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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 13

Chapter 13

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jul 19, 2012 03:44 | Go to Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo

-> RTS Page for Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 13

*for use by Muda Scans

Sawako: Hah / Hah/ Hah / Hah

Sawako: Kyah!

Sawako (aside): Hah hah

Sawako: I’m sorry, Chika-chan… / I’m... probably going to die.

[sign]: The Maisaka's Ceremony

Chika: On May 30th, my best friend died. Her name was Maisaka Sawako.

Chika: The official cause of death was suicide. / A will was found on the roof of the school; they say she jumped.
[bottom right]: Will

Chika: But I won’t accept that. / Sawako may have been interested in the occult, and been introverted, and look the part of a suicidal kid, but she wasn’t weak. She’d never kill herself. / Furthermore, I know that on the night she died, Sawako was to take part in a certain game…

[cell]: Guide to the Shinigami Game

Chika: So was this… where the Shinigami Game was played?

Chika: It’s closed? … Well of course it is.
Chapter 13

Chika: The police wouldn’t listen to anything I said, / so I’ll investigate by myself / and find out the real reason Sawako died!!

Chika(box): I first heard of the Shinigami Game three days before Sawako died
Sawako: Hey, Chika-chan? / Do you know of the Shinigami Game?
Chika(box): from Sawako herself.

Chika: Huh? The Shinigami Game? / First you say Shinigami are real, and now they’re a game?
Sawako: No, no. I don’t mean a video game, or something like that…

Sawako: This is a game that involves the real Shinigami-sama.

Chika: …….What’s that supposed to mean? / Did Kuroneko spew this nonsense, too?
Sawako: Yeah, he did. / Do you remember, Chika-chan, what Kuroneko-san said Shinigami-sama does?

Chika: Um, what was it… / He… goes to people who had unfortunate deaths and… something or another.

Sawako: He goes to people who had unfortunate deaths… / and grants their Last Request.

Sawako: And apparently, somehow or another this Shinigami Game ends in your request being granted by Shinigami-sama.

Chika: Huh… “Somehow or another?” Sounds fishy…
Sawako: But there’s people who’ve played it who say their requests have been granted. They found their true love, or succeeded in school, or whatever it was they wished.
Chika: Now it sounds even worse…

Sawako: I’m going to play.

Chika: … Hey, are you all right? Why would you participate in something that suspicious? / I mean, if this is real, wouldn’t more people be talking about it and wanting to play?
Sawako: I doubt it.

Sawako: I’ve sent you a link to the site where players can sign up, / but there’s a bit of a hurdle. I didn’t really think much of it, but most people would think it stupid and stop there.

Sawako: I don’t really have a request I want fulfilled, but if Shinigami-sama is real, I want to meet him. / The game’s in three days.

Sawako: If I really do manage to meet him, there’d be so much to talk about.
Chika: And three days later, Sawako died.

Chika: The Shinigami Game must be connected somehow. / The site Sawako gave me was…

Chika: Ah, here it is.
[cell]: Shinigami Game / ENTER

(note: all bubbles say “click”)
Shinigami Game

Would you like to participate in the Shinigami Game?

Are you a woman?

Do you believe Shinigami-sama exists?

Do you have a request you would like fulfilled?

Would you do anything in order to have that request fulfilled?

Chika: “In order to prove your determination, please send a naked photo of yourself.

Chika: What?!

Sawako: But most people would think it stupid and stop there.
Chika: So this is what she meant…

Chika: Fine! It’s just one picture, right?!

Sawako: There, I took it! You satisfied now, you asshole?!

Cell: Sending

Cell: Message received
Chika: A reply.

Chika: “It has been verified that your picture was not a collage or otherwise Photoshopped. / “You have earned the right to participate in the Shinigami Game. / “Please come alone to the following location at the specified time. “

Chika: Which brings me here.

Chika: …Dammit.

Chika: Is there… really anything here?

Letter: Dear participant, Please write your name here.

(her name): Miura Chika
Chika: And over here…

Message: Please write the Request you simply must have fulfilled.
Chika: Oh right; that’s was the point of this game…

Message: I want to know what really happened to Sawako.
Chika: …Well, I guess that works…

(rules): Please place your request within the box provided.

(Chika: So I close the lid and place it here.

