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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 11

Chapter 11

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jul 3, 2012 16:31 | Go to Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo

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*for use by Muda Scans

… Why?

Why does he have to do this?

Chapter 11

[box]: Three hours earlier
Luca: Really?! You’re kidding!!

Luca: You reattached Shizuka’s head all by yourself?
Hibiki: Yeah, I did. I mean, my special ability is healing, after all…
Yoshino: Healing… and such a high level, too…

Luca: But… but if you can do that, / how’d you wind up stuck down here ? / <aside: I’m so jealous… >

Hibiki: To be honest… it was because I could do so much by myself… / If I didn’t have that power, I would have had to consult with headquarters. And then maybe I would have realized what Asami was going to do and things might have been different.

[free text]: Every Shinigami is a specialist!
Hibiki: But in order to become a Shinigami, you have to have a personal ability! / Each of you must have your own personal talent, right?

Hibiki: Right…? / Why aren’t you looking at me?!

Hibiki: Hey, Luca~ What’s your ability?
Luca: Stop it; I won’t tell you! … You’d just laugh at me anyways.

Yoshino: Excuse me! / I have the ability to

Yoshino: **** a man’s **** and **** it like a pro.
Luca: Liar!!

Luca: Yoshino’s ability is “transformation”. / She can alter people’s perception of things.
Yoshino: I can make everyone look like their dream selves!

Hibiki: … Yeah…. Uh… that’s… unique?
Luca: If you think it’s messed up, just say so!

Satsuki: Hey! Yoshino! I’ve got a job for you!
Yoshino: Coming!
(note: the kana in circles throughout the chapter are the first initials of the character speaking)
Satsuki: And the rest of you, quiet back there! / <aside: Don’t make so much noise in the back room! >

[box]: One hour earlier

Hibiki: What is it, Yoshino? What are you reading? / <aside: Are you done with your job? >
Yoshino: Ah, take a look at this~

Hibiki: Wow… What is this? A philosophy book? It’s too hard…
Yoshino: Well, the Last Request I’m granting is to

Yoshino: have an adult date.
Hibiki: Really… “Adult”, huh. Well, you’re certainly the right girl for this job.
Yoshino: … Well...

Yoshino: The guy’s really smart, and refuses to go out with anyone who can’t at least understand this book…
Hibiki: Oh, I see. Then I guess he wouldn’t want me, either…

Hibiki: Looks like everyone’s been defeated.

Shizuka: Huh? Isn’t that *******’s book on philosophy?

Shizuka: I read that book all the time when I was younger. / <aside: Brings me back… >
Hibiki: …Shi…Shizuka?

Hibiki: No… Wait! You can’t! He’s a guy!

Yoshino: Don’t worry—It’s just a trans transformation!

[box]: The present

Luca: Hey, Hibiki, I think Shizuka…

Luca: looks just a little too good as a girl.
Hibiki: Yeah… He looks just like our mom.

Touya: Hey, isn’t that book…
Shizuka: Are you the person I’m going out with?

Touya: Hey. I’m Itsuki Touya.
Shizuka: Ah… Err—I’m Shizuka
Luca: Whoa—that guy looks pretty cool, huh.
Hibiki: Y—yeah, I guess. Not that he’s really my type.

Touya: I know I’m being hasty, but I want to hear your thoughts on this book. / You read it, right?

Shizuka: …Um, it’s kind of hard to put into words, but…

Shizuka: I… hate that book.

Touya: …Really? What parts? / Please, couldn’t you be a little more concrete?

Shizuka: I believe philosophy is a school of thought founded on how people live their lives. / But that book seems to value life and death equally… / No matter how well written, I can’t bring myself to like something that values death.

Touya: You’re wrong!

Touya: This book merely talks about how overly focusing on “life” causes one to lose his beauty as a human being. / That’s a far cry from valuing death. / To put it simply, all it claims is that a beautiful death is superior to a pathetic life!

Touya: Your words prove that you didn’t understand the deeper meaning of this book.
Luca: Argh, now they’re starting to fight. / <aside: Looks like we failed. >
Hibiki: <aside: Yes! >

Shizuka: Please wait.

Shizuka: Our date’s just started… / We should… relax a bit more…

Shizuka: After all, it’s such a good day out.

Shizuka: It’d be a waste if we didn’t have fun.

Shizuka: And I’ve been looking forward to this date, too.

Touya: …Ah… yeah….

Luca: Hey, c’mon, c’mon!! / <aside: What was that? Is he a tsundere? >
Hibiki: Shut up! Please, just shut up!!

Touya: ..Hey…hey.

Shizuka: What would you like to see?
Touya: I don’t like childish stuff.

Shizuka: Here. Say, “Ahhhh”.
Touya: Eat it yourself.

Touya: Why do I have to…
Shizuka: It’s fine; it’s fine

Shizuka: Which one?
Touya: Whichever you want.

Touya: … So I’ve been thinking.

Touya: I think it’s the duty of a writer to embed some deeper meaning into his works.

Touya: That’s why I love this book so much—because it has an inescapable, undeniable conclusion!
Shizuka: Ah, I see.

Luca: <aside: Hah > / … They’re talking for so long.

