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Takamagahara 1

Yamada Yamato

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jul 8, 2012 16:17 | Go to Takamagahara

-> RTS Page for Takamagahara 1

Narrator: There is nothing particularly special about special powers.

Narrator: Every person on this Earth possesses his or her own special ability, whatever it may be. / But unless one understands the nature of his or her own power, there is no way to utilize it.

Narrator: These powers may go by many names—superpowers, magic, paranormal phenomena-- / but we will call them Divine Gifts.
*for Cerberus

Blue text: What are Divine Gifts?!

Narrator: So, tell me! / What kind of Divine Gift do you possess?

(top text): Takama gahara
(vertical text): The power we have awoken to / will turn our daily life / into a battlefield!
Author (red text): Kawai Juusou
Chapter title (below author): Chapter 1: Yamada Yamato

Narrator: Japan, / present day!

Narrator: In a certain place lives a group of brothers who seek to become strong!

Narrator: “Be strong!”

Narrator: And the names of those brothers who have instilled those words into their heart, body, and mind are:
text by the star: The origin of a new myth!!

Narrator: The Five Yamada Brothers!

Musashi: That’d be us! / Time for our morning reports!

Musashi: Once I’ve finished challenging and taking out everyone on the road to the championship, / I’ll be the champion of the world!

Shinano: I’m helping out at the college karate and wrestling clubs, / and won an amateur fighting tournament!

Hyuuga: I beat up the middle school kids who came to my school trying to pick a fight / and added their schools to my domain!

Mutsu: I beat up those mean upperclassmen, / and made it to the top of my elementary school despite being in third grade!

Musashi: Hm? / It feels like there’s a really weird sound in the background.

Musashi: Hey, is that you, Yamato?!

Musashi: What do you think you’re doing?!

Yamato: Can’t you tell? / I’m drawing a manga, duh. / <aside: Nosy jerks. >

Musashi: What do you think you’re trying to pull?! / It’s time for morning practice!
Yamato: I give! I give! I give!

Musashi: “To become strong enough that, no matter what unimaginable situation we find ourselves in, no matter what unthinkable foes bar our way, we will never lose!” / Those are our family’s simple words!

Musashi: We brothers take those words to heart, / and fight in our own ways for the honor of our family!

Musashi: So why in the world are you drawing manga?! / That’s not something you draw—it’s something you read!
Yamato: If no one drew them, how would you read them?

Yamato: You say the same exact thing 365 days a year. / I don’t really want to become strong.

Shinano: How did Yamato turn out like that…
Hyuuga: You’re the delinquent of the Yamada family.
Yamato: I really wish you of all people wouldn’t say that.

Yamato: If you’ve got a problem, then read this manga I’m working on for the Tezuka Contest!

Musashi: It’s…

Yamato: Good? Amazing?

Brothers: It’s a piece of shit!
Yamato: What?!

Yamato: What the hell do you mean, it’s a piece of shit!
Brothers: It’s a piece of shit manga that is nothing but a piece of shit so we called it a piece of shit!

Yamato: Dammit! / Why did I think it was a good idea to show my manga to a bunch of jocks?! / Give it back; I’m going to go show it to some normal people who actually know how to read!

Shinano: Just give up…
Hyuuga: If it could inflict this much damage upon us,
Matsu: if you show it to a normal person…
Musashi: you’ll kill him!
Yamato: What sort of manga could do that?! / Who dies because of some paper and ink?!

Musashi: Yamato, / you were given your golden right hand so that you can fight! / C’mon, show me a good one!

Yamato: Bullshit. My right arm was placed here so that I can draw manga!

Yamato: I will return to the manga industry that’s lost its passion / its love of friendship, hard work, and victory…

Yamato: And in order to that, I will / become world-famous through Jump!

Musashi: Kh…! / How did it come to this?!

Musashi: I wanted to make you the strongest man of all time, / so I had you sleep on a bed made of issues of Jump, / and instead of singing you lullabies I even read to you from Jump!
Shinano: … don’t you think that might be the cause?

Yamato: …? My right hand feels kind of strange.

Yamato: Maybe I’ve been drawing too much.

Jocks: Yamato! Please, join the track and field club! / No! The Judo club! / No! The Kendo Club! / No! Join the aquatic battles of the Water Polo Club!

