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"Bungaku Shoujo" to Uekawaku Ghost 1

The Secret Letters

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jul 29, 2012 20:55 | Go to "Bungaku Shoujo" to Uekawaku Ghost

-> RTS Page for "Bungaku Shoujo" to Uekawaku Ghost 1

*for use by Rimashiro*

Let’s kill her.

His body wracked by a storm-like insanity, he made his choice.

So that time, now rewound, would never go back.
So that she would eternally be attached to his world.

He takes her corpse and drinks of her blood, eats of her flesh, makes a pillow of her bones and rests with her in the same coffin.

Her eyes, her nose, her lips, her skin, her flesh, her blood, every inch of her—

They are all his.

Bungaku Shoujo to Uekawaku Ghost – The Literature Girl and the Famished Ghost
Chapter 1: The Secret Letters
Story: Nomura Midzuki Art: Kousaka Rito
Character Design: Takeoka Miho

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Secret Letters
Chapter 2: Who Is That?
Chapter 3: Salome Is the Girl I Like
Chapter 4: A Gift of Misfortune
Chapter 5: Amemiya Hataru’s Guardian
Chapter 6: The Person I Met
Chapter 7: How to Get Back What Was Lost

“This is a misanthropist’s heaven.”
Those words may have been said by a warrior who withdrew to the countryside, / but during the second half of my third year of junior high, / I refused to leave my own room.

Not because I am a misanthropist, / but rather because the first novel I ever wrote happened to win a award for new novelists. / I happened to be the youngest to win the award, / and I happened to have written it under the feminine penname Inoue Miu. / Because of those happenstances, / the book suddenly became a bestseller, / and the “mysterious, brilliant, and pretty young author” became the subject of rumors. / In exchange,

The girl I had loved ever since I was a child / was taken from me forever.

p6: My body was covered in a cold sweat. / It felt as if a vice were crushing my heart. / I couldn’t breathe. / I shut my eyes, / I covered my ears, / tried to cut myself off from the world. / Tried to pretend it had never happened.

If I could go back in time, / just a few months--------

But such a convenient wish would never be granted.

At the end of a long winter, / I finally crawled out of bed, / took the entrance exams, / and entered high school.

Then, during the summer of my second year, / I found myself in a two-person literature club, / diligently writing snacks for a “Literature Girl”.

Tooko: So sweet!

SFX: Rip

SFX: Gulp

Tooko: Hm?

SFX: Hic

SFX: *Sweat* *Sweat* *Sweat*

SFX: Rattle Rattle

Tooko: My tongue’s going to break apart! / My eyes are going to boil! / Snot is going to hang out of my nose! / This story’s too spicy, Konoha-kun!
SFX: Uuh

Konoha: Maybe it’s because the topics didn’t go well together.

Konoha: “An apple garden” and “a flower swing” might match up, / but “an automatic washing machine”? How is anyone supposed to work that in?
Tooko: Uugh!

Konoha: Tooko-sempai's favorite snacks / were short stories based on three topics given to the author.

Tooko-senpai is a third-year, my senior, / who is also a monster who eats stories. / Just as you or I eat bread and water, / she eats the written word and printed books, finding them delicious.

Though if I were to call her a monster, / I figure she would say
Tooko: Don’t call me a monster!

Tooko: I’m just a “Literature Girl” / who loves every single book in the world so much that I just want to eat them all up!

while puffing her cheeks.

Tooko: My tongue is still numb. / Oh yeah!

Tooko: I should go check the mailbox in the courtyard / and see if there’s some sweeeet letters in there for me.

Konoha: The mailbox in the courtyard-- / the one Tooko-sempai illegally set up.
(aside): Hah… / It’s still there?

Konoha: Tooko-sempai’s favorite thing / are handwritten stories of which only one copy exists, / and she has a special fondness for sweet love stories. / In order to taste them, she agrees to be a consultant in matters of love. / She has the client write his or her pure feelings in a report as payment.
Mailbox: (upper right): Love Letters
(main): We will help you succeed in love. / Those who are interested should write us a letter. / From the Literature Club

Konoha: And thanks to that mailbox, I’ve had to ghostwrite love letters and all sorts of stuff…

SFX: pit-a-pat

Tooko: This is horrible news!

