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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker- 29


+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jul 14, 2012 03:48 | Go to Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker-

-> RTS Page for Re:BIRTH-The Lunatic Taker- 29

*for use by Muda Scans

Reiji: Ishigami… / Ryuusuke!!!

Ishigami: Can you really just…

Ishigami: throw me away,
Final Chapter: Separation
[inset]: A deadly game, with two sibling’s lives hanging in the balance! / A shocking climax!!
Ishigami: Galatea?

Princess: Let go, Ryuu…

Princess: I can no longer… / travel alongside you.

Ishigami: Why? / Is it because I became a bad adult?

Princess: That is precisely the reason why... / You should know that well…

Ishigami: But you yourself, Galatea, should know / that man can never turn his ideals into reality…

Ishigami: You should know better than anyone else that man will always search for someone to guide him, to take responsibility… / so that he can rest in the safety given to him and endlessly whine about his petty desires!!

Reiji: SHUT UP!!

Reiji: Humans aren’t that weak! / You think we just force our responsibilities onto others, that we just whine about our desires?! / It’s people like you who force us to do that!!!

Reiji: Powerful people like you, who drown others in temptation!! / And on top of that, you ridicule those same people while doing whatever you please! Just because you’re strong!!

Reiji: I… I…!!

Reiji: I’ll never forgive those / who use their power to distort the world!!

Reiji: I’ll eliminate every last one of them!

Ishigami: Long ago… there was another who said those same words.

Ishigami: Isn’t that right, Galatea?

Ishigami: They were said by a man who felt the same things you do… But he came to taste sadness and pain, and in the end… he became a monster. / However, some part of him, deep inside his heart, might have been waiting… for someone to try and stop him…

Ishigami: But do you really think you’re that someone, / Tachibana Reiji?

Reiji: I am! Just you wait, Ishigami Ryuusuke!! I swear it! / I swear I’ll stop both you and Life, Inc!!

Reiji: And you won’t be able to stop me!!!

Ishigami: Then you should have to bear this, too.

Ishigami: You, who proclaim to serve justice without bearing any hardships, / are what the world calls “naïve”.

Ishigami: If you truly have the will to fight me, you must accept sadness and pain! / In exchange, I’ll permit you to live on.

Reiji: Exchange…?!

Reiji: What are / you saying…?

Ishigami: Tachibana Reiji… I’ll be taking / that which protected you when you were young, that which you hold “precious”…

Reiji: S-stop… / Please, stop…!!

Reiji: I’m begging you!! / I’ll give you anything else; just don’t take her!!

Ishigami: I told you, didn’t I? / Throw away your naïveté…

Ishigami: become a powerful adult… / and stop me.


<no text>

Ayaka: You’ll definitely be home for dinner, right?

Ayaka: Won’t you give your beloved big sister a kiss good morning?

Ayaka: I don’t need anything as long as I have you by my side, Reiji.

Ayaka: I’ll love you, Reiji… / Forever… / and ever…

Reiji: Nee-san…

Three years later

<no text>

Kyouka: Sir, the personnel from our American division / are waiting for you in the meeting room.

Ishigami: Heh

Ishigami: With this, we’ll have finished tying off loose ends.
Kyouka: Yes…
Ishigami: And we’ll finish our merger with the Nikaidou Group.

Kyouka: At long last, the dinosaur who will rule the earth has been born. / Congratulations.

Ishigami: At long last, the majority of humans alive today have never experienced chaos. / We have taken the first step towards peace.

Ishigami: What of Nikaidou Ran?
Kyouka: Events are proceeding as you anticipated.

Kyouka: In exchange for the lives of the two girls she was protecting, / they have unconditionally agreed to our requests.

Kyouka: She no longer seems like much of a threat to us as a Taker.
Ishigami: Right about now, she must be thankful she’s still alive.

Ishigami: What of the plan Hayashibara was working on to mass-produce Sorcery Devices?
Kyouka: They should enter testing soon.

Kyouka: In order for normal humans to use the mass-produced Sorcery Devices and Skills, / they must be able to use Life as an energy source and furthermore be able to handle complex computations.

Kyouka: The cybernetic Summon Assist Interface is designed to make that possible. / The prototype is nearly finished, and will then enter testing.

Ishigami: So everything… is going well.

Ishigami: The illumination in Tokyo / trembles tonight, silently and dangerously.

Mook: Who—who are these guys?! They’re too strong!! / You—you bastards!!