Yamato: You guys do this every freaking morning. / I want to join the manga club, dammit!

Jock: But there isn’t one, is there?
Yamato: Damn…! More importantly,

Yamato: if that’s what it comes to, I’ll win the Tezuka Prize, prove my worth, / and make a manga club!

Yamato: Which brings me to / the first opus of Master Yamada Yamato!

Men: There it is... / Yamato’s manga…

Yamato: Go ahead. Read it. / I’m still working on it, but the deadline’s this weekend, so I’ll have it done by then.

Yamato: … How was it?

Yamato: What?!

Men: Yamato…! Are you trying to kill us?! / This isn’t a manga—it’s a weapon of mass destruction! / <aside: I can’t compete anymore… >
Yamato: Seriously?!

Yamato: It’s just like they said…

Jocks: You aren’t one of them—you’re one of us! / We’re begging you—please, join one of the sports clubs!
Yamato: Shut up!

Various: Next gym class is baseball, right? / Such a pain in the next:
Yamato’s aside: My manga…

White hair: They’re yankees…
Black hair: I thought they had been nearly wiped out; what are they doing here?

White hair: And what’s with that guy whose pompadour looks like a drill? / <aside: Gives me the creeps>
Black hair: Maybe he plans on digging a tunnel?

Pompys: Was that Yamada? / Let’s report back.

Teacher: Looks like we’re nearly out of time.

Teacher: OK. / The next pitch will be the last.

Guys: Only one more pitch…!

Guys: Bottom of the fifth, down by three…

Guys: Two outs, bases loaded; a grand slam would give us the win…

Guys: And the batter’s / Yamata?

Guys: Go get ‘em! / Hit it out of the park, Yamato! / My lunch is riding on this game! / If you miss, I’ll make you buy me food!

Yamato: So the relief pitcher is the baseball team’s ace, and was scouted by pro teams…

Yamato: Leave this to me. / I’ll hit an inside-the-park home run, just like Ichiro did in the all-star game!

Girls: Ah! / It’s Yagi-kun, from the Baseball club! / <aside: He’s the ace! >

Girls: Good luck, Hagi-kun!

Guys: You can do it, Yamato! / Hit it out of here! / I’ll kill you if you don’t!

Guys: Go get ‘em! / Go!
Yamato: Why do they feel so distant…

Yagi: Now’s not the time to get distracted, / Yamato.

Yagi: My lunch is riding on this, too! / I’ll show you my best pitch!

Yagi: Shit! / The ball slipped out of my hand!

Yamato: You threw the ball at my face?! / You think I’d die that easily?!

Yamato: But!

Yamato: I’ll still hit it!

Yamato: Huh?

Guys: What happened? / Where’d the ball go? / It disappeared.

Yamato: I thought I hit it…

Yamato: Whoa!

Guys: The hell?! / Yamato broke the friggin’ bat! / <aside: Draconid meteor shower hitting style?! (TL/N: this is a reference to Astro Kyuudan apparently)>

Teacher: OK, we’ll call it here. / Whoever’s hiding the ball, please return it afterwards.

Various: Yagi-kun was amazing, huh. / He made the ball disappear, right?

Guys: Yamato, / we’re going to the arcade to play the new Street Vs. Virtua game; wanna come with?

Yamato: Nah, I’m really hungry for some reason. / The baseball game must have really worn me out. I’m heading home. / And besides, I have to finish my manga, so…

Black hair: If you want your manga to be any good, you’d better pray to a god for help or something.
Yamato: I don’t even believe in God! / <aside: See ya. >

Sign: Ine Shrine (Japanese: Sha Jinja)

Yamato: Please let me win the Tezuka Award.

Yamato: I should draw a fortune.

Fortune: top: Fortune
big letters: Worst Luck
vertical text: Your ordinary life will end today.

Yamato: Worst luck?! / What the hell?! Is this a misprint? / And why aren’t there any priests or miko here?!

Yamato: My ordinary life will end today… / Well, it can’t mean I’m going to die, so…

Yamato: Hey, wait! / Maybe it means I’ll win the award, and then I’ll become a student manga artist—that’d certainly make for an unordinary life!

Yamato: Whoa!

