our fun-fun question number two! <3

Shizuka: Which choice would make you the happiest? Again, you have two choices:
Ichirou: Still… / two?

Ichirou: Didn’t I just erase one of them?! / Without this evidence, there’s no way you’ll get the police to arrest me! / <aside: Look, look! >

Shizuka: 1) Turn yourself in. / As for your other choice…

Shizuka: 2) Die here <3

Ichirou: Wh… Who are you trying to fool… If you try to kill me here, they’ll arrest you soon enough.

Shizuka: On the contrary! Think it over a bit. As far as anybody else knows, right now you’ve sustained a critical injury and are on the border between life and death… / Which means that if I stab you with the same knife in the same spot,

Shizuka: nobody will question a single thing about your death. / Everybody’ll just say, “Aww, it’s too bad, but we just couldn’t save Houjou Ichirou-shi.” <3

Ichirou: You… You can’t. / There’s no way you can do it. / Just look at you! You’re, what, a high school student?

Ichirou: You must be one of Kureha’s friends, right? Here to seek vengeance? / Cut it out. Do you really want to live the rest of your long life as a criminal?
Shizuka: …Khkh

Shizuka: … I never did properly introduce myself, did I? / I’m Aida. / Aida Shizuka.
Ichirou: Aida… Shizuka? … Where have I heard that name?

Shizuku: Why don’t you take a goooood long look at me? I’m sure you’ve seen my face before… / Here’s a hint: Who killed Shiroha-san?
Ichirou: …?!? / You…. You can’t be…

Ichirou: Aida Shizuka… / The serial killer, Boy A?!
Shizuka: Bingo! That’s right <3

Shizuka: And your hint for the second question is that, if you choose 2) Die here, / you’ll make me really, really happy.

Shizuka: So, / what’s your decision?

(SFX in bubble): Beep

Media: We have a special report regarding the recent incident. / Attention is being focused on the actions of suspect Houjou Ichirou.

Hibiki: Please wait.

Hibiki: Why are you erasing Kureha, Saaya?

Hibiki: Kureha isn’t an evil spirit anymore!

Saaya: She may not be one now, / but a soul who has once become an evil spirit could regress at any time. / And of course, we can’t sit back and do nothing. / So we’re… erasing her.

Hibiki: Do you expect me to just accept that? After we worked so hard to bring her back? / Was all this for nothing?!

Saaya: … I’m sorry, but…
Shizuka: Please wait!

HIbiki: Shizuka!
SFX by Shizuka: Hah / hah

Shizuka: I wish to use a Last Request.

Saaya: A “Last Requst”…? Whose, exactly?
Shizuka: My own, of course.

Satsuki: Oh, of course. / So that’s how this is going to work.
Shizuka: Yes.

Shizuka: I managed to fulfill Shiroha-san’s Last Request—to save Kureha-san—without using any Shinigami powers.
<background_Shizuka>: I would like you to allow me to use that Last Request.
Shizuka: So, as per my agreement with Satsuki-san, that Request is now mine to use.

Shizuka: Therefore, I would like you to refrain from erasing Kureha-san’s soul.

Saaya: … However,

Saaya: Even if we do grant your request, what would you have us do with Kureha’s soul? / We still can’t afford to do nothing.

Shizuka: Why don’t you have her go to hell? / If she’s there, you can keep watch over her, make sure she doesn’t revert to being an evil spirit.

Shizuka: Please, don’t worry. Masamune-san told me that there are tons of different hells. / There are plenty of ones that aren’t at all harsh.

Shizuka: It’s not like Kureha-san’s committed any real sins; / I’m sure we can overlook the bit about the attempted murder.

Shizuka: …And furthermore,

Shizuka: -----------------------------------------------------------------
Saaya: Huh? But that’s…
Shizuka: It’s fine; Hibiki figures if anyone can do it, it’s me.

Shizuka: So then, Saaya-san, how does that sound?

Shizuka: Understood. I will grant your “Last Request”.

Shiroha: Umm… Shizuka-san… Hibiki-chan… / Is this really all right? Didn’t you two want to find the person truly responsible for Hibiki-chan’s murder?

Shizuka: Please, don’t worry about us. We bear a lot of the responsibility for what happened to both of you.

Shizuka: And besides, the truly hard part might just be getting started. / You two better work hard.

Shiroha: Thank you so much.
Hibiki: <aside: I’ll make an exception this time.

Shiroha: I’ll work really hard.

Hibiki: …hey, stop!

(?) Shall we get going?

Kureha: Um… Shizuka-san, Hibiki-san,

Kureha: I owe you for protecting my little sister’s heart. / I promise I’ll pay you back… someday.

Shiroha: Um… Saaya-san, can I ask you something?
Saaya: Hm? What is it?

Saaya: Ah, if it’s about Kureha-san, it’s exactly as Shizuka-kun said. I’m sure she’ll be placed in one of the lightest hells.
Shiroha: No, it’s something else.

Shiroha: I want to become a Shinigami.

Saaya: Ah, so that’s what it was. / So then, Shiroha-san, you’ll have to take the test to become a Shinigami.

Saaya: It’s quite difficult. / Are you willing to work hard?
Shiroha: Yes, I’ll work hard!

Phone: Minamida-san, Houjou Ichirou was arrested.

Minamida: Yeah~ I know, I know. / I saw that something just happened.

Minamida: Ehh~ So it was Aida Shizuka, the serial killer, Boy A.

Minamida: I’m starting to grow tired of the black pawn Houjou Ichirou. / I think next I’ll play with the white pawn Aida Shizuka.

[title]: Light Hell
Kureha: Umm, Saaya-san, what exactly is a “light hell”?
Saaya: Well you see,

SFX: Tada
Saaya: You have to wear that outfit and perform volunteer work.

Kureha: Is… is that true?
Saaya: Of course not!

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