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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210


Enter Mizuho

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Aug 3, 2012 21:13 | Go to Takamagahara

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Chapter 5: Enter Mizuho

SFX: Kaboom
Sign: Yamada Dojo


One more!
SFX: Kaboom


SFX: Kaboom
Musashi: The Yamada Family’s specialty: / Sandbag Juggling!

Yamato: Couldn’t you at least try to be normal?

Yamato: Though I did use some strange power myself / to send Fukakyon and that cutter guy flying…

Kikuchi: Every person on Earth possesses some special ability called a Divine Gift.

Yamato: Is my power a Divine Gift, too? So how did I awaken to this…?

SFX: Gah!
Yamato: But now I’ve failed to make the deadline for the Tezuka Award! / I’m sorry, Master! / Even after all the help you gave me, I still couldn’t do it!
Inaba: It’s fine!

Brothers: Yamato’s holding his head in his arms? / I bet he’s debating whether to follow the path of manga-ka or the path of a warrior. / No, it’s because he missed the deadline for the manga award! / But he looked really messed up when he got home.
SFX: Ha-Ha-Ha

Shinano: Why don’t we talk about something else?
SFX: Hah

Free text: In Charge of the Budget
Shinano: I have a suggestion. / Why don’t we try to earn a little bit more money by reopening this dojo?

Musashi: Money? / The prize money from my fights should more than cover what we need.

Shinano: Now, yes; but we should think about the future, too. / And besides, all of you / EAT TOO DAMN MUCH. / <aside: Our finances aren’t that secure! >

Yamato: … But even if we did re-open, / we’d probably get more people looking to trash the place than followers. / <aside: Thanks to you guys. >

Yamato: I mean, that’s why we shut down in the first place.
SFX: *step*

SFX: *Open*

Mizuho: I’m here to fight!
SFX: Boom

SFX bottom: *Smirk*

Yamato: Gh!

Mizuho: Yamato, / I’ll take you on!

Musashi: You look lively today, Mizuho-chan.
Mizuho: Good day!

Yamato: So what the hell brings you here? / And why wear a freaking uniform? We’re off today.

Mizuho: Oh?

Mizuho: How can you speak so rudely to a girl your elder?
Yamato: Huh? Shut the fuck up! / We’re the same damn age; you were just born a little before me!

Mizuho: And I’m here to train, of course. / Besides, I’m your neighbor; I don’t really need a reason to show up.

Mizuho: So stop drawing manga all the time and train with me!
Yamato: Hell no.

SFX: Scrape
Yamato: I have to start working now if I wanna finish before the next deadline. / I’m no longer the kinda guy who waits till the last day of summer break to finish his homework.

Mizuho: Reaaaally? / I never would’ve thought you were a coward. / <aside: You used to be different… >

Yamato: Says the person who can’t even beat that coward.
SFX: *snap*

Mizuho: Now you’ve done it. / I hope you won’t have any regrets once you’ve tasted my murderous fists from hell…!
SFX: Roarrrrrrr

Mizuho: Nyoiitss!
(TL/N: Pretty sure these are just really weird kiais)
SFX: Whoosh

SFX in bubble: Poof

SFX: Poof
Mizuho: Nyoiitss! / Funyoitss!

SFX: Poof
Brothers: He’s actually working on his manga now. / She’s just too weak! / <aside: That’s probably for the best, though! > / They always seem so close. / Ahahahaha

Mizuho: Not bad.
SFX: Hah / Hah / Hah

Yamato: Stop trying to make yourself stronger. / It’s just not for you.

Mizuho: Shut up…!
SFX: Rumble

Mizuho: I don’t want to study, or be pretty, or play-- / I want to be the strongest girl!
SFX: Bang

Mizuho: That’s why I’ll win / at the All-Japan Woman’s Martial Arts Tournament!
SFX: Pow

Yamato: Mizuho, / remember how you entered that martial arts tournament when you were in your third year of middle school / and you screwed up and lost to a girl in third grade?
Mizuho: Uuu…

Hyuuga: Tch. Fine, then. / I’ll put on some mitts and let you practice punching.

