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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Takamagahara 4

Hunt of the Myriad Gods

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jul 26, 2012 20:00 | Go to Takamagahara

-> RTS Page for Takamagahara 4


The fists that shatter despair!!

Chapter 4: Hunt of the Myriad Gods

Kikuchi: I see. That’s quite a Power you have there. / But do you really understand your own power?

Yamato: Who the hell are you…?! / What’d you do to these guys…?!

Kikuchi: Do you want to know? / If you do, then I’ll tell you. / That is my job, after all.

Kikuchi: Do you believe in the existence / of superpowers, of magic, of mystical abilities?

Yamato: Huh? / What are you talking about...?

Gang: Yamato-san came to save us…
SFX: Zzz / Zzz

Kikuchi: Do you understand? / In short, that’s what it is. / But let us be certain: having special abilities is not in and of itself special. / Why is that?

Kikuchi: Because not just you, but every single person on this Earth / possesses some sort of special ability!

Yamato: Everyone… / has his own special ability?

Kikuchi: However, most people do not know of their own abilities / and die without ever once using them.

Kikuchi: For instance, consider someone with the ability to turn mud into coffee. / It would likely never occur to that person to attempt such a feat.
Yamato: So you, that cutter guy, and myself / aren’t special, but merely use special abilities?

Kikuchi: They’re Divine Gifts.
Yamato: Huh?

Kikuchi: We call those abilities / Divine Gifts.

Yamato: Divine Gifts…
SFX: Rumble

SFX: Flash

SFX: Snap / Snap / Snap

SFX: Slam

Yamato: !! / You can still move….?!

Shouta: I’ll slice you! / I’ll slice you! / I’ll slice you apart…!

SFX: Ba-sheen

SFX: Kchkchkchkch

Shouta: Diiiiieeeee! / Time to resume hunting thugs!

Kikuchi: Hunting thugs? / <Aside: What’s that even mean? >

Kikuchi: Then I shall execute the hunt of the myriad gods.

SFX: Tap / Beep / Sss
Book (right to left): Fire, War, Explode, Sentence, Character, Change, Destroy, Protect

Kikuchi: Be completely swallowed by Karma. / Target: Oruha Shouta
Kanji: Change to Words (note: mirrored; Japanese: Mojibake)

Yamato: The characters… / are…

SFX: Bang / Bang / Bang
Kanij: Change to Words (not mirrored)

SFX: Boom Boom Boom

SFX: Bam Bam Bam

Shouta: Change? / To? / Words?
Kanji on his hand (left-to-right): Change to words
(The characters on his hand say “Hand”)
SFX: Snap

Yamato: His hand turned to words?!

Shouta: Wahhhhhh!
(And the ones on his clothes say “clothes”)
SFX: Dadadada

Yamato: His entire body… turned into words…?!

SFX: Dah
Kanji: Clothes

SFX: Da / Da / Da / Da

Yamato: The Hell?!
(kanji here are various)
SFX: Dada / dada

SFX: Pah (sound of a book closing)

SFX: *turn turn* / Slip

SFX: Whoosh

SFX: *Grab*

SFX: Flip

SFX: Dadadadada

SFX: Tat tat tat tat tat tat tat
Book, right to left: Face, Shoulder, Eye, Ear, Nose, Mouth, Tooth, Tongue

SFX: Tap
Book, right to left: Ankle, Tendon , Heel

SFX: Slam
Book: Oruha Shouta

Kikuchi: This is my divine gift: / Change to Words.

Yamato: Change to Words…!

Yamato: He just turned that guy into words and stuffed him in a book! / There’s no way that’s possible! / But I just saw it happen with my own eyes…!!

Kikuchi: Now that you have awoken to your Divine Gift, / you have but two choices.

Kikuchi: One option is to become a hunter and serve me in hunting those who have awoken to their Divine Gifts. / Your other is to be hunted by me.

Yamato: Be hunted? / Or hunt? / I’ve had enough of your bullshit. / Thanks for the offer, but I choose neither.

Kikuchi: … Your hobby is manga, correct?
Yamato: Huh?

Kikuchi: Forgive me; your hobby isn’t particularly important.

Kikuchi: My hobby is to arrange the books of those I’ve recorded in alphabetical order / and gaze at them while silently drinking a cup of coffee or tea.

Yamato: That’s fucked up…!

Kikuchi: If you don’t want to join the other books on my bookshelf, / then you will assist me in hunting those who have awoken to their Divine Gifts.

Kikuchi: Though I must confess I am curious to see if, / when I change you into words, I find your head littered with the words “Ass”, “I”, and the number 9.
(TL/N: Original Japanese has the words “Horse” (Uma) and “Deer” (Shika), which can be combined to write “Idiot” (Baka))

Yamato: You son of a…!

SFX: *Wobble*

Yamato: I still can’t…

Kikuchi: Have you run out of power? / Or perhaps you simply cannot use your power for your own sake…

Kikuchi: You do understand that there is no third option, right, / Yamada Yamato?

Kikuchi: Let me begin by teaching you the depths of my own power.
SFX: Tap

Yamato: More words…! / <aside: I can’t dodge ‘em all…!

SFX: Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang

SFX: Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam

SFX (top panel): Dadadadada

Yamato: A school uniform…?

Kikuchi: Consider it a gift. / It’s a special uniform used at Takamgahara.

Kikuchi: Welcome to our little school, / Yamada Yamato. / You are now one of my students, / a hunter of the myriad gods still alive today.
SFX: Clap Clap Clap

Yamato: Shut the fuck up! / I already said I’m not doing any of that! / <aside: There’s shit I want to get done, too! >

Kikuchi: ….. / Hmph.

Kikuchi: Would you like to make a bet? / I bet that, despite your obstinance, / in the end you’ll still choose to swing your fists.

Kikuchi: That’s just the way the world is….

[side]: … One more person possesses a new Power.

SFX: Thump


SFX: twitch / twitch

(?): What the hell… / is this Power…?!
[side]: The awoken man gives birth to fear…!!
Takamagahara / …Chapter 4 / End
SFX: Hahhhh / Hahhhh

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