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Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 12

Chapter 12

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jul 17, 2012 04:04 | Go to Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo

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*For Muda Scans

I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but we still haven’t managed to change our current situation.

However, changes were already beginning to take place without our knowledge…

Boy: Hey, have you heard of the “Shinigami”?

Other boy: Yeah, of course I have! Like that guy who goes “Shinigami Chop!”, right?
Boy: No, I’m not talking about a manga.

Boy: I mean the story about there being Shinigami in the real world.
Other boy: Huh? The real world? / …Oh!

Other boy: So you’re talking about the mysterious master gamer who appeared in the arcade in front of the station.
Boy: No—it’s a guy whom everyone’s talking about on the ‘Net! Though your guy seems interesting. What’s up with him?
Other boy: He only plays fighting games, and he’s really good. Also, he goes by / “Shinigami”!

Chapter 12

Shin: … He really is good.

Shin: But let’s see if you can handle this!

There it is! That’s the powerful surprise attack only KAZAMA can pull off! / The two-option, four-hit chain called “Kazama Style”!
Ume: Ah.

Ohh! He defended against every strike! His instincts were amazing!
Shin: “Instinct”?! No! He reacted in a .1 second window! / Is he even human?!

Box: Shinigami
Ume: Ah.

Dammit! I let down my guard!

Game: KO!!
And with that, our long-drawn-out stalemate has drawn to a close! By a score of 32 to 30, “Shinigami” has defeated the former national champion!

Blondie: Heh. Damn, you suck. You’d think a national-level player’d actually be good.

Shin: Shut up, asshole.
Blondie: Huh?

Shin: Talentless outsiders who don’t know what they’re talking about should shut their traps.

Blondie: Huh~? You can’t even dodge a talentless “weak punch”, Mr. Former National Champion?
Ume: Stop… Blondie.

She—she spoke! / Shinigami spoke!
Blondie: Huh?

Blondie: Shut up, you stupid brat!!

A girl?! / So “Shinigami” is a girl.

Jerk: Hah! A girl! / Maybe I should teach you as well how scary a real fight can be!

Masamune: Hey, Ume. Figured you’d be here. / Satsuki’s been looking for you. There’s work to do.
Ume: Ah.

Jerk: I better not see your faces ‘round here again!! / You listening, pipsqueaks?!

Masamune: I just saved your life.

Satsuki: This is your target.

Satsuki: Ume, you tend to pass off your jobs to others, / but this time, I want you to do as much as you can by yourself.

(everything on the scroll is either already translated or nonsense)

(sign): Hospital
Mom: And we’ll have the test results back from the lab by tomorrow.

Mom: Shin-kun, where are you going?
Shin: The arcade.

Mom: Don’t… don’t go. If you don’t rest up…

Mom: Your mother is really worried about you… And you’re injured. So please listen to me, Shin-kun.

Shin: Shut up. You don’t understand anything! / All you care about is those stupid tests!

Shin: I’m gonna die soon anyways.

Mom: W-well…
Shin: It’s fine, really… Just let me spend what time I have left how I want.

Shin: --------Shit!

Shin: Shit! Are they guys watching for me?

Shizuka: Hey, you there!

Shizuka: You’re Kazuma Shin-kun, right? / Could I talk to you for a second?

Shin: …You’re / a Shinigami?

Shizuka: No, no, not me. / Her.
Shin: Ah—you’re…!

Shin: This is the Shinigami Ume-san. But she’s not much good at explaining things, so I’m here to help with that.
Ume: Ah.

Shizuka: I know you might not be able to believe this, Kazuma Shin-kun, / but everything I’m about to tell you is the truth.

Shin: I’m… gonna die?

Shizuka: That’s right. I know it might be hard to believe something like this, when it’s so sudden, but—
Shin: I believe you.

Shizuka: Huh?
Shin: I already knew I was going to die, sooner or later.

Shin: There’s a tumor in my brain. / If it gets even a little bit bigger, it’ll cut off the blood flow… And my brain goes “boom”. / The tumor’s in a spot where it can’t be removed, so all they can do is check to see how big it’s gotten,

Shin: and check to see whether or not I’m about to die.