Chika: Now I wait five minutes, then go to building #3 class 2-B

Chika: OK, that’s 5 minutes. / Huh? I don’t have a signal… I guess the connection’s really bad around here.

Chika: So this is class 2-B.

Chika: Hm?

Chika: This looks like the box I placed my request in. / Huh? It’s sealed shut; I can’t open it…

PA: Welcome, everyone, to the Shinigami Game!

PA: I shall now explain the rules to the Shinigami Game.
Chika: A schoolwide announcement?

PA: First, hang the boxes with the Requests inside around your necks. / Those boxes are specially prepared “Shinigami Boxes”. Please keep yours with you at all times.
Chika: … Shinigami Boxes?

PA: We have shuffled around the boxes, so there’s no way of knowing which box contains your request.

PA: Next, I will tell you the very important method by which you will have your request fulfilled. / The Shinigami-sama fulfills the Last Request of someone on her deathbed.

PA: However, Shinigami-sama refuses to grant the requests of anyone who thinks little of her life and commits suicide. / One must die to have her wish granted, yet she cannot commit suicide… / To put it simply----

PA: You will all shortly engage in a deathmatch!

Chika: You’re friggin’ kidding!! There’s no way you can do that!!
PA: All of you have declared that you have a wish you would do anything to have fulfilled.

PA: If you meant what you said, you should have no problem participating!
Message: Would you do anything in order to have that request fulfilled?
Chika: …That question back then…

PA: The game will take place here, in this school, in the two hours remaining until dawn.

PA: Those who are deceased should inform the Shinigami-sama who appears that she should grant the request contained in the box around their necks. / And thus, one person’s request will be fulfilled. / Simply put, one death equals one request.
<aside>: My request was granted~

PA: And as I said at the start, the boxes were shuffled, so there’s no way of knowing which box contains your request. / Therefore, those who truly want their own request to be granted should kill as many as they can.
Aside: I did it~!

PA: Of course, in order to ensure none of you is found guilty of murder / after the game, we will make all the deaths look like suicides. / So please, there is no need to worry.

p22: We have also taken care to have each of you prepare a will.
Chika: Even if you prepared fakes, the handwriting would…

PA: Each of you signed your name on your will when you arrived.
Chika: …That was…

PA: The use of phones is impossible within the building. / Furthermore, all entrances and exits have been sealed. / You will not be able to leave this building until the game has ended.

PA: Furthermore, one last warning. The Shinigami-sama will only grant a request contained within a Shinigami Box. / Therefore, one cannot change her request after death. And one more thing…

PA: Anyone who fears death, panics, and throws away her box will summarily receive a Game Over… / and will be penalized.
Chika: Penalized?... You mean you’ll kill us…?

PA: Thus concludes our explanation. Now to start our little game! / …But first,

PA: we have prepared for each of you a small present. / Please open the locker in the classroom you were assigned.

Chika: …What is this…

Chika: Am I supposed to use this… to kill people?

PA: So let the Shinigami Game…

PA: Begin!

Chika: This… is so stupid. There’s no way anyone would actually do this. / Shinigami? Last requests? There’s no way someone would kill over something as stupid as…

Chika: … but if Sawako really did participate in this game, / was attacked, / and made to look as if she committed suicide… / if so, then… / everything lines up…

(?): Kyahh!!

Chika: It can’t be… Did it really start?

Chika: Has it… started? Or is someone using this game in order to pull off some kind of trick? / Either way, I should go take a look… yeah.

Chika: Hah / hah / hah

Chika (aside): Hah / hah
Chika: It came from around here… somewhere.

Chika (aside): Hmm
(?): *Sniff* / *Sniff*
Chika: … Someone’s crying.

Chika: Hey… Is someone in there?
(?): GO AWAY!

Chika: S—sorry… But are you alright? / That sounded like a child, didn’t it? Are even kids allowed to play?
(?): … Of… of course not…

(?): All I wanted… was one Request…. / …I never expected it to come to this.
Chika: Yeah… Who would’ve thought this would happen? / So why would you… I mean, what did you request?

(?): I, well… there was a fire, and my face was badly burned. The docs say that, even if I undergo surgery, there will always be a scar. / So I thought I’d try asking Shinigami-sama…
Chika: … I see… That… must be hard. / Hey, do you mind if I come a little closer? It’s dangerous to be alone.

(?): You won’t do anything scary, right?
Chika: I won’t, I promise.
(?): …But I… I don’t want you to see my face.