Yamato: Ow… / Hm?

Yamato: What’s this? / A baseball?

Yamato: It can’t be…

Yamato: No, no, no. There’s no way. / That would blow the worldwide homerun distance record out of the water. / <aside: Hahaha >

Me: It’s me. / I’ve arrived at Takachiho.

Me: I shall now begin searching for those who have awakened to divine blood.

Ref: The winner! / The pugilist Musashi!

Musashi: I’ll take anyone on! / Even the Champion!

Tatooo: Friendship / Hard Work / Victory
Musashi: The words written on my back: Friendship, Hard Work, and Victory!

Musashi: Man, there’s nothing like watching a DVD of yourself while you eat!
Shinano: Nice going, Musashi! You’re just too strong!
Hyuuga: You shouldn’t be challenging the champ; he should be challenging you!
Mutsu: This stew’s really good!

Shinano: You were really hungry today, Yamato. / I think you might’ve eaten the most of all of us.

Yamato: Yeah. / I felt like I was starving, or something.

Musashi: Are you finally starting to put on some muscle? / Finally got yourself in the right mood, then!
Shinano: Of course not, stupid!

Musashi: Alright! / Now that we’ve finished our break, it’s time to do what we always do:

Musashi: The Yamada family’s specialty, / the Seniority Pushup Tower!

Narrator: Allow me to explain! / The Seniority Pushup Tower is a method of training where the younger brothers pile on top of the eldest in order according to their ages, / and then while maintaining that tower proceed to do pushups!

Narrator: Other Yamada family specialties include / the Seniority Squat Tower, and more!

Musashi: Yamato, get in between Shinano and Hyuuga!
Yamato: How the hell am I supposed to get in there?! / <aside: I’d throw up! >

Yamato: Nighttime’s the best time to focus.

Yamato: Maybe I should take a short break.

Yamato: Talent, huh…

Yamato: No, no, no! I will win the Tezuka Award!

Ramen: KO Ramen / (text in the bubble on the ramen): My opponent might take more than three minutes, but this ramen won’t!

Musashi: I’ve brought a midnight snack. / We’ve got three minutes until it’s ready, so we oughta talk.

Yamato: … What is it? / I still don’t have any plan on becoming strong.

Musashi: Here we go. / You know, you really remind me of myself when I was little.

Yamato: I can’t imagine you guys being anything but being overly passionate about getting strong.

Yamato: When I was a little, manga introduced me to the strongest kind of people, ones who were really alive. / I didn’t think anything else was even worth my while.

Yamato: That’s why I want to become a manga artist— / so that more kids can feel like I did back then.

Musashi: Heh.

Musashi: Maybe there is some value in manga.
Yamato: Huh?
Musashi: But promise me this:

Musashi: That no matter what you do, you make your fists take you to the top of the world! / You can do it, right? / You’ve got the same strong blood running through your veins as I do, after all!

Yamato: Heh.

Musashi: Go get ‘em!
Yamato: Hell yeah!

Musashi: …. Well, / the rest of them will still cheer you on from the sidelines.

Musashi: A letter?

Letter: I’ll be waiting for you on the roof after school. Please come alone. / From Fukakyon

Musashi: It can’t be! / A—a genuine love letter?!

Kikuchi: Good morning.

Kikuchi: Suzuki-sensei has suddenly fallen ill, so I’ll be your temporary classics teacher. My name is Kikuchi. / <aside: Nice to meet you. >

Girls: Uwah / No good. / <aside: Couldn’t the sub at least be hot? >

Kikuchi: Today, we’ll be studying the Record of Ancient Matters and the Nihon-shoki.

Kikuchi: If we suppose that these myths are not just legends but in fact the truth, / then perhaps every man alive today is in fact the descendant of a god. / If so, in the genes of every person / lie dormant abilities akin to those wielded by the gods.

Kikuchi: Wouldn’t that be amazing? / Hahaha

Girl: Sensei, / could you please focus on the bits likely to show up on the test?
Kikuchi: Ah, sorry.

Yamato: Erm

Yamato: I can’t focus at all today!

Yamato: Fukakyon, huh…

Yamato: I wonder if everybody calls her that… / Her handwriting was gorgeous, so maybe she’s a nice girl who likes humanities and stuff… / I wonder what she’s like.