Shin: … So I’m going to die…

Shizuka: And before you die, you have the right to have one Last Request granted.
Shin: A “Last Request”, huh…

Shin: Then I want payback on those guys!

Shizuka: “Payback”? What, specifically, do you want us to do? / If you want us to do something mean without leaving behind any evidence, well, there are plenty of options.
[lower left]: Dark Shizuka

Shin: No, that’s not enough! / I want to get revenge myself! / I want to beat them up with my own two hands!

Hibiki: … so you came to me?

Shizuka: That’s right. So, can you do it?
Hibiki: You mean improve his body? My healing ability could certainly improve him to an extent, but…
Shizuka: Really?

Hibiki: But I won’t.

Hibiki: Hey, Ume, this is your job, right? / Are you OK with this?

Hibiki: Satsuki told me you’re always relying on others. / I’m not telling you to do the impossible, but… could you at least give it a shot?
Ume: …Ah.

Hibiki: He’s still got a few days left, so for now I told him to go home while we investigate, but…

Shizuka: Well, Ume-san? Do you think you can it on your own? / If it comes to it, I’m sure I can think of something…
Hibiki: Shizuka!

Hibiki: You’re helping her out too much.

box: A few days later, on the day Kazama Shin is to die

Box: Kazama Shin’s house

Shin: I’ve only got two hours left to live. / … Whatever happened to my “Last Request”?

Shin: Well… who cares anymore?

Shin: Oh.

Shin: Heheh… Guess this is my last meal. / …But, that said,

Shin: It tastes… good.

Mom: Your mother is really worried about you.

Shin: I guess, when you stop and think about it, I really haven’t done much but worry my mom…

Shin: … This feels weird, but I think I should thank her, one last time… / for raising a brat like me.

Mom: Oh… so the tumor grew…

Shin: My mom and dad? Oh, the results from the test must have come in…
Dad: Yeah. The doctor said he could drop dead at any moment.
Shin: … That’s right, Mom. I’m going to die in just two hours… I’m sorry.

Mom: *Sigh* He’s finally going to die…

Shin: -----------Huh?

Dad: Hey, don’t talk like that!
Mom: But it’s all his fault my life is so messed up! / He’s so disobedient and self-centered… he makes things so hard on me! / And then there’s the medical bills…

Dad: … I guess so. Life’s going to be a lot easier once he’s dead.
Shin: --------Fuck!

Mom: Why was he even born?

Shin: Fuck! / ----Fuck!

p24: I can’t stay here.

Hibiki: … Hey, Ume… You’re almost out of time. What are you going to do? / … If you really can’t do anything, I could hel—

Hibiki: Hey—hey, wait!

Masamune: Well, it looks like she’s finally thought of a method that works for her.
Hibiki: Masamune?

Masamune: Hey, Hibiki. Your ability’s healing, right? / Sorry, but could you go with Ume, just in case she goes overboard?
Hibiki: “Goes overboard”?

Masamune: Oh, right, you don’t know what Ume’s ability is, do you? / It’s simple and powerful, but a bit weird for a Shinigami.

Shin: Hah / Hah

Shin: Hah / Hah

Shin: Hah / Hah

Blondie: Hey!

Blondie: I thought I told you not to come back here!

Blondie: You little punk! Thought you could come back?
Shin: …Th…Th—that place…

Shin: Is… the only place I belong

Blondie: Shut up!
Shin: Gha!
Jerk: A brat like you should just hide in his room and never come out!

Shin: … I don’t… have… a home.
Blondie: Huh? You’re not going to go all angsty on me, are you?

Blondie: Well, whatever. I’ll just break all your fingers so you can’t play any games for a while.

Ume: Stop, Blondie.

Blondie: What are you doing here?!

Hibiki: Ume!

Masamune: It’s simple and powerful, but a bit weird for a Shinigami. / Ume’s ability is… well,



----------impossibly strong.

Hibiki: Hey, you alright?
Shin: Hah / Hah

Shin: You a Shinigami too? You guys are late. / And I said I wanted to get payback with my own hands.