Mook: Where do you think you are?! / This is Life, Inc.!! The holy ground of Takers backed by every government on Earth!

Goggles: I know~ Everyone knows that much~

Goggles: Today’s the ceremony where you’re going to swallow up the Nikaidou Group, right? / We thought we’d come congratulate you, but I never expected this sort of welcome.

Mooks: These guys… / They can’t have come here trying to stop the ceremony, right?!

Mooks: You idiots! There’s tons of Takers from Headquarters there! / What do you punks think you can do?!

Mook: With Igarashi-sama, all of our strongest Takers are gathered there! / Don’t tell me you’re trying to get yourselves killed, you little rats!!

Goggles: Or it means our target is Igarashi herself and your boss, Ishigami. / There’s no point in telling you anymore. Just die already.

(?): Man, you can only look down on a guy for so long before he starts to get annoyed.

(?): Our president had good instincts, of course. / He said some punks my show up, try to crash the party.

Mook: He’s here! / One of the Guild’s strongest Keepers!

Mook: Life Inc.’s Taker!! / Hoshi Rensuke!

Goggles: Hmm… I’ve heard rumors about this guy… / Guess it’s time for the real show to begin.

Rensuke: No matter how much stuff people like you try to destroy what we’ve built, the useless old world is gone now. / The world is safe and logical now. Our society is one where everyone can live together in peace.

Rensuke: Why do you oppose such a thing? / Do you know nothing except how to indiscriminately destroy?
Goggles: Oh~ / You’ve got quite a mouth there.

Goggles: How can you call giving up, living in a cage you all built / and living off the dog food your master hands you “peace”?

Rensuke (thoughts): I never even sensed anything… / How’d you get behind me?
Rensuke (speech bubble): Huh…?!

Rensuke: Who are you?!

Reiji: I’ll let you live for now, but tell Ishigami… / that as I promised,

Reiji: I’m here… / to kill him.

Goggles: Tachibana!

Rensuke: Hmm… / A brat like you…

Rensuke: Is a hundred years too early to talk that big!!!

Rensuke: What—what skill… was that?!

Rensuke: The Phantom Skill…?! / You can’t be…!!

Reiji: It’s too bad.

Reiji: You… / are no longer qualified to be the messenger.

<no text>

Reiji: Let this / return to ash…

Rensuke: Uh… / Ah…

Mooks: He’s—he’s a monster! / Run!!
<aside>: Uwahhhh

(?): Sunrise?!
Natsuhi: Didn’t we say not to run anywhere?!

Goggles: C’mon, c’mon! Forget about the corpses, and move! / We need to be inside soon!!

Natsuhi: With the Nikaidou Group on their side, they’ll have the power to consume the whole world. / And they’ll pretend to be the heroes who saved it.

Reiji: Do you think I’ll let them?

Reiji: I will stop them.
Natsuhi: Yeah!! / And I’ll follow you wherever you go!

Reiji: The Princess said that / as long as my sister is alive, half my Life will continue to flow into her.

Reiji: And even now, half the Life I gather always flows away. / So my sister must still be alive, somewhere…

Reiji: So wait for me, Ayaka-nee-san!! / I’ll kill Ishigami, and bring you back!!

Kyouka: Yeah. I had an important day at work today… / I’m still at the company.

Kyouka: Don’t worry, Yu-chan. This is just what I have to do to get recognized at work. / More importantly, how’s Kyouya doing?
(TL/N: Kyouya is glossed as “Touya”; however, the kanji are the same as those for Kyouya in SAI: Takers, so… yeah.)

Kyouka: I should be close to figuring out a way to cure Kyouya.
Yuma: Yeah. He misses you too, Onee-san.

Kyouka: I miss him too… / Say hi to him for me.

Kyouka: Well then. / I should get to work on preparations for tonight’s event.

(?): People live… / by relying on those they can trust.

(?): Some live to protect those they hold dear…

(?): Others live to fix their mistakes…

(?): Many live for those they love.

(?): Still more… / live to reclaim what they lost…

(?): The will of those who walk the path they believe in is strong and unwavering.

(?): They seek to fulfill their will by obtaining power… Some of them are named evil; others, justice.

(?): Thus, where man gathers, / so too do those feelings, like a snake.

Princess: Reiji, please remember / what you hold dear…

Princess: I believe that is the path / mankind must walk.

<no text>

Is what you currently believe… / Good? / Or evil?

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