Yamato: At any rate, I’d feel bad if I didn’t go—/ but what if it’s a prank? / Hmm… What do I do?!
Below: Someone who is obviously going to go, but becomes anxious over it anyways.

Guy: Man, you really missed out yesterday. The new Street Vs. Virtua was amazing.

Black hair: Yamato, / we’re heading out again today; you should come!
Yamato: Sorry. / I’m really falling behind on my manuscript, so I can’t come today, either.

Black hair: His manuscript?
White hair: Don’t you mean your weapon development?

Yamato: It’s been a month since I came to this overly normal school. / I can’t believe a girl actually invited me up to the roof.

Yamato: Maybe / this is what the fortune meant when it said my days would become abnormal?!

Yamato: Alright! / <aside: I look A-OK!

Yamato: Time to open the door to abnormal life!

Yamato: Huh? / The gorilla in a pompadour?

Fukakyon: So you’re Yamada Yamato.
Yamato: Huh?

Fukakyon: You’re the brother of the mixed martial arts fighter Musashi. / Which makes you a member of the / feared Yamada Brothers, right?

Yamato: Ah.

Yamato: I just remembered I promised some guys from my class that I’d go to the arcade with them.

Yamato: Uh.
Pompadours: Nyah nyah

Fukakyon: To think I’ve come face-to-face with one member of the living urban legend, the Yamada family. / Let’s promise not to run or hide from each other.

Fukakyon: So c’mon! Why don’t you have a battle with the Fukada Kyouji, Fukakyon-sama, / to determine which of us is the strongest in the school?!

Yamato: Wait—you’re Fukakyon?!

Yamato: Then that letter was…! / <Aside: It was so well written… >

Fukakyon: Oh, you mean that letter I wrote ya’? / I used to study penmanship. Pretty nice, huh?
Yamato: This is the worst…!

Fukakyon: So then, shall we get started?
Yamato: Wait, wait, wait! / <aside: Don’t start! >

Yamato: Why should we have to fight? / I don’t care about being the strongest in the school, or anything like that!

Fukakyon: Even if you don’t care, / I do!
Yamato: Huh?

Fukakyon: I used to love the good ol’ yankee manga. / So I really want to try to take over the country. / And the first step on that path is to make my name famous by defeating one of the Yamada brothers, / Yamada Yamato!

Yamato: So this is all their fault…

Underling: Our boss has really been looking forward to this. / Maybe he’d let you off easy if you promise to wear a pompadour and join his gang?
Yamato: … No freaking way.

Fukakyon: Then stop complainin’ and fight!

Yamato: Shit! / I hurt my hand drawing manga…!

Yamato: Dammit…!

Fukakyon: Let’s go!!

Fukakyon: One! / Two! / Three! / Four!

Various: It’s begun! / Five! / Six! / Seven! / It’s Fukakda-san’s Bell-ringing Pound, where even if his foe’s knocked out, he hits him one hundred and eight times! / Eight!

Fukakyon: Hey, hey! You just gonna stand there and take it?! / Aren’t you angry? Why don’t you try to get some payback?!

Fukakyon: You’re just too damn weak! / Is even one of the legendary Yamada brothers this pathetic?

Yamato: Listen! / My right hand’s not for fighting!

Fukakyon: Man, you really don’t live up to your name! / If this is all you can do, you brothers must not be such hot stuff after all!

Fukakyon: Maybe all of Musashi’s MMA fights were actually fixed? / I should just beat him up, become famous, and become a pro myself!

Pompys: He actually stopped his punch…!

Fukakyon: I… can’t move?! (note: guessing because of watermark completely covering the kanji >_>)

Yamato: I’ll let you mock me all you want, but… / I won’t let anyone make fun of my family!

Yamato: What was / that feeling?!

<no text>

Takamagahara / …Chapter 1 / End
Yamato: He… / flew?!

(?): Wow… Fukada-san

Kikuchi: So he has awoken to the Divine Gift resting within him…

Sign: Nurse’s Office

Yamato: I guess I’m stuck like this for now…!

Yamato: … What the hell happened / to my right hand?!

Sidebar: His normal days have ended, and his abnormal days have begun!

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