Hibiki: I don’t really get the details, but I’m sure she’s doing this for your sake in her own way. / Take a good look.
Shin: Huh…? / … That—

Shin: --that technique!

Shin: Those are the movements of the character I play in the game, / Kazuki.

Shin: And her fighting style / is my own.

Shin: So she’s fighting in my place as my character…?
Hibiki: I’m sure of it. She’s doing all she can to fulfill your wish.

Jerk: You piece of shit!

Hibiki: Ume! I’ll clean up afterwards, so don’t hold back!!

Ume: Ah.

Shin: That’s Kazuki’s super move!

Jerk: Gaha!

Shin: …Haha / You sure kicked his ass.

Shin: … But / I don’t really

Shin: care anymore.

Shin: Shit… What have I done with my life? / Nothing. My life has just been one big piece of shit.

Hibiki: You know, you—

Shin: Do you really think you can understand someone who, since the day he was born, could drop dead at any time?!

Shin: Do you really think you can understand someone who, since the day he was born, has been nothing but a burden?!!

Shin: Do you really think you can understand the feelings… / of someone whose own parents wished he’d never been born…

Shin: Shit… / Shit… / Shit… / My head fucking hurts!

Shin: Shit… / Shit… / Shit… / Shit… / Shit… / Shit…

Shin: Why was I even born?

Shin: No one wants me. / No one will miss me. / Shit… / Shit…

Hibiki: Ume, this is bad. At this rate, he’s going to become an Evil Spirit.
Ume: …Ah.

Ume: Ah / …Ah.
Shin: What the fuck is with you?! Is “Ah” the only word you know?! / If you have something to say, then say it!!

Ume: …Ah….Ah / ….Ah / You know,

Ume: I… / I’m going to be lonely once you die.

Ume: …Ah… you know… playing games with you… was really… fun. / … I wanted to play so much more.

Ume: …Ah… you know… so… uh / I… I’m glad… you were here.

Ume: Ah… you know, so, uh… / …Sorry… I—I’m not very good… at talking, so… I can’t say it right.. but / … you’re… wrong. / There is someone… who’ll be sad… once you… die.

Shin: That’s enough… That’s enough; I understand… / Thank you, Ume. / So please, don’t look so sad… Smile for me, please.

Ume: Yeah.

Shin: … Man, you’re kinda cute.

May 7th, 1:36:23 a.m. / Kazama Shin passed away

Hibiki: Ume… good job.

Shizuka: Hey, doesn’t

Shizuka: Ume seem really close to you?
Ume: Ah
Hibiki: Don’t ask me!

Ume: Hibiki’s nice.
Luca: Really? She always seems angry to me.
(note: characters in the circle say “Luca”

Ume: Hibiki’s a tsundere.

Shizuka: Hey, Hibiki, what was it you wanted to see me about?

Shizuka: …Something on the computer?
Hibiki: There was something Shin said.

Shin: So I guess Shinigami are real after all.
Hibiki: For some reason, I couldn’t get that line out of my head, so I decided to look some things up.

Hibiki: Someone keeps writing on a message board frequented by school-age kids that Shinigami exist. / It seems to have become a popular topic of conversation at schools.
Shizuka: Hmm… But that just seems like something kids do. Like how they come up with the Seven Mysteries of their school.

Hibiki: That’s true. It’s not like they really believe him--they just think it’s interesting--but… / But the screen name of the person writing the messages is… / Ah, here it is!

Shizuka: … it says Kuroneko?

Hibiki: Yeah. I think it might be the same Kuroneko.
box: I still didn’t realize the true meaning behind this…

Ume: Ah.
Shizuka: Oh~ Is that so?
Hibiki: …. Hey, Shizuka, can you really understand what it is Ume’s saying?

Ume: Ah.
[lower right]: Happy
Shizuka: Huh? Of course I can. She just said “Games are fun!”
Hibiki: Huh, really?

Ume: Ah.
[lower right]: Sad
Shizuka: Now she said, “It’s so boring now without anyone good to play against”…
Hibiki: I can’t tell the difference at all.

Ume: Ah
[lower right]: Angry
Shizuka: Now she said “Rude people should just die”.
Hibiki: Ah… I think I understood that one, somehow…

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