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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Takamagahara 3


+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jul 22, 2012 23:59 | Go to Takamagahara

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Farewell, my daily life!!

Chapter 3: Kikuchi

SFX: Rip
*It was sliced?!

Creepy guy: Heh / Haha / Hihihi
SFX: Kch

SFX: Kch / Kch

SFX: Kch / kch / kch / kch

Creepy guy: Are you going to bully me?

Yamato: …. / Huh?

Creepy guy: You are their friend, aren’t you? / You’re their boss, right? / That makes you a thug too! / The kind of guy they used to call the head of a gang!

Yamato: …I’m not really their boss. / <aside: And besides, I’m not a thug. >

Creepy guy: Hm? / Is that so?

Creepy guy: My goodness! / I’ve made such a big mistake! / But that’s great!

Shouta: I’m very sorry! / The name’s Oruha Shouta. / Nice to meet you!
SFX: step step

SFX: Kch

Fukakyon: Yamato-san, look out!

SFX: Slash

Yamato: Fukakyon!
SFX: Th-thump

Fukakyon: Please, be careful… / This guy—he’s like a stage magician who hides things up his sleeves, only he hides stupidly large swords!

Shouta: You’re all lying in the street like garbage! / You guys are literally garbage!
SFX: Ha ha ha ha ha

Gang: Ugh… / Yamato-san…

Yamato: You bastard…!
SFX: *rumble*

SFX: Whip

SFX: Crack

SFX: Snap

Yamato: Now you’ve gone too far!

Shouta: …. / Hah.

[sign]: Karaoke Gian
SFX: Wahhhhh (bad singing voice)

Musashi: Yamato’s probably drawing his manga right about now.

Musashi: He should have just taken a break and come here with us!
Hyuuga: And if he did, he’d never make the deadline!
Shinano: Heh. Don’t you get it?

Shinano: Remember when he was eight, and he skipped out on watching the final episode of that anime he loved / so that he could fight some middle school kids that were picking on his friends?

Shinano: Right now, maybe he’s just making us think he’s drawing a manga, while he’s really out there fighting for someone else.

Shouta: Shah!

Shouta: Shah! / Shah!

Yamato: He might have a type of sword I’ve never seen before, but he doesn’t even know how to fight.

Yamato: You’ve left yourself wide open!

Yamato: The hell?!

Yamato: The blades…!

SFX: Kch

SFX: Kch
Shouta: Not bad, not bad at all. / You’ve done well against my heavenly Power!

Yamato: What is with this guy…!! / Is he even human…?!

Yamato: Is my Power the same sort of thing as his…?

Shouta: Aren’t you curious how I can form a blade bigger than my body? / You wanna know? / Hey, you wanna know?

Shouta: Within my body are layered countless blades. / I can combine them, and thus form a sword longer than my body itself!

Shouta: If I were to give it a name, it would be The Blade of the Unchained!
(TL/N: Japanese is Blade (Bureido), written with kanji meaning “Not a slave”)
Aside: Cool, right?!
SFX: Kch

Yamato: I get it… / So that’s how you cut my fist when I punched you…

Yamato: But then / I don’t even know where to start…

Shouta: Oh! / Maybe what you really wanted to know was how I got this power!

Shouta: It was only yesterday, / when I was being picked on by a Yankee like you. / I was trying to protect myself when suddenly blades sprung out from every inch of my body. / By the way, the Yankee is now unconscious and seriously hurt.

SFX: Kch.
Shouta: Do you know what I am now? / Do you fucking know what I am now? / With this power, I’m the guy who wants nothing more than to track down all those who tore my spirit to shreds / and tear their bodies and hearts to shreds!

Yamato: I’m still faster than him. If I can just find a blind spot…

Shouta: Hm? / I bet you’re thinking, “I gotta find a blind spot”! / That means you’re thinking of bullying me, right?
SFX: Kch

SFX: Bam

Shouta: Look at this! This is every single blade in my body! / Now there’s no way you can attack me!

Yamato: You’ve brought out every blade?

Shouta: Huh?

Yamato: Sh!
SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Snap

SFX: Clunk

Yamato: Sh! / Sh! / Sh! / Sh! / Sh!
SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Snap

SFX: Clunk

Shouta: Ah! / Wait! / Please don’t! / I won’t bully anybody anymore!

Yamato: Of course you won’t! / But this is for everyone on the ground over there!

Fukakyon: Amazing…! / You got him…!

SFX: Fwoo Fwoo Fwoo Fwoo

SFX: Fwosh
Yamato: I can’t move…!
Fukakyon: Yamato-san?!

Kikuchi: One is seized by Karma / and now one finds his power controlled.
The kanji floating around: Sleep (note: it’s mirrored)
Book: A Brute’s Kanji Dictionary

SFX: Bang / Bang / Bang
Kanji: Sleep (still mirrored)

SFX: Bam

Kanji: Sleep (note: not mirrored)

SFX: Collapse

Kikuchi: You need not worry. / I’ve simply put them to sleep for a little while.

Yamato: Who’s there?!

Kikuchi: Hello. / Good day.

Yamato: The sub?!

Kikuchi: Oh! / How careless of me to leave my Self on.
SFX: Tap

Kanji: Self
SFX: Beep

SFX: Sss

Yamato: The kanji just…!

Kikuchi: There’s no need to act surprised. / After all, within every individual sleeps a special ability.
Gang: Zzz / Zzz

Kikuchi: We call those abilities / Divine Gifts.

Kikuchi: Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Kikuchi. / I have come here from Takamagahara to bring you in, Yamada Yamato.
* A new superhuman has appeared…!!

Yamato: Oy, oy…! / Now what’s going on…! / <aside: And who the hell are you?! >
Takamagahara / … Chapter 3 / End

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