Tooko: Look at this, Konoha-kun!
SFX: Rustle rustle

(clockwise from top right, ignoring the papers with only numbers on them): Disappear / Save me / It’s so hard / I’m scared / Hate / A ghost is

Konoha: A prank? / If so, it’s certainly in bad taste. / And what / are these numbers supposed to mean?

Tooko: “4” can be read as “death”. / “43 31” has to mean “You’re going to die; I’ll crush you all”. / I guess they’re challenging us.
(TL/N: Basically, this is all wordplay using creative pronunciations of the various numbers)
SFX: Squeeze

Konoha: Well if it’s a challenge, then it is a prank, nothing to make a big deal out of! / Also, “us”? / Don’t drag me into this
Tooko: What are you saying, Konoha-kun?

Tooko: Even if it’s just a prank, to do something like that to my precious box of sweets—/ no, / to put in the Literature Club’s sacred mailbox such a foul-tasting— / no, / we cannot allow someone who would insert into our mailbox such a base and boorish thing to walk free!

Konoha: Well, I’ve got finals coming up, so I’m heading home.
SFX: rustle rustle

Tooko: No! / From now on, we’re going to keep watch over the mailbox! / This is an order from your upperclassman, Konoha-kun!
SFX: (small one) Crash
(big one): Thud

SFX: Squeeze
Konoha: At that moment,

Konoha: when Tooko-sempai held my arm / against her worrisomely flat chest / and wouldn’t let me go,

Konoha: I gave in.
Aside: Hah

Konoha: Isn’t it about time we give up and head home, Tooko-sempai? / It’s already after 9 o’clock.
Tooko: Not yet.
Konoha: Though I thought the memos would just be a one-off event, / more kept coming every day.

Konoha: For the next few days, / Tooko-sempai began dragging me around everywhere from dawn till dusk.

Tooko: Ah, there’s more! / Ugh! We even came to school an hour early, / and were here last night until six, right before the school closed!
Konoha: And, slowly but surely,

Tooko: Today, we will not move one step from this spot until the criminal shows his face! / We won’t sleep tonight, Konoha-kun!

Konoha: <aside: I have tests… > / Which brings us here.

Konoha: The letters all say the same thing. / The words “Hate”, “Stay away”, and “Ghost” keep appearing. / And the inexplicable series of numbers continued—
Letters (starting from right, clockwise): Hate / Stay away / Ghost

Konoha: We keep getting more and more numbers… / What do you think they mean?

Tooko: Well, “14 41 475 3 24 21 43 2 11 3 16 43” would mean “Heavy death; good; die and GO; so; you two will die; the two dodge; you’re going to die; both of you; hee hee; so; you can’t avoid; you’re going to die”.

Konoha: That didn’t make any sense.
Tooko: You need to work on your reading comprehension, Konoha-kun. /
SFX: *sigh*

Tooko: Simply put, it says “A heavy rock will fall and you’ll both die GO!”
(TL/N: The random “GO” is there in the original, written in English)
Konoha: <aside: Huh? > / That makes even less sense. / And how do you even know if that’s accurate?

Tooko: Oh? Do you doubt your sempai? / I am a “Literature Girl”. / Be it Christie, or Queen, or Akagawa Jirou, I’ve read them all!

Konoha: Then hurry up and catch the culprit already. / Finals are next week. / I would like to spend some time at home, studying.

Tooko: Konoha-kun, there are more important things in school life than memorizing formulas and symbols.
Konoha: Yes, like passing.

Konoha: Yeah. / There’s only a few days left until finals… / Let’s at least get a little studying done.
Aside: Uugh

Tooko: Konoha-kun, you’re just too serious.

Tooko: Wow, you’re working on such a hard problem! / Don’t tell me you’re secretly preparing to take on the Tokyo University entrance exam?
Konoha: This stuff is just the basics. / Didn’t you learn it all last year?

Tooko: D—did I, now? / I was never much good with math or machines…

Konoha: Come to think of it, / can you eat numbers?