(Chika: Then I’ll turn around and approach you backwards, OK? / That way there won’t be anything scary or bad, right?
(?): ..OK…You’re nice, miss.

Chika: Alright, I’ve turned all the way around.
(?): …OK.

Paper bag: I’m sorry, miss.

< no text>

Chika: Huh?

Paper bag: I’m sorry… I’m sorry, miss… But I’m small, and not very strong, so I wouldn’t last long in a fair melee… / But I will have my request granted… / Miss, you seem so nice, so please…

Paper bag: Die. / Hah / Hah / Hah

Chika: …What… what—

Chika: What the hell?!

Chika: Seriously?! Are you freaking serious?! / We’re really going to kill each other?!

Chika: Someone’s coming!

Chika: That’s… one more person who’s hiding her face.

Chika: … I guess the people evil enough to be able to kill someone / are hiding their faces?

Katana: … Hey, you.

Katana: You alright?

Katana: … I see. That must’ve been rough.

Katana: It’s hard to believe people would indiscriminately murder in order to have their requests granted.

Chika: Yeah… That’s a normal reaction, right?

Chika: And besides… she’s not covering her face. / That mean’s she’s not planning on killing anyone.

Katana: Wait.

Katana: You… probably don’t want to see this.
Chika: …Why’s that?

Chika: Ugh

Chika: *cough* / *cough*

Katana: You… alright now?
Chika: Y—yes, sorry. / <aside: Hah / hah >

Katana: But now we know there’s someone here who would resort to doing this.
Chika: …Yes… you’re right.

Chika: We can’t keep going like this… If decent people like her and myself don’t work together, we’ll all… / Umm…

Katana: It’s sad, but even if you cut off a person’s wrist, she won’t die instantly. / If you’re really going to do it, the least painful way is to slice the neck.
Chika: Huh?

Katana: And what’s wrong with everyone? Why would you kill indiscriminately? / There’s only one box containing your Request.

Katana: The boxes might all look the same at first glance, but if you look closely you could easily tell them apart.
Chika: What… are you trying to say?

Katana: Oh, come to think of it, / would you mind letting me look at your box?

Katana: I think it’s different… / but it also feels kind of familiar.

Chika: Um… well, I— / …What’s happened to her? And what’s that dripping sound?
(SFX: *drip* *drip*)

(SFX: *drip* *drip*)
Chika: Is that… blood on the tip of the scabbard?

Chika: I’m—I’m sorry!

Katana: Hey, you!

Chika: Hah / Hah

Chika: Hah / hah
[sign]: Girl’s bathroom

Chika: I can’t take this anymore! / I’m scared…

Chika: I’m scared, Sawako. I’m sorry, but I just want to run away!

Chika: Someone else’s in here… / You’re kidding… This is bad. If someone finds me in here, I’ll have nowhere left to run.

Katana: Hey, you with the ponytail. You’re in there, right? / Your blood led me here.

Chika: The girl from before?! / Dammit. The wound on my arm…

Katana: Hey, you’re there, right?
Chika: What do I do? / What do I do? / What do I do?

Katana: I’m sorry about before. / I guess that was a little much for a joke.

Katana: You just looked so glum; I really wanted to cheer you up.

Katana: My friend keeps telling me I can’t tell a joke, and that nobody will ever laugh at them.
Chika: R… really? Then everything’s fine… right?

Chika: No, stop! Don’t be fooled!! / Something’s obviously wrong here!!

Chika: …There was blood on your katana.
Katana: Oh, you mean this? It was there when I got it.

Chika: “When you got it”?! You don’t really think I’d fall for that, do you?!
Katana: … I suppose it is hard to believe. Well… / Look down.

Chika: Is—is that your katana?
Katana: That’s right. I am now unarmed.

Katana: I really am sorry. / I know it’s hard for you to trust me just because I say so. / However, I can’t just leave you alone here. / Please, listen to my request, and open the door.

Chika: I suppose we can’t just keep this stalemate going forever. / … And since I know she doesn’t have any weapons…

Katana: Thank you

Katana: For making this easy.

Chika: …That’s my axe.

Chika: I’m sorry, Sawako… / I’m… dead.

(?): Are you all right? That was a close one.

Chika: The person standing there / was a white-haired girl with a strange aura about her.