Mizuho: Thank you.
Hyuuga: Y-yeah.

Mizuho: But I really have to get going. My club’s doing something at school today. / Take care.
Aside: *Stunned*

Reporter: The incidents continued yesterday / as another female student was found dead, her body mummified.
Musashi: Oh?

Reporter: A large, well-built man was witnessed near the scene of the crime. / It has not yet been determined if he is connected to the incidents.
Musashi: Maybe the culprit’s a bloodthirsty guy like myself.

Musashi: You be careful out there, Mizuho.
Mizuho: I’ll be fine! / I’m not stupid enough to go chasing after every guy who hits on me.

Mizuho: Besides, if I do see him, / I’ll kick his ass!
SFX: Wh-chah!

Brothers: That’s impossible! / <aside: Hah-hah-hah > / I figure that’s impossible. / Impossible. / That’s probably impossible. / Completely impossible.
Mizuho: Ehhh?!

Sign: St. Erect’s Girls’ Academy

Jin: What? / You’re from St. Erect’s Girls’ Academy? That place that seems like it was taken from some shoujo manga?

Girl: Yeah, that’s right.
Jin: Wow, I can’t see it.
Girl: Huh? Why?
Jin: Well, you seem too refined, or too streetwise, or something.
Girl: Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?!

Jin: I’m Jin. / My full name’s Doumoto Hitoshi, but my friends call me Jin. / You should call me Jin, too!

Jin: Umm, what was your name again? / I’m pretty sure you told me before, but I guess it slipped my mind. / Hahaha
Girl <aside>: He seems nice.

Jin: I’m getting tired just standing around talking, so why don’t we find somewhere to sit down?
Girl: Huh? / But I—
Jin: Don’t worry about it; let’s get going!

SFX: Crack

Kaneda: Hey! / What’d ya’ think you’re doing?
Jin: Ah, Kaneda-kun!

Jin: What am I doing? / I’m talking with a girl / I just met.

Kaneda: … Don’t hit on someone else’s girl, / you playboy.

Jin: Someone’s girl? / She’s free to talk with whomever she wants, right? / And she seemed to be enjoying herself, too. / Every man should have an equal shot at getting the girl.

Kaneda: You little…!
SFX: Twitch Twitch

Kaneda: You wanna fight, you punk?!

Guys: Ah, Kaneda-kun! / Hey! / Who’s he?

Kaneda: That asshole thought he could hit on my girl right in front of me!
Guy: Ah. Then why don’t we teach him a lesson?! / <aside: Hahahahaha>

Jin: … 10? / That’s a lot. / <aside: Can I handle ‘em all? >

Kaneda: I don’t need any help to pound your face in! / When I’m done with you, they’ll be taken’ you out in a bag!

SFX (in bubble): Snap

Kaneda: Ah?!

SFX: Gulp

Kaneda: Ohhhh?!
SFX: Gulp / Gulp / Gulp

SFX: Gulp

SFX: Gulp Gulp

SFX: Thud

Jin: Hahhhh / Hahhhh
SFX: Twitch / Twitch

Jin: Hey, wait up, cutie! / You’ll be mine after I finish with these guys!

SFX: Bam Bam Bam (etc.)

Jin (aside): Hah / Hah / Hah

SFX: (Howling wind)

Jin: *BURP* / Maybe 10 was a bit too much…

Girl: You…. / You monster!

Jin: …. Monster?

Jin: Who, / me?

Jin: You don’t understand just how beautiful I am! / You’re the same as the rest of them!

SFX: Grab
Girl: Help me…!

SFX: Gulp / Gulp
Jin: This feels soooo good!! / A girl’s blood tastes and feels so much better!

SFX: Crash
Jin: But girls who fool around with other guys, even though they seem like they won’t, are the worst!

Jin: She must be out there, somewhere! / A cheerful, energetic, healthy girl / who won’t fool around with other guys!

Jin: Hm?

Jin: That’s her!!
Aside: * Is Yamato’s childhood friend Jin’s next target?!!
Takamagara / …Chapter 5 / End

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