Tooko: I can, but… / When I eat words, first I look at them, feel them in my heart, and only then eat them. / But numbers are just numbers. / They don't mean anything. / So when I eat them, it’s like chewing dry, uncooked macaroni.

Konoha: So what about the alphabet?
Tooko: It’s the same. / If I don’t know what the words mean, they’re just dried-out macaroni shaped like the ABCs.

Tooko: But I still want to read all the literature in the world, even foreign works. / It’d be horrible if I couldn’t read works so good they would stir my heart / just because they were written using an alphabet. / That’s why I’m working so hard on my English. / And my French, and Italian, and German, and Chinese.

Tooko: Having to constantly look up words in a dictionary is frustrating, / but I think every single word is immensely important. / Nothing moves me like a word that holds so much meaning that it shines and sparkles. / A word like that / is the sweetest thing in the world.

Konoha: Maybe a math problem that you have to work really hard to solve would have its own special taste.

Tooko: Ugh. I… doubt it. / Probably.
Konoha’s aside: Pff

Tooko: Mmngh! / It’s not like you’re good at everything yourself!
Konoha: I suppose. / Classics sometimes throw me for a loop.

Tooko: But that’s my specialty! / Let me help you out! / C’mon, grab your textbook and let’s start!


Tooko: Kyah!


SFX in bubble: *sigh*

SFX: Crack / crack

SFX: Crack / crack

(?): …Open it… / And put them in

SFX: Shiver

Konoha: Is that… an actual ghost?!

Tooko: It—it can’t be! / It can’t! / It’s just an illusion!
SFX: *rattle rattle*

Tooko: Th-there’s no such thing as ghosts! / There’s not!
SFX: Squeeze

Tooko: Eh?
SFX: Sigh

Konoha’s aside: Huh?

Konoha: That’s the old style of uniform for our school. / And it’s summer, but she’s wearing the winter one?!

SFX: *Sit*

SFX: Clunk

Konoha: So she’s the one putting the memos in the box?

Tooko: Ugh… There’s no such thing as ghosts!
SFX: Gulp

SFX: *turn*

SFX: *surprise*

Tooko: Who—who are you? / What are you doing?

SFX: Heh

Kayano: I am Kujou Kayano. / And where I go and what I do is my business.

Kayano: I will do what I want, / when I want.

Konoha: Who is this girl?! / She looks so meek, yet carries herself so strongly.

Tooko: I am the president of the literature club, Amano Tooko. / Are you the one who’s been placing strange memos in our mailbox every night?
SFX: Gulp

Kayano: That’s right. / I’ve been writing those letters. / Uncle Hironobu watches over me at our estate. / He’s always whining about something or another; it’s so annoying.

Tooko: Are the letters for us? / Or someone else?

Kayano: I won’t tell you.
SFX: Hmph

Kayano: I’m heading home. / It’s boring with you here.
SFX: *rustle*

Tooko: Wait a second!

Tooko: What do these numbers mean?!

Kayano: That is a secret between me and him.

SFX: Shiver

Konoha: Her eyes looked so adult and bewitching. / Almost like…

Konoha: That of an immortal / who has lived for eons.

Tooko: Wait!
SFX: Grab

Tooko: H-hey, did something happen / to cause you to do this? / Please, I’ll listen to whatever you have to say!

Kayano: Bweh heh.

Kayano: Heh heh. / Tee hee / Bweh heh heh

Kayano: Heh heh heh / Heh heh heh / Tee hee / Heh heh heh / Heh heh heh / Tee hee / Bweh heh heh

Kayano: Tee hee.
SFX: Slip

Kayano: Heh heh. There’d be no point.

Kayano: After all, / I died long ago.

SFX: Shiver

Kayano: Tee hee / Bweh heh heh / Heh heh heh

SFX: Collapse

Konoha: Tooko-sempai!

Tooko: Her… Her arms… / They were so thin.

Tooko: Like she was just skin and bones.

Let’s kill her.

Yeah, kill, kill her.

She was so cold, like snow or a white icicle, as ten fingers tightly squeezed around her neck. And as he choked her, he hoarsely whispered

“Goodbye, Kayano, you traitor.”

<no text>

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