Chika: But from the moment I saw her I knew she was an ally. / Uh—umm, who are you?

Shizuka: I am Shizuka. / I’m here to stop this game.
Chika: After all, she was so incredibly pretty, / and had such a lovely smile.

< no text>

Pen: There’s 7 omake pages?! / <aside: …There’s even more this time. >

Pen: I won’t stand for something this stupid!

Pen: It’s not that I hate drawing; I don’t!! / But if I don’t put a stop to this now, soon I shall meet a tragic end and—

Author(?): I told you it was because I ran out of material! And you don’t have to draw them!

[left side]: Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 3
Production Staff
Taguchi Oto-san
Kawasaki Meidai-san
Special Thanks
and You

Mukasa G (Galaxy) Yoshitomo-sama

Shizuka: There’s an omake chapter!
Aside: Saaya cosplay

Omake p1:
What happened to the Houjou Sisters

Saaya: That’s the uniform you’ll now wear as a Shinigami-in-training.

Saaya: Shiroha… I don’t know what you think Shinigami do most of the time, / but don’t expect it to be easy.

Saaya: Sometimes, it can be very painful… / After all, everything we do is connected with people’s deaths.

Saaya: That said, do you still want to do it?

Shiroha: Of course! / I’ve already decided I’ll do my best for her sake.

Saaya: … For her? You’re an honest girl, though that’s not entirely a good thing.
Shiroha: Uh—umm, about how long does it take to become a Shinigami?

Saaya: Well, that varies from person to person, but the record is three months. / Yeah, Hibiki was able to achieve that… She was really quite remarkable in that regard.
Shiroha: Three whole months…

Shiroha: So how much longer after that to become an Oni?

Saaya: Heh… I figured it would come to that. This must have been what Shizuka was planning when he said Kureha would be fine in hell.

Saaya: The qualifications themselves aren’t that hard; / the problem is finding suitable Prisoner candidates.

Saaya: The Prisoners must be chosen from among those who fell into Hell. / To be blunt, there aren’t many good people in there. / That’s why they fell into Hell in the first place.

Saaya: Since the Oni must take responsibility for her Prisoners’ actions, / most want to choose honest candidates; however, such people are hard to find.

Saaya: You are already familiar with Satsuki-san’s Prisoners, Masamune and Sasuke. / Apparently, those two were originally quite troublesome. / Satsuki-san said she had to “train” them.

Saaya: In summary, the greatest difficulty in becoming an Oni … / is finding suitable Prisoners.

Saaya: In your case, you have your sister; however, / that’s not enough.

Saaya: An Oni must command at least two prisoners.

Shiroha: Two prisoners…

Saaya: But do not worry. I think I know who could be your second one.

(?): Kureha-san, you will be distributing these books today.

Kureha: Yes, ma’am.
(?): This is where we keep prisoners before sending them to Hell. / We permit them the freedom to read books so they do not become Evil Spirits before their sentence can be carried out.

(??): Ex—cuuuuse me, Shinigami-saaaan! / Could I have a newwww book now?

Kureha: … / …Yes, you are…

Kureha: Arisawa Asami… / The woman who killed my sister.

The second Prisoner is Arisawa Asami?! What could have motivated this?

Next Volume Previews (i.e. the orange pages):

(note: the violent one comes first)
Next Chapter:
Chika thinks she managed to avoid a dangerous situation; however, a mysterious figure proceeds to attack Shizuka. / Chika can do nothing but scream before this ghastly scene… And then the attacker in the horse mask steps over Shizuka’s corpse and slowly draws closer. “Who the hell are you?”

Scream: Noooo!

Next time, in Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo / Chapter 14: Shizuka’s Death and the Tragedy Behind the Horse Mask

(note: and now the yuri one)
Next Chapter:
The person behind the horse masked proved to be none other than the real Shizuka. The real Shizuka saved Chika before she could be attacked by the fake one.
Shizuka: “Hey, are you all right?”
Chika: “Yes… Thank you very much.”
Shizuka: “Oh no; you’ve been hurt.”
Chika: “This isn’t that bad.”
Shizuka: “…Take off your clothes.”
Chika: “Huh?”
Chika doesn’t want to… yet she cannot resist. And thus the two descended into a whole new world.

Next time, Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo New Chapter: Shinigami-sama ga Miteru
Chapter 1: Shizuka? No, call me “Onee-sama”!

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