Touya: For instance, consider this part… / <aside: Blah blah >

Touya: Ah.

Touya: … I’ve been the only one speaking for a while now, haven’t I?

Touya: It’s… not really a date like this, is it. / I really am pathetic… I just get so worked up when I start to talk that I stop even paying attention to the person I’m talking to.

Touya: … That’s probably why everyone tries to avoid me…

Shizuka: Well… you certainly do that at times. / You want everyone to understand how much you love something, so you just keep going and going and…

Shizuka: And after you’ve said so much, you look at the person you’re speaking with and she looks so troubled… / But don’t worry.

Shizuka: I’ve had the same problem, sometimes. And because I like books so much, / I really enjoyed listening to you talk.

Touya: …Th— / Thanks.

Touya: What… What about you, Shizuka? What do you do?
Shizuka: You mean when I start to talk too much, and start troubling the person I’m speaking with?
Touya: Yeah.

Shizuka: Well… I lie.
Touya: Huh?

Shizuka: I look at the person I’m talking with, and I change the topic. / I try to make things as easy on the other person as possible… / I don’t say anything I think of, / and sometimes I pretend not to know things I really do.

Touya: But that’s…
Shizuka: Yes… It hurts. / It’s easy at first… But as you keep lying more and more, you start to, well…

Shizuka: It feels like you’re starting to dig a hole in your heart.

Touya: I think… I think I know exactly how you feel. / But then, how are you supposed to live like that? / If you tried to live like that forever, wouldn’t it break your heart?

Shizuka: You try to look for someone.
Touya: Who?

Shizuka: Someone who, even if I talk the way I want to about the things I love, / will continue to smile at me.

Shizuka: One person. That’s all I ask. / It’s a big world; he must be out there somewhere.

Shizuka: That hope’s probably what lets people keep living.

Touya: … Yeah, you’re right.

Touya: Is it time already?

Touya: Hey, Shizuka? You know my Last Request, right?
Shizuka: Umm… It was to have an adult date, right?
Touya: Yeah, an adult one.

Touya: Would you… kiss me goodbye?

Girls: Wha-what?! / Ohh! / Whoa <3

Touya: Uh… Well, you see… / I heard that a Shinigami’s job is to fulfill Last Requests to the best of their abilities.

Shizuka: …Yes… / …Ok, then.
Hibiki (above her head): MMMPH! / MMMPH!
SFX (by her legs): Struggle / struggle

Touya: Close your eyes.

Touya: You look nervous.

Touya: Could this be your first time?
Shizuka: …Yes.

Touya: I see.

Touya: Then, instead of your first, / I’ll just take this instead.
Shizuka: Huh? …Is that really all right?

Touya: A good girl like you / shouldn’t have her first with someone about to die.

April 30th / 21:24:16 / Itsuki Touya passed away.

Yoshino: How was it, Touya-san? / Was your death satisfactory?

Touya: Of course not.

Touya: No matter how well I hide my age, / or even if you make me look like an adult…

Touya: In the end, I’m still just a 12-year-old brat.

Touya: There was no way my death could have been satisfactory.

Touya: I mean, I’ve never been scared of dying. / I’ve been stuck in a hospital my entire life, after all. / …It’s just…

Touya: I wanted to have a taste of adult life. I wanted to go on a date. / … I wanted… to be kissed… / … I thought, if I could have that much, I could have a cool death, just like in the book. / I thought so, but…

Touya: but now, I’ve come to realize I don’t care how pathetic or lame my life is-- / I want to live!

Yoshino: Do you regret your Last Request?

Touya: No, I don’t. / After all, today was the best day of my entire life.

Touya: Thank you, miss… / I’m so glad you were the one to help me, Yoshino.

Touya(?): Ah… And also, / be sure to thank him for me, too.
Yoshino(?): I will.

Touya: Hey, Hibiki, are you angry about something? / <aside: You seem kind of distant. >
Hibiki: … Not really.

Hibiki: Alright.

Touya: What… What are you doing, Hibiki? Why are you grabbing my arm?

Hibiki: D—don’t get the wrong impression! You’re just walking so slowly that I wanted to drag you along!

Hibiki: It’s not like I’m doing this because I had to watch you two holding each other’s arms like that for so long.
Touya: Huh? What? I can’t hear you.

Hibiki: Ahhh! Shut up, shut up! / Let’s just go home already!

Box: … Back then, we had no idea of the dangers we would soon face.


Kuroneko: Are you Minamida?

Minamida: Hey, good to see you, Murata Gorou-kun… No.

Minamida: I suppose you would prefer I call you by your screen name, Kuroneko.

Minamida: You know, I am very eager to hear your story.

Kuroneko: Wait. First, if I tell you everything I know, you’ll keep your promise and help me escape, right?

Minamida: But of course! So please, tell me everything you know / about Aida Shizuka,

Minamida: about the Shinigami,

Minamida: and / about Last Requests.

Choosing an Outfit for the Date

Luca: Hey~ Hibiki… Weren’t you against Shizuka becoming a girl?
Hibiki: But… But we have to, right?! / <aside: And… they all look so good on him! >
[bottom left]: Complicated is the heart of a little sister.

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